How to Create a Wildly Popular Blog


What does it really take to become a ROCK STAR blogger?

What are the secrets of mavens like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Darren Rowse, Guy Kawasaki and Mari Smith?

Is it a magical Chinese cocktail? Hidden super powers? A couple genius clones
they keep locked in the basement?

Well… that would be cool – but not quite the right answer.

Although I’m sure that Chinese Cocktail might help… Or any cocktail for that matter :)

But the fact is that anyone willing to put in the hours can obtain these blogging superpowers.

Here are the 5 steps to creating a wildly popular blog…

1. Create Epic Content!

Create Content that Matters. Be Epic!

Great content is the foundation of any decent blog.

But if you want to become a Rock Star blogger, you MUST create EPIC CONTENT!

And you must do it better than anyone else.

I need to crave your content more than I do my daily Starbucks.

Sonia Simone calls it cookie content. I call it crack content.

Your content should be so good your readers literally become addicted.

You do this by creating “infotainment”.

That magical combination of information + entertainment.

People will come to your website to get value, but they’ll tune in EVERYDAY to an engaging, entertaining personality.

Content that is infused with your own unique voice.

Truly great content will change the way your reader perceive a particular topic, idea, or thought process.

Create content that makes people think. Inspires. And challenges your readers.

World-class content takes time.

I personally spend 6-12 hours writing a post for my blog.

Ramit Sethi from ‘I Will Teach You to be Rich‘ regularly spends 12 to 18 hours writing a single blog post.

Pat Flynn from spends 8+ hours on a single post.

Think about it?

Are you REALLY pouring your heart into your blog posts?

ROCK STARS do it day in and day out.

Popular bloggers spend 6-12 hours writing a blog post. How much time are you spending? – Click to Tweet


2. Engage with your Community

ROCK STAR bloggers get in the trenches and build their communities one-by-one.

The great thing about building an online business today is that you can literally
bootstrap your way to stardom via social media.

Social media is turning EVERY person online into a content creator, a citizen journalist, and a buzz facilitator.

When you build a community of raving fans – they will do all of the marketing for you. Sending you thousands of visitors via sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

But you must first engage in conversation. Interact with your community.

Fortunately, this can be done with a few quick searches on Twitter or Facebook.

Social media platforms allow you to engage in the conversations that are ALREADY
taking place inside your customer’s head. Engage in that conversation.

In the old days of the Internet your main forms of contact with your community included your blog and email.

But now we communicate via multiple touch points and engage with our community on a deeper level than ever before.

Here are just a few ways you can turn your visitors and subscribers into RAVING FANS…

* Facebook Q & A (I love to do speed coaching sessions on Facebook)

* Webinars (Create a dialogue and give people the opportunity to interact with you
on a one-on-one basis.)

* Google Plus Meetups

* Live videos out on your back porch. (Nothing beats authentic transparency.)

ROCK STAR bloggers are getting in the trenches. Responding to EVERY blog comment. Answering every email. Listening to the needs of their readers. Sending personalized emails to top commenters. Following their readers on Twitter. And engaging with their readers on multiple platforms.

You’ve got to care your face off!

That’s how you create RAVING FANS.

Build your audience FIRST. Engage with your audience on a level that other blogger’s aren’t willing to do. Then build your product around their wants, needs, desires, and frustrations.

3. Personality Marketing

You can no longer separate your business life from your personal life. It’s all connected.

YOU are your brand – whether you’re quirky and crazy or a late night insomniac. You’re online identity is no longer anonymous. Be yourself and people will love you for it. People want to communicate with people, not an anonymous username.

Personality Marketing is the core foundation of becoming a ROCK STAR in your market.

It’s the ‘magic sauce’ in your business.

You must infuse your personality into EVERY piece of content you create. Your emails, your videos, your articles, every piece of content should be branded with your personality.

Business is about HUMAN connection. And the only way to truly connect is by being completely you.

Be yourself… quirks and all. Tell a story about your cranky boss, or how your kid keeps wetting the bed, or your latest Starbucks addiction, or date night gone wrong!

