A Blogger’s Manifesto

Do you know what one of the biggest complaints of any online entrepreneurs is?

They’re tired….

They’re overworked….

And they receive little in return for all of the exhausting hours they put in?

And you know why? It’s because they’re doing all the wrong things.

They’re focusing on all the little tasks instead of focusing on just a few of the main activities that will create massive results.

At BuzzBlogger.com, I’m going to show you how to focus your attention on high-leverage activities that create massive results.

I’m going to show you how to create the same results in 2 to 3hours when most people require 10 to 12 hours.

You see, it’s what you DO that makes the difference…

Working frantically to attract more and more visitors VS. Building a list and retaining your current readers.

Settling for mediocre results VS. Testing EVERYTHING and exploding your conversions.

Targeting general keyword phrases VS. Targeting “buyer” keyword phrases that convert 10x higher.

Writing a remarkable blog post that creates massive buzz in the blogosphere VS. writing a mediocre blog post that only your mother and grandma read.

Focus on the activities that create results…

Stop wasting your time blasting out your article to hundreds of article directories. Instead, focus on creating exclusive articles for publishers who already have an existing readership.

This one simple shift will allow you to attract thousands of visitors instead of just a few hundred.

Learn how to attract hundreds of links at a time with social media. Why should you get one link at a time when you can create incredibly valuable content and naturally attract hundreds of one-way links.

Learn to streeeeetch your content. Don’t just write an article and call it quits. You can turn that same article into multiple formats and immediately start recieving twice as much traffic.

Turn your articles into viral reports, podcast recordings, affiliate tools, emails, and videos. These new formats allow you to distribute your content to new distribution outlets, where your content will be introduced to a completely new audience.

Tap into existing distribution points. Identify where your audience hangs out online and get your content in front of them. Remember, webmasters are starving for really good content. If you can deliver insanely valuable information, you’ll never have to worry about traffic.

And most importantly, focus on your existing audience. Everyone on the Web has become a content creator or buzz facilitator using tools like email, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Wikis, and instant messaging.

It is now easier than ever to create rapid growth in your company using the buzz factor of your existing audience.

Your blog readers have now become full-time word-of-mouth marketers that will spread your content further than you could ever dream of doing alone.

Create remarkable content and then allow your readers to market to each other. Remember, the customer is at the center of any successful marketing.

So, how do you get your readers to become raving fans that spread your content 24/7. First, you have to create insanely good content. And secondly, you must get to know your readers. Start emailing people who leave comments on your blog. Interact with your fans through Twitter. Offer special chat times and let
people get to know you.

Connect with your readers through multiple mediums, including email, articles, video, podcasts, interviews, chats, Facebook, twitter conversations, and more. This is the only way to truly connect with your readers on a much deeper level. You can no longer just send out emails and think that’s enough.

Remember, it’s all about your audience. Get to know their needs, wants and desires. Entertain them and provide them with tremendous value and you’ll quickly start to attract raving fans who spread your content around the Web.

You’re job is to provide value. From there, you allow the sheer power of the Internet to accelerate your growth.

Your blog readers are crazy busy and their attention is a scarce resource. So you must be prepared to exchange the incredibly valuable gift of time with something of equal value. Remember, they’re choosing to read your content instead of spending time with family, hanging out with friends, or watching their favorite tv shows.

If you want them to stick around, you’ve got to offer some golden nuggets of information.

To do this, you must be passionate about the message you’re spreading. If you’re not completely devoted to your readers, then get off the field.

If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, why should anyone else be?

However, if you can deliver insanely valuable information, you will be perceived as the golden nugget among a landfill of trash.

Create an experience.
Turn your marketing into an event.

And if you create insanely good content, it can quickly become a viral sensation. The key is to create insanely good content. Not good content. Not even great content. But content that literally makes the
reader start to drool. It has to be that good.

And that’s the kind of content I will be striving to deliver here at BuzzBlogger.com.

So stay tuned…

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    I am becoming one of your biggest fan now.

    I have just started to read some of your blog entries and I must say they are real golden nuggets. I have also subscribe to your Google Domination Course and I have received pretty immense value from it.

    I also congratulate for your Biggest success after the successful launch of your product named as Instant Payday Formula. You are still very young I think to achieve this level of success in IM.

    I wish you Best of luck for your future endeavors.



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