4 Keys to Building a Successful Online Business

There are 4 things I’ve found in life that are critical to your success… 4 things you MUST do to create a successful online business.


1. Model Success
Deep Practice
3 Big Rocks Per Week

We begin our journey by modeling success. In business, there’s no reason
to reinvent the wheel when you can simply model after someone who has
already created the type of business you want to create.

Modeling after someone else’s success formula is the fastest way to create a successful online business. Sure, there’s still a learning curve and you’re going to have to get your hands dirty, but having a proven roadmap to get you there is priceless.

I would take this one step further and strongly encourage you to get a coach who is already achieving what you want to achieve. I make it a rule in my business to have a personal coach at all times. Now, keep in mind that this can be very costly. One-on-one coaching generally cost about $1,000 per month. However, it’s going to save you YEARS of trial and error. With a coach, you will achieve your goals exponentially faster. My business started growing by leaps and bounds once I brought a personal coach on board.

A coach provides you with the accountability needed to get things done 10
times faster and they hold your hand every step of the way so that you ALWAYS know exactly what needs to be done next. There’s no second guessing yourself.

Imagine how powerful that would be in your business… having someone who can answer any of your questions and guide you step-by-step to your goal. Having a mentor has been one of the biggest keys to my success.

2. Deep Practice

Business, at it’s core, is the greatest game ever created. And you will find that the most successful entrepreneurs treat it as such. Just like any sport, to win you MUST acquire a specific set of skills to succeed.

Skill is aquired through deep practice.

Deep practice is a form of practice that allows you to rapidly accelerate the learning process.

For example, copywriting is an essential (and HIGHLY underrated) skill that you MUST learn if you want to build a highly successful online business.

Now, because I know this is a critical business skill, I have a very unique way of developing my copywriting skills. What I do is I actually copy great sales letters and emails word-for-word. This allows me to literally hard-wire the skills and talent of top copywriters into my own practice.

This form of deep practice is one of the fastest ways to become a top-notch copywriter. And many of the top copywriters online have done this very same thing… building their skill by copying word-for-word some of the world’s greatest copy as part of their deep practice.

You should be spending 1 hour minimum per day in some form of deep
practice. Building a great business, just like anything else, requires lots of practice. And this is something that lots of people don’t realize. There are actually a certain set of skills that you must acquire to build a successful business online.

And at the end of the day, the person who practices the most is going to
win the game.

3 Big Rocks Per Week

This next principle is something that will allow you to create MASSIVE
success in your business when applied.

I call it 3 Big Rocks Per Week. That means that EVERY week, your main focus should be to accomplish 3 main tasks that will have a major impact on moving your business forward.

The big rocks are the activities in your business that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line. For me, this includes things like…

ad swaps
Creating Top-notch content
Building relationships
Free WSO’s (for building my list)
High-Profile Content Syndication
Guest Blogging
Integration Marketing
Teleseminar Series

So each week, I make it a priority to do 3 of these must-do activities. Over the long-term, this creates exponential growth in your business.

You see, what happens to most people is they wake up, check their email,
check their stats, read the forums, study a bunch of stuff about Internet
Marketing and then before you know it, the day’s almost over and you
haven’t actually DONE anything, much less moved your business forward.

Instead, you should complete your most important tasks first thing in the
morning. That way, you’ve moved your business forward before most people
even roll out of bed.

You see, successful people do what other people won’t. Period. The rest
is really up to you.

4. Passion

You must be passionate about the game of business.

Success requires a BURNING DESIRE, an all-consuming obsession.

This is NOT about buying another course or reading another ebook, this
is about doing it, doing it, doing it.

Building a business requires an amazing amount of persistence and an
overwhelming desire to succeed. And that kind of persistence MUST be
backed by PASSION. Passion is what gets you up in the morning and keeps
you working late into the night.

If you want to win this game, you must center your business around something you truly love. Don’t try to conquer 10 different niches. Go after one market that you truly love. Don’t choose a market just because it’s profitable. You’ll lose interest quickly… and some of you probably already know what I’m talking about.

You go after a niche market because you know it’s a profitable market and
then a month later you drop it because it’s no longer interesting. You just can’t seem to hold you attention to it. That’s because you’re following the dollar instead of following your passion.

