A Typical Day in the Life of An Internet Marketer

I often get asked what a typical workday looks like for me.

It always kind of surprises me that someone would want a peak into what my typical day looks like, but since it has become a fairly frequently asked question, I’ve decided to share my response here at BuzzBlogger.com.

For starters, I like to wake up early… like around 6:00AM. I’ve always believed that successful people get into the habit of waking up early. I’ve never heard of a successful person that sleeps in ’till noon.

After I get up I do the normal stuff… brush my teeth, wash my face, throw my hair into a pony tail. But there’s ONE thing that I do every morning without fail. And that’s make my bed.

Now, at first you might wonder why I’m such a stickler for making my bed. But I actually have a very good reason for doing so. You see, I believe that how you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING. Let that sink in for a bit…

If you start your day off by completing one productive task, then the rest of your day follows in that same momentum. You literally begin a FLOW of productivity.

Now, on the other hand, if you start off you’re day by checking email, checking your stats, and goofing around the Internet, then the rest of your day is very likely to follow in that same pattern. And before you know it the day is over and you have little to show for it.

So I complete my very first productive task of the day as soon as I roll out of bed.

Next, I go to the little store for some coffee. (I think everyone deserves to have a treat in the morning to get them rolling) Plus, since I work at home, it’s good just to get out of the house for a bit :)

Then, once I’m back home, I make my way up the stairs to my office, where I go to work completing my biggest, most productive task of the day… the task that’s going to have the most influence on moving my business forward.

By completing your most important task first thing in the morning, you will have accomplished more in the first few hours of your day then most people do in an entire day!

Now, in regards to the rest of my work day, I really don’t have a typical routine that I follow every day.

However, I can tell you what percentage of my time is spent doing specific activities.

Content Creation: 30-40% of my day. Creating great content is one of the biggest keys to succeeding online. It allows you to establish yourself as the go-to person in your marketplace. And when you create truly great content, your followers will be happy to spread your content around the web (on places like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Delicious,etc…) spreading your content virally. So go the extra mile to create what I like to call “tipping point content”.

Relationship Building: 30% of my day. The relationships you build are also  critical to your success. No one succeeds alone. We reach our highest goals because of the people we have surrounded ourselves with. So I like to spend at least 30% of my day interacting with other bloggers, building a relationship with my subscribers, helping out other marketers, etc…
The value you put out will come back to you 10 fold!

Marketing: 40% of my day – You’ve probably heard that content is KING, but  marketing is queen and no one will see your content if you don’t get out
there in the trenches and start promoting it.

So there’s a typical day in the life :)

I’d love to hear more about what your day looks like so please feel free to leave me some comments.


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