Top 100+ Content Marketing Tools

Creating and promoting your content is a BIG task. In fact, I often spend a few days writing a single blog post. The one you’re reading right now took 12+ hours.

But it’s well worth the effort.

Content Marketing (when done properly) can attract thousands of visitors to your blog posts, grow your subscriber list, and build a raving fan base around your products and services.

It’s not easy. It takes some elbow grease. And there’s no magic secret.


There are some cool tools that will make your life as a blogger a LOT easier.

And I’ve collected them all together here in one GIANT list.

The Top 100 content marketing tools for creating epic blog posts, coming up with unlimited article ideas, creating magnetic headlines, marketing and distribution, blogger outreach, and content analytics.

All the tools you’ll need to become a ROCK STAR blogger :)


How to Come Up with Endless Content Ideas

BuzzSumo – Find the most popular content on ANY given topic.


BuzzSumo gives you detailed social media stats all in one beautiful dashboard. Find the most shared content and the key influencers who are sharing it. Or simply search for your main keyword and get a list of the most relevant influencers on that topic.

The number of things that you can do with this tool are endless. Be sure to play around with the “Advanced Search” tools as well. There are some hidden gems in there :) – This is one of the first social media search engines I started using online. Topsy allows you to find the most popular content on Twitter, who’s sharing it, and the key influencers around that topic at any given time. Perfect for generating content ideas AND for blogger outreach.


My favorite feature is being able to find the KEY influencers who have shared a specific piece of content. Simply enter a blog post url and click search.

On the results page you’ll see EVERY person who has retweeted that content. Pretty cool right :)

But it get’s better… There’s also a tab at the top that says “Influential Only”. Click on that and you’ll see only the most influential people who have shared that article. Instant goldmine. Start building relationships with these awesome people. Find ways to add value for them FIRST and they’ll be happy to do the same when you release your next epic blog post!

Feedly – Aggregate all of your favorite blogs in one simple dashboard. I use Feedly to find cool content to share online. Plus, it’s a great tool for finding an endless number of content ideas. – Find interesting content on ANY topic. Simply enter a hashtag and tagboard will pull in great content from across the web. It aggregates all of the recent posts from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and others that contain that specific hashtag. This real-time social search engine is an endless oasis of content ideas. – Aggregates the best of the web. Here you can find all of the top blogs on any given topic. Simply select a category and you’ll be taken to a one-page dashboard with the best blogs in that industry AND their 5 latest blog posts. An endless number of content ideas all on one page :)


Social Crawlytics – Identify the most popular content on ANY website. This tool provides some of the most in-depth social sharing data available online. Plus, with a few extra clicks you can see which posts we’re most popular on Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Facebook. So you know exactly what TYPE of content works best for each of the different platforms.

You can also use Social Crawlytics to find out the top influencers who are sharing a website’s content.

They call them “Content Amplifiers”.

You can also use this tool to identify the most popular content on your OWN website. This tells you exactly what sort of content your audience probably wants MORE of. Which can lead to new blog post ideas, products, and services. – Find an endless number of content ideas by doing a quick search on

Quora – My favorite Q & A site. What’s unique about Quora is that the questions are almost always unique. With sites like Yahoo Answers, there are hundreds of bland, boring questions.

But on Quora, there are thousands of interesting, intelligent questions being asked daily. Which can lead you to new angles for your content.


Find out what sort of questions are being asked in any given niche. Then answer those burning questions on your own blog. This is by far one of my favorite hot spots for finding new and interesting article ideas. Or email ideas. Video ideas. or a topic for my next podcast :)

Twitter Discover – Want instant content ideas? The Twitter Discover Tab will find the best content from around Twitter, personalized just for you. I also like to do a quick Twitter Search to see what people are talking about right now.

Google Autocomplete – Simply start typing your main keyword phrase into Google
and you’ll start generating keywords (and topic ideas) on demand. You can also automate this process using a site called UberSuggest. Great for long-tail keyword research. – One of the coolest sites for unlimited list post ideas. Simply type in your keyword to get hundreds of article ideas. Also a great place to find headline ideas.

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Creating Great Headlines

Portent Title Generator – A fun way to generate titles for your content. Play around for a bit and you’ll have instant headline ideas. Or simply gather ideas for future articles.