People will be attracted to you because you’re REAL.

When Oprah recommends a new book people rush out to buy it because she’s built up an amazing amount of emotional equity on the back of personality marketing.

People tune in to personalities.

We’re attracted to characters – think Oprah and Howard Stern here.

You want people to tune into your content in the same way they would their favorite tv show or their favorite talk show.

By providing outrageous VALUE and building a RELATIONSHIP with your subscribers, they perceive you as a trusted friend rather than a sales person. Which makes them much more likely to open your emails, read your content, and buy any offers you recommend.

As you skim through your inbox you’ll notice almost all of the emails lack any kind of entertainment, personality, or human connection.

Most online marketers are boring their readers to tears!

That’s why Personality Marketing & Authentic Engagement are two of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2012

Become an interesting character and polarize your audience!

This creates a DEEPER relationship with your subscribers and moves you one step closer to ROCK STAR status.

By giving them a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your life you pull them into your world. You give them a reason to care and tune into your content EVERY day.

You build a foundation of trust.

And trust is really the foundation of selling.

But it’s NOT easy. In fact, radical honesty can be some scary stuff :)

It requires you to step OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.

But THAT is exactly where your business grows the most.

4. List Building

A lot of blogs never reach Rock Star status because they’re not capturing their visitors and turning them into subscribers.

In fact, if you’re blog isn’t setup properly, the majority of your visitors will leave never to return.

But email allows you to turn one-time readers into loyal, long-term fans.

Those raving fans in turn spread your content and build your brand even further.

But it doesn’t matter how great your content is if your blog isn’t optimized to convert visitors into subscribers.

Here are the 7 tools you’ll need to transform your blog into a REAL asset…

* Opt-In Box (this should be placed on EVERY page in the top of the right-hand sidebar)

* Hellobar

* Welcome Gate – These are becoming a VERY popular tool for converting blog visitors into subscribers. You can see examples at,, and even the

* Footer Opt-In – One of the best places to ask for an email is after your visitor has consumed some of your great content.

* Subscriber Magnet – This plugin allows your readers to automatically subscribe when they leave a comment.

* Landing Page

* Pop-Up – Yes, I know… some people find them a little annoying but they ARE effective and you have to remember that this IS a business – not a hobby.

Michael Stelzner recently announced that 60-70% of their 165,000+ subscriber list has come from the pop-up on their blog.

Your subscriber list is quite literally the lifeblood of your business.

And in order to become a Rock Star blogger you must build a community that is
“on tap” at all times via email, twitter, Facebook, mobile and other platforms.

So provide VALUE first. Build the relationship FIRST and the selling becomes secondary.


5. Build a Blogging Alliance.

This is the final secret to becoming a Blogging Rock Star!

And quite frankly, I thought about leaving this one out.

Keeping it in my own bag of tricks :)

But that’s really not my style.

So here goes…

The final key to obtaining ROCK STAR status is to build a blogging alliance.

This is a handful of like-minded bloggers who strategically work together to grow their blogs faster.

They comment on each others blog. Swap guest posts. Share each others content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

With a group of blogging friends, you literally have traffic on tap simply by sending out an email, IM, or Skype message.

But the RELATIONSHIP comes first.

And when you put the RELATIONSHIP first. When you put GIVING first, you’ll be amazed at all of the incredibly powerful synergies that come from that.

Plus, it just makes blogging a lot more fun :)

Cause your family and friends sure won’t know what you’re talking about!

So having a group of blogging buddies is a great mastermind of sorts and it allows each blogger to grow faster than they ever would alone.

Success doesn’t come overnight. It’s earned.

You earn it by the value you create.

You earn it by getting in the trenches and ENGAGING with your community.

The fastest way to become a blogging ROCK STAR is to create mind-blowing pillar content, sprinkle in some entertainment, and engage on a level that other marketers aren’t willing to do.


  • Hi Kim,
    my first time on your blog today and I really enjoy the feel and the atmosphere you’ve created here.