Building a successful business requires a wellspring of passion, desire, and plenty of late nights. And if you’re not building your business around something you love, you’ll never have what it takes to see it through.

Build your business around your passion, and you’ll soon be having more
fun, providing more value, and making more money.

As said by Gary Vaynerchuk, “Love the process and the results won’t matter”. You have to love the journey more than the results. You have to love your customers more than the money.

Commit to something greater than yourself. Devote yourself to your community. Focus on providing overwhelming value and you’ll be surprised
at how quickly success comes your way.

26 thoughts on “4 Keys to Building a Successful Online Business”

  1. Hey Kim, Yes the fourfold process and pattern you describe is a wave. I’m sure you are aware that a wave is what it is via its action as a wave can only be through motion.

    In this way the process you describe is fourfold as:
    1) knowledge (model success),
    2) act out your know how in the now (deep practice)
    3) wisdom by making the knowledge your own (3 big rocks per week)
    4) fire is the element of transformation (fire is passion)

    More on the fourfold wave nature of things at my site.


    ps – many artists know this intuitively which is why you see: four part beats in music, dance, plays, poetry, quartets, sacred scriptures and quatrains etc… many other examples – it’s waves all the way down!

  2. Kim,

    A great article as always, may be what is missing is what I have found to be one of the most difficult things to do at my own business:

    Plan and organize: invoices, payments receivables, plan the week, day, works in progress, etc. etc.


    I have also found useful to automate and create systems for the tedious and manual tasks.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Kim,

    I can tell you practice a lot. That’s the only way (IMHO) you get the kind of clarity I’m seeing here. There are some things you can only learn by doing them. “The game” is the teacher. Doesn’t mean you always have to learn things the hard way. But when you learn a new idea or technique — and then PRACTICE it — ahhh! There’s where your knowledge gets deep.

    More please. :-)


  4. Hi Kim
    You stated, “Build your business around your passion”, if only I had a dime for every time I was told that.
    Unless your passion has a lot of money behind it… large hungry niche…
    you are basically building a hobby site. I always believe one should “follow the money” then, and only then, once you’ve developed a killer sustainable income, should “hobby sites” be considered. Just my opinion.

  5. Follow up – A person can have strong focus and complete a “task” without the slightest bit of interest in it, again, it’s all about focus. Absolutely it helps to like what your doing, but in my opinion it is un- necessary. Having passion for business and making money are that count, if you have the passion for business & money then you will make anything work, whether you like it or not.


  6. Great advice Kim
    I have seen my business grow by taking action. No more jumping from program to program. Guru to Guru
    I start a site. get my 20 articles done. social net working sites. Scribe, hub pages,You Tube, Squidoo,and others than go to another site.
    one complete instead of 50 piece sites.
    Than i start another and just drip feed the other to stay on the first page. i have 4 sites on the first page of google for lots of free traffic.
    Focus and take action..and delete most of your emails and ten minutes in the forum

  7. Wow, I loved it. I had read your article just the other day of how you spend your day as an Internet Marketer. I thought to myself, Ok stop with the reading email and
    new things on the block, go back to the basics. Get things done.

    I just picked this article up after I decided to follow your advise. Do your work first then pick up my email
    I have just started my first blog site and started writing from my heart.
    I too have followed Tony Robins at another crossroad in my life in 1992.
    The one thing I have done and practiced is to journal to myself and finish
    with” Live with Passion.” It gets the day started.

    The personal coach is a great idea. I have tried to encourage that every athlete and every great person has had great coaches. It takes you to the next level.

    I am happy to have connected with a successful Female Internet Marketer.

    Thanks again.


  8. Tony Robbins is a real Guy.I was so excited to listen him. He has huge power inside of him and can charge many people with his speeches.
    I am really sorry that didn’t meet him earlier.

  9. Hey Visma!

    So glad you enjoyed the article.

    I’m so proud of you for taking action! I just read your first
    blog post and you’re off to a great start :)

    Keep Hustlin!

