21 Steps to 1,000 Visitors Per Day

Traffic is the currency of the web. The more traffic you have, the more
people who will subscribe to your list, buy your products, and spread
the word via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

During the past 7 years online I’ve built multiple sites up to 1,000+
visitors per day. With millions of visitors in our web archives, I’ve
learned the hard way which traffic methods are the best and which
one’s are a waste of your time. And in this article I’m going to serve
them up on a silver platter.

Your 21-step roadmap to 1,000+ visitors per day…

Step 1: Create Insanely Useful Content!

The first step to creating massive traffic is to create insanely
valuable content that oozes with personality…

Your voice, Your style, Your very own brand of Kool-Aid.

Unfortunately, voice can’t really be ‘taught’. It has to be
found individually be each person.

It’s a journey of SELF.

It requires us to be something that most of us run from
on a daily basis…


It requires us to pull off the shades, take down our guard
and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

I relate writing to be much like dancing.

Sometimes you just have to let go.

Otherwise, you end up looking like the Tin Man in the
Wizard of Oz…

Your unique voice is what people will be drawn to.

Building a raving audience of fans online all starts with
mind-blowing pillar content.

Content that makes people think. Inspires. Creates value.
Provides a new perspective. Pushes people out of their
comfort zones. Challenges your readers. And creates
nothing short of a braingasm!

Social media only works when you create content that matters.

Content that’s actually WORTH sharing.

Step 2: Syndicate Your Content Around the Web…

Ok, so now you’ve created your content and posted it to your blog.

Not so fast! You’re job has just begun :)

To get your blog buzzing with traffic, you’re going to need to
get in the trenches.

Content is just the entry fee – now it’s time to play the real game…

Marketing and promotion!

Fortunately, social media is making it easier to share and spread your content than ever before.

EVERYONE online now has a circle of influence that you can tap into IF
you’re providing massive value. And a bit of entertainment doesn’t hurt ;)
Like I often tell my coaching students… “Boredom is the death of ALL

So don’t be afraid to have a little FUN :)

Then, once you’ve pressed ‘Publish’ it’s now time to share your content
on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sharing communities.

Here are the exact steps we take to guarantee we get at least 1,000+ views on
EVERY article we publish…

Step 3. Submit to Twitter.

This should be a no-brainer for you by now.

Unfortunately, I STILL see WAY too many people not using this
platform effectively.

And others who have discounted it all together.


I’m personally using Twitter to drive 1,000+ visitors to my website EVERY single week. And we’re teaching our clients to do the same.

Social media is NO longer an option.

It should be the first place you send your new blog post.

Step 4. Post to Facebook.

Our next stop is good ‘ol Facebook! Which is quickly becoming the #1 traffic source for many websites online.

If you’re not already active on Facebook… it’s time to get your
booty in gear!

When you dedicate yourself to creating truly epic content, Facebook can quickly become a traffic powerhouse for you.

Step 5. Submit to Any Related Blog Carnivals.

Blog carnivals are one of the fastest, easiest ways to increase
your traffic and generate additional one-way backlinks to your

Essentially, a blog carnival is a type of blog event that is
published on a weekly or monthly basis – centered
around a particular topic.

As a blogger, you can submit your latest blog articles to be
included in upcoming blog carnivals.

On the day of the blog carnival, a link to your blog article, along
with a short description is published on the blog host.

Here are some popular blog carnival examples…


You can submit your latest blog posts to related blog carnivals at

Or, you can automate the entire submission process using a cool tool
called Xingla Pro

Step 6. Post to BloggersBase.com.

Looking for some instant exposure to your content?

You can instantly increase the number of visitors to any article by republishing it on BloggersBase.com.

Once you’ve published to your own blog, wait a few days. Make sure your page is indexed in Google and then re-post the article to BloggersBase.com.

This alone will put hundreds of extra people in front of your article.

WAY more effective than traditional article marketing.

Stop wasting your time with sites like EzineArticles.com and start
publishing to blogging communites like BloggersBase.com that ACTUALLY
send traffic.

Step 7. Post to BlogEngage.com

Next you’ll be re-posting your article to a site called BlogEngage.com.

