Best Fiverr Gigs of 2014

I’m a HUGE fan of Fiverr.

For me, it’s been a great place to outsource things like graphic design, content syndication, audio editing, whiteboard animation, tech work, and more…

So I thought I would share a few of my favorites…

1. Get a professional caricature for $5. This is one of THE most talented artists on Fiverr. His caricatures are some of the best I’ve seen online. You can use these in your website design, email templates, and free reports. OR you could also create them for your affiliates and potential JV Partners.

Great way to build relationships and get someone’s attention :)

2. Turn your photo into a pop art cartoon. I LOVE these! A great gig for your next ‘Roundup’ post of the Top 10 Bloggers.

3. Create a whiteboard animation for just $5. You could also turn these into ‘animated gifs’ and post them on Google Plus :)

4. Done-for-You Powerpoint Presentations. Focus on creating great content and let someone else create the Powerpoint. Also a great way to convert your articles into PowerPoint slides that you can then submit to sites like


5. Professional Video Editing. James puts the final touches on your video to quickly turn them from bland to engaging and professional. One of the best video guys on Fiverr.




6. WordPress Fixes. Although I’m generally fairly techie. My time is much better spent on high-leverage activities. Fiverr has some great WordPress guys who can fix almost any problem.




7. Content Syndication. Share your content to the top video sites, document sharing sites, powerpoint submission sites, audio submission sites, and more with VirtualGirl2010. She is one of the best.



8. Submit Your video to the Top 30 Video sites. Including YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, etc… If you do any video marketing at all, this is a great way to get more exposure to your videos. You’ll also receive a full report with each url where your video has been published.

9. Audio Editing. Edit your audio or podcast for just $5. Spend your time focused on creating great content and outsource the editing to the pros. Add intro and outro music as well to give your podcast a professional touch. Also allows you to speed up your product creation as well :)


10. Kindle Traffic. Format your ebook for Smashwords submission. Smashwords will then distribute your ebook to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Flipkart, Oyster, the Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor’s Blio and more! 




28 thoughts on “Best Fiverr Gigs of 2014”

  1. Hey Kim!

    Great post, as always! I especially like the Powerpoints–I had no idea those were available on Fiverr.
    I didn’t know you were techy; it’s so refreshing to find someone who isn’t afraid of code.
    To a prosperous 2014!

  2. Thank you Kim. It’s always good to see other’s use of Fiverr as there are so many creative ways that may be overlooked. I do agree with Ronnie that it can be a hit and miss at times. I’ve run into 2 here recently that provided a less than satisfactory experience. Looking forward to your post again with suggested Gigs with provider. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Kim,
    That’s an interesting collection.
    I’ll like to give a try to gigs 1, 2 and 8 on your list. I can’t wait. Can’t wait to see the cartoon look of my photo ;)

    Do have a wonderful week

  4. Thank you Kim for the list of Fiverrs you’ve provided us! They all look like great providers and I will most definitely be checking them out soon! Thank again for sharing this list and for all the helpful info you send and share with us!

  5. Kim always gives great and useful information. I always follow her recommendations and this one is no exception. I use Fiverr a lot and I’m glad I found new powerful gigs for my business. Thanks.

  6. Great list here. Based on your recommendations, I have been using the resources in fiverr, especially for logo’s, timeline covers and other graphics.
    Probably move to video editing and other stuff soon.
    Once again, thanks heaps.
    Love receiving your e-mails.

  7. I found few design services at Fiverr for $5 only. I love them. There are no other places to find the smiliar services for only $5. e.g: drawing cartoon, caricature, logo design. Again I love them!

  8. Thanks Kim was looking for some quality people for some routine tasks. I use fiverr, but it is very difficult to pinpoint good workers at time, inspite of the rating and reviews.

  9. Thanks for the list of quality providers, always appreciate knowing who is good among the many providers. BTW, moving to Bowling Green, looking forward to possibly meeting you live.

  10. Kim, I loved your last fiverr list and followed up on quite a few of your ideas from that list. I’m excited to have a list of more technical people I can trust. I truly appreciate your fiverr recommendations. Before I found your last list I’d gotten burned MANY times on fiverr… I just didn’t know how to go about finding a quality gig. So thanks again for giving me a great place to start. :)

  11. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the great information that you provided in this post I know for sure I’ll be looking into this especially for my prodcast project that I have in my upcoming blog.

    So Kim have a nice day.


  12. Wow – what a great list. While I’m a fan of Fiverr, it can take some time to sort through all the junk until you find those “nuggets of gold” so there’s real value here.

    The gig I’m most excited about is the Powerpoint presentation. I’m working on a pretty epic article right now and I’m planning to turn the “key points” into an infographic. Then, reading your article, I thought “why not a slideshow too?” – only a little bit of extra work and loads more potential traffic!

  13. I LOVE Fiverr, I bought a video intro on Fiverr and am really happy with it. I also got some infographics and design work done.
    I even found an artist that is doing ALL of the graphics for by ebook for less than $50. Seriously it’s awesome!

  14. Thanks Kim! I actually downloaded this source about a week ago.

    I can’t believe the Fanpage one can get for just $5.00!! Cheaper than a Starbucks visit … lol!

    Thanks again.

    I also have your 2013 Fiver list too!

    Keep rockin Kim!

  15. It’s incredible what can be done on Fiverr. Although many of the best jobs require a bit more than $5 – one of my favorite is a guy from New Zealand who will do mock press conferences. He even has a reporter asking questions! It’s great.

    Thanks for this list and I’m glad that I’ve stumbled upon your blog.

  16. Hi Kim, I appreciate having your 2014 Fiverr Gigs of 2014. I’m new at using Fiverr and so far have not had a good experience. Who would you recommend from Fiverr to create a new logo for me. After the logo, I want to have graphics created that will make by FaceBook Page, Website, Blog, Business Cards, etc. all be consistent. I appreciate your help. Thanks very much

    • Hi Carol!

      If you’re looking to do a complete branding job across all of your platforms I would recommend

      You’re going to spend a little bit more. But for what you’re looking for they are the best option :)



  17. Hi Kim,
    I was thinking arbitrage using your WordPress person but then I was looking at a high cancellation ratio 17% much higher on some of the gigs. Any thoughts?


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