    Like everyone, I want my blog to be popular, and it’s clearly something I’m going to be working on a lot more. Although I’m doing 1 and 4 pretty well (if I say so myself!), I feel it’s time to take a big step up in networking more and building community with like minded bloggers.


    • Hi Shamelle,

      I am LOVING your blog :)

      You’ve got some really great content over there at

      I especially enjoyed your Post-Penguin article.

      Thanks for hanging out with us! You’ll be seeing more often in your comment
      section as well :)



  • Epic content is definitely the way to go… but like you said, not so easy (wow – 6 to 12 hours a post)…

    This post, however, is a great example of just that – with tons of great content and resources.

    I also totally believe in the personality angle Kim – did that with a fun post this weekend (linked in this comment)…

    Take care!


    • Hey Troy!

      Just read your latest blog post.

      Tooo funny :) And so true!

      I love seeing you over at FounderFly :)



  • It took me a few years to figure out what you have in this one article.. Great stuff Kim!

    • Thanks Ryan :)

      It took me a few years too!

      Knowing something is just half the game. Implementing is key.



  • This post covers it all Kim and tells why most folks are not rock stars with their blog.
    Great information amd teaching.

  • The most time I have put into a post was about 2 hours. 4 if you count video rendering and uploading, but I used that time to get other promotion and pre-post marketing done.

    That ended up being my most popular post to date, with it generating the most subscribers and comments. Traffic too, but traffic alone means nothing without conversion.

    Epic content that people get addicted to will make the other 4 steps MUCH easier, allowing you to reach new audiences, build your list faster, and gain credibility so other bloggers will be happy to work with you.

    Thanks for the awesome post!
    -Gabe Johansson

    • So true Gabe!

      And you’re right – not ALL content takes 6-12 hours :)

      Also another great way to tap into NEW audiences is to start creating
      content on a new platform – (podcasting on iTunes, creating videos
      on YouTube, turning your content into PowerPoint slides for, etc…)

      Thanks for your awesome comment!

      – Kim

  • This is a great post Kim… I love when I read a post that says the things that rattle around in my head, in such a succinct way!
    Where is your favorite place to connect with other bloggers to find blogging alliance partners?

    • Thanks Jackie :)

      In terms of the blogging alliance – it’s really just about making friends with other bloggers.

      Like-minded people on Twitter and Facebook. is another great community
      to form some wonderful relationships. Also – look at who is actively commenting on other
      related blogs. Those are great people to form relationships with as well.

      I use Contactually to help manage it all. So that I can stay in contact with all my favorite peeps :)

  • Your absolutely right Kim and that’s one of the many reasons I love you and your blog. I really enjoy the interactions you have with your subscribers and it says a lot about the type of person you are.

    Most bloggers focus on putting together keyword rich articles thinking that they will make lots of money from their visitors, but then struggle day after day when they see no results. You on the other hand have built a solid list of subscribers that keep coming back for more. Not because of keywords, but because you genuinely care about helping others and it shows.

    Thanks for all that you do Kim, keep teaching !!!

    – John

    • Thanks so much John!!

      You always know how to make my day :)

      The other REALLY big key for us has been to build a tribe of raving fans via our subscriber list.

      That way – we’re able to build a LONG-TERM relationship and continue to provide
      value and lots of good infotainment.



  • Kent F

    Hi Kim! I read Pat’s SPI blog regularly and yes, his world-reknown Monthly Income Reports can take him a long time to create, but 8 to 18 hours for a single blog post? All that really information does is create fear and procrastination in 99% of the people that read it. I can’t start a blog unless I put 10 hours into each blog post I write?

    I would recommend Mark Levy’s unbelievable book Accidental Genius regarding Fast Writing. Find a quiet place, unplug everthing, get your thoughts down, come back the next day, edit them and then learn to be a good writer from trial and error.

    Sorry, I just completely disagree with this thought process that you should spend 2 hours a day for a week on a single blog post. Write 3-5 blog posts a week, realize you’re not going to be awesome from day 1, find your voice and platform and grow as your blog grows.