Again, very similar to BloggersBase. BlogEngage.com is a popular blogging
community online where you can get additional exposure to your content
and build strong relationships among the blogosphere.

Step 8. Post to Blokube.com.

Blokube.com is a rapidly growing social media network and blogging community.

It was first established in 2010 by a very talented 17 year old high school
student named Devesh.

Aren’t kids smart these days!

Remember though, the key with any online blogging community is to provide
VALUE to others FIRST.

So before you go and start blasting your own articles to the site. First
start sharing OTHER people’s articles. Comment on other people’s articles
and start engaging with the community.

Once you’ve done that, then you can start sharing some of your own stuff.

But get in the trenches first!

Provide value FIRST and you will reap MUCH greater rewards for your efforts
and from the community.

Relationships are the key to building your business faster. Plus, it just
makes things a whole lot more fun :)

Step 9. Post to Niche Social Sites

In addition to sites like BloggersBase.com, Blokube.com, and BlogEngage.com,
there are also tons of niche social sites online that can send you a TON of
highly-targeted traffic.

Sites like ImNewsWatch.com, Serpd.com, Tipd.com (very popular for the finance market), BizSugar.com, BetterNetworker.com, DesignBump.com, DesignFloat.com, Tutorialized.com, and Pixel2Life.com.

ImnewsWatch is one of my own personal favorites. It’s a daily must-read for any and all internet marketing addicts :)

IMNewsWatch is a news aggregator that brings you the latest and greatest
from the IM world on a daily basis. So you can quickly and easily stay
up-to-date on all of the latest IM news, launches, events, and more.

Plus, it’s a great place to submit your own content for additional exposure!

You can submit your latest Internet Marketing articles, news, and product
releases at: http://www.imnewswatch.com/submit-news/

Regardless of your market, there are social communities online where you
can extend the reach of your content.

Step 10: Post your content to the Top Tutorial Sites online.

Tutorial sites are a HUGE, untapped traffic source online. Especially if you publish articles regarding internet marketing, wordpress, SEO, graphic design, web development, programming, or business development.

I’ve personally used tutorial sites to send thousands of extra visitors to my articles.

Submitting your content to tutorial sites is one of the easiest ways to increase your traffic online.

And best of all, these websites simply link BACK to your original article.

So you’re not actually republishing the article, but instead the traffic is coming STRAIGHT to your website.

Here’s a comprehensive list of popular sites where you can submit your tutorials for tons of
extra exposure, traffic, and backlinks…


Step 11. Guest post AT LEAST two times per week.

EVERY blogger knows they need traffic. But few are truly willing
to put in the elbow grease it takes to drive significant traffic.

You’ve got to put is some massive hustle… ESPECIALLY in the beginning.

No time for ‘American Idol’ or your latest reality show.

If you’re serious about building a successful online business, you’ll be writing till your eyes bleed… writing killer content not only for your own blog – but also for other blogs.

Guest blogging is one of the fastest ways to start driving laser-targeted traffic to your website.

Plus, there are also a TON of side-benefits to guest blogging…

* High Quality Backlinks
* Increased Exposure to Social Media
* Networking Power – Building a blogging alliance
* Boosts your Brand & Reputation (Authority by association)
* Increased Exposure in the Search Engines

Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your traffic, position
yourself in front of new audiences, and develop solid relationships with
other bloggers.

To give you a quick example, I’ve had my own content published on sites like ProBlogger.net, Rosalind Gardner’s NetProfitsToday.com, LifeHack.org, ZenHabits.net, Site-Reference.com, Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome.com and many others.

And as a result I’ve received thousands of visitors to my blog.

But even more importantly, I’ve also developed a circle of friends.

You see, PEOPLE are the cornerstone to EVERY business – online or offline.

Building connections and fostering relationships is one of the fastest ways to shortcut your way to success.

Way too many people online are looking for one-off deals when they could be forming long-term, strategic partnerships.

The other big key to guest blogging is to focus on the most popular
blogs within your market. Don’t go after little small blogs just
cause you think they’ll accept you.

Go big or go home.

With guest blogging, you’re only going to see truly viable results
if you zone in on the top traffic blogs within your market.

