7 Cool Ways to Use Fiverr


Fiverr is quickly becoming one of the most valuable websites for entrepreneurs
online. In case you haven’t yet heard of Fiverr, it’s basically a marketplace
where users sell and buy services for $5.

If you haven’t yet taken the leap into outsourcing, Fiverr is one
of the best places to start.

They’ll do everything from article writing and link building to cartoons and
caricatures. For the small business owner, it’s a dream come true.

And in this article I’m going to show you how you can take Fiverr
to the next level and really squeeze some extra juice out of it.

1. Create a Cool Intro Video

Want to create a killer video for your upcoming product launch?

Want to do it for just $5? Here’s your guy…


He will create you a powerful intro video in HD 1080p. You’ll get FEATURE FILM quality at rock bottom prices.

Check out the feedback. Over 200 raving reviews!

Many people are calling it the “The best $5 I spent so far on Fiverr!”.

Some similar gigs include:


2. Get Your Press Release on Google News

Syndicate your press release to the top 25 PR directories…

Get a guaranteed listing on Google News at…

Send Your Press Release to 1000 Relevant News Media, Magazines, TV, Radio, Online etc for $5…


3. Graphic Design

This should be one of the first things you outsource. Fortunately, you can get started very affordably with sites like Fiverr.com.

Start branding your business now with…

Professional Ebook Covers:

Check out his portfolio here.

Custom Twitter & YouTube Backgrounds:

Over 600 positive reviews!

Professional Banner Design:

Create a variety of banner ads for your affiliates at:

You’ll find another very talented banner designer at:


4. Video Distribution

Syndicate your video to the top 25 video sharing sites for just $5 at…

This gig has over 200 positive reviews!

A super simple way to increase your traffic and exposure.


5. Transcription

Need to transcribe a webinar, video, or teleseminar? Generally, transcription can be quite costly.
However, with Fiverr you can do it quite affordably. Here are some of my favorite providers…

And here’s one used by my friend Kieran McDonogh…

You can also transcribe content to increase your traffic and exposure. For
example, if you have videos, webinars, or teleeseminar recordings, you can
get those transcribed and break them up into articles and reports that you
can syndicate around the web.


6. Create an Iphone App for your Website.

Mobile is mainstream now. Creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option.

You can also create your very own Iphone App at…

Plus, you can also create a mobile friendly squeeze page at…

If you want to do something a bit more advanced, contact this guy.


7. Looking for unique ways to get the attention of joint ventures?

Here are some gigs that will garuantee you get the attention of any potential joint venture partner…

Send your JV partner a personalized video along with one of these pop art cartoons. Guaranteed to get their attention!

Or one of these…

Turn your favorite marketer into a super hero with this gig…

Here’s another cool idea for you…

If you’re going to a seminar, be sure to take plenty of fun photos!
You can then turn those photos into a 3D video and send them to
each person who’s in the photo.

Are your wheels starting to turn :)

Leave me a comment below…


166 thoughts on “7 Cool Ways to Use Fiverr”

  1. Hey Hilary!

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Fiverr.

    One of the biggest keys to outsourcing is simply trial and error. Sometimes you have to try a few people out to find a winner. Fortunately, with Fiverr it’s super cheap to find those winners.

  2. I hadn’t seen that superhero gig, thanks for mentioning it! Our Best of Fiverr blog is the bizarre amazing funny helpful database dedicated to Fiverr mania. We find stuff you didn’t know existed, like the very tall man in a green latex suit who’ll dance to any tune you want, musicians and composers who write songs to your specifications, even a guy who does a hysterically funny televangelist riff about your business.

    We only review gigs we actually buy, then we post the results. It’s only $5 but you don’t want to waste it, right?

  3. I’ve been using fivver recently for outsourcing article writing and generally the standard is very poor. There are some very good ones though so it’s worth persevering. If you don’t like the article that you’re given you can get a rewrite before they get paid.

  4. Quite an amazing list, Kim. But the you are regularly spoiling us, aren’t you?

    I want to thank you specially for the reminder. I keep forgetting to use Fiverr more for our outsourcing. So I’m going to commission a gig right away before I forget again.

