[CASE STUDY] – 1 Article = 7,640 Visitors

Last month I published an article on my website that ended up sending me
7,640 Visitors. And so I thought I’d do a case study for you detailing exactly how I did it.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

The first thing I did was actually write the article. This is actually THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the process because the quality of your article is going to determine how far it will spread and how much traffic it will end up attracting. Promoting the article is definitely a critical piece of the puzzle but you MUST start by creating a truly exceptional article.

So my first task was to create a great article that people would instantly want to bookmark, share with their friends, etc…

I spent 4 days writing the article – packing it with killer content and golden nuggets that were truly irresistible. I gave it an eye-catching title. And finally after hours of work, I posted the article to my blog at https://www.buzzblogger.com/21-untapped-traffic-sources/

Now that I had finally finished writing the article, it was now time to promote the article. And this is where most people drop the ball. You should spend TWICE as much time promoting your content as you do writing it.

So here’s what I did to promote the article:

First, I purchased 500 Visitors from StumblUpon Ads.

This is a really easy, low-cost way to “seed” your article and start getting some traction. Each visitor cost 5 cents each. This will put your content not only in front of powerful StumbleUpon users but also potentially in front
of other influential bloggers.

So this is something I like to use whenever I create pillar articles that have a good chance of going viral.

I ended up receiving a total of 1,706 visitors from StumbleUpon through the additional organic stumbles.

The next thing I did was post my article on Twitter. I have over 6,000
followers on Twitter so this was another great content syndication point for spreading my article.

Here’s what my tweet looked like:

21 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Traffic….http://su.pr/3aoElu <===
Plz RT

Now, you’ll notice quite a few things with this tweet. First, I had an enticing headline to get people to click through. At the end of the tweet I also included a “Plz RT” to increase the number of retweets. This phrase has been proven to generate more retweets.

Plus, I also used a very powerful URL shortener called Su.pr.

Not only does Su.pr shorten your URL but it also exposes your content
to StumbleUpon’s user base, sending you even more traffic and exposure.

The Su.pr URL shortener is the only one I know of that actually PROMOTES
your content for more exposure and clicks. I got more traffic simply from using the Su.pr url shortener when posting my tweets. Very Powerful and super simple!

You’ll also want to tweet your article more than once. I would recommend
that you tweet your article at least 3 times. Retweeting your article has proven to increase your traffic, exposure, and retweets.

Plus, it’s very unlikely that you will annoy anyone because there are always different people on Twitter at any one time. So by posting multiple times you actually end up exposing your content to new audiences.

My article ended up receiving 170 tweets, many of which came from high-
profile bloggers and Tweeters. They included people like Guy Kawaski,
Larry Wentz (96k followers), Dan Tanner (71k followers), mailcopywriter2
(44k followers), Sherman Hu, Stu Mclaren, mlrockwell (19,659 followers),
and DotSauce (11,949 followers)… (just to name a few…)

I also purchased tweets from John Chow and Joel Comm from SponsoredTweets.com. But to be honest, I probably wouldn’t do that again. I don’t think it really made too much of a bump in terms of traffic. Plus, the majority of my retweets did not come from those sources either. So next time I would just let it all be organic.

Interestingly enough, Facebook actually sent me 404 Visitors, which was
a huge surprise to me. I’ve never really seen Facebook as a top-tier traffic source. But lots of people post their tweets on Facebook. So if you’re content is being shared and retweeted on Twitter, then you’ll probably see a good flow of traffic from Facebook as well.

I also posted my article on ImNewsWatch.com, which sent an extra 56
visitors. ImNewsWatch is basically a content aggregator that shares all the latest news and content related to Internet Marketing. It’s a great place to get some extra exposure and traffic on any of your content.

I also posted a modified, condensed version of the article on the Warrior Forum, which sent me 584 extra visitors. It was essentially a “Cliff Notes” version of the full article. But the full article is a whopping 18 pages long, so this modified, “condensed” version offered a lot of value for someone who just wanted to quickly dig out the golden nuggets. You can see the Warrior Forum post at:

21 Untapped Traffic Sources

This post has received 3,431 views and 77 replies. It also received 96 “Thank You” clicks from people like Willie Crawford, Jonathan Mizel, Maria Gudelis, Ron Douglas, and lots of other great Warriors.

I also received 365 Visitors from a private membership called ChrisFarrellMembership.com. I had logged into my stats to see quite a bit of traffic coming from this site, but when I clicked the link I wasn’t able to see what had been posted because it was a paid membership. This made me deathly curious so I ended up joining the site and getting involved with the forum there.

