Is Your WordPress Theme Leaving Money on the Table?

If you’ve spent any amount of time online, then you probably know that the money is in your email list.

I’ve found with my own business that 95% of my sales come from our subscriber list. With the remaining 5% coming from the blog.

So as you can imagine – your subscriber list is quite literally the lifeblood of your business.

But how do you convert your blog visitors into subscribers?

There are a number of tools to help you do so. One of my favorites is called Hybrid Connect.

But you can dramatically increase the conversion rate of your blog simply by choosing the RIGHT WordPress theme.

In fact, there are a handful of premium Wodpress themes designed specifically to boost your email opt-ins and turn your blog into a conversion machine.


1. Generate Theme.

This theme is built specifically to increase opt-ins.

The graphical opt-in box instantly draws attention.

Chris Brogan increased his opt-ins by 35.41% when he started using the Generate theme. That’s an additional 35 percent more people getting his newsletter every week.

I’m personally a huge fan of this professional design and it’s effectiveness
when it comes to building a REAL business online.

Click here to Preview the Generate Theme.


2. Streamline Theme.

This is another professional WordPress theme by StudioPress that makes the opt-in box the focus of the page.

In this design they use a contrasting color for the opt-in box to stand out from the rest of the blog. So it instantly draws your attention.

It also comes with a ‘feature box’ on the home page to increase your conversions even further.

This theme comes with 3 different color options and all of the built-in goodness of the Genesis Framework.

Click here to Preview the Streamline Theme.


3. Marketers Delight.

This theme is designed to increase conversion rates, get more email signups and drive more sales.

Plus, in addition to the main design it also comes with pre-built landing page templates and a collection of matching opt-in forms.

Click Here to Preview the Marketers Delight theme.


4. Focus Theme.

This theme has a minimalist design with the sign-up box as the key focus of the sidebar.

It keeps things super simple and professional so that your content is the highlight of each page.

Click Here to Preview the Focus Theme.


5. (in)SPYR Theme.

Here’s a fun theme designed with conversions in mind.

It comes pre-built with a feature box at the top of the home page – allowing you to convert your visitors into subscribers.

Or as I like to say – allowing you to convert one-time visitors in RAVING fans!

Through email marketing – you’re able to deliver much more value over time and engage on a deeper level.

Creating loyal repeat visitors and customers.

Click Here to Preview the (in)SPYR Theme.


6. Avenger.

This design is built on one of my favorite themes – Thesis!

The Avenger skin comes pre-loaded with a feature box on the homepage to maximize conversions. Plus – it comes with a number of pre-designed opt-in boxes for the sidebar.

They’ve added one-click integration with Aweber, MailChimp and Get Response so that you don’t have to worry about the coding mumbo jumbo :)

Click Here to Preview the Avenger Theme


7. FlexSqueeze Theme.

If you’re looking for a flexible theme designed for conversions then I would take a look at FlexSqueeze.

Flexsqueeze allows you to easily add opt-in boxes to the sidebar via widgets.

Plus, it also includes a header box where you can feature your opt-in front and center.

FlexSqueeze comes with a wide variety of options – including one-click color schemes, designs, and layouts. It also comes with many different sales page, squeeze page and landing page templates.

It also comes with many pre-styled page elements. Allowing you to add boxes, testimonials, sign-up forms, buy buttons, and much more in just a few clicks.


Important Note: Many of the links above are affiliate links. If you purchase
through any of the affiliate links above I will be available to support you in setting up your WordPress blog. My own blog here at has made a HUGE impact on our business and I want you to be able to do the same. So please feel free to email me at if you need any help or support with the themes above.



37 thoughts on “Is Your WordPress Theme Leaving Money on the Table?”

  1. Nice list of themes Kim. I own several of them and they are excellent designs. I’ve been working on some awesome thesis 2.0 skins that will be launched next month. Do look out for them. I bet you will want to include them to this list.

  2. Any theme that allows for good conversion rates and subscriptions are bound to be good. Although I don’t use any of the mentioned themes, I am very much inclined to use the streamline theme, it looks quite good but then its from Studiopress and they have great themes anyway.

    Alternatively, the SPYR theme looks good as well, seems as if it would convert well. Thanks for pointing these themes and makes me wonder if I should considering one of these.

    I am surprised to know that Chris Brogan increased subscriptions by 35% using the Generate theme, that’s quite remarkable.

    • Interestingly though, Chris Brogan has abandoned Generate for a theme which is almost like a very pretty squeeze page on the front, with some options for working with him below, then the blog posts below that.


        • Yeah – I think so too. Though it’s interesting that he was a big fan of “blog based” sites that have blog posts on the home page rather than promotional or descriptive messages. Now he’s switched to a theme where the blog posts are well below the fold.

          That might also indicate an increased willingness of visitors to scroll down these days. Dunno.


  3. They are all good themes Kim, I’ve lost count of the Internet hours, spent scouring the net for a good theme… One company that produces a range of hand crafted themes less tailored to IMers; is the Theme, for the more arty blogger, they are spot on!

  4. Im working with rockettheme since years (im working more with joomla, wordpress is not so bulked). They made it always very good to handle and all the newer templates are full responsive, so it displays correct on every machine.

    • A great place to learn about WordPress and how it all works is Youtube!
      By just doing a search for “WordPress tutorials” there will be quite a few video series on there by different people who know what they are talking about and best of all its FREE =D
      Alternatively go to Amazon or Ebay and find a good book on the subject its almost guaranteed to deliver more value to you than an overpriced hyped up info product this is true for most marketing and business subjects. (Kim’s products always deliver great value and unique methods)

  5. HI Kim,

    Great themes there. I’m a Thesis theme guy, but I do use the flex theme for my blogging video course as examples. I would also recommend Genesis theme as the internal code is geared for SEO.

