Best Fiverr Gigs for Outsourcing Your Business

Many online business owners make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves.

Graphic design. WordPress setup. eCover design. Facebook Fan Page Creation. Twitter Background. Tech Support. Transcription. Video Submissions. Press Release Submissions. And sooooo much more.

You simply can NOT do it all yourself.

Not if you want to create a successful business during this century :)

Fortunately, there are sites like Fiverr where you can start outsourcing VERY affordably.

If you haven’t yet taken the leap into outsourcing, Fiverr is one of the best places to start.

They’ll do everything from article writing, link building, video submissions, press release submission, video intros and more! For the small business owner, it’s a dream come true.

And in this article I’m going to share with you my all-time favorite Fiverr gigs
for 2012.

So that you don’t have to waste your time scouring through hundreds of gigs and reviews.

We’ve compiled together the very best Fiverr gigs for the online business owner and blogger…


1. Press Release Submission

Manual Submission to the Top 35 press release sites.

This is one of the best gigs on Fiverr with over 3,000+ Positive reviews. Nishmeh will manually submit your press release to the top 35 press release sites online.

Press releases are one of the best ways to build high-quality backlinks. Plus, they send some great traffic as well :) Win-Win!!


2. Slide Sharing Sites

Manual submission to the top 12 slide sharing sites.

Submit your Powerpoint presentation to top sites like,, and These are great sites for high PR backlinks AND exposing your
content to a completely new audience.

This is one of the best providers on Fiverr and she provides a spreadsheet with login info and live links.


3. Document Sharing Sites:

Manual Submission to the top 15 Document Sharing Sites

This ‘Top-Rated’ provider will manually submit your doc/PDF file to the top document sharing sites like Scribd, Docstoc, Issuu, and Calameo. She’ll even create your accounts.

The PDF doc must include anchor links so that you gain extra link juice and get extra traffic :)


4. SmashWords Prep:

Format Your Ebook for Smashwords to pass AutoVetter

There’s a little-known site online called that can get you a LOT of
extra traffic and exposure for your website. However, their formatting specifications
to be accepted into their premium catalog are pretty tedious. Many people have
spent hours pulling their hair out trying to get it just right.

Fortunately, Fiverr has someone that can do it all for you!

Check out his 100+ RAVING testimonials.


5. Video Submission:

Manual submission to over 30 high ranking video sites.

Lance will submit your video across the web to popular video sites like YouTube, Metacafe, and Viddler. He also provides a detailed Excel report with all video placements and links. Top Gig! (1,800+ Positive Reviews)

Here’s another Highly-Rated gig that does manual submission to 15 high PR video sites.

And one last provider… just to give you a few options :)

This gig provides manual submission to over 30+ top video sharing sites online. It comes with a complete report with login details and live links.


6. Transcription:

Transcribe 15 minutes of audio for $5. This is one of the BEST transcribers on Fiverr. You can transcribe conference calls, presentations, live voice mail messages, interviews etc…

Another great option is He does 6-minutes of transcription for $5 and has great quality.


7. Caricatures:


Some of the BEST Caricatures online for just $5!

Looking for a way to get the attention of any potential joint venture partner.

Send your JV partner a personalized video along with one of these personalized caricatures. Guaranteed to get their attention!


64 thoughts on “Best Fiverr Gigs for Outsourcing Your Business”

  1. Great list Kim!

    A lot of people underestimate the power of Fiverr and what a great outsourcing tool it is!

    I agree with you 100% – You can’t do it all alone!

    Thanks again for the value you provide to the industry!

  2. Hey Kim! This is a great post. Ive actually been using fiverr a lot lately for a variety of things such as demo videos, infographics, ecovers, minisites and more! Ive had a great experiences too! Now Im gonna check out these gigs too…thanks!

  3. Thanks for you passing on your best fiverr gigs. I have been using fiverr for a few months now and was getting to the point where I was thinking of not using there services anymore as found it frustrating that most of the gigs the work was not done at all, gigs where I posted a question only to get no reply and had work done that wasn’t anything like what the brief was.
    So your post was very good timing :)

  4. Hey Kim, your email came right on time as i have just started with my websites online and i was in the process of trying to figure out how to out source some of my tasks. Your a god send keep up the good work.

