600+ Places to Share Your Content and Get MORE Traffic…

The Ultimate List of Places to Guest Post. Over 600+ Sites where you can guest post, contribute articles, submit links, news, etc…

My favorite Google Queries for Finding Guest Posting and Content Syndication Opportunities:

“Add Articles”                                         “Add Content”
“Submit Article”                                      “Submit Post”
“Add Guest Post”                                    “Bloggers Wanted”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”                        “Guest Post”
“Guest Posts Roundup”                           “Guest Blogging Spot”
“Write for Us”                                         “Submit a Guest Post”
“Submit Guest Post”                                “Become a Guest Blogger”
“Submit a Guest Article”                           “Guest Post Guidelines”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”                          “Submit an Article”
“Group Writing Project”                             “Want to Write for”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”                 “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”           “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
“Become a Contributor”                             “Contribute”
“Submit Design News”                               “Submit News”
“Community News”                                   “Submit Tutorial”
“Submit Blog Post”                                   “Suggest a Post”
“Suggest a Guest Post”                             “Become an Author”
“Contribute to our Site”                             “Become a Contributor”
“Become a Guest Writer”                            “Places I Guest Posted”
“My Guest Posts”                                      “Publish Your News”
“Submission Guidelines”                              “Guest post by”
“This guest post was written”                     “Guest Contributor”
“This guest post is from”                            “This is a guest article”
“Now Accepting Guest Posts”                      inurl:guest-posts
“The following guest post”                          inurl:write-for-us
inurl:guest-post-guidelines                        inurl:profiles/blog/new

And of course my favorite blogging community is MyBlogGuest.com – which has a HUGE directory of blogs that accept guest posts. Plus you can also exchange articles within the community, submit your infographics, and add your articles to the ‘Article Gallery’ to effortlessly find great blogs that will publish your content. Ann Smarty has quite literally created the next evolution of guest blogging within this community.


Listed below is my MASSIVE list of 600+ Websites Where you can syndicate your content around the web… Over 600+ Sites where you can guest post, contribute articles, submit links, news, etc…

Search by Category:

General | Internet Marketing | Finance | Self-Improvement & Productivity | Travel | Technology| Graphic Design & Photography | Tutorial Sites | Parenting, Women, & Mom Sites | Health & Fitness | Infographics


Start Here:

Here are the first steps I take after publishing a blog post…

1. Submit your Blog to Content Aggregators like AllTop.com.

If you have a top-notch blog that regularly publishes valuable content (which you should), then you can submit your blog to Alltop.com.

AllTop is the creation of Guy Kawaski. Alltop aggregates content from leading blogs around the Web, allowing you to get the hottest new information all in one place.

As a blogger, Alltop can also be a tremendous traffic source if you can get your blog listed. You can submit your site at http://alltop.com/submission/

2. There are also lots of other niche content aggregators that you can submit your blog to. Some examples include AffBuzz.com, AffDaily.com, and Yakezie.com.

Getting your blog accepted into sites like AllTop and AffBuzz can send you consistent traffic every week as long as you’re continuously publishing new content.

3. Submit Your Latest Post to BlogEngage.com

4. Submit to BizSugar.com

5. Submit to Inbound.org

6. Submit Blokube.com

7. Submit to FamousBloggers.net Community News Section

8. Submit to Serpd.com

9. Submit to MySEOCommunity.com

10. Contact related Scoop.it & Paper.li pages. These are content aggregators that pull together the very best content on thousands of different topics. As a content creator, you can come in – search for your specific topic – and submit your latest article to the creator of that particular Scoop.it or Paper.li page.

But remember – it must be really good content. These pages are collecting the best
from around the web.

Social media only works when you create content that matters.

Using the 10 steps above, you can generate your first couple hundred visitors to your latest pillar post.


