My 2012 Goal Post

Happy New Year everyone!!

Like most of you, I have been planning my strategy for 2012.

I’d love to hear what you guys have in store for 2012 and I
thought I’d share some of my
own goals as well.


We hit the six-figure mark two years ago so a lot of what I’ll be
doing this year is more of the same.

That’s one of the biggest keys I’ve learned – staying laser-focused
on the fundamentals. You don’t build a six-figure business by
purchasing every bright shiny object. In fact, you build a six-figure
business by ignoring and filtering most information while staying
laser-focused on the high-leverage tasks in your business (i.e. list
building, product development, and conversion)

Remember, at the end of the day every successful business is
really built around 3 main principles.

* Traffic

* Offer

* Conversion

So without further ado, here are some of my own goals for 2012…

1. Build a list of 60,000 subscribers.

This is my big, hairy audacious goal for 2012. We’re just about to
hit 30,000 subscribers. And this is definitely a BIG goal but it’s much
easier to scale once you’ve already built some leverage into your business.

And my subscriber list is THE #1 asset in my business. So it’s also
our main focus. Building the list and providing massive value to our existing subscribers.

At the end of each day, I ask myself 2 questions…

1. What did you do today to build your list?

2. What did you do today to engage with your list?

Ask yourself those two questions every day and you’ll
have your best business year ever.

2. Build our new membership to 1,000 members in the first quarter of 2012.

I launched a new membership site at the end of 2011 and we brought
in a little over 600 new members. Which I am still celebrating :)

But in the first quarter of 2012 (by March 31st) I want to take that
up to 1,000 members. Of course, with a membership site – you’re
always going to lose some of them as well. But we have a number
of retention strategies in place to keep members engaged and active.

3. Create 7 Profit Centers.

Products and offers are the cornerstone of every business.

The main funnel in our business is centered around our membership
site. So the squeeze page and the follow-up sequence all lead people
into the membership site.

But I also plan on releasing 6 other products and promotions
throughout the year. This could be content that we repurpose
and repackage from the member’s area. Along with some
Firesale / Blowout sales – which have always done really well for us.

4. Humanize My Business on an Even Deeper Level.

One of the biggest things you can do to stand out in your market
is to add your personality into everything you do.
(emails, video, articles, podcasts, etc…)

Personality is becoming the MAGIC sauce in your business.

The old ways of marketing are no longer going to cut it.

People are buying from people they know like and trust.

And more often than not, people are buying from ‘personalities’.

Some of the people who do this REALLY well online include:

Travis Sago
Chris Farrell
Mari Smith
Gary Vaynerchuk

People rush out to buy Oprah Winfrey’s recommendations because
she own’s massive emotional equity. She has incredibly loyal, raving
fans because she ‘HUMANIZED’ her business.

You want your readers to ‘tune in’ to your content like they would
their favorite talk show or their favorite tv show.

I’ve infused my personality into my content and email for a long
time now but this is something I plan on taking to a MUCH deeper
level in 2012.

One of the biggest steps I’ll be taking to humanize my business
on a MUCH deeper level is…

* LIVE Video (posted to my blog and on Facebook)

There is NO comparison to LIVE video where people can see your
face and read your body language. It’s one of THE fastest ways to connect with people.

5. Reach 12,000 Facebook Fans by December 31st, 2012.

As part of humanizing my business, I’m also going to be engaging
and interacting more on Facebook. Facebook is a REALLY great place
to engage with your audience.

I currently have 2,125 followers on my fan page and I plan on
taking that to 12,000 followers by the end of 2012.

My main focus in business will ALWAYS be my email subscriber
list – but you simply can not ignore social media anymore.

It’s becoming a VERY effective platform for growing your community,
engaging with your subscribers, and spreading your message.

When you’re in business for yourself it’s critical that you stay
focused on the high-leverage, profit producing activities in
your business.