    Everyone wants to be a rock star without the hard work and practice and the lousy shows at the Holiday Inn bar until you become an overnight success in 5 years.

    • Hey Kent!

      Not EVERY blog post is going to take 6-12 hours :)

      But often times the epic posts do. And it’s a great way for bloggers
      to get a LOT of traffic and momentum. Because these types of
      posts get a lot of social shares on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

      If a blogger isn’t willing to at some point put 6 hours into creating
      great content, it’s highly unlikely that they will create enough value
      to stand out from the crowd.

      Sure – there are some exceptions – but as a blogger you literally have to stand out from the millions of other blogs online.

      And it’s definitely ok if you disagree Kent :)

      I welcome other view points.

      And you are right in that not every post will take that long.

      But in my experience – cranking out a world-class post will do wonders
      for turning you into an authority within your market.



  • Great post Kim. Wow, 8-12 hours on a blog post? I think I need to revise and improve my blogging strategy!

  • Something so simple as being yourself was something that took me a very long time to learn.

    I used to overly judge and extensively censor myself in my writing. Falling into the trap of what I thought I should sound like.

    Comparing yourself is one of the most hindering things you can do to yourself. I guess I am saying this more to remind myself. Sometimes I still need to hear it.

    I am just starting to let the “Real” me show. Losing some old fans and gaining fantastic new ones!

    • Awesome points!!

      I think that is true for all of us :)

      It’s not easy to let our true personality shine through in EVERYTHING we create – articles, emails, videos, podcasts, etc…

      But when we do – that’s when we start creating a tribe of raving fans.

      A community who will then spread your content around the web.

      The worst thing someone can do after reading your articles is to feel nothing – indifference.

      You want to invoke some sort of emotion from every piece of content you create.

  • It important to give your reader some thing of value.

    Part of my online strategy is to write product reviews of IM products. Products that I have either purchased myself or acquired from the vender.

    And then give them a good test and honest review.



  • More and more bloggers are getting online and seems as if every Tom, Dick and Harry has a blog and they are at it like a vengeance. So unless you have that killer content, you’re not going to cut it. Why should any spend their precious time on your blogging blog unless you have epic content?

    Then once you got that epic content, you need to go epileptic on your social media. Now blogging alliance is something that needs to be explored in more detail, can you write about this one in more detail. I think you need to give us more this one. I personally think its dirty little trick but a wicked idea.

    • Hey Shalu!

      Killer content is definitely becoming a necessity :)

      However, a blogging alliance is certainly not a ‘trick’. Just a matter of building a group of blogging friends. I go into more detail in this post:



  • Did you draw that pic yourself? If so, you are quite the artist :-)

    • Lol… Funny Shannon :)

      I put all the pieces together in Photoshop.

      I know just enough to be dangerous ;) Lol

      – Kim

  • Martin Lee

    “6-12 hours for a post” Wow – I guess that means I must spend a lot more time than the 10 minutes I put in once a month.

    Ha, just Kidding! But seriously, I have read so much information in the last year of what it takes to be a successful blogger, and your 5 essentials are way more valuable than what I read in the past.

    Thanks Kim!

    • Thanks Martin!

      I appreciate your kind words more than you can imagine :)



  • Kim’s mail does not hit my inbox always but whenever it does, its full of epic content.

    Thanks for writing this. I believe doing internet business is more than just starting with nothing and grow it to become a force to be reckon with.

    Get at least $1, 000 get the best tools, get started online and within 3 months, you’ll be a force to reckon with. that’s the research i’ve made so far.


  • KJ

    Some really good points there. I know it’s hard to speak specifically to particular audiences, but I’d say that some blogs do not demand that injection of personality and would actually detract from it. If you’re writing on a technical topic readers want the information, not the entertainment. They want numbers, facts, analysis. They come there for a reason and to get sidetracked would just annoy most of them.

