7 Cool Ways to Use Fiverr


Fiverr is quickly becoming one of the most valuable websites for entrepreneurs
online. In case you haven’t yet heard of Fiverr, it’s basically a marketplace
where users sell and buy services for $5.

If you haven’t yet taken the leap into outsourcing, Fiverr is one
of the best places to start.

They’ll do everything from article writing and link building to cartoons and
caricatures. For the small business owner, it’s a dream come true.

And in this article I’m going to show you how you can take Fiverr
to the next level and really squeeze some extra juice out of it.

1. Create a Cool Intro Video

Want to create a killer video for your upcoming product launch?

Want to do it for just $5? Here’s your guy…


He will create you a powerful intro video in HD 1080p. You’ll get FEATURE FILM quality at rock bottom prices.

Check out the feedback. Over 200 raving reviews!

Many people are calling it the “The best $5 I spent so far on Fiverr!”.

Some similar gigs include:


2. Get Your Press Release on Google News

Syndicate your press release to the top 25 PR directories…

Get a guaranteed listing on Google News at…

Send Your Press Release to 1000 Relevant News Media, Magazines, TV, Radio, Online etc for $5…


3. Graphic Design

This should be one of the first things you outsource. Fortunately, you can get started very affordably with sites like Fiverr.com.

Start branding your business now with…

Professional Ebook Covers:

Check out his portfolio here.

Custom Twitter & YouTube Backgrounds:

Over 600 positive reviews!

Professional Banner Design:

Create a variety of banner ads for your affiliates at:

You’ll find another very talented banner designer at:


4. Video Distribution

Syndicate your video to the top 25 video sharing sites for just $5 at…

This gig has over 200 positive reviews!

A super simple way to increase your traffic and exposure.


5. Transcription

Need to transcribe a webinar, video, or teleseminar? Generally, transcription can be quite costly.
However, with Fiverr you can do it quite affordably. Here are some of my favorite providers…

And here’s one used by my friend Kieran McDonogh…

You can also transcribe content to increase your traffic and exposure. For
example, if you have videos, webinars, or teleeseminar recordings, you can
get those transcribed and break them up into articles and reports that you
can syndicate around the web.


6. Create an Iphone App for your Website.

Mobile is mainstream now. Creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option.

You can also create your very own Iphone App at…

Plus, you can also create a mobile friendly squeeze page at…

If you want to do something a bit more advanced, contact this guy.


7. Looking for unique ways to get the attention of joint ventures?

Here are some gigs that will garuantee you get the attention of any potential joint venture partner…

Send your JV partner a personalized video along with one of these pop art cartoons. Guaranteed to get their attention!

Or one of these…

Turn your favorite marketer into a super hero with this gig…

Here’s another cool idea for you…

If you’re going to a seminar, be sure to take plenty of fun photos!
You can then turn those photos into a 3D video and send them to
each person who’s in the photo.

Are your wheels starting to turn :)

Leave me a comment below…


166 thoughts on “7 Cool Ways to Use Fiverr”

  1. One thing I do is make sure the content I put out is quality. Regardless of the gimmicks or dirty tricks you use to get sales if the content is bad you won’t stay in business very long. My fiver gig is simple. I created it 3 days ago and I’m already getting sales. That’s because I provide a quality service. I let the buyer know what he/she is getting up front and then I over-deliver on the back-end. Here’s my article writing gig on Fiverr.


  2. Hahaha!

    My gravatar image was done on Fiverr and we actually had one of the super man images of me done too!

    On top of this, we had some kick ass video intros done by someone on Fiverr.

    Thanks Kim for showing me all this other cool stuff I can use the site for. :)

  3. Fiverr and alternative sites are a fantastic way to make money! And great for outsourcing, i spend most of my days on sites like these, ya just gotta love them; some of the stuff people do (lol) its great! For you gig lovers there is a new website launching which ive personally been waiting for which allows you to post your jobs/gigs on one platform and link directly back to your jobs “sweet”! And apparently they don’t charge per order! They charge $5 a month and you can post as many jobs as you want! AND if you sign up now you can get 2months FREE “even sweeter”…check out gig lovers “madgigz.com”, its worth a try for nothing!

    Kim, first time ive visited this site and i have to say it’s pretty damn good and ill be back!



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