Being Comfortable Is Not an Option!

I’ve just finished creating one of my very first LIVE videos!

And in this video, you’re going to learn the #1 way to dramatically grow your business this year…

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  1. Kim, I’m so proud of you for doing a talking head video, you are so correct, being stuck in your comfort zone is a terrible place of complacency to be. as the expression goes, if you keep doing what your doing, you’ll keep getting what your getting.

    Thank you for the great message..

  2. Great to put a face to the words I’ve read in your emails. And I agree with many other positive comments above. Great stuff, and very motivational. We can never stop from trying to do things better next time. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kim:

    As a long time fan of your I think it’s great you are coming out into view… I bought camtasia a couple months ago and have been playing around with it… I am also using a mino 720p HD pocket recorder and I am asounded at the quility of these devices, compleely blown away as a matter of fact…I thought I would need to spent at least 4 to 5 hundred to get this type of quility but BJ’s to the rescuse $130 out the door…

    Anyway, like it or not I will have to step out soon myself, great job, and BTW, As a man I can say you are very attractive and it won’t hurt you to utilize this asset… You have the looks and style, don’t be foolish and not use it… Once again, you seemed quite comfortable I can only imagine how well your presence will come through the camera in your 6 or 7th video… You appear to be photogenic!



  4. Great video Kim and a perfect example of your topic. I think you should start every video on camera and maybe then switch to the screencast.

  5. What a message. Thanks for sharing it and reminding us about this important tips in business. “Get out of our comfort zone”.

    I wish it could be easier for me. It is like in a cross road. Anyway looking forward to see more of your videos.

  6. Hey Kim,

    Awesome video!!

    I know how you feel, I hate doing videos but am trying to push myself to get more out there too :-)

    Looking forward to your content, as always!


  7. Hello Kim, For a first timer I have to say you did a great job. How many takes did it take to complete that vid? Maybe your next vid could be teaching us newbies how to set up a vid like yours. What kind of camera,what software you used and how did you do the script. was it written down because it didn’t look like you were reading from anything! Anyway, as usual you continue to give me incentive to keep on trying with my online venture. Thanks for all the info, Alan Cinqmars

  8. Hi Kim,

    I’ve only recently been introduced to you and quite quickly you’re becoming my “go to” person.

    I think you’re right about the comfort zone. I’ve set big goals for my business this year, but hadn’t really thought about what I was willing to do outside my comfort zone. I’ll be thinking about that this week as I create my plan. (yes, I know it’s already April lol ~ tax day got me thinking).

    Question ~ these videos you’re doing are you going to upload to youtube for everyone to see and get more traffic ~ or keep them on your server?

    Thanks! and it’s great to put a face and a voice to my emails. :)

  9. Hey Kim,

    The video was great and it’s nice to put a face with your voice.

    You are so right about gettting out of your comfort zone. So it’s time for me to take action and get some videos of my own out there.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. Hi Kim,

    I think its a great start for you. If you were nervous, I never felt it was showing.

    You are right. We not only need to think out of the box, but we need to do it too. In fact, I started doing a new link building exercise last month, which was just a wee-bit outside of the comfort zone for me. And I must say it has really worked for me great.

    And seeing the results I’ve no qualms on repeating that exercise.

  11. Hey Kim,

    Gilbert here.

    This is some very valuable information you have here. I will be coming back to your site to read some more. Thanks for the content! You’re absolutely right about coming out of the box and our comfort zones. I’m jumping on your list!

    Gilbert Medina

  12. Kim, you are such a good speaker – ad-libbing from some notes at your right in such a natural fashion. And… you kept yourself looking at the camera! Great job!

    I’ve gotten all the equipment but hadn’t taken the plunge to do my own live videos … yet! But I will do it today for a couple of my websites – a back-burner item long overdue for both my Photoshop-centered website and my hepcsurvivors site (just starting to get going on that one).

    Thanks for the kicker, as usual.


  13. Kim somehow or other I ended up on your mailing list, but I have to admit that I am not sure if I ever opened any of your emails. You got lost in the sea of IM email and product launches and spam and sales letters. For some reason I opened this email and actually watched the video, and now I see that behind the name is a nice, pleasant and very human person with a story to tell. I am glad you made the video since watching faceless camtasia presentations by countless marketers leads me into overwhelm mode very quickly.