      • I outsourced a link wheel. Don’t have the results yes. I plan on outsourcing about 5 link wheels or article pyramids more with the same outsourcer if he delivers and also try someone else.

        Next I need a website banner to replace one that I don’t like very much. And perhaps and ebook cover.

        All this for starters!

        What I don’t plan on doing is stop working with my other outsourcers that deliver great jobs only because Fiverr is so cheap.

  5. Hey Kim,
    I’m so Glad to see my listing here. There is no doubt, you’re one of the best marketers. Also, the quality of your content & resources are incredible.

    Thanks again for your great effort to put us on such great platform!

    David Lee

  6. Thanks for the great post Kim.
    I love Fiverr but it can sometime be a challenge finding quality providers.
    The info you provided is a huge time saver.
    Thanks for putting it together.
    You should do a Part II spotlighting other areas and providers.

  7. Hey Kim

    Great content! Thanks for sharing these ways of using Fiverr to outsource, and sometimes we just need a simple reminder to remind us how much great value we can derive from that site.

    Especially for a non-techie like me, I could do better with getting an outsourcer for my blog headers and graphics!

  8. Kim,

    Great list! I have used Fiverr several times and I’ve had great results. I made it my business to do my due diligence by seeking out the services of those who had very good ratings and great reviews.

    My 18-year old daughter just listed 2 gigs a couple of days ago. She will be providing specialized web design service. I’m happy to say that she has gotten some inquiries!

    So, Fiverr is a great place to find services AND make some money, too.

  9. Hey Kim,

    Really enjoy your posts, you should post more! haha.

    I think Fiverr is going to be a great way for me to start outsourcing since it’s just small stuff I need right now. Had no idea you could get a nice ebook cover for just $5!

    Thanks for the tips!

  10. Hi Kim, I am new to your blog. Thanks for this information about Fiverr. I just recently heard about Fiverr, but had not tried it until now. After reading your post I was inspired and just placed my first order for a video. This is my first venture into outsourcing. Thanks so much.

  11. Hey Kim .. I’ve been following your blog for sometime now and you always have great tips and advice here.I’ve been looking to outsource article writing and backlink building for my website but have always been afraid to try something and lose money doing trial and error. Fiverr is a great option .. Thanks a ton!

  12. This is a great article! Holy Cow I never knew there were so many great things to get on Fiverr. Thanks for taking the time to gather this information!

  13. Hi Kim
    Thanks for sharing this. It’s a pretty cool and inexpensive way to start building a team. Just started doing some gigs on fiverr and it’s a pretty huge time saver.

  14. Thank you Kim for sending such fantastic information. You save us so much time and greatly shorten the learning curve. I always look forward to seeing an email with your name on it!

    Thanks, Cheryl (Snowkittykat)

  15. Kim,
    I’m new here…and loving your site!

    And this post – wow!! So many ideas are floating around in my head right now, as I think of how I can use some of these services – and for $5, it’s a no-brainer!

    Thanks so, so much for assembling this awesome post!

  16. I have recently discovered fiverr and have a one guy that does my graphics for my blogs and one that writes all my content for my blogs absolutely great resource for us all.


  17. Yeah, Fiverr is a really nice thing – I got a super high quality ebook cover for $5 while others would charge $50… It is an awesome resource :)

  18. Hi Kim,

    Great list of Fiverr gigs, one I’d like to mention is getting 100 Twitter followers in a day, I did this and couldn’t believe the turnaround, it was like 3 hours.

    Here it is

    Keep the Fiverr stuff coming, I love that site!


  19. Hi Kim,

    Great list of Fiverr gigs, one I’d like to mention is getting 100 Twitter followers in a day, I did this and couldn’t believe the turnaround, it was like 3 hours.

    Here it is

    Keep the Fiverr stuff coming, I love that site!


  20. Hi Kim, Wow!!! Great info (as always :-) Love the pic at the top of your post. Is this your grandmother? Did you make her pose for you???? If that’s her, she looks like a sweetheart. Lots of Angel Hugs to you! Troyann

  21. Nice post! I also like to use Fiverr to offer an ad space on my sites for ___ amount of time… Many people want their ads on a popular website but can’t afford a month long deal.