I also met the owner, Chris Farrell and we quickly became good friends.

We’ve been chatting ever since. We’ve also done an ad swap and exchanged content. So because of this one article, I now also have a new business partner as well. Creating exceptional value is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

I also shared my content on a number of different Ning Communities.

These are basically social networks centered around every topic imaginable. Many of them have thousands upon thousands of members. So I simply found the Ning networks related to business and marketing and
started getting involved in the community.

Ning Networks are extremely powerful because they allow you to post your
content, post videos, and interact in the forums. They are truly an untapped traffic source.

The Biggie: Here’s where things really hit a tipping point. Guy Kawaski
ended up posting a link to my article on http://holykaw.alltop.com
sending me 2,192 visitors. He also shared the link on Twitter.

And this is where things really started to go viral.

Because of Guy Kawaski’s tweet, lots of people retweeted the article,
shared it on social bookmarking sites, etc…

It also gained some traction on Delicious and ended up hitting the popular page – sending 244 extra visitors.

At this point, I was finished with all of the organic promotion so my final task was to send an email out to my subscribers to share the article with them. This sent an extra 1,118 visitors to the article.

But I did this last because I wanted to see how many organic visitors I
could get first without using my list.

In the end, this one article alone brought me 7,640 visitors. That’s the
power of writing truly great content.

Here’s a quick overview of all the major traffic sources:

ChrisFarrellMembership.com: 365 Visitors
InternetMarketingSecrets.com/blog : 133
Twitter : 453 Visitors
WarriorForum : 584 (322 +
StumbleUpon : 1,706
Facebook: 404 Visitors
ImNewsWatch.com : 56 Visitors
Delicious: 244 Visitors
TwitterMoms.com : 56 Visitors
http://twitturls.com – 93 Visitors
The Biggie: http://holykaw.alltop.com/ : 2,192 Visitors
http://www.wahm.com/forum/ : 109 Visitors
http://vitavee.com/forums/thread-280.html – 25 Visitors
HomeBasedBusiness.com : 34 Visitors
OurSignal.com – 17 Visitors
JoeTech.com – 19 Visitors
ShareIn.com – 32 Visitors
Email Broadcast – 1,118

Total: 7,640 Visitors

Plus, this article also exposed me to a lot of top-name blogger’s and marketers. And this is actually exponentially more powerful than the traffic it brought in. Those relationships will be 100x more powerful than the traffic alone. Because when you create exceptional content, people take notice.

It’s a game-changer… if you’re willing to put in the work.

57 thoughts on “[CASE STUDY] – 1 Article = 7,640 Visitors”

  1. Hi Kim,

    I’ve been following you through your involvement with the Chris Farrell membership site and was on the webinar this past Sunday. Your content is always exceptional and your reports or practically daily viewing as I grow my sites’ traffic. Great case study. Look forward to more of your gems!

  2. Hi Codrut,

    This article generated over 400 subscribers. And as you probably know, on average, you earn $1 per month for every subscriber that’s on your list. So that’s an extra $400 per month.

    Plus, I’ve also developed priceless friendships with other marketers because of this article.


    – Kim

  3. Thats one heck of a summary! I read your 21 traffic sources report, theres a heck of a lot of content in there.

    I will have a go at implementing some of them, but boy are they time consuming!

    I particularly like the summary where you mention getting the notice of some top bloggers, that part alone is more important than the other 7000 odd in my opinion.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Hi Kim ,
    I watched your seminar with Chris Farrell the other day discussing traffic. Thanks for all the information. Once you set up a traffic funnel like this readers come from all sorts of places. How did you track where all the readers/visitors came from and how much of these visitors actually ended up on one of your maling lists for future projects ?

  5. This is a fantastic follow-up!

    Thank you for showing the entire process that goes into creating a successful article – thanks for sharing the detailed results, how you measure your success – and what those results mean to your bottom line.


  6. Wow! Thank you so much for all of the amazing comments.

    In regards to how you track where visitors are coming from and which one’s actually sign up for your mailing list – I use Google Analytics. And then I set up what are called “Goals” to see which sources are converting to subscribers and at what percentage.

    You can learn about how to set up goals in Google Analytics at:


    This is extremely powerful and something that everyone should be doing in their business. Testing & Tracking is the key to growth.

  7. Hi Kim

    I particularly liked your emphasis of “The first thing I did was actually write the article” this reinforces that you have to take action to get results.

    Nothing comes from doing nothing.

    Love the blog



  8. I understand writing a great article is more important than getting traffic as that’s the 1st step leading to quality and quantity traffic.

