Launch Your Membership Site in 24 Hours

What would you do if you HAD
to launch your membership site
in just 24 hours?


Cut out all the crap. Eliminate
all the complicated tech stuff.

Your ONLY goal is to have a
member’s area and a payment
button ready to rock in
24 hours.

But let’s add some fun to the challenge.

You’ve got an unlimited supply
of coffee. It’s an all-night

And you’ve got to have this
product ready by morning.

What do you do?

1. Setup a ‘Closed’ Facebook Group.

This is where you’ll be delivering
ALL of your content.

2. Setup a payment button. You can
just create a simple subscription
button in PayPal.

Remember – we’re not going for
perfection here. We’re just
getting it done!

If you use something like SamCart.
That works as well. Whatever floats
your fancy.

3. Setup a thank-you page. This is
where people will land AFTER they
become a member. So immediately
after they make their payment.

This should be a super simple page
welcoming them to the group and giving
them 3 action steps. One of which will
include a link to the private Facebook
Group where they can join.

You can create this page using
something like LeadPages.

Or you can just create it as a simple
Wordpress page.

Easy Peasy.

4. Now, you’ll create just one week’s
worth of content.
This can be just
one video or one PDF.

The content will go INSIDE the private
Facebook Group.

Facebook makes it easy for you to upload
videos and files to the group.

So the Facebook group will actually
host all of the content.

No need for extra WordPress plugins.
Managing login details. Designing
a member’s area. Etc…

It’s all done within Facebook.

No complicated tech stuff to fiddle
around with or make excuses about.

You just get it done!


The cool part about hosting your
membership on Facebook is that
it instantly becomes a community
as well.

People are ALREADY addicted to their
Facebook page. We’re already logging
into Facebook on a daily basis.

Usually many times per day.

So your members are naturally going
to see your content each time they
login to Facebook.

They’ll be instantly notified each
time someone makes a new post. Or
responds to their post.

Much easier than running your own forum.
Fiddling with WordPress plugins. Or
trying to design your own member’s area.

Just 4 simple steps to setting up your
very own membership site on Facebook.


There are no more excuses for not
creating your own product!

But there’s still one more step
in the process.

And that’s attracting paid members!

Having a product is great.

But you have to get people eager
and excited to push that buy button.


Inside the Marketing Lab, we have a
step-by-step program that teaches
you how to build 10K in Monthly,Recurring Revenue.

You’ll learn 3 of my favorite ways to
generate 5 – 10 new members per day.


With the exact emails to send as well.

Rooting for ya!


Kim Roach

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  • Superb guide. I’m actually looking forward to launch a membership site. I will do so any time soon. Helpful post. Thanks.

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  • Very interesting idea. I always thought it would take weeks to set up such a membership scheme. Thanks for the awesome guide!

  • Wow–I really didn’t think it was possible to do it in just 24 hours but…you’ve got me convinced. I’ll try this (hopefully soon) and will see how it goes! Thanks!

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    Interesting, but it’s important to never quit even if you can’t startup in 24 hours.

  • LOl!!! Very interesting idea.

  • Yes, quite interesting. I get so enamored with all of the WordPress plugin options, that I did not even think of using Facebook for this.