Internet Marketing:

Wibiya BlogGuest Post Here
Alexa Rank: 63

Marketing @ About.comArticle Submission
Alexa Rank: 80

Advertising @ About.comArticle Submission
Alexa Rank: 80

Mashable.comSubmit News
Alexa Rank: 272

Clickbank.com – The Clickbank Blog has lots of great guest authors. I would recommend contacting either Molly Lane or Beau Blackwell about contributing a guest post.
Alexa Rank: 283

SEOMoz.orgWrite for YouMoz
Alexa Rank: 283

WebProNews.comSubmit Article to WebProNews
Alexa Rank: 1,631

Entrepreneur.comWriter’s Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 2,157

SocialMediaExaminer.comBecome a SocialMediaExaminer.com Writer
Alexa Rank: 2,701

DIYThemes.com – Contact at diythemes @ gmail.com
Alexa Rank: 3,031

SearchEngineJournal.com Write for SEJ
Alexa Rank: 3,118

ProBlogger.netProBlogger.net Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 3,193

CopyBlogger.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 3,777

KissMetrics.com BlogGuest Blogging Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 4,785

ShoutMeLoud.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 4,872

SocialMediaToday.comGuest Post here
Alexa Rank: 5,335

SmartPassiveIncome.comContact Us – Pat Flynn only publishes VERY high quality content. But if you think you’ve got the stuff, send him an email :)
Alexa Rank: 5,447

Business2Community.comBecome a Contributor
Alexa Rank: 5,526

DailyBlogTips.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 5,866

AllFacebook.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 6,594

MarketingProfs.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 7,568

SitePronews.comCall for Writers
Alexa Rank: 8,604

SmallBizTrends.comGuest Posting Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 9,010

JohnChow.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 9,094

Virgin.comBecome a Virgin.com Guest Blogger
Alexa Rank: 9,733

BlogEngage.comGuest Blog Here
Alexa Rank: 10,133

FamousBloggers.netSubmit Your Article
Alexa Rank: 10,178

IncomeDiary.comContact Us
Alexa Rank – 10,865

EvanCarmichael.comBecome an Author
Alexa Rank: 11,022

BetterNetworker.com – You’ll need to create an account before you can start contributing content.
Alexa Rank: 11,610

iBlogZone.comBecome a Guest Blogger
Alexa Rank: 12,327

SpiceUpYourBlog.comWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 12,544

BasicBlogTips.comContact Us
Alexa Rank: 14,345

SearchEnginePeople.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 15,069

ThinkTraffic.netContact Us
Alexa Rank: 15,287

TrafficGenerationCafe.com – Ana Hoffman ONLY publishes extremely high quality content so if you submit a guest post make sure it’s up to snuff! Contact Us
Alexa Rank: 15,581

Triphp Webmaster BlogBecome an Author
Alexa Rank: 15,925

AllBloggingTips.comSubmit Your Guest Article
Alexa Rank: 17,322

BusinessKnowHow.comArticle Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 17,757

BloggingTips.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 17,782

Comluv.comSubmit Your Article – Must have the CommentLuv plugin installed on your own site in order to guest post at Comluv.com.
Alexa Rank: 18,016

Kikolani.comGuest Post Opportunities
Alexa Rank: 19,027

ZacJohnson.comGuest Blogging – Contact Us
Alexa Rank: 19,87

Site-Reference.comSubmit an Article
Alexa Rank: 20,425

BloggersPassion.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 21,883

WPHacks.comWrite for WPHacks.com
Alexa Rank: 22,047

BloggingPro.comGuest Posting on BloggingPro
Alexa Rank: 22,165

WeBlogBetter.comContribute to WeBlogBetter.com
Alexa Rank: 23,480

YoungPrePro.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 24,687

NicksTrafficTricks.comGuest Posting Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 24,727

PromotionWorld.comSubmit Content
Alexa Rank: 26,598

StylifyYourblog.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 26,732

Expand2Web BlogWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 26,758

Biznik.com – You’ll need to become a member first before you can start contributing content.
Alexa Rank: 27,124

