[CASE STUDY] – 1 Article = 7,640 Visitors

Last month I published an article on my website that ended up sending me
7,640 Visitors. And so I thought I’d do a case study for you detailing exactly how I did it.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

The first thing I did was actually write the article. This is actually THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the process because the quality of your article is going to determine how far it will spread and how much traffic it will end up attracting. Promoting the article is definitely a critical piece of the puzzle but you MUST start by creating a truly exceptional article.

So my first task was to create a great article that people would instantly want to bookmark, share with their friends, etc…

I spent 4 days writing the article – packing it with killer content and golden nuggets that were truly irresistible. I gave it an eye-catching title. And finally after hours of work, I posted the article to my blog at https://www.buzzblogger.com/21-untapped-traffic-sources/

Now that I had finally finished writing the article, it was now time to promote the article. And this is where most people drop the ball. You should spend TWICE as much time promoting your content as you do writing it.

So here’s what I did to promote the article:

First, I purchased 500 Visitors from StumblUpon Ads.

This is a really easy, low-cost way to “seed” your article and start getting some traction. Each visitor cost 5 cents each. This will put your content not only in front of powerful StumbleUpon users but also potentially in front
of other influential bloggers.

So this is something I like to use whenever I create pillar articles that have a good chance of going viral.

I ended up receiving a total of 1,706 visitors from StumbleUpon through the additional organic stumbles.

The next thing I did was post my article on Twitter. I have over 6,000
followers on Twitter so this was another great content syndication point for spreading my article.

Here’s what my tweet looked like:

21 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Traffic….http://su.pr/3aoElu <===
Plz RT

Now, you’ll notice quite a few things with this tweet. First, I had an enticing headline to get people to click through. At the end of the tweet I also included a “Plz RT” to increase the number of retweets. This phrase has been proven to generate more retweets.

Plus, I also used a very powerful URL shortener called Su.pr.

Not only does Su.pr shorten your URL but it also exposes your content
to StumbleUpon’s user base, sending you even more traffic and exposure.

The Su.pr URL shortener is the only one I know of that actually PROMOTES
your content for more exposure and clicks. I got more traffic simply from using the Su.pr url shortener when posting my tweets. Very Powerful and super simple!

You’ll also want to tweet your article more than once. I would recommend
that you tweet your article at least 3 times. Retweeting your article has proven to increase your traffic, exposure, and retweets.

Plus, it’s very unlikely that you will annoy anyone because there are always different people on Twitter at any one time. So by posting multiple times you actually end up exposing your content to new audiences.

My article ended up receiving 170 tweets, many of which came from high-
profile bloggers and Tweeters. They included people like Guy Kawaski,
Larry Wentz (96k followers), Dan Tanner (71k followers), mailcopywriter2
(44k followers), Sherman Hu, Stu Mclaren, mlrockwell (19,659 followers),
and DotSauce (11,949 followers)… (just to name a few…)

I also purchased tweets from John Chow and Joel Comm from SponsoredTweets.com. But to be honest, I probably wouldn’t do that again. I don’t think it really made too much of a bump in terms of traffic. Plus, the majority of my retweets did not come from those sources either. So next time I would just let it all be organic.

Interestingly enough, Facebook actually sent me 404 Visitors, which was
a huge surprise to me. I’ve never really seen Facebook as a top-tier traffic source. But lots of people post their tweets on Facebook. So if you’re content is being shared and retweeted on Twitter, then you’ll probably see a good flow of traffic from Facebook as well.

I also posted my article on ImNewsWatch.com, which sent an extra 56
visitors. ImNewsWatch is basically a content aggregator that shares all the latest news and content related to Internet Marketing. It’s a great place to get some extra exposure and traffic on any of your content.

I also posted a modified, condensed version of the article on the Warrior Forum, which sent me 584 extra visitors. It was essentially a “Cliff Notes” version of the full article. But the full article is a whopping 18 pages long, so this modified, “condensed” version offered a lot of value for someone who just wanted to quickly dig out the golden nuggets. You can see the Warrior Forum post at:

21 Untapped Traffic Sources

This post has received 3,431 views and 77 replies. It also received 96 “Thank You” clicks from people like Willie Crawford, Jonathan Mizel, Maria Gudelis, Ron Douglas, and lots of other great Warriors.