Hubspot Title Generator – Enter 3 blog topics and get 5 instant (highly engaging) headlines.

Inbound Now Title Generator – Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Titles with every click.

Title Generator – Simply enter your blog topic and get hundreds of instant headlines.

Additional Resources:

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Now that you’ve got a killer article idea, it’s time to start writing…


Content Creation

Quabel – Distraction-free writing app that forces you to focus on creating content quickly. Set your writing goal and let the countdown timer begin! (Automatically backs up your work as you write.)

Evernote – You can also write your blog posts inside Evernote or Google Drive. One of the cool things about Evernote is that you can record audio and turn it into text. Completely free!

StayFocusd – This Google Chrome extension allows you to block time-wasting sites. So that your next great blog post gets finished on time!

You can also use a great plugin called LeechBlock for Firefox.

And my personal favorite…

Toggl – This is one of my favorite productivity tools. In fact, I’m using it right now as I write this blog post :) It’s the simplest time-tracking tool available online. Simply enter the task your working on and click start. Toggl will track all of your time in the background. But for me, just knowing I’m “on the clock” doubles my productivity. I also like to set a kitchen timer to stay super focused as well.

Toggl Time Tracking

Audacity – A free audio editor for those who want to create podcasts and syndicate their show on sites like iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Soundcloud.

Camtasia Studio – My favorite tool for creating screencast videos online. If you’re on a Mac you can use Screenflow.

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Content Design

Canva – Free online tool for creating exceptional graphics with zero design skills.
Canva has built-in templates for creating social media posts, Facebook covers, blog graphics, kindle covers, Pinterest photos, Twitter headers, Facebook ads and more.


Images are now a central part of almost every social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram. As a content marketer, creating great graphics to complement your content is key to making sure it does well on social media.

PicMonkey – Another online photo editing tool that makes it easy for you to create
cool images for your blog posts.

PicMonkey – Millions of free photos for bloggers and creatives. Photopin allows
users to search all of the creative commons photos from Flickr. Plus, each image includes plug-n-play html code that you can use to give attribution to the original creator. Kind cool!

PhotoPin – Thousands of copyright-free images that can be used on your blog or
ever for commercial use. No registration is required. – Gorgeous, copyright-free images.(One of my favorites :) – One of the most affordable stock photography sites online. It’s about
a dollar per image. – I LOVE using icons in my blog images. Take a look below to see
what I mean… – Thousands of icons, web graphics, infographics, and other design elements that you can use in your blog posts. Here’s a quick image I whipped up using some cool graphics from GraphicRiver…

ReciteThis – Create picture quotes. Great for posting on sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Slideshare – Find unique and engaging Slideshare presentations to embed in your
blog post. Fun and easy way to add value to your posts AND stand out. – Make your content stand out with animated screencasts. Record quick videos with and then turn them into animated gifs that you can put in your blog post. It’s a great way to make your article stand out from the rest. These also work well on Google Plus.

Wordle – Create beautiful word clouds in just a few clicks.

QuotesCover – Create beautiful picture quotes for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram. QuotesCover makes it easy.


Awesome Screenshot – Capture screenshots easily with this plugin. Works in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Perfect for when you need a screenshot for your blog post.

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Create Your Own Infographics

PiktoChart – Create your own infographics without the need for design skills. Hundreds of templates built-in.

PiktoChart – Another cool tool that lets you create your own infographics with pre-built templates.

You can also have your infographic created on OR


Content Marketing & Distribution

Aweber – By far the most important tool for promoting your blog posts. This should always be the first step in promoting your content. Get the most opens with a benefit-driven headline. Create curiosity. Grab their attention. Once they open, the email itself should be short, personality-driven, and link directly to your new blog post.

social media icons

Share your post on Twitter. Schedule your new blog post to be retweeted at least 7 times throughout the week. You can automate this using something like Buffer.

Share your post on Facebook. Facebook is ALWAYS one of my top traffic drivers. Share your article on Facebook at least two times. Use a different image for each post.