SmartBloggerz.comWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 27,166

ProBloggingSuccess.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 27,961

SocialFresh.comContribute to SocialFresh.com
Alexa Rank: 28,417

WebTrafficROI.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 30,097

FirePoleMarketing.comGuest Posting
Alexa Rank: 30,798

SeoDesk.orgSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 31,775

DragonBlogger.comGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 34,156

SiteSketch101.comSite Sketch 101 Wants You – Contribute!
Alexa Rank: 35,769

Alexa Rank: 36,489

MoneyCTL.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 36,715

GrowMap.comGuest Posting
Alexa Rank: 37,246

QuickRegister.netGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 37,397

TipsBlogger.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 37,965

SteveScottSite.comContact Steve About Guest Posting
Alexa Rank: 38,391

Magnet4Marketing.netSubmit Your Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 40,003

TricksDaddy.comJoin TricksDaddy.com
Alexa Rank: 42,228

HowToMakeMyBlog.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 42,884

Twitip.comWrite for TwiTip
Alexa Rank: 46,651

FreeMakeMoneyAdvice.comSubmit a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 47,942

MonetizeBlogging.comGuest Post Guidelines

HotBlogTips.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 51,116

StayOnSearch.comWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 51,651

WPKube.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 52,079

BlogSolute.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 52,348

Blazing MindsGuest Bloggers
Alexa Rank: 56,731

OddBlogger.comWrite Here
Alexa Rank: 56,934

BlogGodown.comWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 57,508

BestBloggingTipsOnline.comWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 57,729

TechNShare.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 58,016

Retargeter.com BlogGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 60,996

AffHelper.comSubmit Content
Alexa Rank: 61,204

AttractionMarketingOnline.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 61,366

Search Engine Marketing GroupGuest Blogging Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 62,997

Online Income TeacherWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 63,363

HowToSpoter.comGuest Blogging Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 65,894

MakeWebWorld.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 66,801

PPC.orgWrite for Us
Alexa Rank: 67,032

BlogSuccess.comGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 70,625

FinchSells.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 75,701

Alexa Rank: 79,490

Alexa Rank: 91,932

AZBlogTips.comSubmit Your Article
Alexa Rank: 96,338

Alexa Rank: 101,537

SociableBlog.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 102,392

TheDotComBlogSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 106,091

PassivePanda.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 109,443

lkrSocialmedia.comGuest Post Requirements
Alexa Rank: 110,437

ChadNicely.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 113,316

TechBuzzOnline.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 117,398

Alexa Rank: 118,724

E-JunkieGuest Authors
Alexa Rank: 119,602

SocialH.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 121,500

OneWomanMarketing.comPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 125,007

DeniseWakeman.comHow to Submit a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 130,309

Technogati.com – You’ll need to register before you can start submitting articles.
Alexa Rank: 143,693

INeedDiscipline.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 145,301

HelloBloggerz.comSubmit Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 147,638

SexySocialMedia.comSubmit a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 155,695

Alexa Rank: 156,148

Sta.rtup.biz – You’ll need to become a member before you can start submitting content.
Alexa Rank: 165,395

GeekBusiness.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 177,908

ContentMarketingUp.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 178,299

WPCypher.comGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 181,049

SEOAndy.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 210,790

Alexa Rank: 211,892

DailyBlogScoop.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 222,214

SmallBusinessBranding.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 223,325

BestTipsForBlogging.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank 249,386

Alexa Rank: 269,411

MeltingPosts.comGuest Authors
Alexa Rank: 278,083

DormRoomCash.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 346,545



MoneyIndex.org – This is a site that aggregates content from the best finance sites on the web. If you’d like to be included, go to….http://moneyindex.org/join/

PFBuzz.com – Get more exposure to all of your personal finance content via this social bookmarking site.