  5. I thought I was the only one doing this..
    I use teamwork project managment tool and I document all the steps I need to accomplish for a given routine.

    then I find a gig for each one on fiverr. it takes a bit of time upfront to find a good gig for each step but once you have it mastered you can accomplish what used to take you a week in a matter of days for like 50 bucks. :)

    there is so many good gigs its unreal, you can have 20 people working for you at once for $100 bucks. and they are all specialized and do it 10 times faster than you ever could :)

    Great post. more people should be leveraging fiverr.

  6. Hey Kim, Great advice, I just used Fiverr last week to set up 2
    Wordpress MU sites. I know how to do it myself, but for $5.
    Why not let someone else do it.

  7. I have to be honest I have not used any of services above and I just checked them out and they have some real good feedback as well.

    Fiverr is crazy I got someone to do a infographic for 5 bucks lets see how it goes. Thanks for these resources appreciate it.

  8. Love being able to outsource….I”m actually a “do-it-myself” type of person because the challenges help me grow in knowledge and skill. But, over time, it’s like you say, you really can’t do it all yourself. There’s too much involved. There’s lots of people willing to help and want to earn money online also, so why not be a blessing and give them a job to do…it’s a win-win situation.

  9. Hello from Montana,

    Thanks so much for sharing. Love it when we help each other succeed.

    Like everything else,sometimes you get a dud at fiver and sometimes you get a top drawer marketer.

    We are trying to figure out how to list a pdf that can be delivered automatically. If anyone knows the secret to that, give us a heads up.

    Blessings where ever you are in the world,

    Judy Helm Wright, author and motivational speaker

  10. I’m always cautious about outsourcing anything to Fiverr – yes it’s only $5, but the cost of someone messing up your business far outweighs the price of the gig.

    But it’s really useful to know who you have used and recommend. I’m liking the look of the video distribution services. I’ve been meaning to post my solitary video to sites other than Youtube lol. Haven’t even gotten around to doing that!. But at least if I get someone to do the posting, I can then focus on actually getting some more videos made.

  11. Sorry if I sound a bit off track, but Do these submissions really work? I’ve myself submitted my ebook over all of the sharing sites you’ve listed above. It’s over 15 days, but I can’t see any result.
    So, obviously I don’t see the point in buying any of these gigs :(

  12. Thank you Kim for your suggestions! I have been using some of these contacts already. Maybe we could create a group share of the great Fiverr gigs!
    Thanks again!

  13. Kim, you friggin rock the world!… There are very few internet marketers that actually do what they say they will do … YOU NOT ONLY DO THAT …. you give much more then you promise!!… My hat is off to you and your “INTEGRITY”

    I love your stuff!…and I love the way you do business at a “Relationship” level!!

    Peace be with you always my friend

  14. Hi Kim… I’ve been follow you since a few months. I’m very gratefull for your RVC (Real Value Content). (a term coined by me :) This info is awesome! You know is easier go onto fiverr a hire those people if you say are good gigs.Thank you, thank you!

  15. Hi Kim,

    Excellent post and you are 100% correct. I’ve tried the wear all hats way and it’s not only time consuming but impossible. I have had logos created, intro videos and other task that either I didn’t have time to dedicate to it or didn’t have the software or equipment to produce it.

    Why spend a ton of money on a piece of software when you can just have someone do it for you for a small fee.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing again.

    Enjoy your sunny day. Being in Florida, we get a few of those and they are nice.

  16. Hello Kim,

    This is a great list. We have used Fiverr for some graphics related gigs. We are currently also offering a gig there for WordPress installation.

    Since your first link mentioned press releases, can you please share something about how a simple press release should be, or some sample ones?


  17. Hi Kim,
    What a great post and fantastic resource. I’ve used Fiverr for article writing and problem solving on my blog – but most of these you’ve highlighted are great for creating traffic and quality back links. I’m going to be using quite a few of these!
    Keep up the great work you’re doing.