    • Hey KJ,

      True, but there are VERY few markets that would not benefit from more personality :)

      – Kim

  • These are some really great points. It takes hard work and dedication to crank out a killer blog and it’s not easy putting together EPIC content that is fresh, unique, useful and value-packed. But thank GOD we have awesome examples like you and pat and all the rest to show us what excellence looks like and the caliber of information that is required to impact other people’s lives and businesses in a positive way.

    • Awwww. Thanks Andrea!

      I’m LOVING what you’re doing online :)

      We should connect via email or Skype soon!



  • Ivo

    Hey Kim, I have the feeling that you will be on of the few marketers left having access to my inbox. I like your blog and I really appreciate the good content that you provide to your audience. Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks Ivo :)

      I’m working hard to rise above the noise!



  • I think content is the king when it comes to blogging.make contents.A successful blog needs fresh contents.That’s why Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Darren Rowse, Guy Kawasaki and Mari Smith was successfull in their jouney.They make killer blog post.

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  • Thanks Kim, nice tips inside this post, definitely something to think about- although spending so much time for just one post seems to be impossible (most of the times). When I’d like to inform my subscribers and visitors.

    • Yeah – you don’t need epic posts all the time.

      But they definitely inject some Rocket Fuel into your traffic :)

      Sometimes it’s surprising which articles gain the most traction.

      I’ve had articles that I whipped out in an hour to go off like wildfire
      because they tapped into a hot topic.

  • Well said as always, Kim. One day I’ll get there. First I need to sell off some properties.

  • 6 to 8 hours for writing a quality blog post – this is the difference between dedicated professional bloggers and occasional bloggers. This is motivational and scary in the same time. If Kim spends that much time for writing, how long it will take for the rest of us to come up with something at least half as good as her blog posts?

  • 6-12 hours to write a single blog post? Seriously , if it takes you that long to crank out a blog post, you should not be blogging. I have been blogging every day for 6 years and I generally spend about 30 mins to crank it out each morning. Maybe 45 if it’s complicated or requires a lot of links. 12 hours. To write on blog post? No way.

    • Hey Michael, how many of your posts receive 5,000+ visitors? The point here is that most bloggers
      can get significantly more traffic by spending more time to write something truly world-class.

      Doesn’t mean you’re spending that long on EVERY post ;)



    • Hi Kim!

      Out of curiosity, I checked out your blog Michael. I’m surprised you spent even a good 30 minutes on one. Just a comment on your blogging, as the other stuff on the site looks mighty interesting and appealing.

      And Kim is right. To create great stuff, most of us need to invest significant time creating it. Seth Godin can make a great 500-word post and have it go viral.

      Heck, today’s post took me a good 8 hours to write. But that’s because I want to write something that matters and is helpful, not just filler because it’s “blog post” day :)

      -Rich Polanco

  • Hi Kim,

    This is exactly what I’ve been needing, thanks so much for investing in your readers as you do!

    I’ve done several blog posts similar to what you describe, but am determined to increase the frequency of these!

    I hope Michael ‘gets’ it soon….. :-P

    Take Care,
    – Carol

    • P.S. I did the Top 25 Women’s Marketing Blogs BEFORE I knew you, Kim!!

  • John

    Hey Kim,

    I notice that your epic post here is 1,628 words of great content. However, most aspiring internet marketers/bloggers have full-time jobs and can only work online about 2 hours a day at best after work, family, cooking meals, personal responsibilities, etc. etc.

    That being said, would you still recommend the part-timer spend an entire week (10-14 hrs) writing an epic post, or would the following schedule produce greater results for the time available?

    Instead do the following each week…

    2-3 hrs – Researching and infusing your personality in writing a ‘good’ post of about 500-700 words.

    2-3 hrs – Engaging your community by planning & conducting a webinar or podcast with a thought leader in your niche to share with your community.

    2-3 hrs – Interacting with social media — Facebook Q&A, Google+ Meetups, responding to emails & blog comments with your community, Twitter, etc, etc.

    2-3 hrs – Live video of yourself being transparent with your community in way to gain trust through your own ‘personality marketing’.