Share your post on your Google Plus profile (and/or) page. Google Plus is one of the best platforms for content marketers. So make sure your building up an audience there. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to promote your latest blog post :)

Share on Related Google Plus Communities. – Share your article on 3-4 related Google Plus Communities. This alone can often generate hundreds of highly targeted visitors. Post your content 2-3 times on Once per day. Or every other day. JustRetweet is basically a huge blogging alliance that works together to promote each other’s content. This is a super simple strategy for getting your first 20-30 retweets and Facebook likes. Which will immediately kick off your first bit of traffic and momentum. – One of my favorite social sharing communities. Triberr is a community of bloggers who read and share each otherss content. Kind of like a huge blogging alliance. But like all social platforms, you need to take time to engage and interact with the community. Give first. Provide massive value and Triberr can send you hundreds of highly targeted visitors every week.

Submit your post to niche social bookmarking sites. (Business) (Business) (Blogging) (Internet Marketing) (WordPress) (Business) (Business & Growth Hacking)
    Hacker News (Startups, Programming, Technology) (Programming & Website Development) (Business) (Films) (Gaming) (Technology)
    11× (Sport) (Graphic Design) (Web Design, Programming, WordPress, & Photography)

Submit your site to content aggregators like,,, and These sites will send you targeted traffic every week if you have great content.

Kickstart your promotion with a StumbleUpon ad. When you’re just starting your blog, one of the hardest things to do is to build momentum. One of the best things to do is to simply kickstart your promotion with some paid ads. I recommend starting with about $25. This will get the traffic rolling. Plus, as long as you’ve created truly great content, that paid traffic will compound into hundreds and often thousands of visitors. Because once people start reading your content, they also start resharing it on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. So make sure you have those social media buttons at the top and bottom of your article! Make it easy to share.

Buffer App – Social Media management. Pre-schedule your posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your Google Plus Pages. – An open-source (free) version of Buffer. Load up your tweets and have them automatically shared throughout the day. If all you need to do is schedule your tweets, Circular is definitely one of the best free ways to do that. – You can re-purpose some of your best content for Some of the most popular blogs online do the same. Including, James Alutcher, and

Facebook Ads – Promote your blog post with a Facebook Ad. This has quickly become one of my favorite ways to promote our best blog posts. Plus, it’s some of the highest quality, most
targeted traffic you can get. Share your blog post as a link post with a great image. Then you can go into the Facebook Ad Manager and promote that specific Facebook post. Be sure to target the News Feed exclusively so that your ad gets the most virtual real estate possible.

This is one of the best (and fastest) ways to increase your blog traffic, grow your Facebook fans, increase your post likes, and ultimately increase your Google ranking as well. Because all of those social media votes will help your content rise in the search engines.

Twitter Ads – Another great option for promoting your content. Amplify the reach of your content with a targeted Twitter ad. You can choose your daily budget. Target followers of specific @usernames. Choose the countries you want to target. Mobile or Desktop. Gender. And more…

Retargeting – Generate More Subscribers with Retargeting. Make sure you have a retargeting pixel on your page so that you can use ‘retargeting’ ads on those who do not opt-in on your blog. (You can do this using Facebook, AdRoll or Perfect Audience.) Use your retargeting ads to point people back to a squeeze page with an irresistible free gift. That way, you can build a long-term relationship with them. That’s the name of the game. Not just one-off visitors but long-term, raving fans.

Outbrain – A content discovery platform that will promote your blog posts on related sites. A unique way to amplify the reach of your content.

Zemanta – Similar to Outbrain. But Zemanta promotes your content through a variety of networks. Including nRelate, Kontera, Yahoo, Outbrain, and AdBlade. Promotes your content at scale.

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WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO – Give your content the best possible chance of being found in the search
engines by using a plugin like Yoast SEO. This all-in-one plugin helps you make your entire site search engine friendly. Analyzing each blog post, image title, meta descriptions, and more.

Plus, one of my favorite features is the page analysis tool. On every post / page, this widget will analyze your content and give recommendations on how you can improve the copy for better search engine rankings. Making your job as a content marketer even easier!

Yoast SEO

NextGEN Facebook Open Graph+ – Social media is a BIG part of your content promotion strategy. Use this plugin to make sure your posts look great when shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. Allows you to customize your Open Graph data for Facebook. Setup Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitters Cards, and more.

nRelate – This plugin uses an intelligent algorithm to load related posts at the END of each of your articles. With a featured image next to each article enticing your readers to browse further.