    – Kim

  10. Hey kim
    …..Really,you have done a good job.you have said the 4 things…really they involve greatly in our life.very very nice kim.Thanks for sharing…..keep going….bye

  11. Kim, that was an excellent article. I particularly liked the “3 rocks” concept. The typical day you described sounds like way too many of my days, so now I make sure I focus on the productive things FIRST. I still need a way to stop myself from checking my email box every 10 minutes :)

  12. Thanks Paul!

    The 3 rocks concept makes a HUGE difference. It’s a very simple concept but will do wonders for your business. By the way, I checked out your blog over at CopySnips.com… good stuff!!

    Keep up the great work!

    – Kim

  13. Thanks Kim!

    I like this post and your 4 success ideas expressed here. In my opinion,
    the first one – to get a Coach/Mentor and the last one – to have a Passion are most important.


  14. Kim,
    I think passion is a big key. I have been working on an internet business for some time and I believe that part of the reason that I am just becoming successful is because I have just begun to have fun and the passion has followed quickly after that. I think having a mentor is also critical and I see you as one for me. I am always in awe of your innovative approaches and your true desire to help others. -Norene

  15. Thanx for the consitant follow up Kim. I’m a newbie and lost no website or blog yet. I’m haveing a hard time decideing what business to do or promote,finding a ninch.. I’m interested in health and helping others..lost where do I stsrt? I agre with your thought’s 100%…Your successful and you would be one to follow…money is a issue right now…practice …..take action …Big rock’s..creative Thanx again for your inspiration it is allways helpful…keep up the great work your doing as I know your truly helping many.

  16. Way to go Kim.

    Theres a lot of wisdom in that post – very well thought out. I like the bit where you describe the need for a personal mentor – I can see where that this would add real value providing you choose the right one of course.

    As someone has already aluded to above, I agree you shouldn’t chase money but there may be occasions especially when starting out that you may need to work on a Niche you don’t have a passion for.

    In my opinion it’s no point only concentrating on things that you like and ignoring things that can make money because they are not your thing, as many things you might like could well be things that don’t interest enough other people to make your activities viable. Having said that the Internet is a huge place so even a small Niche could find its place if done right.

    Nevertheless, I would be more inclined to say that when you see results of your hard graft that is when the satisfaction comes in which should be enough in itself to motivate one to move forward.

  17. Greetings Kim,

    I am bowled over by what you have said and I must admit, you ARE really better than a lot of boys/Guroos out there.

    You also have a very precise & measured plan, continuously striving to fine tune along the way, it is no easy feat by any means.

    At the rate you are progressing, you really make me shudder… not to mention the type of regime you put yourself through… on a daily basis.

    What I have learnt from you here is ‘you walked the talk’. Period.

    Yes, I will be making changes – big drastic changes. To bring me up to speed, you have instill good solid sense into me and I thank you for it.

    Moving forward,

  18. I have been out of the loop for many months and have all the usual marketing stuff piled up in my in box since last January. I can’t read it all and decided to pick one and the the one is you. I was right. I’m finding your stuff inspirational while I scrub around for the confidence to start again. I’ll even start making my bed!

  19. Very nice Article! It described me in many ways. Always checking my emails, floundering around with no action plan. You can probably guess how successful my online business is.

    I must stop! and regroup. I know I am not going out their to look for a j.o.b.ever again. So I must get serious, focus and put together a daily, weekly game plan if my online business is to grow. Thank you for the article.

  20. You`re right in saying building a successful business requires a wellspring of passion, desire, and plenty of late nights.

    I started my im business just over a month ago and spend most nights after work,promoting my business.It really is hard work!

  21. I am so glad I found your site – I found through Chris Freville. His coaching program will be released again in the next few days at a price I cannot afford.You were one of Chris’s top students who achieved good results from his coaching. Per your article and since you have achieved the results I want to achieve I will follow up with you through your new product Instant Payday Formula to get the help I so desperately need in IM.
    I have been dabbling in IM for past two years without much success. I have just also lost my JOB in a large corporation. It is a little scary but oh so exiting – I have the opportunity to follow my dream and devote full time efforts to developing my online business.
    Thanks for the article.

  22. Great article, deep practice and passion are my favorite two keys to success in this business. Modeling is good if you can trust the one you learn from or you know how to spy on them well, hehehe. Focusing is important too, I can say from my experience that not focusing one or two things that you want to do is the most time waster in my journey…


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