    1-2 hrs – Building a list by creating & tweaking your sales funnel, opt-in pages, giveaway reports, welcome gate, pop-up, testing & tracking methods, etc.

    1-2 hrs – Building and interacting with your blogging alliance

    Your ideas & input are appreciated…

  • Excellent article. I do agree that infusing your own personality into your blog is critical. I know that the blogs that I enjoy reading the most are the ones where I feel like I am getting to know the person. Also, in my past experience with blogging it becomes much more fun when you get some fans and you interact as you go. Thanks for the great article.

    • Hey Karen!

      So true :) Blogging becomes a LOT more fun when you have a community to interact with.

      Some of my favorite bloggers include Pat Flynn, Chris Farrell, and Travis Sago – because of
      the personality behind their business. Immediately draws you in.

      – Kim

  • Kim, it’s very helpful to hear how long you and other top bloggers spend writing your posts. 6-12 hours is a lot of time, no doubt about that, but judging from your success, it’s what needs to be done. It’s nice to hear honesty like this, when many people are selling systems that promise success with just a few minutes of work a week and other ridiculous claims like that.

  • Hi Kim, You gave me some good advise on one of Chris Farrell’s Forums. It was about focusing in on a single subject. I am like one of your oher commentors, I work at my family sign business leaving the house at 7am and getting home around 7:30pm.

    I started my blog using PLR articles and editing them just to get some content out there. Currently I have narrowed to 2 niches and and am running my affiliate ads on the sidebar.

    As far as showing my personallity in my blog it would probabely do more harm than good..

    Any advise you can give is greatly appreciated.


    • Hey Rongee :)

      Great to hear from you!

      I’d have to know more about your market to be able to advise you better :)

      – Kim

  • Good advice here. I read on a post in Income Diary that it takes 8 hours to write a good post.
    I have to admit that I don’t.
    As always, very interesting stuff from you,Kim

  • Wow I feel so much better after reading this post!

    I spend between 6-12 hours on my posts and thought that I was the only one! Thanks so much for sharing this article – It’s great to know pro bloggers like you are doing the same. (wipes brow!)

    Awesome awesome awesome!! :)


    • Hey Lillian :)

      Glad we’re in the same Club!!



  • Great post Kim,

    Epic content is an absolute necessity. I found it incredibly hard in the beginning to create great content that was entertaining. But, with practice it got easier and easier.

    I spend more than 8 hours creating blog posts because they usually contain videos, text and images which I create. It’s hard work, but content I created over 4 years ago still gets me search engine traffic and makes money… so it’s worth the effort.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  • Hey Kim

    Another great read for the start of the day. Really entertaining stuff. I really liked the last one – Build a Blogging Alliance.

    Having like minded other bloggers to contribute each other blogs with conversation is a great idea to build trust and engagement with your readers.

    Look forward to your next post.


    • Thanks Danny!

      The Blogging Alliance is hands-down one of the BIGGEST factors that contributes
      to our traffic. Reaching out to friends who then promote your post on sites like
      Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

  • Syndicates are good, but it’s hard to find people who are as committed to creating great content and creating on a regular basis. Often I find the syndicates I’m invited to are from people wanting to utilise my success but add nothing to the relationship. Perhaps I need to hang out in some new circles? ;)

  • Completely agree with the personality point Kim, it really is the secret sauce, and yet obvious when you think about it!

  • Hi Kim, excellent post!

    I know I spend quite a bit of time writing my posts, but I wouldn’t say I spend 12+ hours on a post. I suppose a lot depends on what the post is about, but generally I’d say I average 5-6 hours per post.

    I suppose the key thing to remember is that the best bloggers put lots of effort into each and every post. This I think is the best lesson a new blogger should learn when they start out. It takes hard work to get to where these top bloggers are, so if you are not prepared to put in the work, then perhaps they should reconsider whether blogging is for them.