This is by far the easiest ways to decrease your bounce rate (and increase time on site). Two key factors that Google looks at when determining where to rank your blog posts.

Click to Tweet – Create beautiful Click To Tweet boxes anywhere in your blog post. This allows your readers to ‘retweet’ a specific quote in your article. Include one or two of these in every post to instantly increase your retweets. (If you’re looking for one with a few more customization options I recommend TweetDis.)

Pin It Button – Encourage your visitors to share your images on Pinterest with a hover button on each image.

Flare – Allows your visitors to easily share your content.

Triberr – Sends your posts directly to Triberr. allowing your Triberr teammates to instantly share your posts on their own social media platforms. Triberr is one of the best platforms for increasing your social media shares.

W3 Total Cache – If you want your content to rank well in Google, then your pages must load fast. Google has made it well known that page loading time is now a factor in their algorithm.
And one of the best things you can do to dramatically improve the speed of ANY wordpress site is to use a caching plugin. My personal favorite is W3 Total Cache.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster – Automatically share your latest blog post on all the top social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more. (Best plugin for auto-posting to numerous social newtorks)

CoSchedule – Drag-and-Drop Content Marketing Editorial Calendar for WordPress.


BluBrry Powerpress – My favorite plugin for podcasting. Makes it easy to setup your podcast inside of WordPress.


Social Media Tools

BufferApp – This is my go-to tool for all of my social media scheduling. BufferApp allows you to pre-schedule your posts for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus.

HootSuite – This all-in-one dashboard allows you to manage over 35 social networks. Schedule your posts for an entire week. Monitor your community and engagement. And get detailed statistics & analytics for each social media platform.

HootSuite Screenshot

Social Oomph – Schedule your tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates, and more. Track keywords. Monitor your social media activity and find key influencers in your market. Social Oomph allows you to be more efficient and effective on all of your social media platforms. Used by one of my favorite bloggers online – Jeff Bullas! – One of the most popular mobile apps for publishing your content to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Used by Guy Kawasaki, Ian Cleary, and many other social media superstars.

Sprout Social – All-in-One social media platform that allows you to monitor all of your social media sites. Schedule your posts. And get in-depth statistics for each platform.



Blogger Outreach

The first step to blogger outreach is finding the top influencers in your niche. My two favorite tools for identifying the top bloggers and social media influencers are Topsy and BuzzSumo. On Topsy, you can enter ANY url (or blog post) and find out the top social media users who shared that article. This is a super easy way to find the top bloggers who are most likely to share your article.

My other favorite tool is BuzzSumo. Simply enter your main keyword and find the top social media users around that topic. After every post you write, send a personalized email to at least 50 related bloggers and let them know about your latest blog post. This alone can easily generate thousands of highly-targeted visitors. In fact, if I could only choose ONE strategy for promoting my content. This would be it. Even above email marketing. – One of the most popular platforms for blogger outreach. Buzzstream allows you to scale your blogger outreach without losing the personal touch.

You can build a list of influencers, create email templates, set reminders, schedule emails, track your conversation history, and more.

Contactually – Helps you track, manage, and build relationships with other top bloggers. Gives you a systematic way to scale your relationships and keep up with the people who
matter. You can also use their ScaleMail feature to send up to 250 personalized messages. Add a few personal notes to each one and then click send to broadcast your email to all of your contacts.

Contactually allows you to create ongoing, meaningful conversations.


InkyBee – One of the best tools for finding the most popular bloggers in any niche.

Gmail Canned Responses – Gmail has a magical little add-on that is perfect for content marketers. It’s called “Canned Responses”. First, you’ll need to open up your Gmail settings and click on the “Labs” tab.


From here, you can enable “Canned Responses” in your Gmail account.

Wala! You just enabled a hidden feature that could easily save you hours of time every month.

You can now start creating email templates for your blogger outreach, customer support, frequently asked questions, joint venture emails, and more.

I have 5 different email templates I use for blogger outreach. So each time I publish a new blog post, I can click one button and upload one of my favorite templates. From there I do a bit of customization. I like all of my emails to be fun and personalized :)

The more fun you have with your emails the better responses you’ll get. Most people are way to uptight and professional in their emails.

Have fun with it! You’re not a robot.

And then you send it off!

But by creating templates, you can send 25 outreach emails in a fraction of the time.