    Wondering how you determine a “hot-selling” topic, a subject that could lead to viral effect; do you do any research or follow a specific formula?

    P.S. It’d be a super hot idea to add this little plugin to your WP blog as it helps us [your readers] get free blog alerts when someone post a new comments

    subscribe to comments:

    We really like to add to the community – what do you say?

  9. Hi Kim

    Nice case study. And you’re so right about the fact that most people write an article and don’t bother to ever promote the article itself in any way.

    A little more focussed effort, as you have shown, can bring in some exceptional results.

  10. Hi Kim,

    Thats great of you to share such valuable info. I doubt how many marketers today would be willing to share about their traffic sources.

    Few of the traffic resources seems to be pricey for beginners. Do you have any advice or suggestions for other traffic sources which are relatively cheaper?

  11. Hi Kim

    That is a really good case study and I hope next time you send to your list first , after all , we are your list :)

    Great content and I love the way you do things a little differently


  12. Kim,
    Another excellet post! I am very impressed that about 25% of your visitors from one article ended up joining your email list. I like your very first point — you have to first write the article! I have noticed quite an increase in my business since actually implementing stuff :) and from following along with what you do. Thanks! -Norene

  13. Nice work, Kim … and multiply the kudos by 10 for your willingness to share the strategies that helped you achieve the results, but then again … I’ve come to expect nothing less from you. ;)



  14. Kim.
    You are great.
    Here is something that you will see as a good thing. it is said that people do not always react to your first “call”
    well i saw your post on the warrior forum. you also sent it to me as i will NEVER leave your list, and finally i am also a member of Chris’s membership site so i also saw the link from it that day too.
    So you definitely triple wammied me.
    ( by the way i did react to your first call)
    Take care

  15. Very useful and helpful post. It will not surprise me if you move to the top of the IM lists with such thoughtfullness. Some gurus share, but long after they have milked the cow. Those that share like you will be rewarded and attracted by good things.

    You more than deserve a link.

  16. hi kim

    your a genius what else can i say i have learnt such a lot from your
    caes study thanks for sharing it with us
    i allways enjoying reading your buzzblogger keep up the good
    peter mcgrath

  17. Wow! I’m blown away by this case study you did. Getting traffic is the hardest part of this whole process, so I appreciate all the tips in this blog. I haven’t gotten to read the article you wrote that started all this, but you can believe I will!
    One little question…of the new subscribers you gained, how many made a purchase from you/your site?
    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  18. Hi Kim,

    Tremendous case sudy on traffic generation with one well thought out article.
    Thank you for sharing your tips that I will put to good use.

    Gio Dattoma

  19. Hi Kim

    No doubt you’ve proved to us that article marketing still delivers if planned well.

    Thank you for a detailed break down that makes it easy for us to emmulate.

    I’ll no doubt try out those free traffic sources :)

    Thanks – Susan

  20. Hi Kim,

    I am one of the few lucky ones to be in your mailing list and one to get a hold of the pdf file on your 21 secret traffic methods. So far I have tried just a few of them. They work great.

    I also like the “Weekly link round up” method you sent out on Oct – 17.

    Looking forward to more traffic tricks from you.

    Lian Vaiphei

  21. Hello Kim!

    This was a great case study! I think you possibly could have gotten even more visitors if you ask people to share it, did you?

    I know it got shared on its own, but when you ask people to share it it goes even more viral. How long did it take to get the 7,000 visitors?

    I’ve done this on Squidoo as well, which was dumb, but next time I’ll put it on the blog and also add a 30 minute video =)

    That could increase the value of the post, which could result in even more visitors, but this was an awesome case study and I’m happy I read it =)

    – Chris

  22. Kim, I can not tell you how impressed I have been with your willingness to live out your dream. I know that the Dad is supposed to teach the daughter but I learn from you every single day. Your post on Buzzblogger proved that when you tell me how important it is to give… you really mean it. As I listen to you tell me of the importance of delivering content I realize that it is because you truly want others to follow their passion and you want them to succeed. Keep giving them your heart because you have stolen mine. dad

  23. Nice work Kim and thanks for posting your case study. I thought someone like Guy Kawasaki promoting you would bring a lot more visitors than it did.

    I’m sure the 400 subscribers you generated from this campaign would be worth more than $1 per month as they joined your list from reading your long article.

    BTW, I get a lot from all your content.

  24. Wow! This is really FANTASTIC!!! This article is too long but worthy reading it. Full of resources…I’ve copied it to MS Word so as to make the all the links live and clickable. Thanks Kim.

