4 Keys to Building a Successful Online Business

There are 4 things I’ve found in life that are critical to your success… 4 things you MUST do to create a successful online business.


1. Model Success
Deep Practice
3 Big Rocks Per Week

We begin our journey by modeling success. In business, there’s no reason
to reinvent the wheel when you can simply model after someone who has
already created the type of business you want to create.

Modeling after someone else’s success formula is the fastest way to create a successful online business. Sure, there’s still a learning curve and you’re going to have to get your hands dirty, but having a proven roadmap to get you there is priceless.

I would take this one step further and strongly encourage you to get a coach who is already achieving what you want to achieve. I make it a rule in my business to have a personal coach at all times. Now, keep in mind that this can be very costly. One-on-one coaching generally cost about $1,000 per month. However, it’s going to save you YEARS of trial and error. With a coach, you will achieve your goals exponentially faster. My business started growing by leaps and bounds once I brought a personal coach on board.

A coach provides you with the accountability needed to get things done 10
times faster and they hold your hand every step of the way so that you ALWAYS know exactly what needs to be done next. There’s no second guessing yourself.

Imagine how powerful that would be in your business… having someone who can answer any of your questions and guide you step-by-step to your goal. Having a mentor has been one of the biggest keys to my success.

2. Deep Practice

Business, at it’s core, is the greatest game ever created. And you will find that the most successful entrepreneurs treat it as such. Just like any sport, to win you MUST acquire a specific set of skills to succeed.

Skill is aquired through deep practice.

Deep practice is a form of practice that allows you to rapidly accelerate the learning process.

For example, copywriting is an essential (and HIGHLY underrated) skill that you MUST learn if you want to build a highly successful online business.

Now, because I know this is a critical business skill, I have a very unique way of developing my copywriting skills. What I do is I actually copy great sales letters and emails word-for-word. This allows me to literally hard-wire the skills and talent of top copywriters into my own practice.

This form of deep practice is one of the fastest ways to become a top-notch copywriter. And many of the top copywriters online have done this very same thing… building their skill by copying word-for-word some of the world’s greatest copy as part of their deep practice.

You should be spending 1 hour minimum per day in some form of deep
practice. Building a great business, just like anything else, requires lots of practice. And this is something that lots of people don’t realize. There are actually a certain set of skills that you must acquire to build a successful business online.

And at the end of the day, the person who practices the most is going to
win the game.

3 Big Rocks Per Week

This next principle is something that will allow you to create MASSIVE
success in your business when applied.

I call it 3 Big Rocks Per Week. That means that EVERY week, your main focus should be to accomplish 3 main tasks that will have a major impact on moving your business forward.

The big rocks are the activities in your business that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line. For me, this includes things like…

ad swaps
Creating Top-notch content
Building relationships
Free WSO’s (for building my list)
High-Profile Content Syndication
Guest Blogging
Integration Marketing
Teleseminar Series

So each week, I make it a priority to do 3 of these must-do activities. Over the long-term, this creates exponential growth in your business.

You see, what happens to most people is they wake up, check their email,
check their stats, read the forums, study a bunch of stuff about Internet
Marketing and then before you know it, the day’s almost over and you
haven’t actually DONE anything, much less moved your business forward.

Instead, you should complete your most important tasks first thing in the
morning. That way, you’ve moved your business forward before most people
even roll out of bed.

You see, successful people do what other people won’t. Period. The rest
is really up to you.

4. Passion

You must be passionate about the game of business.

Success requires a BURNING DESIRE, an all-consuming obsession.

This is NOT about buying another course or reading another ebook, this
is about doing it, doing it, doing it.

Building a business requires an amazing amount of persistence and an
overwhelming desire to succeed. And that kind of persistence MUST be
backed by PASSION. Passion is what gets you up in the morning and keeps
you working late into the night.

If you want to win this game, you must center your business around something you truly love. Don’t try to conquer 10 different niches. Go after one market that you truly love. Don’t choose a market just because it’s profitable. You’ll lose interest quickly… and some of you probably already know what I’m talking about.

You go after a niche market because you know it’s a profitable market and
then a month later you drop it because it’s no longer interesting. You just can’t seem to hold you attention to it. That’s because you’re following the dollar instead of following your passion.

Building a successful business requires a wellspring of passion, desire, and plenty of late nights. And if you’re not building your business around something you love, you’ll never have what it takes to see it through.

Build your business around your passion, and you’ll soon be having more
fun, providing more value, and making more money.

As said by Gary Vaynerchuk, “Love the process and the results won’t matter”. You have to love the journey more than the results. You have to love your customers more than the money.

Commit to something greater than yourself. Devote yourself to your community. Focus on providing overwhelming value and you’ll be surprised
at how quickly success comes your way.

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