SeekAlpha.comSubmit An Article
Alexa Rank: 1313

Fat Wallet BlogGuest Blogging Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 1785

Investopedia.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 1815

ForexPros.comBecome a Contributor
Alexa Rank: 3587

LivingRichWithcoupons.comHow to Submit a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 4553

Credit KarmaGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 4814

MoneySavingMom.comGuest Post Submission Form
Alexa Rank: 7937

WiseBread.comWrite for Wise Bread
Alexa Rank: 11107

GetRichSlowly.orgSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 12858

Yakezie.comSubmission Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 16051

IWillTeachYouToBeRich.comWrite a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 17186

MoneyCrashers.comWrite a Guest Article
Alexa Rank: 22399

Alexa Rank: 26734

Coupon Mountain BlogGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 31930

NakedCapitalism.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 33235

ChristianPF.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 35319

Bargaineering.comGuest Contributor
Alexa Rank: 41812

SavingAdvice.comGuest Writer
Alexa Rank: 42073

ModestMoney.comGuest Post Policy
Alexa Rank: 44104

Alexa Rank: 44132

FiveCentNickel.comPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 49642

PTMoney.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 49912

FaithfulProvisions.comGuest Post Submission Form
Alexa Rank: 52669

FreeFromBroke.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 52749

GoodFinancialCents.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 52829

One Cent At a Time BlogGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 57184

Add Vodka BlogPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 59579

ManVSDebt.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 60452

Alexa Rank: 60846

Alexa Rank: 62226

FinancialSense.comBecome a Contributor
Alexa Rank: 63141

ConsumerismCommentary.comWrite a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 66739

Alexa Rank: 69429

Budgeting In The Fun StuffPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 69643

iStockAnalyst.comSubmit Article
Alexa Rank: 69828

See Debt Run BlogPrevious Guest PostsContact Us
Alexa Rank: 71161

Prairie Eco-ThrifterSubmit a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 72080

WorkSaveLive.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 75990

Quizzle BlogSubmission Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 76628

Alexa Rank: 77347

YourFinancesSimplified.comGuest Post For Us
Alexa Rank: 83824

Boomer & EchoContact
Alexa Rank: 86490

MoneyUnder30.comGuest Writer Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 87176

ThirtySixMonths.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 91883

Alexa Rank: 93,637

YoungAndThrifty.caGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 94196

MakingSenseOfCentsSubmit Your Guest Post Ideas
Alexa Rank: 94763

YoungAdultFinances.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 98503

MomsNeedToKnow.comSubmit a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 99484

TheCollegeInvestor.comPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 100277

My Personal Finance JourneyGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 101732

MyMoneyDesign.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 103154

Money Q&AGuest Posting Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 103676

Master The Art of SavingPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 104434

Canadian Finance BlogWrite a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 105843

Retire By 40Contact – Must be a member of the Yakezie network in order to submit a guest post.
Alexa Rank: 107323

DollarVersity.comPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 107769

FrugalLivingNW.comGuest Post Submission Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 111477

The Frugal ToadGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 112258

EmbracingBeauty.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 114906

MoneyLifeAndMore.comGuest Posting
Alexa Rank: 116609

SweatingTheBigStuff.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 116665

MillionDollarJourney.comPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 117547

Barbara Friedberg Personal FinancePrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 122455

CashMoneyLife.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 125271

MyJourneyToMillions.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 125449

TheMoneyPrinciple.co.ukPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 126263

MoneyBeagle.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 128453

Ready to Be RichPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 128915

BeatingBroke.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 129584

ThePassiveIncomeEarner.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 135155

WealthPilgrim.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 135413

20SomethingFinance.com – Has guest posts published sparingly.
Alexa Rank: 140570

MoneyCounselor.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 141912

Alexa Rank: 141955

ControlYourCash.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 148771

Canadian Budget BinderGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 151747

Previous Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 152373

FinancialUproar.comWrite For Me
Alexa Rank: 155680

OneMoneyDesign.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 158774

Thousandaire.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 160698

Squirrelers.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 166652

LazyManAndMoney.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 168366

EnemyofDebt.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 171834

BloggingAwayDebt.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 175739

The Wisdom JournalWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 181637

FrugalZeitgeist.comPrevious Guest PostsContact Us
Alexa Rank: 184,702

FaithAndFinance.orgWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 186,550