That’s where you’re going to see you’re best results (sending hundreds
of visitors your way for each guest post).

If you’re looking for places to guest post, you can search over 500+
websites that accept content submissions at…

(Each section is broken down by category so you can quickly and easily
find the top guest posting opportunities within your market.)

QUICK TIP: Once your guest post has been published, don’t think that you’re
job is complete! In fact, there are a number of things you should be doing
AFTER your post has been published.

First and foremost, be sure to respond to each and EVERY comment.

Blogging is a social activity. Once your post has been published, you’ll want
to monitor it closely for people who leave comments and respond to each one.

This shows that you genuinely want to provide value and you’re not
just in it for the extra traffic, exposure, etc…

Plus, it’s also a great way to show your gratitude for being given the opportunity
to guest post. Always remember that every commenter is potentially a new
connection, new reader, or a new fan. So it’s in your best interest to engage
with as many readers as possible.

In fact, what I like to do is send out a few personalized emails to a couple
of my favorite commenters. Super simple – but one of the fastest ways to
create raving fans!

Above all, remember that at the end of the day, this is all about relationships –
real connections and interactions. You have to care about your readers
MORE than you care about the money. Otherwise, you’ve already lost
the game.

Step 12: Build Your Blogging Network

One of the fastest ways to grow your blog is to build your own blogging network – or what I often refer to as a blogging alliance.

A blogging alliance is basically a small handful of like-minded bloggers who strategically work together to grow their blogs faster.

When I think about a blogging alliance I often think about the Fantastic Four. As you probably know, the Fantastic Four is a group of superheroes who work
together synergistically.

And a blogging alliance is basically the same thing. A handful of bloggers
who strategically work together to grow their blogs faster.

If you look at any of the most popular blogs online – you’ll find that almost ALL of
them have formed a strategic alliance of some sort – whether it be informal or
strategically planned.

No one gets to the top by themselves. You simply cannot build your business to
its greatest potential without also building relationships with other like-minded

Just like no single person within the Fantastic Four would be as powerful by
themselves. It’s the collective power of the group that makes them so incredibly

But you might be wondering…

What does a blogging alliance actually do?

Well, the possibilities are truly unlimited, but here are some great examples:

Members of a blogging alliance Link to each other. Comment on each other’s
blogs. Retweet each other’s content. Stumble each other’s content. Promote
each other’s Facebook Fan Pages. Swap guest posts. Interviews. And much more…

Whenever you need some help voting up your content, you can call upon your
blogging buddies to help you out.

With a group of blogging friends, you literally have traffic on tap simply
by sending out an email, IM, or Skype message.

Always keep it casual and relaxed though, just like you would treat a friend.

“Ex. Hey Chris, just wanted to show you one of my latest blog posts (7 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Taylor Swift). Thought you might like it since you’re a Taylor Swift junkie. lol… If you’d like to tweet it or stumble it that would be really cool as well.

Also, feel free to send me any of your upcoming blog articles. I’d love to check them out and give ’em some link love :)



Important Note: Above all, remember to focus on what you can do for the OTHER person first.

If you go into this thinking only about yourself and what you can get from the
relationship – it simply won’t work.

A blogging alliance is a way to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.
The synergies and benefits that come from that are simply a by-product
of the relationship. But the RELATIONSHIP comes first.

And when you put the RELATIONSHIP first. When you put GIVING first, you’ll be
amazed at all of the incredibly powerful synergies that come from that.

Step 13: Forum Marketing (Old School is Kool!)

I’m talkin’ old school like Monopoly and your first Nintendo. Remember the days!

Sometimes the oldies are still the best :)

And the same is true online.

Most people discount forum marketing cause they’re too busy searching
for the next bright shiny object.

But I’m here to tell you that old school is kool!


It’s one of the FASTEST ways to drive laser-targeted traffic to your website.

Forums put you DIRECTLY in front of your target market. You can literally
have traffic on tap within 5 minutes.

I personally use forums to siphon off thousands of visitors every single month.

The key here is to provide tremendous value to the community. Much like social
media, forums are communities and the key to successful forum marketing is to
interact with the community and provide insane value.

