5 Things Entrepreneurs Will Never Tell You

So today is supposed to be Part 3 of our series on Unusual Traffic Strategies.

But this morning when I woke up I decided to scrap the whole thing and do something better.

Ok… not really.

But we’re definitely putting a bit of a twist on it.

I want to tell you the crap that entrepreneurs never talk about.

The things we think about but never dare say out loud.

And yes…

It does have to do with traffic. And it has everything to do with building an audience and growing a tribe of raving fans.

More on that later.

But first…

About that crap that entrepreneurs never talk about.

Let’s start with one that we can all relate to.

101 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

So…. you just pushed “Publish” on your blog.

Your masterpiece is now live.

Unfortunately, the only people who came to the party were your mom and your grandma.

You refresh your statistics every five minutes.

But that thing must be broke.


Maybe you just need a better plan.

Better yet…

“The Ultimate Blog Promotion Checklist”

101 ways to increase your traffic, comments, share, and subscribers!

Follow this list. Print it out. Tape it to your desk.

And most importantly… Use it!

(Quick Note: You don’t need all of them :) Even just a handful could get you to your first 1,000 visitors.)

Ok… enough talk.

Let’s get to work…

Top 100+ Content Marketing Tools

Creating and promoting your content is a BIG task. In fact, I often spend a few days writing a single blog post. The one you’re reading right now took 12+ hours.

But it’s well worth the effort.

Content Marketing (when done properly) can attract thousands of visitors to your blog posts, grow your subscriber list, and build a raving fan base around your products and services.

It’s not easy. It takes some elbow grease. And there’s no magic secret.


There are some cool tools that will make your life as a blogger a LOT easier.

And I’ve collected them all together here in one GIANT list.

The Top 100 content marketing tools for creating epic blog posts, coming up with unlimited article ideas, creating magnetic headlines, marketing and distribution, blogger outreach, and content analytics.

All the tools you’ll need to become a ROCK STAR blogger :)