That’s why I’ve centered all of mine around activities that will
push my business forward. Remember, it’s all about TRAFFIC,

6. Create Systems & Processes that Give Me More Time to Focus on High-Leverage Activities.

We often start a business in order to spend more time with
our families, to escape the daily grind, to travel, and to live
a life of our own design – but what often happens instead is
we become chained to the business itself.

At this point it becomes more and more important to create
systems and processes in your business – which you can then
hand off to a virtual team member. You create step-by-step
systems in your business that handle customer support, affiliate
support, tech tasks, shopping cart setup, forum moderation,
membership management, etc…

So that’s also part of my plan for 2012.

Creating processes and systems that free me up to focus on
creating great content and other high-leverage activities.

As you guys know, I LOVE the game of business – but a business
should serve the lifestyle you want to create.

It’s about living more, not just working less.

Let’s make 2012 an EPIC Year!!

I’d love to hear some of your goals as well so please leave me a comment below :)



26 thoughts on “My 2012 Goal Post”

  1. Kim what great goals you have for 2012 – and I’m sure you’re achieve them:)

    I love your blog and the work you do and you certainly have the personable touch which is why you’ve had the success you’ve had so far:)

    For me I’m looking forward to launching my own products this year.

    Wishing you a very successful 2012 – it looks to be a very exciting year ahead:)

  2. Excellent post and goals Kim. While my goals certainly aren’t as lofty since I’ve wiped the slate clean in many respects, certainly my list, more products, and leverage ASAP are the main points. I loved the webinar the other night by the way. I had to scoot out for Q & A, but it was all good. 

    After searching and trying a few places to find the place I belonged again, I’m happy I joined your membership. It gives me the “home” and “accountability” feeling I was searching for. I wasn’t finding that other places…so yes..thank you, I know it’s where I’ll be happy.Cheers and best:-)

  3. Hey Kim,
    Wow you have some huge goals this year Kim, 6 products, 30k subscribers and my favourite humanizing your business. I feel the more personal you get with your subscribers the more respect you get. Last year alone I have seen so much BS and falseness in my inbox. It’s enough to make you scream sometimes.
    I have a product launch in February, then another two planned for the mid and end of the year. I have a couple of revamps, also some other stuff in my head but not set in stone yet. I also want to involve subscribers and create more interaction within my own blog community hence the loving the humanizing part. I also have a plan for some training by the end of the year so it is busy busy for me this year.
    Good luck Kim on your success for 2012 I will be watching your progress :-D

  4. This will be my first year getting completely away from Adsense. I am officially finished playing the ever changing Google game ( I hear all those “me too’s” out there). List building and product development is my main focus and for me to do that I have to get used to learning how to create video’s with the Camtasia I bought last year and never took the time to learn as well as produce slide shows with Open Office Empress, produce podcasts and get into the outsourcing end of it for graphics, ect. so I can focus on LIST BUILDING! I’ve made excellent money from Adsense over the years but now I am paying the price from never capturing all that traffic into my Aweber account. Big mistake people. Don’t do what I’ve been doing the last 6 years! I learned my lesson way too late so I hope all of you pay close attention to what Kim is teaching because that is the foundation that will set all of you truly free.

  5. Goals have greater power when written down and you spelled them out in detail. Good for you! I’ve no doubt that with the great content you provide that you’ll attract the people and business you desire. I’m cheering you on.

  6. Awesome goals Kim! I have gotten into the habit of setting quarterly goals then creating action steps or daily habits that will allow me to acheive those goals.

    One of my biggest focuses this year is to build my email subscriber list 10,000 – a loftily goal indeed but one that I m determined to accomplish.

    Another big focus is on the launch of my social media consulting firm.

    I think that to be successful at anything you only need two things – a detailed game plan and the will to win!

    Good luck to you in 2012 I have a feeling this is going to be an awesome year!!

    P.S. The humanizing of business is extremely crucial to an entrepreneurs success. Developing those deep connections with your followers, customers and fans is more valuable even than the product offerings themselves.