    From now on I will actually read your emails.


  14. Thank You Kim,

    I have only been following you a few weeks and it has been gold so far. I like the idea of the biggest growth comes outside of your comfort zone, so I will look for some ways to do that and get back to you.

    Also I like that I can stop and rewind your video so if I want to get a point I do not have to re-listen to the entire tape for just one point. Thanks for that.


  15. cool kat kim! always real with excellant content to share with all that want to learn more and expand marketings growth. well done message ,cute too!! . kudos

  16. Kim-

    Not only did you look like a natural in your first video, but you have inspired me to go outside of my comfort zone.

    I AM comfortable submitting articles to an article submission site.

    I AM NOT comfortable contacting other high traffic website and blog owners, and asking them to publish my article.

    However, I know I need to do that in order to get my business to grow, and most importantly, I have started to do that.

    Also, like yourself up until a couple days ago, I have never made a video.

    It is pure coincidence that we had the same obstacle to overcome. Hopefully, I can do it with half as much grace as you have.

    Thank You-

    Matthew Zinda

  17. Shining like a superstar!

    Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone Kim – great video and tips, as per usual. You have established yourself as one of my favorite online marketing experts – will be share to spread the word.

    Keep up the great work.

    peace and much love
    Lara Jane
    Founder of the Ultimate Lifestyle Project

  18. Kimmy you look very comfortable there, its kinda hard to take you seriously when you say that you are not that comfortable. LOL

    Congratz and hope to see more of ur cute lil face. Kidding :)

  19. Wow – smart AND pretty! ;-)

    But really, this is a GREAT video and I think you're on point one hundred percent.

    I tell people all of the time they need to get out of the “box” and do things they would normally not consider. Nothing to extreme, but something they have been wanting to try and have been a bit afraid to or something similar.

    Sometimes it's our own fears or discomfort that make us lose out on things in both our personal lives and our business lives.

    Great video (like always) and really good info as well.

    You keep sharing and I'll keep learning :-)

    – DP

  20. Hi Kim,

    You have so many comments, I'm not sure if you'll get this, but I just wanted to say thanks so much for your suggestions re the membership site. I have actually collaborated with a guy to utilise the butterfly marketing code and develop my membership site and also a template to then market to others with full instructional videos on how to build your own membership site. We're going to go along similar lines to Chris Farrell's 'Create Your Own Website' Model but with a membership site. I'm meeting Chris in LA in a couple of weeks as I'm out there on a training course and thought I'd get his thoughts, but your opinion would be greatly appreciated!

    I've also added your website URL to my blog in the trackback section. I'm not sure what that does as I'm not familiar enough with wordpress yet!

    Thanks again for your support – this is a scary journey at the moment!!!!

  21. Awesome video!! What a strong presence you have. I'm sure you don't need it but I wish you the best of luck in stepping out of your comfort zone.

    How have I stepped out of my comfort zone? hmmm… let's see. Last week I started broadening my presence on the internet by posting to forums and blogs. Before last week I stayed in one forum.
    This week I am working on publishing articles to article directories.
    In the not too distant future I am sure that I will start working on creating audio and video clips for the net. One step at a time.

  22. Nice job, Kim. It is always nice to match a face to the words. Your blog is great and I recommend it in my newsletters.

  23. You are right on point Kim. We tend to stay within the boundaries of what we're comfortable with while missing out on a whole world at our fingertips. The internet does makes things easier for us but if we didn't have it, many of us wouldn't be doing anything at all. Just think of how many people would be in dire straits without it. Since we have it, lets push the envelope and do what's uncomfortable to us. In short time, we will learn to enjoy it. I never thought I could create a website all by myself but I did, step-by-step with Chris Farrell.


  24. Thanks for this Kim! I haven't stepped outside my comfort zone into live video yet, but you're convincing me! I always feel like everything has to be perfect – lighting, environment, but I know that it's not true. I'm incredibly social in person but I detest video. I realize that I just have to get over it.

  25. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable lesson. And congrats on your first live video! You're more than natural and look pretty relaxed :)
    Well done!
    Also wanna thank you for everything you shared. I'm a big fan of your insights :)

    Cheers, Remi

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