Give away your very best information and you will get tons of free traffic and
quickly build your reputation as an expert in your field.

More Value = More Traffic

The more value you provide, the more people who will come to visit your site
through your signature link.

It’s NOT about quantity. It’s about quality.

Spend one hour a day contributing world-class value and you’ll get 100x
more traffic than if you spent an hour making a ton of replies.

Aside from the traffic benefits, forums also allow you to make connections
with other marketers in your niche. I have met a number of strategic business
partners directly from forums.

As always, it comes down to relationship building. Look for ways that you can provide value to the OTHER person first and you will quickly build lots of mutually beneficial relationships.

There are lots of great people to connect with on the forums. You can find
potential guest posters, ad swap partners, experts that can barter services,
collaborate with on a product, etc…

The opportunities are endless when you focus on building long-term win-win

Step 14: 2 Solo Ads Per Month

Solo Ads allows you to send a solo email to someone ELSE’S subscriber list.

Meaning that you are able to get your squeeze page in front of thousands of people for just a couple hundred bucks.

You could literally use this ONE strategy alone to build your entire business.

There are hundreds of list owners online who will allow you to advertise in their newsletters.

Just to give you a quick example, I paid $600 for a solo ad a couple months
back that went out to over 60,000 subscribers.

From that promotion, I received 890 laser-targeted visitors, 483 new
subscribers and 23 new customers.

So for me, it was well worth the investment.

Plus, those subscribers will generate many more sales on the backend
and via my follow-up sequence.

The biggest key to paid advertising is that you MUST know your numbers.
You must know, on average, how much each customer and subscriber is
worth to you.

Based on that data and knowledge, you are then able to decide which
advertising sources are profitable.

And the higher your visitor value, the more advertising opportunities that
become available to you.

Some of my best solo ad spots include:

Heri Rosyadi
John Cornetta
Imran Qureshi
WF Banner Ads (Killer!)

I REALLY probably shouldn’t just give those away.


You know me, I like to dish out the good stuff :)

Some other solo ad spots that I’m looking to test out soon include:

http://FormidableMarketers.com/solo-ads (Heard really good things about these guys from multiple marketing friends.)
http://opportunity-advisor.com/soloadbooking.html (Gary Baker)
http://www.safe-swaps.com/list-building/tutilee.html?tab=solo_sell (Tuti Lee)
http://profile.safe-swaps.com/thevinsta (Vincent Craine)

*** http://soloaddirectory.com/ – A good list of solo ad providers by Reed Floren.

* Plus, once you’ve found the best newsletters to advertise in, you
can basically put your traffic systems and lead generation on

In fact, you could even set up deals with other newsletter owners to
where you get a discount by paying to advertise in their newsletter
for 6 months in advance.

This way, you’ve put your traffic generation on autopilot. You’ve
created a ‘system‘ in your business that will continue to work for
you on autopilot. And those are the best types of traffic sources
to have because consistent lead flow is the key.

Step 15: 2 Ad Swaps Per Month

Once you’ve started using the traffic strategies above to
build your initial seed list – you now have some massive leverage
in your business that you can start using to scale your traffic
even faster.

This is why it’s is SO important to build REAL assets in your business.

To focus ALL of your marketing on building a subscriber list. Because
now you can start exchanging traffic with OTHER marketers online.

You can now start exchanging traffic via ad swaps, twitter swaps,
Facebook swaps, article swaps, banner swaps, thank-you page ad swaps, etc…

Are you starting to see the power of leverage in your business?

*** If your business is moving slowly right now. It’s most likely because
you haven’t built that initial momentum and leverage into your business.

Now, ad swaps in particular are one of the fastest ways to grow your
subscriber list online.

Ad swaps allow you to add 200-500 subscribers in a single day!

Plus, they’re super simple to set up as well.

Essentially, an ad swap occurs when two list owners each
agree to mail their list about the OTHER person’s free offer.
This is usually a free offer placed on a squeeze page in exchange
for someone’s name and email address. As a result, they are both
adding hundreds of subscribers to their lists.

Here are some places online where you can find other list
owners who are actively looking to do ad swaps:

Warrior Forum JV section
Safe-Swaps.com (One of my favorites!)