  7. Awesome post here Kim!

    I always beleive in setting quarterly goals then creating a game plan that creates habits and daily action steps that help me accomplish those goals.

    My 1st quarter goals are to increase my email subscriber list by 3,000, launch my social media consulting firm, and do 5 speaking engagements.

    I think entrepreneurs need 3 things to create success – a mentor, a detailed game plan and the will to win.

    Thanks for sharing your goals with us. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year !

    – Andrea

    P.S. The humanizing of business is a very important aspect and in my opinion more valuable than the product offering itself. All successful entrepreneurs have the ability to connect with their customers, followed and fans in a way that establishes loyalty and tryst at an EPIC level.

  8. Hi Kim,

    Awesome goals for 2012!  I am sure it will turn out to be an EPIC year.  As for me, since I just starting out, my goal is to start building a subscriber list and establish a relationship with my subscribers.   I also plan on launching 1 Profict Center to start.  Need to keep slow for as I am learning along the way.

    Another big goal that I have is to teach others what I learn and I am so happy that I have met you because you inspire me.  I am a huge fan of your Traffic Dashboard product.  Keep up the good work.

    Good luch for 2012!

  9. What’s not to like?
    Setting the goals is KEY as Kim mentions.
    A few years back I set a goal of having a business that earns 7 million dollars PER year and the goal is a long term one. At least it became long term. I had the goal set for my birtday in march 2011. However my life decided I needed to walk through fire first. So I did that.
    Today the goal is still there but today it is based upon 2012 ONLY.
    A HUGE momentum is needed for this to happen. A smart strategy and a WHOLE LOT of branding in more than one field. For it to come true I have my planning scheduled and I am currently writing two books which can be used as Kindle books as well as doing multipliers as Kim teaches. Thanks for that one. :-)
    The books are of great value for you as a branding tool, if you can write.
    Taking the action on your goals and for gods sake focus on ONLY the goals you have set, is what will give you a successful ending.
    Trust me!
    Been struggling for quite a while but that was mainly becuase of the industry and the emails in my inbox. Unsubscribed from a lot of newsletters just before 2012 and I am new.
    Keep pushing people!

    Thanks for your great work Kim.

    BTW: I have two whiteboards in my office. Thinking of getting more.
    They are of GREAT help and I highly encourage people to get one OR more. In addition to freemind which is also a must have resource for your b-u-s-i-n-e-s-s

  10. Good post Kim. My goals are to get more involved in product creation, like you said concentrate even more on my list ( Main source of your business )

    And venture into a few more profitable niche’s ( Too be Determined )

  11. Hi Kim:  Always love your posts and personality.  That is my goal this year.  Add more personality to my articles, build my subscriber list and work on utilizing video cam and powerpoint into my future articles.  A lot of work, but a lot of fun.  Thanks for all your help, Kim.  You keep us informed and motivated.

  12. I enjoying ready the goals of successful marketers like yourself. For the frist time this year I have done a post listing my online business goals for 2012 and will use it as a road map just in case I get distracted by the “Shiny Object” that comes into my email box.

    Like you I will be working hard on injecting  my personality into my business, and sharing more about me.

    Best of luck in 2012.

  13. Hi Kim, firstly wish you a Happy New Year with more abundant of health and wealth. Some of my goals in 2012 are quitting my jobs and buying a house.

    For more specific goal in my business is to build more buyers and engaged more regularly with them.

  14. My plan for 2012 is pretty simple. I want to figure out a reproducible system to build a porfolio of blogs earning each one at least $1 per day consistently. Step by step, one by one. That’s it.

  15. Hi Kim.  Thanks for the blog post.  Your personable prose and succinct writing style make it easy to follow your intention, and perhaps, learn to apply some of that style and strategy to my own efforts, both online & offline. 