  22. Brilliant post! I have been wanting to outsource to Fiverr for a while, but its hard to know who to use as they all sound fab, this is really helpful, thankyou! :)

  23. Wow.. Kim, you are definitely a killer. I’m currently reading your JV Insider report now and I can’t say how much that opened my eye in the product launch section. I’m still on page 4 and I’ve found a ton of mistakes I’ve made trying to get JVs for my upcoming product, really… your report is a back breaker.

    By the way, I have a question for you, in the #7 where you talked about those pop arts. I wanted to know if it’s your own picture that you will turn into the pop art or if it’s the picture of the JV partner you want to get his attention.


  24.  You guys should check out http://www.fooyuh.com. They are new and their layout looks wayyy superior than all I’ve seen. The contents are well written and very witty. Their slogan is “Got talent? Then milk it for cash, yo!” What does that tell you? It’s all about fun! The best part is, you can buy and sell gigs from $5 to $100, which I think is so much more flexible than fiverr. Why? Because some real talents just cost more than $5. Period.

    It’s totally great for people who are currently out of job or finding they need to make more money to make ends meet. The website was just launched, though, but you get instant listing for now. Check them out!

  25. Yes my wheels ARE starting to turn! Fiverr is the future of eCommerce, freelance and work-from-home opportunities all rolled into one. I love it. Great article!

  26. I am a huge Fiverr fan!  My only regret about it is that there a host of cool services that I don’t even know about.  Your post brought to light a couple so a super big thanks to you!

  27. The biggest one in the UK after fiverr is fivesquids. They take the same commission as fiverr but in a way they are not taking anything as the pound is stronger than the dollar so it covers the loss of the dollar on fiverr.

  28. Fiverr is one of the most under utilsed resourses we have around. You can almost get anything done in just $5. The only issue one may have is to get the best of them to get your job done which you have taken care of in this blog post!
    I believe these are the insider secret that you just revealed Kim! You are the best!

  29. Kim, good grief, this is so awesome of you to not only share this information, but to also support some of the folks doing the gigs.

    Yes..my wheels are turning… actually spinning! :-) 

    You have such an awesome site… I like it here. (LOL) hope you don’t mind, I might just start to hang here for a bit!  :-)

  30. Hi Kim!

    I’m using Fiverr as well! I’ve had outsourced about 20 articles but unfortunately, most don’t write well. It seems that they also outsource to some cheaper individuals because the article’s tone varied and grammatical errors were high. Not even those with cool videos.

    I’ll take note of these guys for my next projects.


  31. Hello Kim,
    I just got to know about you via 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway where Frank & John introduced you in an e-mail.
    I also checked your Facebook Page in order to see feed-back from people who have used your strategies.
    I am in a situation like many when it comes to internet marketing.
    It is the traffic-issue that has given me problems, because I don’t know how!

    I am in a situation where I have to make money from home, since as a single mom with no babysitting help and no car at this point and time in my life it is really challenging to be accepted out there in the job market, since I am not available as most employers would like me to be. After a couple of years trying tout and going to job-interviews which went actually pretty well …. until … they had to hear that I am only available when my daughter is in school etc….which also only could be a part-time job, the interview in most cases was over immediately.

    I am a Graphic Artist and I wish to promote my idea of ‘I AM Avatars’. I have a facebook page and a free weebly website since this is all I can afford at this time, unless orders start to come in and the generated income will be re-invested into the business. Otherwise paying monthly fees for a host and a web-domain would simply just turn out to be a liability. I really feel at the end of my ropes lately about promoting and generating traffic even if it’s just simple things like receiving “I LIKE” on Facebook, or even being noticed and rated on Fiverr with some orders.

    Since you spoke about Fiverr. I must say that it made me smile, since I just singned up with them in January of this year. They won’t allow you to link to your own web-page, but that’s ok, because I also only charge $5 for an Avatar Upload. Please feel free to check-out my website, fiverr gigs and my facebook page about ‘I AM Avatars’.

    What do you think, Kim?

    Your response is highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Yvonne Love


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