I also received 365 Visitors from a private membership called ChrisFarrellMembership.com. I had logged into my stats to see quite a bit of traffic coming from this site, but when I clicked the link I wasn’t able to see what had been posted because it was a paid membership. This made me deathly curious so I ended up joining the site and getting involved with the forum there.

I also met the owner, Chris Farrell and we quickly became good friends.

We’ve been chatting ever since. We’ve also done an ad swap and exchanged content. So because of this one article, I now also have a new business partner as well. Creating exceptional value is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

I also shared my content on a number of different Ning Communities.

These are basically social networks centered around every topic imaginable. Many of them have thousands upon thousands of members. So I simply found the Ning networks related to business and marketing and
started getting involved in the community.

Ning Networks are extremely powerful because they allow you to post your
content, post videos, and interact in the forums. They are truly an untapped traffic source.

The Biggie: Here’s where things really hit a tipping point. Guy Kawaski
ended up posting a link to my article on http://holykaw.alltop.com
sending me 2,192 visitors. He also shared the link on Twitter.

And this is where things really started to go viral.

Because of Guy Kawaski’s tweet, lots of people retweeted the article,
shared it on social bookmarking sites, etc…

It also gained some traction on Delicious and ended up hitting the popular page – sending 244 extra visitors.

At this point, I was finished with all of the organic promotion so my final task was to send an email out to my subscribers to share the article with them. This sent an extra 1,118 visitors to the article.

But I did this last because I wanted to see how many organic visitors I
could get first without using my list.

In the end, this one article alone brought me 7,640 visitors. That’s the
power of writing truly great content.

Here’s a quick overview of all the major traffic sources:

ChrisFarrellMembership.com: 365 Visitors
InternetMarketingSecrets.com/blog : 133
Twitter : 453 Visitors
WarriorForum : 584 (322 +
StumbleUpon : 1,706
Facebook: 404 Visitors
ImNewsWatch.com : 56 Visitors
Delicious: 244 Visitors
TwitterMoms.com : 56 Visitors
http://twitturls.com – 93 Visitors
The Biggie: http://holykaw.alltop.com/ : 2,192 Visitors
http://www.wahm.com/forum/ : 109 Visitors
http://vitavee.com/forums/thread-280.html – 25 Visitors
HomeBasedBusiness.com : 34 Visitors
OurSignal.com – 17 Visitors
JoeTech.com – 19 Visitors
ShareIn.com – 32 Visitors
Email Broadcast – 1,118

Total: 7,640 Visitors

Plus, this article also exposed me to a lot of top-name blogger’s and marketers. And this is actually exponentially more powerful than the traffic it brought in. Those relationships will be 100x more powerful than the traffic alone. Because when you create exceptional content, people take notice.

It’s a game-changer… if you’re willing to put in the work.

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  1. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks so much for this very valuable information!!! I wrote a new blog post yesterday afternoon, then followed many of your suggestions and in less than 24 hours my post was at the top of Google. Cool !! So glad I found your blog. Lovin all your Blog posts!! Thanks again!

  2. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks so much for this very valuable information!!! I wrote a new blog post yesterday afternoon, then followed many of your suggestions and in less than 24 hours my post was at the top of Google. Cool !! So glad I found your blog. Lovin all your Blog posts!! Thanks again!

  3. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks so much for this very valuable information!!! I wrote a new blog post yesterday afternoon, then followed many of your suggestions and in less than 24 hours my post was at the top of Google. Cool !! So glad I found your blog. Lovin all your Blog posts!! Thanks again!

  4. Belatedly, a great case study. However, it would be greatly appreciated it you could explain the oft-used “you make $1 per month for each subscriber.” How is that calculated?

  5. Awesome case study Kim! I found this in my old bookmarks and I remember this article launched me in the article marketing adventure back in 2009!
    Reading it after some years, it’s useful the same, also after the big slash GOogle gave to article directories rankings!

    Thanks again and see you soon!


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