FreeMoneyWisdom.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 205031

BestFinanceNetwork.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 217156

Studenomics.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 218785

50PlusFinance.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 225003

Alexa Rank: 225782

GetLiquid.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 233226

Alexa Rank: 234548

Alexa Rank: 243646

MoneyCrush.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 267,475

Alexa Rank: 270716

WhiteCoatInvestor.comGuest Post Policy
Alexa Rank: 275150

LiveWellSimply.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 278989

SoOverThis.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 289593

InvestorJunkie.comGuest Post

BuckSomeBoomer.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 325347

DebtFreeAdventure.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 354015

ReedemingRiches.comGuest Article Submission
Alexa Rank: 355739

PFBlogs.org – This website is an aggregator of all the personal finance blogs. Email them if you’d like yours to be included
Alexa Rank: 365664

Briplap.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 374824


Self Improvement & Productivity:

SelfGrowth.comSubmit Articles
Alexa Rank: 4,941

Alexa Rank: 8063

Art of Manliness BlogWrite for AOM
Alexa Rank: 9618

Pick the Brain BlogPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 17869

DumbLittleMan.comSubmit Article to DLM
Alexa Rank: 23126

Alexa Rank: 50760

HackCollege.comGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 63195

LifeOptimizer.orgPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 80919

The Change BlogWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 87467

AdvancedLifeSkills.comPrevious Guest PostsGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 112539

ProductiveFlourishing.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 129919

MySuperChargedLife.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 178734

SheTakesOnTheWorld.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 215833

TimeManagementNinja.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 239802

BalancedWorkLife.comPrevious Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 304472

Alexa Rank: 313122

LiveHacked.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 314651

ProductiveSuperDad.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 333148

SimpleProductivityBlog.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 503771



Viator Travel BlogWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 5397

Matador NetworkContributor GuidelinesSubmit Your Article
Alexa Rank: 10254

Away.com Travel BlogGuest Bloggers
Alexa Rank: 11481

The Travel Supermarket BlogWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 14566

Hostels.comGuest Bloggers
Alexa Rank: 17747

JustLuxe.comBecome a Contributor
Alexa Rank: 25308

Travelllll.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 26493

YTravelBlog.comGuest Travel Blogging
Alexa Rank: 33840

http://www.traveldudes.org/ Join the Community to start contributing content.
Alexa Rank: 40507

WildJunket.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 54699

The Glove Box BlogGuest Post Policy
Alexa Rank: 55563

FoxNomad.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 59904

JourneyEtc.comSubmit a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 64826

Twenty Something TravelGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 69326

Velvet EscapeContribute a Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 72255

Wandering Educators – Must join the community first before you can start contributing content. Register Here
Alexa Rank: 72752

Inspiring TravellersContributorsGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 80824

TravMonkey.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 82158

Art of BackpackingWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 82859

Alexa Rank: 82896

Global GrasshopperWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 88433

Travelocafe.comGuest Posting Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 92299

2Backpackers.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 97160

Alexa Rank: 108401

Alexa Rank: 113751

My Beautiful AdventuresPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 126236

Heather On Her TravelsPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 134851

Sharing Travel ExperiencesGuest Author
Alexa Rank: 145094

Beachcomber PeteContact
Alexa Rank: 146671

Nomadic ChickGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 148257

Travel NotesSubmit an Article
Alexa Rank: 156858

Travel BlatGuest Post Opportunities
Alexa Ran: 177395

Spunky Girl MonologuesGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 189599

In The Know TravelerSubmission Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 213163

Travel Writers ExchangeSubmit an Article
Alexa Rank: 227756

ZipSetGo.comGuest Bloggers
Alexa Rank: 261408

South East Asia BackpackerWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 288362

Women On The RoadGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 297296

SoloFriendly.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 310991

Wicked Good Travel TipsWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 400196

WeTravel2.orgSubmit A Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 411143