  • Great post Kim. Good to see that you have put epic content in the #1 list. And I agree with you totally. Creating epic content truly deserves the number one priority. I am starting to focus more and more on creating epic content and I am sure seeing great results. I also make sure that my blog post is accompanied by a YT video, this is so that I won’t miss those visitors who hate reading long posts. I also spend lots of time creating each blogs post, mostly it takes me many days to finish.

    Regarding pop up subscriptions. Are you using any special plugins for the attractive pop up, or is it simply the standard aweber one customized to the look ?

    Finally thanks for revealing that final Blogging alliance step. Never heard about anyone talking about this, other than commenting and blogging tribes.

    Dr.Spencer Jones

  • I’ve actually stumbled here from justretweet website, and i have to say, i thought i knew much about getting traffic onto a website, but this broadened my mind.

    I really like your reference to Guy Kawasaki, that guy is a legend. Have you seen his presentation on youtube? A true legend!

  • Hi Kim – I’ve really enjoyed this post.

    What a relief to read your comment about people taking hours to write a blog post – a post usually takes me several hours. I’m in awe of people who can create good quality content at speed and I’ve often worried that I’m too much of an old slow coach, but this gives me hope. I cling onto the fable of the tortoise and the hare….

    I also couldn’t agree more with your point about providing ‘infotainment’ – people want to be educated but they want the learning process to be fun. Besides which, I think we learn much more effectively when we’re having a good time. I do training as part of my day job, on complex ethical/legal issues (potentially a big yawn) and the feedback I most treasure is when students say they’ve actually ‘enjoyed’ the sessions – that’s when I know I’ve got it right.

    Thanks, too, for sharing all the other great tips, especially about list-building, about which I have a lot to learn. I’ll be saving this post for future reference. However many hours it took – it was worth it.


  • Hello Kim,
    “Create Content that Matters. Be Epic!” IS getting harder and harder to be original nowadays!

  • Great post! How long did you spend writing it?

  • I personally believe that spending quality time on content creation is important. I have always had problems on replying to EVERY comment that comes in. Also, i am pretty weak in the social media aspect. I hope to try and solve these weaknesses and move towards building a really popular blog!

    BTW, Kim, I have been reading some of your posts and they are really very inspirational! I am already learning a lot!

  • Wow, I can’t believe how long it takes the blogging greats to write their posts. It definitely makes sense though. I hope I’ll be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys. It definitely takes dedication and good strategy.

    Very informative post by the way… I can definitely tell you take the time with your posts.

  • Thanks for the tip about WelcomeGate, Kim!

    I’ve implemented it on my site. Took some code wrangling, as right now it only accepts e-mails by default, not first names.

    Will report back how well it did.

    Thanks again!

    -Rich Polanco

  • Ali

    Awesome content–as always. You have always been my role model. Thanks, Kim, for your top quality sharing.

  • You make Epic Content sound very easy. I have found that it is hard to come up with ideas that have not been done 100 times already. It makes me wish I would have started this blogging thing 10+ years ago when all of the big sites did as well. :[

    What do you guys do to come up with new ideas? Google Insights? Or what?

  • I was wondering what popup software you use…

    • Hey Phil! It’s called Pippity :)

  • I think content is the key! We can add all the frills and superfluity but that will not serve any purpose if the content is not good. Providing some valuable information to the readers is the only way to make any blog a success. Apart from that, using SEO techniques to optimize the blog is quite important too.

  • This is my first time to be here and I really enjoy reading your stuff. Just like anyone blogger wanted, I too wanted to have a popular blog and I definitely agree from you that aside from having a great content, individuals should practice engaging with the community and everything will follow.

  • A couple of weeks ago I have written a similar guest post at Basic Blog Tips where I’ve mentioned the tips to take a blog from zero to hero.

    Those are great tips to create a popular blog Kim. Engaging with readers and providing them with a content that can capture their heart and mind is the key to take a blog from zero to hero.

  • Hi Kim!

    I enjoyed your blog a lot and I definitely going to come back for more! I totally agree with you that we need to build meaningful rapport with our readers so that they will come back again and probably refer someone to our blogs too. While Content is King, relationship is definitely the Queen.

    Thanks for your great post.