Gotta quick story for ya…

Gotta quick story for ya..

All the way back in high school.

When I got started online – my first website was about an unusual topic.

Baby Names.

Kind of strange.


There were a TON of untapped keywords in this market.

In fact – that market is a LOT bigger than you might think.

Back then…

I was looking for a market that had a lot of potential SEO traffic but little competition.

And when I found “baby names” I thought I hit the jackpot.

And I did…

Once that site was built – it started generating thousands of visitors per day.

At it’s peak, it was generating over 100,000 visitors per month. Which brought me a nice
Adsense check every single month.

I still remember what it felt like to open the mailbox. And hidden below all that junk mail
I saw an envelope with Google’s address on the front.

I quickly ripped it open. Pulled out the crisp, blue Adsense check and smiled with satisfaction.

From then on… I was hooked :)

You can bet my parents were surprised too!

Not bad for a gal in high school.


My Journey to Six-Figures (Story Inside…)

This morning I drove to get my morning coffee
like I do every morning.


Today I went a bit earlier.


And OMG!

I forgot how many people are out during the
morning rush. Everybody and their mother
making the daily commute to work.

Reminded me how lucky I am to work from home.

ZERO morning traffic as I make my way
upstairs to my office :)

But it wasn’t always this way of course.

Oh no!!

It’s been a LONG journey.

In fact, it took me 5 years to get to six-figures.

Needless to say I was in college for part of that
time so you’ll have to cut me some slack ;)

But I’d like to share some of the core lessons that
I learned along the way…

You are not alone.


Today I want to share a little story with you
about how I first got started online.

Now keep in mind I come from a family that is
ALL about security and getting a J.O.B.

I mean, that’s the responsible thing right?

I remember when I first told my dad that I
was dropping out of college to focus on my
online business.

Scariest day of my whole freakin life!!!