Backpacking Travel DestinationsGuest Bloggers
Alexa Rank: 457232

Before You BackpackWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 701650



Cameras @ About.comSubmit Article
Alexa Rank: 80

SitePoint.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 1200

Alexa Rank: 1878

Digital InspirationGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 2326

InspirationFeed.comGuest Writing
Alexa Rank: 7706

Techie BuzzWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 7853

Alexa Rank: 11837

TechMaish.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 13671

iTechCode.comJoin iTechCode to start contributing content.
Alexa Rank: 16817

DevilsWorkshop.orgJoin DW in order to start contributing content.
Alexa Rank: 20426

TechAtLast.comGuest Posting Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 22367

TroubleFixers.comSubmit Tips
Alexa Rank: 28441

TechTricksWorld.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 31168

Tech BulletinJoin Tech Bulletin in order to start contributing content.
Alexa Rank: 37742

CravingTech.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 38215

CompTalks.comGuest Bloggers
Alexa Rank: 39322

Tips4PC.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 42209

Write For Us
Alexa Rank: 43581

Teck.inGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 45892

TechSling.comSubmit Article
Alexa Rank: 49893

TechnicallyEasy.netGuest Posting
Alexa Rank: 51344

PCMech.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 57280

TechMynd.comAuthor Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 58086

CallingAllGeeks.orgWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 61016

TechWalls.comBecome Our Writer
Alexa Rank: 63584

TechGyo.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 64145

Tutorial BlogSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 82411

ComputerHowToGuide.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 82431

TechHamlet.comGuest Post
Alexa Rank: 85353

TechMixer.comGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 87251

Alexa Rank: 91391

DGBoostWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 92865

TechLineInfo.comGuest Blogging Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 98764

TechieStuffs.comGuest Blogging
Alexa Rank: 122246

40Tech.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 134636

Tech Info 4 UWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 152024

Android-Apps.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 172744

HacksPC.comSubmit An Article
Alexa Rank: 197947

Connected InternetSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 220335

TechInfoBlog.netWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 231427

RightNowInTech.com”> – Guest Posting
Alexa Rank: 300703


Graphic Design / Photography / Web Design:

TutsPlus.comSubmit a Tutorial
Alexa Rank: 719

SmashingMagazine.comBecome a Smashing Author
Alexa Rank: 814

Hongkiat BlogWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 1970

Alexa Rank: 1973

SpeckyBoy.comContribute an Article
Alexa Rank: 2864

SixRevisions.comGuest Writers
Alexa Rank: 2970

Alexa Rank: 3660

SloDive.comGuest Authors
Alexa Rank: 4298

WPBeginner.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 4321

Alexa Rank: 5310

Digital Photography SchoolWrite For DPS
Alexa Rank: 5311

AppStormWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 5858

WebDesignerWall.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 6115

Vandelay DesignWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 6231

Naldz GraphicsWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 6885

Tips & Tricks HQWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 7,059

Alexa Rank: 7226

A List ApartContribute
Alexa Rank: 7271

OneXtraPixel.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 8305

Alexa Rank: 9060

Designm.agWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 10758

Alexa Rank: 11576

DesignYourWay.netWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 11702

PremiumWP.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 11778

Web3MantraWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 14929

DesignBeep.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 15686

Alexa Rank: 15895

TopDesignMag.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 17912

Inspiredm.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 18800

ProBlogDesign.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 20125

Alexa Rank: 20763

WebDesignBooth.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 21890

ThinkVitamin.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 22162

Creative NerdsWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 23831

WebDeveloperJuice.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 24382

OurTuts.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 26715

DesignInstruct.comWriting Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 27433

DesignFestival.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 27877

CoolHomePages.comBlog Submission
Alexa Rank: 29335

WPWebHost.comSubmit a Tutorial
Alexa Rank: 32435

Alexa Rank: 32524

DJDesignerLab.comGuest Author
Alexa Rank: 36829

ThemeFlash.comBecome an Author
Alexa Rank: 37587

WebAndDesigners.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 39435

Alexa Rank: 41945

GraphicDesignJunction.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 43294

Skyje.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 46290

ArtFans.infoWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 46332

BlogFreakz.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 48413

Cruzine.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 48542

Alexa Rank: 50752

SytlishWebDesigner.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 53114

PSDeluxe.comWrite For Us
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Alexa Rank: 55942

