7 Most Opened Email Subjects (tested)


I was just thinking today how cool it would be
to have an expert team of traffic strategists
and ninja split-testers at your command.

Imagine what it would be like to have your
very own marketing lab full of mad scientists
who test and tweak your business for maximum
conversions and sales.

Just the thought gets me juiced with excitement!

Sitting behind your computer with a few switches
and dials that allow you to release a highly-targeted
flow of traffic at your command.

You can see I watched WAY too much
Pinky and the Brain when I was little :)


The truth is that you CAN have this same
exact marketing firepower when you have
a list of highly-engaged subscribers.

In fact, I’m able to send an average of
3,000 clicks per email.

Now imagine being able to command that kind of
traffic. Sending 3,000 people to your latest blog
post. 3,000 people to a webinar registration page.
3,000 people to an affiliate promotion.

That’s the power that comes with doing email
marketing properly.

Unfortunately, there are VERY few marketers who
are doing email marketing the right way. And even
fewer who are teaching it.

More on that in a bit…

But first I want to drop a few golden nuggets on you.

I was rummaging through my Aweber account today
and found some subject lines that were dramatically
OUT-Performing the rest.

So I thought I’d share some of them with you :)

Check out these little doozies…

* 117+ Instant Traffic Sources

* Why I Don’t Do SEO?

* 3 Cool (kinda weird) traffic tricks

* (Friday Awesomesauce!) 153+ Free Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

* 21 Steps to 1,000 Visitors Per Day (checklist inside)

* Birthday Photo Attached

* An Unusual Business Model That Works Like Crazy…


Guess what!?

It doesn’t really matter what your open rate is if you’re
not able to convert that traffic into sales.

I mean – who cares if you got a 30% open rate if it didn’t
add anything to your bottom line.

If you want to learn how to create fun, entertaining emails
that generate sales like popcorn, then check out my own
personal Email Marketing Formula…


This course is ONLY available inside our Marketing Lab.

In this very special training video I go
deep into the trenches to show you exactly
how to use emails to dramatically increase
your conversions.

Learn how to humanize your business and
turn your subscribers into a community
of raving fans.

I recently spent $500 on an email marketing
course that doesn’t come anywhere near the
value you’ll find in THIS video (exclusively
for Marketing Lab Members…)


This video alone could easily double your
profits this year.

Back to the Lab!

– Kim

P.S. If you’d like private access to all of my split-test
results, email campaigns, and exact traffic sources
then grab your party hat and go now to:


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