"Launch Your Product in 48 Hours or Less..."

(Even if you hate writing, tech stuff, and being on camera.)

Launch your product in just 48 hour or less. Even if  you hate writing and would rather die before you got on camera. In fact, you’ll learn 3 different strategies that allow you to create products “on demand”. Without writing a single word. Instead, you’ll learn how to license, barter and trade so that you’re able to sell OTHER people’s products for 100% of the profits.

Create Your Next Product in 48 Hours Or Less...

Popcorn Products

Create and launch small little products with so much built-in demand they practically sell themselves.

Learn how to validate your product idea in 10 minutes or less. By putting your product idea through 3 simple “tests” you’ll know for sure people will happily pull out their wallets and buy.

Then… once you’ve got a proven winner on your hands, you’ll learn how to crank out your popcorn product in 48 hours or less.

Plus, I’ll show you a free built-in traffic source that will add hundreds of new buyers to your list. 

Premium PLR

Find out the “Top 7” HOTSPOTS for finding the best quality PLR online.
There’s a lot of crummy PLR online. You’ll get my pre-vetted list of
high-quality PLR sources.

Plus, how to rebrand that PLR to make it truly unique. The easiest way
to turn ONE PLR product into an entire sales funnel. How to create an
irresistible offer on the front-end. And how to quickly plugin upsells
and downsells to double your average customer value.

Using Premium PLR, you can create your entire sales funnel in a weekend.

Outsourced Product Creation

Create your very own products without writing a single word. I’ll show you my favorite spots for finding the best freelance writers, graphic designers, web developers, programmers, and more!

In fact, I’ll show you how to create your very own software for less than $300. Imagine selling your own software, WordPress plugins, or themes (without having to write a single line of code).

Or hiring a freelance writer to crank out short reports that sell like hotcakes. I’ll show you my all-time favorite freelance writers online. With a downloadable rolodex so you have a go-to list of my best resources.

You can create and launch products a LOT faster when you know how to outsource the right things. Like graphic design, video editing, audio
editing, proofreading, tech setup, etc…

That’s why I’m giving you my entire rolodex of the top graphic designers, freelance writers, PDF designers, programmers, web developers, video editors, audio editors, tech guys, and more.

Licensed Product Creation

Imagine being able to sell OTHER people’s products for 100% of the profits. Well, here’s the best part… you can! And it’s a lot easier than you might think.

We’ve licensed products from Rusell Brunson, WordPress plugin creators, and some of the top authors on Udemy.

Plus, this is a lot more fun than affiliate marketing. Because
you can put these products ANYWHERE in your funnel. Whether that’s on the front-end, as upsell, downsell, order page bump,

Or – even just adding it to your membership site.

I’ll show you 7 different ways to profit from OTHER people’s

Partner Profits

Imagine that YOUR product was included in OTHER people’s sales funnels. As upsells, downsells, or even one-click upgrades inside their membership.

And everytime that person made a sale, 50% of the profit
was sent straight to your PayPal account. Pretty sweet, right?

Well… imagine the flip side. Where you are adding OTHER people’s products to YOUR sales funnel. As upsells, downsells, add additional offers inside your member’s area.

Imagine how quickly you could create your sales funnel and multiply your revenue. Using OTHER people’s products. And they will happily strike up deals with you because it’s just extra revenue for them.


During our LIVE webinar, I’ll show you the exact emails to
send to work out these partnerships and which shopping carts will allow you to automatically “split” the revenue between both partners.

LIVE Events

Imagine being able to SELL your product before it’s even

This is (by far) my favorite way to create new products.

Not huddled up in your basement, chained to the computer recording one video after the next trying to create the “perfect” product.

But instead… turning it into an event!

So anytime you have a new product idea, you simply send out an email, setup a checkout page, and start SELLING.

Plus, I’ll show you how you can use this method even if you have no list, no sales letter, and dread the thought of speaking on stage. You can deliver this event from the comfort of your home wearing your favorite pajamas. 

So to summarize…

Quick cash windfalls (before the product is even created) plus a 10X increase in your productivity as you prepare to deliver content on the promised date.

Plus... Some Cool Bonuses!

Done-For-You Emails

Swipe these email templates for your next product launch. Five pre-written emails designed to create quick cash windfalls in your business. So whenever you need an influx of sales, copy these proven, tested emails to generate instant paydays.

Six-Figure Rolodex

Get exclusive access to my favorite ghostwriters, copywriters, graphic designers, virtual assistants, tech guys, productivity tools and more. You could spend years testing out different freelancers, platforms, and tech tools. Or – you can simply download our pre-vetted list of freelancers. 

Money Multipliers

Small tweaks you can make in your business to double,  triple, or even 10X your revenue this year. Depending on how many of these “money multipliers” you decide to deploy. These are simple strategies that always seem to magically increase sales. 

As Always, You're Backed By Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Plus, you also get a 30-day Love it or Shove it money back guarantee. Attend the LIVE webcast for “48-Hour Products” and decide for yourself whether you think this is worth ten times your investment.

In the unlikely event that the answer is “No” then send me an email and I’ll happily refund you in full. All the Risk is on me.

You can send it back for any reason or no reason at all. I don’t want your money unless you’re 100% happy. This is an unconditional guarantee, no questions asked.

So if you want to join me in THE RAPID PRODUCT CREATION CHALLENGE, then go now and secure your spot…

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, feel free to reach out to me at kimroach7@gmail.com

In terms of training, you’ll learn everything you need to create and launch new products. We have a very different approach to product creation. One that allows you to start making sales much faster than the traditional product
launch methods.

But you will of course still need the basic business fundamentals – domain name, web hosting, an autoresponder service, and a shopping cart so that you can take orders online.

But don’t worry – you’ll find all of my recommended tools inside the Six-Figure Rolodex.

I’d be willing to bet $100 of my own money that you can use one of our strategies to create a product in 48 hours or less. Especially if you’re leveraging OTHER people’s assets.

You’ll learn all about how to license, barter and trade so that you’re able to sell OTHER people’s products for 100% of the profits.

But if it takes you longer than 48-hours to create your product, that’s ok! Using our strategies, you’ll still be cutting months off of your product development time.

Money loves SPEED.

Honestly it’s best not to get caught up in the “tech stuff”. Those aren’t revenue-generating activities. And it’s super affordable to hire someone to do all that stuff for you. I’ll be giving you a list of all my favorite tech guys, programmers, and web developers.

So we’ve got you covered :)

We have a 30-day guarantee. Attend the LIVE event. Enjoy all the extra goodies. Take us for a 30-day test drive and then decide for yourself whether you think this is worth ten times your investment.

In the unlikely event that the answer is “No” then simply send me an email and we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

But quite frankly, I’ll think you’ll be doing a 3-day Chonga dance when you see the kind of value we’re providing.

You’ll never look at product creation in the same way again. And my guess is that you’ll never go back to the “old” way of doing things.

So if you’re ready to make 2018 your best year yet, go now to:


And I’ll see you on the inside…


– Kim

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