My Dad Got Over 3,000+ Views on YouTube!


Happy Tuesday!!

I’m pretty darn excited today cause
I just got a phone call I’ll never

My dad called me up this morning
with so much excitement he was
about to pop!

With breathless anticipation he
told me the news…

He had just got over 3,000+ views
on his YouTube videos :)

Boogy Dance!!

Now keep in mind…

This is a guy who just learned how to
upload videos a few weeks ago.

And now he’s got 3,000+ people
who have watched his videos.

Needless to say… I’m more than just
a little proud of my dad :)

And the thing is…

He’s done this almost entirely by himself.

I’ve given him a few pointers here and there
but for the most part he’s been in the
trenches… teaching himself how to do
all this stuff.

Which I think is wicked cool!

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ;)

In fact, he’s even figured out how to
use forums to drive some crazy traffic!

And he’s in a tiny little niche that you’d
never think of. One of his hobbies.

I helped him setup his own blog about a
month ago and now he’s just gone hog wild!

Pretty soon he’ll probably be showing me up.

But in the meantime I’ve decided to put him
in the HOT SEAT!

Click on the link below to see exactly what
he’s doing with videos and forums to drive
thousands of laser-targeted visitors…


It’s kind of sneaky ;)

But I’m going to show you exactly what he did
to drive those 3,000+ visitors.

I’m creating a case study video that we’re
going to load into the Marketing Lab this

So if you want to catch the full story, go here:

Back to the Lab!

– Kim

P.S. Yes, I know it’s Valentine’s Day :)

But please don’t let candy, flowers, and
all that overrated mushy-gushy stuff
get in the way of building your business.

Let’s Crush It!


3 thoughts on “My Dad Got Over 3,000+ Views on YouTube!”

  1. That’s totally awesome!  I can’t imagine my dad getting 3,000 views… lol. I love the strategy for sending traffic from forums, thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi Kim

    Is this 1$ offer stil on or Its too late. Found you blog few days ago mad got addicted to…thanks for sharing you expertise and knowledge so kindly :) Qamar

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