Boomerang – Gmail plugin that reminds you to follow up on emails. You can setup Boomerang to remind you in X number of days if you don’t hear back from someone. This tool is essential for any content marketer doing a lot of blogger outreach. Helps you stay on track of multiple conversations.

Or even schedule recurring emails to remind yourself of important tasks you need to finish.

BananaTag – See what happens to your emails after you press send. BananaTag allows you
to find out whether or not someone opened your email or clicked a link. Integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Outlook. Get detailed metrics for ALL of your blogger outreach.

So when you email your favorite blogger, you’ll know exactly when they opened your email and whether or not they clicked on your link. BananaTag will even tell you whether they’re on their desktop or mobile device. And best of all, your email appears NO different to your contacts. All of the tracking is done seamlessly without any change in the user experience.



Rapportive – Integrates seamlessly with Gmail to give you additional (insightful) info on every contact in your inbox. – This one is a hidden gem. It’s one of my favorite blogger outreach tools but still quite undiscovered in the social media world. But that’s ok… we’ll just keep it for us :)

Basically, Refresh allows you to search just about ANY person on the web and find out some really cool stuff about them.

Allows you to personalize every conversation with ease.

Simply type in a name and find out their…

favorite sports team
favorite movies
favorite books
what kind of music they like
where they live
your conversation history (refresh works seamlessly with your email)
mutual friends

This makes it a LOT easier to find some common ground with your favorite bloggers and connect with them on a more personal level.

It’s like having a personal assistant at your fingertips.

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Top Twitter Tools

Riffle – You can use Riffle to quickly see (on average) how many retweets any user is getting per post. Use this to find the top influencers within your industry.

Plus, another cool feature I really like about Riffle is that you can see each user’s top tweets, mentions, hashtags and links. A pretty cool way to find out what kind of content is most popular. – Find the top 10 tweets of ANY users. Simply enter the twitter handle after ?u= (Ex.– Find the most popular tweets of any twitter user. Simply enter their twitter handle and Favstar will show you their top tweets of all time. This is one of my favorite tools for finding out what resonates best with my audience. It allows me to create similar tweets that are almost garuanteed to do well.

Twitonomy – Delicious twitter analytics. I could easily get lost on this site for hours. But we’re going to use it more strategically for our content marketing efforts.


Using Twitonomy, you can find a user’s most retweeted tweets, their most favorited tweets, and most used hashtags. Twitonomy will also tell you who they interact and engage with most on Twitter. Find influencers.

You can also find the most influential users who are tweeting your content.

Kinda cool! Allows you to return the favor as well.

Tweriod – Find out the best times to post on Twitter. Tweriod analyzes your tweets (as well as your followers’ tweets) to identify when your tweets will get the most possible exposure. You can then use this schedule inside BufferApp to schedule your tweets at optimal times.

Tweepi – Grow and manage your following using Tweepi. This is my favorite tool for building our audience on Twitter.

RiteTag – Discover the best hashtags for increasing the reach of your content.

FollowerWonk – Find your most influential Twitter followers. Analyze your followers and get insightful data on how you can improve your engagement. – My favorite platform for managing your Twitter community.

Twazzup – Find the latest content on any topic. Identify the top influencers around that topic. And the top tweets by influencers (that include that specific hashtag).


Top Google Plus Tools

Circloscope – If you’re using Google Plus in your business, this is the ONE tool that I recommend for growing your following and managing your community. It’s saved me countless hours of time on Google Plus. It allows you to focus on enjoying and engaging with your community. Instead of the hours it would take to manually grow and manage your circles. – Find the most popular posts, users, and communities on Google Plus.
CircleCount allows you to identify the top posts for ANY user on Google Plus. So I can simply plug in some of my favorite bloggers and find their most popular posts. Get an endless number of ideas on the best content to share on your OWN Google Plus profile.

You can also use CircleCount to find the most popular users within your particular market.

Simply go to and click on the tag that best fits
your audience. You’ll then be given a list of 100+ of the top people you can follow.

DoShare – Schedule your Google Plus posts ahead of time. This is the only tool (currently) that allows you to schedule your posts on personal profiles.

DoShare – A comprehensive resource for Google Plus trends and statistics.

