A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Business…

21 thoughts on “A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Business…”

  1. Kim you’re one organized gal. Here’s to ‘crushing’ it in 2011. In the meantime, have a great Christmas and kick back and enjoy the glow of some of your successes in 2010. The same to all who read this post! Have a great 2011.

  2. This is super, Kim; but it is still too high for me to grasp. Tho I am certain with your such clear instructions I’ll soon be coming on-board and doing these great things – assistants and all.
    Well done!

  3. Hey Kim,

    Great stuff, will be joining you in SAC soon.. Do you recommend any book that can help me organize all these stuff in my business?

  4. Hey Kim,

    Great stuff, will be joining you in SAC soon.. Do you recommend any book that can help me organize all these stuff in my business?

  5. You’ve inspired me! I created a Checklist and a Marketing Dashboard spreadsheet. Now I can keep track of my processes and refine my systems. I’ve noticed I sometimes get lost in all the things I have to do and loose sight of the big picture. Thank you for giving me a higher vantage point.

  6. Great content! It follows the Lee McIntyre System which I love! You break it down detail by detail for the newbie! You have a gift for that! Here’s to your continued success! Glad you are taking off in a fantastic way and 2011 looks EXCITING!

  7. Kim, also wanted to say that BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK is brilliant way to share vital techniques and tasks needed for every successful marketers/businesses! BRILLIANT!

  8. Hey Kim,

    This is something that every marketer needs to do and we shouldn’t wait for the 6 or 7 figures, it’s better to start early and it will help to achieve those results. It helps to see clearly where and how we’re heading. I’ve also found it helped me avoiding mistakes on the way.

    Great Video, Thanks.
    Merry Christmas to you Kim and all the readers.

    Ziki De Naim

  9. Kim, thank you for this great insight and – wow, I am taken by the wealth of useful information on your site and will definitely be back as soon as time allows. (sorry for just flying by, but it’s 4 am here and I really need some sleep, before I can wrap my mind around all of this…) Excellent work – I am impressed!

  10. Very important subject matter when your business is moving toward higher income brackets.
    I noticed that you use “we” a lot on this video so am I to assume that you now have people working with you??? I am sure you have been to Chris Farrell’s site and he has people working in all areas of his business, which appears to be a very smoothly operating system.
    I am sure you now know that you are getting a reputation all over the Internet and people are coming up with all kinds of nicknames for you, all good with a high degree of admiration. My favorite is “Kentucky Kim”. Anyway your information is always invaluable
    and I look forward to all the new things you come up with. Paul

  11. I love your content. I purchased Traffic Dashboard a few days ago and have already applied a few of your simple tacts and have seen my blog traffic stats increase dramatically, I will be spending lots of time on your blog and in the TD. Thanks.

  12. This was great and even free content on systemizing an online business. It’s so very important. That’s why so many people fail online because they just create another online job for themselves and not using leverage of a working system. Good stuff and info. here.

  13. I thought this was an excellent behind the scenes look into your business, and it this helps with grasping the amount of work needed to run a successful business.

    It sounds like you may have read the E-Myth. Great Job!

  14. Great Content – as usual.

    If I might I make one suggestion re: your googledoc of procedures
    It might be easier for you if you created a Process Map using a MindMapping Tool (using MindJet, etc…) and link from that directly to documents / processes.

    Advantages would be –
    much easier to re-order and / or insert revisions
    a clearer over view of Process(es) for both you and your delegatees

    And of course you could extract one map-node for better focus (and not giving away the farm) to specific people working on specific projects.

    Hope this helps. ;-)

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