Quick Note: Keep in mind that whenever you’re doing ad swaps, you should not base the ad swap on the number of subscribers someone has but rather on the average number of click-throughs they get in each email. Lots of marketers have big lists but that does not necessarily mean that they are responsive lists. So base your swaps on how much traffic they can generally send rather than just the number of subscribers itself.

Also remember to keep your ad swaps limited to about 3 per month.

There are WAY too many marketers out there going hog wild with these ad swaps and they end up ruining their list because of it.

Instead, you need to keep your ad swaps very limited and ONLY do them with people who are providing MASSIVE value. Remember, your reputation is paramount and you must guard your list at all times.

That means making sure that you always have THEIR best interest in mind. So we ONLY swap ads with the cream of the crop – people who we KNOW are going to provide our subscribers with MASSIVE value on an ongoing basis.

Step 16: Newsletter Syndication

Want some FREE Advertising?

You can essentially get solo ads for FREE by submitting an article
to be published in their newsletter.

While others pay hundreds of dollars for advertising you can skip
to the front of the line with just one good article.

I did this over and over again when I was just getting started online
and it was my #1 traffic source.

In exchange for providing your world-class content to other people’s
newsletters, you get instant exposure to thousands of laser-targeted
subscribers. And of course at the end of that article is a link that points
back to your website – sending you hundreds (if not thousands) of visitors.

People who have newsletters, membership sites, and other content driven
assets have a HUGE responsibility to continuously crank out killer content.

This opens up a HUGE opportunity for you if you’re willing to put in a
little bit of time to create a value-driven article that their subscribers
will enjoy.

There are no submission fees, no advertising fees… just a bit of your
time is all it cost to get access to HUGE mailing lists.

You’re basically getting FREE marketing and exposure that’s worth
hundreds of dollars per article.

The best way to find potential ezines to publish your articles is
to use the DirectoryOfEzines.com.

I’ve been a member of the DOE (Directory of Ezines) for over three years
and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to do any sort of ezine
advertising or if you’re wanting to find large ezines that accept article

This is the place to go.


The directory of ezines lets you search thousands of different ezines. You
can sort them by category, number of subscribers, and more. You can also
filter your search for ezines within your category that accept article

Do you see how powerful this is? Most of these ezines are charging
hundreds of dollars to advertise in their newsletter. However, by writing an
article for them, you can get all of that exposure and traffic for free.

Step 17: Webinar Swaps

We’re going to get a bit more advanced here.

If you’ve got the chops, this is definitely one of the best ways to grow your list quickly.

There a number of different ways to use webinars to grow your subscriber list.

The first is to approach other list owners about doing a special LIVE webinar for their subscribers.

This works EXTREMLY WELL because it’s a completely different approach than
what MOST people are doing online.

You’re actually offering to provide VALUE to their subscribers FIRST. You could
approach them in the manner of… “Hey, how about we do something special for
your subscribers. I’ve been doing a lot of webinars with other marketers lately
and we’ve been getting a ton of really great feedback. I’d love to do a special call
with your subscribers where I talk about my top 5 traffic sources – nothing held
back. The call itself is packed with high-quality content. If you’d like we could
even setup a webinar swap and I’ll introduce you to my subscribers as well. Let
me know what you think! – Kim”

This sort of approach allows you to instantly stand out from the rest of the

People are generally just approaching people about promoting a product launch
so when you approach them with something different – something that offers
VALUE to their subscribers – you instantly stand out from the crowd.

On that webinar you offer a TON of exceptional content – nothing held back.
And then at the end – you just do a short 5-10 minute promo.

Basically saying that if you’d like more content like this, you can
check out our membership site at www.mysite.com.

To really top it off, why not just give your webinar partner ALL (100%) of the affiliate commissions!


I know it might sound crazy but you could grow a rabid list of subscribers
using just this ONE strategy.

You deliver a value-packed webinar, you do a short promo at the end and give 100% commissions and in return you get all of the subscribers who
sign-up for the webinar.

This is super easy to do using something like http://webinaroptin.com/ or http://webinarbridge.com/

Traffic equation in a nutshell : Provide MASSIVE value = Generate MASSIVE Traffic

The more value you provide, the more traffic you’ll get.