  16. Hi Kim. Thanks for the inspiring post as ever. 2012 for me is going to see me finally put to bed the Procrastination that has always stopped me moving forward. In 2012 I intend to take Action and drive traffic to my existing Blog and look into other small Niche sites other than Make money Online. Wish me and all others here Luck !

  17. Inspirational post, Kim. 2012 for me is to stop getting distracted by all the ‘noises’ around the net and then apply whatever i have learnt into building my online business. Then, to continuously work towards refining a particular skill of mine with laser target focus.

     My aim is to focus on the material preparation to the traffic generation and to conversion and rapport building with my list in a much systematic and effective manner. My target is to achieve a consistent cash in flow of RM5000/month ($1587/month) in one years time from now all from the net,

     Eventually i can i have more time to work on my final year project in 2013 and that I can graduate from my university without worrying to get a job after that. Therefore to achieve this, my first quarter target is to get 1000 targeted buyers list. I am truly excited to achieve my goal especially with your guidance! Best of luck 2012.

  18. You have some of the most valuable information I’ve ever found online Kim.
    As a almost 56 year young guy who is successfully reinventing himself for the last 3-4 years I  will not bring new folks into most programs because most programs simple take people’s money as you know and it’s over.
    But your Taffic Dashboard black book is a place where I’ll live this year as I am spreading content daily now and I will look seriously at your monthly continuity program whci I asume right now is somehting I can send my new folks to.
    I do not have a place I trust for newbies so you’ll know if I sign up there and send folks then it must be exceptional which I believe it will be.
    Not sure yet if this membership site is an affiliate program but am going to see now.
    Good bless Kim.

  19. Looking back, I seem to remember doing this 12 months ago. So my plans for 2012 are to ensure I create a plan and I take action. Biggest thing is to start treating this as a business rather than a hobby.

  20. What you said Kim: “LOVE the game of business – but a business

    should serve the lifestyle you want to create.” … is so true and good to always remember. IM is a means to an end, not the other way around. My 2012 plan of action > Focus, Take Action, Dedication on my IM goals and life in general. To break free out of my comfort zone and see what is on the other side. To enjoy and celebrate the journey. Happy New Year 2012 and take care!

  21. 1. Increase my Adsense earnings from its current amount ($50/month) to ten times that much ($500/month)

    2. Make Facebook pages and build communities around websites that I have built that I am passionate about.

    3. Finally finish my first info product and put it out for sale.

    4. Have enough online and income from music to be able to quit my minimum wage job by December 2012, so that I can spend more time with my son

    5. Find mentors and mastermind groups to keep me inspired and accountable.

    6. Begin work on my second info product so that I can build in the success of my first.

    7. Do whatever it takes to get closer to living my ideal lifestyle, and living the life of my dreams :)

  22. Oh no, not goal setting time again. Didn’t I just do that?. Thankfully, I actually achieved my goals for 2011 by actually writing them down and actioning them for once. Who ever thought that would work?. This year it’s increase my subscriber base by 5000, post blogs at least 3 times a week, engage with my list more often (with better content) and lastly, continue to focus on “Traffic, Offer, Conversion”. 

  23. My main goal this year is to get my personal product/service finally built and online.

    In 2008 Exxon earned in excess of 64-BILLION dollars US. They paid less than 20,000 in taxes, simply because of a legal tax structure most people do not know about. Great thing is, this same structure is also available to everyone, not just the big corporations.

    Therefore, my goal is to produce a product that explains in full detail, step-by-step, how the average person can not only turn their current J.O.B. into a personal business (and/or a corporation), but also pay little or no taxes on that business. The project is called, “Create Your Own Job!”

    Wish me luck and stay tuned.

  24. Hi Kim
    Absolutely love your Traffic Dashboard. It has changed my mindset!
    My aim for 2012 is to give great value to more people.
    First an exciting blog, then a fantastic free report and finally to implement your marketing strategies.
    (That should keep me out of mischief for a while!) 
    Hope all goes well for you – and very many thanks

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