  18. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for these great picks!
    I just posted an related article on my blog and wanted to follow it up with a selection of recommended gigs…
    So in the mean time, I’ll send people over to your post, as I am sure this is most helpful.
    Thanks again,

  19. Thanks for this. I have used fiverr for kindle book covers, editing and blog graphics. Great site.
    There is a lot of crap there to. Just gotta find the right people.
    I will add these names to my list

  20. Thanks Kim. Wonderful list of ideas!!! For so long we’ve heard how you could build a thriving business online with zero dollars. Well, it’s possible, but involves a lot of hard labour (and stress) until you get it to a remarkable level. For you to focus on what will move your business ahead, you need help for that busy work stuff. And you’ve provided some really good & cost-effective ideas.

  21. Kim,

    Great post as usual. I’ve been using fiverr for my clients SEO – Great Gig Collections and Thanks for sharing.

    I am using few junk linkbuildings to like youtube videos, some web2 properties which works fine as well.

  22. Hi Kim. Thanks for these great resources. I have just this week started looking into using Fiverr for a couple projects so the timing is good.
    Warm recommendations are the best so these will be useful.
    I always appreciate what you share.
    Thanks a lot.

    If you can recommend a gig for setting up WP Online Store, its a WordPress eCommerce plugin it would sure be greatly appreciated.

  23. Hey Kim!

    Thanks for the great list of Fiverr Gigs! I just started using Fiverr recently and am way more likely to order a particular Gig if they have been recommended by someone I trust like yourself. :)


    Jit Uppal

  24. Fiverr is fab for the “little” things like ebook covers and video intros, I never knew they did press release submissions. Thanks for this Kim, will give Fiverr a deeper look :)

  25. HEY Kim!

    thanks soooooooo much for the excellent resources…
    you ALWAYS provide the VERY BEST VALUE whenever
    you share information with your readers.

    I really appreciate the list of recommendations, because
    I’m trying to find someone to provide illustrations and some
    transcription work. This is right on time :-)

    Thanks again!

    Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)
    “Keep on, Keeping on…”

  26. This is a fantastic resource Kim. Who wouldn’t spend five dollars on these gigs?! I found you many years ago online and then got distracted by a lot of other online clutter and now I’m back! I love that you adore traffic the way I adore content:) I’ll be following you a lot closer now.

  27. Hi Kim!

    Great post! Fiverr can be a great place to get much needed work completed. The key is to click that ‘rating’ button… lol (I know that YOU know this)!

    Again, like always – great content!

    Keep ROCKIN ON!
    -Antonio Easter

  28. I have been on FIVERR since this past Jan, helping people start their family trees. I go back 4 generations from the grandparents. I have a had great luck with my gig and have many happy clients. It is a great site if you follow their rules and you will be very successful if you learn how to market your gigs and have a great product/gig to offer. If you would like help starting your family tree, you can find my FEATURED family tree gig under the other tab or Google tn5rr2012

  29. is anyone finding that on the pdf/slidesharing sites that most of the sites are stripping away the anchor text in the code. Anytime i run a good link check on these, I am getting a very low # though when you go to the actual page, the link appears to be hyperlink but when you check the code, its not.

    are you putting links somewhere else for these to count?

  30. Wow thanks so much for this collection. Certainly good to have and saves a lot of our time wasted in searching for good and genuine Fiverr gigs (sometimes couldn’t help being cheated by the fake ones)!

    Thanks again!

  31. You. Rock. Kim!

    Thanks for the great advice. If this is what you give for free, can’t even fathom all the awesome content that’s in the membership. Getting my ducks in a row before signing up.

    WelcomeGate has worked out great (more subscribers, yeah!), so I’ll definitely get working on some of these.


    -Rich Polanco

  32. If you’ve got a great ebook (instructional, introductory or just information that people can use) that you can sell for 5-bucks profitably, Fivrr is also a great place to move a lot of copies profitably. But you can’t just sell it out right, simply tell them you will “TEACH” them how to (whatever it is you’re selling) for five bucks. works like a charm and can also be easily promoted via Craigslist and email marketing, which by the way is FAR FROM DEAD.

  33. Excellent list of gigs on Fiverr. I have been using Fiverr for a while. But some of the gigs you have mentioned are are top notch. I really liked the caricature gig, the quality of Konco is tremendous. I think I might get one for myself.

    There is no doubt that Fiverr can be a great resource. There are many gigs that would well be worth over 100 dollars. So therefore why not take the advantage and use them.

    Thank you for pointing out these wonder gigs, I now know which ones to look out for.

    Thank you


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