Step 18: Rocket Deals

This next strategy is one of my all-time favorites. You could literally build your
entire business around this one strategy alone.

I call them ‘Rocket Deals’. Put together 3-5 rocket deals and you can easily put
your traffic on autopilot, sending 1,000-5,000 visitors to your website every
week. Without any work on your part.

It all runs on autopilot.

So, here’s how you set up a Rocket Deal…

It’s basically an exchange of virtual real estate.

The goal is to get your ad on the OTHER person’s thank-you page.

The first thing you’ll want to do is start building a relationship with the other
person. Find out what you can do for them first.

– Guest post on their blog.

– Tweet their content.

– Send them a video testimonial.

– Do a webinar for their subscribers. Do an ad swap, etc…

Then, you’ll send them an email similar to the following in order to setup the Rocket Deal…

Some potential virtual real estate that you can exchange includes:

Thank-You Pages
Log-Out Pages
Autoresponder Follow-Ups
Exit Pops
Member’s Area
Content Sharing
Banner Space
WSO Bonuses
Newsletter Inserts
Footer Links in Your Email

So you’re sending them a LOT of traffic each week, each month all on autopilot
and all that you ask of them is that they put YOUR ad on their thank-you page.

The thank-you page is one of the highest traffic pages on many sites – especially
with people who are doing a lot of ad swaps or growing their list on a regular basis.
And of course, those are the sort of people you’ll want to setup these rocket deals with…

People who are consistently and actively growing their subscriber list.

This is a win-win deal. It’s an offer that’s hard to refuse because I’m
offering them right up front a TON of value – offering to send them hundreds of
visitors on autopilot each and every week – In return for them putting my ad on
their thank-you page.

Do this with just 3-5 people and you can push 10,000 – 20,000 visitors to your
website every month, all on autopilot. That’s how powerful it can be when you
set up these type of integration deals with strategic partners.

And remember, we’re not looking to develop relationships with just anyone and
everyone. We’re looking for strategic, long-term relationships to setup these sort
of win-win deals over the long-term.

You’re looking for people who already have access to the traffic. People who do
a lot of ad swaps, have a high-traffic website, have a high-traffic forum, etc…
Those are the type of people you want to strike up deals with.

So find the people who own the traffic and then create an irresistible offer that
will allow you to swap virtual real estate.


Step 19. Find 2 new banner advertising spots per month.

If you’ve been following me for long, then you’ll know that I LOVE free traffic :)

However, if you’re running a serious business online then paid traffic should definitely be a part of your overall strategy.

Once you’ve created a high-converting sales process, you can use paid advertising to literally put your traffic on autopilot.

But NEVER pay for advertising blindly! You should ONLY be paying for advertising if you have proper tracking in place. You MUST know exactly how much your paying for each lead, sale, customer, etc…

My favorite testing and tracking tool is Adtrackz Gold.

Once you’ve found some highly effective advertising spots, you can then start
working out custom deals for increased exposure and traffic.

For example, let’s say you’ve found a good banner spot on a related blog that’s
performing well for you. Why not approach the blog owner and offer to pre-pay
for 6-months of advertising. And in return, not only do you get your banner
spot – but you also get your content featured once per week with a link
pointing back to your site in the resource box.

This is a HUGE win-win for both parties. The blogger is getting paid in advance
while also getting some exclusive content to publish each week. And in return,
you get ongoing exposure to an audience that is now being pre-sold through
YOUR content.

There are so many unique, custom deals you can setup with blog owners online.

It’s a shame that so few people are thinking outside the box. But good for us
cause we’re now able to approach those bloggers with unique, win-win deals.

Step 20. Send AT LEAST 1 Thank-You note per day.

Send at-least one thank-you note per day. The most successful people online are
those who build a rich network of friendships.

This can be an email, a postcard, or even a hand-written note that you send to
a customer, a subscriber, a blogger, or simply to someone who has re-tweeted
your content.

I promise you, by the end of the year, this small gesture will produce exponentially
more than just 365 new raving fans. You will have created a network of influence,
comprised of loyal JV partners, ambassadors, and long-term friends.