Post Editor for Google Plus – One of the cool things about Google Plus is that they allow you to format your posts in a variety of ways. (Bold, italic, bullets, etc…)

But it’s always been a bit tricky. So to make things easier for you there’s a nifty little Google Chrome extension called Post Editor that will create a WYSIWYG editor right within Google Plus. 10 Cool Points!

Timing+ – Have you ever wondered what times we’re best for posting on Google Plus.
When does your post have the BEST opportunity to be seen. Well, there’s a free tool
for that as well :)

Timing+ Find out the best times to post on Google Plus,
based on your historical post data. A super simply way to increase the reach of your posts.

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Top Facebook Tools

Facebook Post Planner – Schedule your Facebook posts for an entire week. Post Planner allows you to pre-schedule your posts for your pages AND groups. But the cool part is that it helps you find proven posts and trending content for YOUR market. There are thousands of post ideas right within the app. With a few extra clicks you can load these pre-written updates into your queue and immediately start increasing your engagement, traffic, and reach.

It’s like having an entire Facebook marketing team on demand.

AdEspresso – My favorite All-in-One platform for managing your Facebook ad campaigns. AdEspresso allows you to setup new ads and split test multiple variations in a fraction of the time that it takes in the traditional editor. Turns the complicated Facebook Power Editor into a clean, visual platform that makes it quick and easy to setup your new campaigns, dark posts, and an endless array of split tests.

Likealyzer – Analyze ANY Facebook page and get immediate suggestions on how you can improve your reach and engagement. Basically, turns your Facebook insights into actionable items.

PostAcumen – In-depth Facebook analytics with actionable insights. PostAcumen allows you to do a competitive deep-dive on related fan pages to find out what works best in your market. Get detailed insights on how often to post, what times to post, and the types of post that work best in your niche. PostAcumen will also show you the most popular posts of
all of your competitors. Priceless insights for improving your Facebook strategy.


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Top Pinterest Tools – Schedule your Pinterest pins, Gain New Followers, and get more repins.

PinAlerts – Receive email notifications whenever someone pins something from your website. Allows you to see who’s sharing your content so that you can engage and of course send them a quick thank-you :)

Piqora – A Complete Marketing Suite for Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Detailed analytics. Schedule your pins. And even mesaure your ROI. Piqora will track Revenue Per Pin, Visits Per Pin, and more.


Content Analytics – One of my favorite social media reporting platforms. Simply enter your latest blog post url to find out exactly how many shares, tweets, likes, plus ones, pins, stumbles, and just about any other social ‘vote’ your content has received.



SharedCount – Plug in any blog post url and track the total number of Facebook likes, shares, and comments. Retweets. Google Plus Ones. Pins. and more…

TweetReach. Twitter Analytics. How far did your tweet travel? Find the reach of any url, hashtag, username, or phrase. For example, you can enter the url of your latest blog post and TweetReach will tell you how many impressions your link received. (i.e. total number of exposures in the timeline).

Plus, you can also see exactly who’s sharing your content and how many impressions THEIR shares are getting.

VERY interesting data on TweetReach. Definitely worth playing with :) – Find out anytime your name (or your brand) has been mentioned online. Get real-time alerts anytime your name, brand, or selected phrase is mentioned on social media, news sites, blogs, or webpages.

Facebook Insights – Your Facebook Insights report will show how many new likes you’re getting per day, total post reach, engagement, individual post stats, and will even tell you your most popular post type and when your fans are online! Lots of insightful data here when you know how to use it.

Here’s a great guide on Facebook Insights.

Twitter Analytics – Lots of people don’t realize that Twitter actually has a built-in analytics tool. Your Twitter Analytics dashboard will show you how many total impressions you’ve received over the past 28-days. You can also drill into your engagement stats for EACH individual post. Number of clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies. Lots of interesting statistics and data if you’re a Twitter geek like myself :)

Here’s a complete tour of the Twitter Analytics Dashboard.

Google Plus Ripples – Google Plus Ripples shares interesting stats about ANY url via an interactive graphic. You can use Ripples to find out who’s sharing your content on Google Plus.
How it’s being shared over time. It’s a visual representation of how you’re content is spreading through the Google Plus community.

Google Plus Ripples

Pinterest Analytics – Find out how many people are pinning from your website, total pin impressions, and how many total clicks your pins are receiving.

