5 Marketing Lessons I Learned on My Mini Road Trip


I just got back from a mini road trip!

Basically that means I got in my car and
drove around town :)

But this wasn’t just any road trip.

It was a business strategy session.

I do some of my best thinking in the car.

I know, weird – don’t ask.

It’s gets weirder…

Especially when I start talking to myself
out loud – thinking about different business

That’s when the neighboring cars start to
give me strange looks :)

But on today’s little road trip I started
thinking about some of the biggest lessons
I’ve learned over the past couple years.

Some of my biggest mistakes…

Along with some of the keys to my success.

And so I thought I’d share them with you.

We’ll pretend you were in the car with me today.

And I wasn’t just talking to myself :)

Ok, so here goes…

The biggest lessons I’ve learned in business:

1.) Speed of Implementation.

Way too many entrepreneurs get caught up in busy work
that doesn’t actually contribute to growing their
business. I call it “Entrepreneur OCD” – browsing the
forums, checking email, checking your stats, buying
courses, studying, writing down notes and ideas…

It’s the endless “entrepreneur OCD”. Yeah, I’ve been there :)

But it’s also the biggest business killer online.

Don’t let learning and perfectionism delay activity
and implementation.

Most of you reading this email right now have more than
enough “knowledge” to build a six-figure business. The
only thing missing is MASSIVE action.

Speed of implementation is KEY. You don’t have to get
it perfect, you just have to get it going.

2.) List Building Should Be the Driving Force of Your Business.

There is absolutely no excuse for you not to be building
a list of subscribers in your business.

I wish someone would have kicked me in the butt, knocked me
in the head and forced me to start building my list from Day 1.

When it comes to building a business online, nothing generates
on-demand traffic and long-term revenue like a list of engaged
customers and subscribers.

Seriously, when it comes to traffic – list building makes
everything else look like a red-headed school girl.

You’ll NEVER find anything more profitable online than building a
list of subscribers who you can follow-up with on an ongoing basis.

Hands-down…THE Number ONE Asset in your business.

3.) Testing & Tracking. Again, something I wish I’d started
doing MUCH sooner. Without testing and tracking your online
efforts you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t work.

It’s like getting in your car blind-folded before you drive to work.

Traffic doesn’t mean a whole lot if you’re not tracking
EACH traffic source individually. And I’m NOT talking about
using something like Google Analytics or AWStats just to
show you where your traffic is coming from.

I’m talking about testing EVERY individual traffic source
and creating individual tracking links for each one.

That way you know EXACTLY which traffic sources are
sending you the most traffic, subscribers, and sales.

Those are the 3 critical numbers that you should always
be tracking – traffic, subscribers, and sales.

Monitoring just those 3 numbers will give you an instant
pulse on your business activity and growth.

Without it – you’re simply flying blind.

If you don’t know which traffic sources are converting,
then you’re probably wasting your time doing things that
have no return on investment.

But once you start testing and tracking with something
like Hypertracker then you’ll be able to focus in on
the “critically few” proactive activities that produce
exponential results in your business.

4.) Video Sales Letters.

Video Sales Letters have made a HUGE difference in my
business – taking my conversion rate from 2% to 10%.

Now, before we go any further, I just want you to know
that I am NOT a world-class copywriter. I pretty much
stink at traditional sales letters. But I have found a
very effective formula for creating highly-converting
video sales letters. So that means that you can do this
too. There are no super human abilities required here.

The other BIG benefit to video sales letters is that
they’re super quick to create. You can create a new
video sales letter in a matter of days – where
traditional sales letters take weeks (if not longer).
So that means you can bring products to market MUCH faster.

Personally, as you all probably know, I don’t believe
there is a big red easy button online, but this is
literally the fastest shortcut I know to creating a
high-converting sales process.

5.) Networking

Yes, I know that’s a scary word for some people. It’s so
much easier for us to just hide behind our computers.

But hear me out because networking is THE fastest way
to build your business online.

And as I’ve said MANY times before…

“The biggest growth in your business lies OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.”

When I think about networking online I often think about
the Fantastic Four. As you probably know, the Fantastic Four
is a group of superheroes who work together synergistically.

Your online network is basically the same thing. A handful
of marketers who strategically work together to grow their
business faster.

If you look at any of the most successful businesses
online – you’ll find that almost ALL of them have
formed strategic alliances with other marketers.

This is one of the fastest ways to grow your business
and become the leader in your particular market.

No one gets to the top by themselves. You simply cannot
build your business to its greatest potential without
also building relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Just like no single person within the Fantastic Four
would be as powerful by themselves. It’s the collective
power of the group that makes them so incredibly effective.

So now you know 5 of my very best business secrets…

Speed of Implementation.
List Building
Testing & Tracking
Video Sales Letters

Ok…so maybe they’re not HUGE secrets but so few
people implement them that you may as well call
them secrets.

I hope you enjoyed our little mini road trip :)

Hopefully, you can bypass some of the mistakes that
I’ve made and shortcut your way to success.

I seriously wish someone had ingrained these principles
and strategies into my head with a large drill. But hey,
I guess we all take our own little journey…

To Your Success,

Kim Roach

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