Step 21. Have FUN!

Hey, you made it to the very last step. I’m impressed :)

And you’re in for a treat because step #21 is really the
secret sauce of success.

Having FUN!!

You must be passionate about the game of business.

And most importantly, you must be passionate about your
subscribers and fans.

Success requires a BURNING DESIRE, an all-consuming obsession.

This is NOT about buying another course or reading another ebook.
This is about doing it, doing it, doing it.

Building a business requires an amazing amount of persistence and
an overwhelming desire to succeed. And that kind of persistence
MUST be backed by PASSION. Passion is what gets you up in the
morning and keeps you working late into the night.

If you want to win this game, you must center your business around
something you truly love. Don’t choose a market just because it’s
profitable. You’ll lose interest quickly… and some of you probably
already know what I’m talking about :)

Building a successful business requires a wellspring of passion, desire,
and plenty of late nights. And if you’re not building your business around
something you love, you’ll never have what it takes to see it through.

You have to love the journey more than the results. You have to love your
customers more than the bottom line.

Commit to something greater than yourself. Devote yourself to your community.
Focus on providing overwhelming value and you’ll be surprised at how quickly
success comes your way.

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  2. AAWesome stuff! For a somewhat newbie, it is a bit like information overload – I have a website that is getting a decent amount of traffic, but the sales conversions are low. So I am researching my options ;) Thank you for all the tips!

    • There are VERY few people who really understand the Google Penalty.

      It’s directed at INTERNAL duplicate content. Duplicate content within
      your own website. THAT is when you’re actually penalized.

      Not for content on separate websites. Also, simply publish the content
      on YOUR website first. This will generally ensure that your content
      ranks highest.

  3. Does anyone know what happened to BloggersBase.com?  I haven’t been able to pull up their site for two weeks.

    Is there another bloggers community site like that one that is a great alternative?

  4. Hi Kim,

    Epic post!

    Promote the stuffing out of your post. Also, promote the stuffing out of other people’s posts. The quickest way to get page views is to write good stuff and build a massive network to help share it: leveraging.

    Thanks for sharing Kim!


  5. Awesome post I’m doing most of the stuff on your list and although I’m not hitting a thousand visits per day I’m close to it. Blog Engage and Blokube are great sites, Blog Engage is great for community building and content syndicating too. Thanks.

  6. Thank you for your kind mention of IM NewsWatch. It’s only one rung on the ladder to internet marketing success, as your article makes clear, but in my (biased, to be sure) opinion, it’s an important one.

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  7. Good article as always. From a marketing perspective I agree with the points about injecting ones personaility into what you do – however, consideration has to be given as to the type of niche you are in.


  8. Kim, this is a PHENOMENAL post. Seriously amazing.

    Just one complaint about the blog – the archive page doesn’t seem to work. I want to read everything you’ve ever written and can’t. Big problem! :P

  9. Great post Kim…thank you so much.

    I’m just about to launch my hydration info website and some guys are raving about you on warriorforum – so glad I checked you out.

    I’m pretty confident to get 1000 visitors now and am glad that you shared your wisdom ;)

    ….I’ll be seeing you around.

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  11. I like the social networking part of the article. Do you think some of your blog references in the other sections of this article will work for a website in another category such as media entertainment or information? How would you approach someone to see if they want to build a website network/alliance with you? Thanks!

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  13. Hi Kim, I commented on one of your other articles and to be honest, you post stirs the same questions for me. I have a blog that is basically a blog talk radio show. My questions are:

    1) Can you adapt some of these strategies if your intended audience is local in focus?

    2) For the repurposing step, is it realistic to think that you can “go backwards” and turn the content into text?

    I have this thing about transcripts that most people don’t read them and they aren’t really helpful, they just appear to be and they are another “easy” way to make content. I have a homeschooled daughter that I could get to do transcripts, but it frankly seems like a waste of time.

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    You are a true Professional and a wonderful asset to bloggers. I already joined a great deal of these sites but then I realise HANG ON Greg, Am I actually using them and am I making an effort to use them weekly/daily! Ummmm NOPE!

    So it was also a great source of motivation for me to take massive action.

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