Alexa Rank: 60940

WordPressAPI.comWrite For Us
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WebGuide4U.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 69336

BloomWebDesign.netWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 72171

AntsMagazine.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 76305

ColorBurned.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 92784

WPShock.comWrite For Us
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WebDesignerAid.comWrite For Us
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PhotoFocus.comPrevious Guest Posts
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WPTidBits.comWrite For Us
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Alexa Rank: 142748

Write For Us
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Alexa Rank: 157119

DesignPreFix.comWrite For Us
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Logoinn.netGuest Bloggers Invited
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WebmasterAdvance.comWrite For Us
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WebDesignerGeeks.comWrite For Us
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TheDesignMag.comWrite For Us
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DDesignerr.comWrite For Us
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Tutorial Sites:

Tutorials are a HUGE untapped traffic source online. If you have a website related to graphic design, wordpress, web development, SEO, marketing, or programming, then you can use tutorials to send thousands of visitors to your website. There are hundreds of websites online where you can submit your tutorials.

There are hundreds of blogs online that will allow you to share your latest blog post in their “Community News Section”.

Here’s a more complete list of popular sites where you can submit your tutorials for tons of extra exposure, traffic, and backlinks…

SpeckyBoy Design News
Alexa Rank: 2864
Alexa Rank: 3531

Alexa Rank: 5757

Queness Community News
Alexa Rank: 5831

MySiteMyWay.com Link Feed
Alexa Rank: 6353

Instant Shift User Submitted News
Alexa Rank: 7226

Alexa Rank: 8577

Designm.ag Submit News
Alexa Rank: 10758

DesignrFix.com Link Feed
Alexa Rank: 11576

Alexa Rank: 15756

Tutorialized.com – Submit a Tutorial
Alexa Rank: 15847

PhotoshopRoadmap.comSubmit Links
Alexa Rank: 27984

Zabox.netAdd Your Design Link
Alexa Rank: 28517

Alexa Rank: 28685

Pixel2Life.comSubmit Tutorials
Alexa Rank: 30762

Design-News.com User Links
Alexa Rank: 31365

10Steps.sg User Links
Alexa Rank: 31579

BrushKing.eu User Links
Alexa Rank: 36898

WebAndDesigners.com User Link Feed
Alexa Rank: 39435

Alexa Rank: 40898

FuelYourCreativity.com User Link Feed
Alexa Rank: 41045

GraphicDesignJunction.com User Submitted News
Alexa Rank: 43294

WPArena.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 46305

WPArena.com User Links
Alexa Rank: 46305

ArtFans.info Submit Link
Alexa Rank: 46332

Alexa Rank: 46499

Woork Design News
Alexa Rank: 47954

Desizntech.info User Links
Alexa Rank: 48265

Indeziner.com – Register to Submit to the Community News Section.
Alexa Rank: 59471

StunningMesh.com User Links
Alexa Rank: 65127

Alexa Rank: 65698

Webdesign-ne.ws User Links
Alexa Rank: 69990

DesignDazzling.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 82271

Animhut Community News
Alexa Rank: 91537

AdMixWeb.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 107648

Kailoon.com – Submit to the Community News Section
Alexa Rank: 122696

KnowTeBook.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 132629

Readactor.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 137108

FlashPerfection.com – Submit Your Tutorial
Alexa Rank: 142425

Alexa Rank: 154102

WebDev5.com – Design Social Bookmarking
Alexa Rank: 166691

Rnel.netSubmit Webmaster Tutorials
Alexa Rank: 167059

TutorialsPalace.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 167231

Alexa Rank: 170241

BlogWebDesigner.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 172233

DivitoDesign.com Community News
Alexa Rank: 187136

PSLover.comSubmit Tutorials
Alexa Rank: 187967

Alexa Rank: 219511

Submit a Link to SmashingPost.com
Alexa Rank: 231104

Alexa Rank: 244969

Submit a Web Design Article to Cre8iveCommondo.com
Alexa Rank: 249990

Alexa Rank: 274550

Alexa Rank: 277327

Alexa Rank: 464992


Parenting / Women / Mom Sites:

Pregnancy @ About.comSubmit Article
Alexa Rank: 80

Single Parents @ About.comSubmit an Article
Alexa Rank: 80

Stay-At-Home Parents @ About.comSubmit Article
Alexa Rank: 80

Alexa Rank: 12312

Mothering.comSubmission Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 13126

ParentPalace.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 40420

Adoption.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 50561

Alexa Rank: 54837

OnceAMonthMom.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 66259

OrgJunkie.comGuest Post Submission Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 72454

KeeperOfTheHome.orgPrevious Guest PostsContact
Alexa Rank: 74080

WorkingMother.comWriters Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 80447

EmpoweringParents.comBecome a Parent Blogger
Alexa Rank: 80587

RealMenRealStyle.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 111553

SmallNotebook.orgGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 119175

MainStreetMom.comWriting Guide
Alexa Rank: 143476

Alexa Rank: 164305

FamilyCorner.comWriter’s Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 173740

ParentingSquad.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 177208

Alexa Rank: 187920

MomFuse.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 204801

BeingTazim.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 216738

TodaysMama.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 218163

ImperfectWomen.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 229557

Daddoes.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 242151

busyMommyMedia.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 270634

MetroParent.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 343930

BabyStrollerConsultant.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 349463

ParentingPink.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 377179

ScoutieGirl.comPrevious Guest Posts
Alexa Rank: 385242

The Green ParentContact
Alexa Rank: 395481

MarinMommies.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 400934

CodeNameMama.comGuest Post Exchange
Alexa Rank: 420473

PrimeParentsClub.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 443053

Alexa Rank: 451000

AWholeLotOfNothing.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 458007

SheKnows.comWriter’s Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 1,887


Health & Fitness Sites:

Alexa Rank: 697

Mercola.comSubmit Articles
Alexa Rank: 1829

NaturalNews.comWrite For Natural News
Alexa Rank: 2192

Womens-Health.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 34741

HiveHealthMedia.comArticle Submission
Alexa Rank: 44510

WeightLossTriumph.comSubmit Guest Post
Alexa Rank: 93623

Alexa Rank: 94381

TheMasterCleanse.orgWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 136098

CoachCalorie.comWrite For Us
Alexa Rank: 154897

HealthyWealthynWise.comSubmission Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 170891

MizFitOnline.comGuest Posts
Alexa Rank: 181665

GreenOptions.comYou’ll need to join first before you can start contributing content.
Alexa Rank: 212192

JohnIsFit.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 239595

NaturalHealthWeb.comSubmit Article
Alexa Rank: 364810

FitnessCheerleader.comGuest Post Guidelines
Alexa Rank: 370097


Infographic Sites:

Infographics have become a great way to generate thousands of visitors and build hundreds of high-quality backlinks. Here’s a list of places to submit your Infographic after it’s been published…

Alexa Rank: 4928

Alexa Rank: 21234

Alexa Rank: 26269

Alexa Rank: 38789

Alexa Rank: 57529

Alexa Rank: 70706

Alexa Rank: 74971

Alexa Rank: 78100

Alexa Rank: 78208

Alexa Rank: 142989

Alexa Rank: 149112

Alexa Rank: 160766

Alexa Rank: 229757

Alexa Rank: 242600

Alexa Rank: 245024

Alexa Rank: 245536

Alexa Rank: 249688

Alexa Rank: 328270

Alexa Rank: 345004

Alexa Rank: 355491

Alexa Rank: 374162

Alexa Rank: 375783

Alexa Rank: 379607

Alexa Rank: 388001

Alexa Rank: 434999

Alexa Rank: 447109

I Heart Infographics
Alexa Rank: 473619

Alexa Rank: 483687

Alexa Rank: 485198

Alexa Rank: 514729

Alexa Rank: 532111

You can find out more about how to get your Infographic to Go Viral at:

5 Ways to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral

Getting the Maximum Number of Links From Your Infographic


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