Plus, you’ll also find some interesting analytics data as well. Find out which pins get shared the most, which one’s are clicked the most, and who interacts with them.

If you’re looking for more in-depth analytics and features, I recommend TailWind.

Google Analytics – GA gives you detailed insights on how your content is performing.
Find out which sites are sending you the most traffic.

How long do those visitors stay on your site? Do Facebook referrals stay longer than Twitter? Which traffic source is converting the most visitors into subscribers and sales? Google Analytics will tell you what’s working and what’s not. All of this shows you which traffic sources are MOST effective and where you should be focusing your time.


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    I’ve tweeted and I’ll share on G Plus too because folks need to see this.


  2. Hi Kim, it’s an amazing list and well-read article thanks a lot. I would like to add another great tool actually. It’s not directly for Content Marketing but it helps you to collect ideas to read later. I guess some of you guys are already know about that. It’s Pocket from Google. It’s really beneficial in terms of saving the pages and blogs to read later on PC, Mac, iPad,iPhone or Android. I generally saving everything then read during the weekends or holidays. They have apple and android apps as well. Quite useful.

  3. You’ve created a problem for me Kim! (I keep wanting to say “Kim Bob” because that’s the crazy nickname my cousin’s Kimberly’s Texan parents came up with for her when she was a kid)

    The problem is one of those GOOD kinds of problems to have which is an over abundance of resources as opposed to a lack of resources.

    I’ll have to simply adopt the same strategy that I use and that I tell other people to use when reading our nerd notes . . .

    There are a TON of ideas you can put to work for you in these notes. As you’re going through them, I want you to be on the hunt for the ideas that will create the most value for you.

    All these strategies and tactics laid out in these notes are NOT going to be the “best” for you. But what I want for you is to have a separate document or piece of paper where you can note down the specific strategies and tactics that can help you to get where you want to be. And note the page where it came from if you’re only writing the name of what you’re going to do so that you can get back to it directly, for example; Walt Disney Joint Venture Strategy Page 49. Or, you could just copy and paste that section from the notes into your BEST IDEAS document.

    You can label this sheet of paper or document “BEST IDEAS FOR ME”.

    Now I want you to apply the 80/20 principle here and narrow down the 20% (if you’ve listed 30, this would be 6 of them) of the ideas that will have the biggest impact for you based on the idea’s ability to create the most value for you NOW.

    This allows you to not be overwhelmed by having this big set of notes. You instead focus on implementing the 20% of the best ideas you pulled from these notes for you.

    This note taking strategy will help you keep the most useful ideas from these notes easily accessible. You’ll have a manageable list of things you can start doing now.

    I think this strategy is equally as valuable for use with your mega-lists that you compile.

    Like a kick ass buffet, there is so much to be had here and if we want to leave this table and feel awesome as opposed to being in an info coma where we just want to go to sleep as our mind has been flooded with pleasure, we need to be conscious of not overwhelming ourselves because hell, this buffet isn’t going anywhere. It’ll be right here waiting for us to come back for future feedings of our mind.

    Thank you Kim for bringing extraordinary levels of pleasure to the fat nerdy kid in me who can’t resist the urge to gorge upon answers to my specific challenges.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing a long list of 100+ content marketing tools. This will be quite helpful for those who want to market their content. Now I have to check them one by one.

  5. The best tool I’ve found till date for pinterest is www [dot] PinPinterest [dot] com
    I use (and recommend) PinPinterest to automate and manage my pinterest account. It is free to use, runs on the cloud, optimised for mobile devices and has the Pin Scheduler!! Sets up via the 5-minute easy setup.
    Its intelligent algorithms make it run at a human-like speed so your account is always ban-safe. And being intelligent, they make sure only content relevant to your business is pinned to your account.
    Try PinPinterest once and you won’t have to look anywhere else again :)

      • Hey Charles/Eliran, why don’t you be honest and tell people you both own or at least work for PinPinterest?? or Maybe you’re the same person! The only comments you make are about this product! You’re disingenuous and I am guessing your product is dodgey -it’s obviously not been approved by Pinterest..

  6. Great post! I am actually getting ready to across this information, is very helpful my friend. Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have. Keep up the good work you are doing here.Well, got a good knowledge.


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