    As you know Kim, you do need great content as well as a great looking blog to attract attention and gather followers.

    Great list Kim thanks for sharing.

    Dan Sumner

  6. All of hose themes are great.. I tend to stick with OptimizePress though – it is like a conversion magnet. Can’t wait until OP2 comes out.

  7. I use Thesis also, and have wanted to check out some of these other themes. Will have to check if they are customizable for putting in code to make the headline go across the page and the background seamless, which makes my WordPress blog appear to be an HTML site, which I love!

    Thanks for the great list. Am bookmarking to go through them one by one.

    Appreciate your hard work, Kim!

    – Carol

  8. Hi Kim
    I found this post very interesting as I am looking to change my theme in the near future and also hunting around for a suitable small business one as well finding it hard to find what i want.

    Interesting comment set up can you tell me what you are using for that please.


  9. Great themes Kim, I love Thesis, it’s so easy to customize it. I have lots of different niches on it – and it’s wonderful. But I will try some off your list definitely :) Thanks!

  10. Hey Kim
    Thanks for the valuable content once again
    Once I get up to speed I will be able to implement
    Some of these themes
    Starting with optimize press for now

    Best ,

    Ray k.
    Toronto Canada

  11. Great list Kim… I love the fact that 4 of them are Genesis themes… I’m a big fan of Genesis and won’t use anything else! Best framework and themes out there (IMHO)…

    Linda =}

  12. Hi Kim

    I use thesis, and I actually hand code the form in my sidebar from a graphic.

    Sometimes the templates never work with your own ecover or the call to action is a bit naff, or the colour scheme is not quite right.

    I don’t mean for this to sound like self promotion, but if anyone does ever need help with setting up their opt-in forms with these sorts of themes doing aweber (or any other company) installations on wordpress is my best selling gig.

    Don’t let the technical stuff put you off listbuilding.


  13. Hello Kim, how are you doing?

    That is a nice selection of blog themes, which I also advise my customers to install on their blogs.

    You have it easier for them to install them, as you have provided them for them.

    Extra tips for more profitability include:

    1) Include some ads on your blog (adsense, clickbank, banners etc), for money making streams.

    2) Test the positions of ads on your site to see which positions give the best results.

    3) Include an optin form, to collect your visitors email address.

    4) Add links to your products/sales pages at the end of your content, reminding people of your products, and where to find them.

    5) Make sure your themes look ‘fine’ in each browser

    Matt Morgan

  14. Thanks for this great list. I was just searching for themes the other day.
    I’m surprised that Optimize Press wasn’t on this list as it’s hugely popular
    and highly recommended. Did you research OP Kim?
    Anyway, thanks and I will have to go through them.

  15. I have been hunting for good wordpress theme for a while and your input really helps, there are just so many themes out there, I got overwhelmed .. I could take all day looking for a theme test and feel the site, but it is very time consuming .. it is good to get recommendation fomr someone like you as you have gone through it and have indepth experience with it… thank you so much for helping us..

  16. I do agree, these themes are wonderful. I would also like to contribute one more that we use and we have found out that it is also recommended by many other webmasters. We use NEWS theme that runs on genesis. It is a child theme which is mobile friendly too. I think you should check it out.

  17. Kim:

    I am a big Genesis fan. I really like their Eleven40 theme and that is what I use on my blog. However, I love the Thesis skin (Avenger) that you listed in your post. It has terrific typography.

    Have you seen Amy Porterfield’s blog at I really like what Amy has done with her “front & center” optin form. She has had this type of optin form up for more than a year, so I’m assuming it has been very effective for her.


  18. Just happen to be in the market for a quality theme for list building – so thanks Kim!

    My Biggest Questions:
    Should we all be using Responsive themes – given today’s mobile market?
    If so…how do we use them for list building (ex: what’s the best way to set up forms on mobile devices)?

  19. Hi Kim,

    I am using Streamline with Genesis framework. I found configuring the feature box with aweber. So I have just customized it. Can you just have a look on my blog and give me a feedback on my custom feature box?

    Amrik Virdi

  20. Kim, I have been using the SmartBlog them from Theme Junkie from long time by totally customizing it myself (Proud of it), So I must say that If you’re able to customize a theme than you can have a great impact.

    You can check my blog them and the original SmartBlog theme, you’ll see the difference. I have found Theme Junkie the best WordPress theme provider and easy solution to move from FREE theme to premium WordPress theme.

  21. I was impressed to hear how these themes can help you increase email subscribers.

    I visit Chris Brogan’s blog pretty often. It looks nice, but as you state he has made some changes for more branding, which is probably better for him because he seem to be making plenty of ad money.

    I have been considering a premium theme but my blog needs to get more popular. I like the look of your blog. thanks

  22. Kim, once again, an absolutely fab list you have here, and I agree -all the themes mentioned work very well.

    One theme you might want to check out and add to this list is catalyst –, and I mention this because I have been able to use it to build lists in the thousands, and it can be made to look like all the blogs above – very powerful.

    Keep up the great work!

  23. Using genesis theme framework for your website is the best way to improve your on-page SEO effort, your website security and finally your conversions. They are professionally designed, are responsive and offers hundreds of hooks to customize the look as per your need. Personally I just love genesis theme framework. And you collection is really great.


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