  25. That is really great and all, but what about a total Newbie doing this?
    Would you be able to get the traffic like this without a name. I mean don’t get me wrong and all, but Kim your name has a lot to with this as well. I think you have to get your name out first, and then the people will follow. I could be wrong on this considering I am a Newbie.
    None the less I think you are one of the best I seen since I started my online journey, and one day I to will be known too. Keep up the great work Kim

  26. Cool. No one ever thinks to promote their blog post after it’s posted. I use to be like this. I would just rely on All-in-one SEO and Google xml site map to bring my organic traffic. Things have changed since I started reading what others have done especially you Kim. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for the article and the breakdown.

    As a “newbie”, a case study like this helps me to understand the nuts and bolts of this aspect of internet marketing.

    I’m one of those that discovered you through Chris Farrel. He is is dead on in his opinion of you…

    So, let’s make it official…You, indeed, are the Queen of Traffic !

    All the best to you and yours.

    John Duncan TX

  28. I haven’t found a decent traffic generation blog for a LOOOONG time. You really know what you’re talking about.

    I’ve been looking for the previous 3 weeks for sites that teach you how to get traffic through what I call ‘consistent traffic sources’…like ezinearticles, hubpages which may send you small traffic each day but when they add up, the number is big.

    So thanks for that post on the traffic sources + this one…I’ll be definitely subscribing to you and expecting lot of other great stuff. If you need something, let me know.

    I’m glad you don’t focus on SEO though :P SEO is one big traffic source and deserves attention…but if you focus too much on seo I think you’re going to get in the big herd…this way your blog stands out coz it’s about traffic EXCEPT SEO ;)

  29. You really have some well thought out creative ways to get traffic. The problem is where to start. Maybe you should write an article on how you organize your time to get all these strategies done. I am going to focus in on one of your ideas for now. The video response strategy. I came here from the warrior forum where I saw your article “21 Untapped Traffic Sources.”

  30. Girl, you rock. I just got through listening to your video http://www.stumbleupon.com/s/#1nVvLf/www.buzzblogger.com/surprise//
    Finally someone telling the truth. I have done quite a few rants myself about how internet marketing actually takes work and that we need to think long term instead of looking for the instant easy (make money 15 minutes from now)mentality. What I got from you is that you need to over deliver. I am not there yet but I am working on it and that is the direction I am going. Thanks for your unique, insightful approach and information.

  31. Kim honey, excellent article as always (been away for a couple of weeks so just catching up now).

    I love that you are sharing your numbers, very inspirational.

    I wonder if you could do a similar article on revenue sources and what advice you have to give to newbies (such as myself) on how to go about setting up revenue from subscribers.

    I notice that you do not have ads on your blog (which is so refreshing) so how do you go about making an income from your subscribers?

    Thanks hun, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing you hard work.


  32. I´d like to add to the comment by Miss Universe 2010

    You´ve done such an excllent job sharing with us how you drive traffic to your site and articles. I think the next big step is monetizing that traffic, conversion rates and such.

    Here is to your success,

  33. it’s clear to everybody, that you always over deliver and people WANT to follow you and always WILL open your tweets or mails because they know its never junk and hard selling.
    Today, when I open my mails, it seems to me – im-marketers believe I should have my credit card handy and spend about $ 2000,- at the end of opening those daily mails. People are pitching products to you left right + centre. That’s why in most cases I don’t even open them any more.

    At the same time – as you describe your actions here with this ONE article (which took you 4 DAYS to write)- you also are living proof that all the IM-MARKETERS who claim to work 30minutes a day and cash in millions a year on autopilot are just liars.

    It’s true that once you set-up a system it will earn you money – but just as you said: the marketing of it is a continued process – and is by no means finished in 30 minutes per day….;

    Even if you KNOW what you are doing – it takes you time to constantly find NEW ways of enhancing your business.

    Chris Freville must be proud of you – !!!

    Thanks for sharing – most of all for being sincere + honest


  34. This is a great article, excellent tips. I learned a few traffic tips from this blog post. I agree if you are gonna write an article make sure you write quality content or your just wasting your time. 1 good article is better than 10 bad ones any-day. Congratulations on your articles success that’s impressive.

  35. I have to say I am so glad to see a marketing guru go into as much detail as you did in this case study, thank you so much, and I thought Angela’s backlinks technique were fantastic (and they are)but the techniques listed here are ….well wow!

  36. Thank you Kim for sharing these valuable traffic sources. I would certainly bookmark this fantastic post, share with friends and try out some of these tips and great ideas!


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