Disclosure Journal #1

Disclosure Journal #1…

This is the first entry in my Disclosure Journal.

It’s something I’m creating for members of our
Marketing Lab – but I wanted to give you a
taste first. So I’m going to make this first
one public.

It’s kind of like a diary of my business ventures.

This diary will track our growth over the coming months.

You’ll get a glimpse into my own goals, personal
thoughts, what drives me, how I plan my day, and more.

You’ll get to see the exact numbers in my business
PLUS the thought that goes behind them. How a six-figure
business ACTUALLY works on a day-to-day basis.


So without further ado, let’s dive in…

Disclosure Journal #1

About a month ago we launched the Marketing Lab – an
exclusive club where our members get a ‘behind-the-scenes’
look at EVERYTHING we do… Our traffic sources, split-test
results, emails, squeeze pages, sales funnels, and more!

And so I’d like to let you in on a few details about
the launch and where we’re going from here.

First off, we’ll be crossing the $17,000 mark this month.

So definitely a BIG month in sales.

We’ve also been testing a LOT of new traffic
sources, paid advertising, and solo spots.

I can’t give a whole lot of details here because most
of that is reserved for our Marketing Lab members.

However, I can tell you that it’s making a HUGE
difference in our business.

I used to be VERY hesitant about spending money
on traffic. I was ALL about driving free traffic.

But you soon realize that traffic is never really
‘free’. You’re going to pay for it either with
money OR time.

So when I got to the point in my business that
I wanted to start scaling things up, solo ads
were my first paid traffic source.

This is about as non-risky as you can get when
it comes to paid advertising.

Solo ads have now quickly become one of the #1
sources of traffic in our business.


Testing is KING!

One of the biggest things I’ve learned so far this
year is that the MORE you test, the faster you grow.

The more traffic sources you test, the faster you
can zone in on which one’s work best.

The more emails you send out, the faster you can
see which one’s convert into sales.

The more you split-test, the faster you’ll know
what converts best.

All of this data is a marketing treasure chest
that allows you to grow your business faster
than you can imagine.

New Email Marketing Formula…

Also, you might have noticed that we’re
doing our emails a little bit differently.

First off, we’re sending MORE emails. And to my
surprise and delight – this has created a HUGE
increase in our business. Allowing us to bring
in AT LEAST 10 new members per day.

* Emailing MORE Often DRAMATICALLY Increases Conversions.

Plus, we’ve also received more ‘Thank-You’ notes
than ever before. Which has been personally very

Consistency and Frequency are critically important
to building a successful business.

When your subscriber continuously sees you in their
inbox (attached with good value), they quickly
perceive YOU as the authority. The expert in
your field.

And when it comes time to buy…

YOU will be the one that they’ll buy from because
you’re the one in their inbox that shows up
on a consistent, frequent basis providing them
with massive value, entertainment, and personality.

And that’s the other big key here.

To keep your subscribers engaged, you MUST make your
emails FUN to read. Your goal here is to create a fun,
interesting experience for your subscribers.

Each email should be infused with your own unique personality.

Personality is the *MAGIC* Sauce in Your Business.

Create an EXPERIENCE that your subscribers
eagerly look forward to.

The Good, Bad, AND The Ugly!

Now I know most marketers like to make
everything sound nice and rosy :)

But I want to give you a COMPLETE
picture of what’s REALLY going on
behind-the-scenes of our business.

Because business growth can take it’s toll!

Sure, it adds some really nice dough to
the ‘ol bottom line.


It’s also meant a lot of 12 and 14 hour days.

Now you know why I’m poppin’ those Starbucks Double Shots!

And that’s why I’m bringing on board a
Virtual Assistant as we speak :)

Someone who can handle a large portion of
our customer support, membership management,
content syndication, repurposing content
into new formats and more.

That way I can spend more time creating
content and interacting with our Marketing
Lab members.


Lifestyle Design (Creating a Life Worth Living.)

Most of us start a business in order to spend more
time with our families, to escape the daily grind,
to travel, and to live a life of our own design.

But what often happens instead is we become chained
to the business itself.

As you guys know, I LOVE the game of business – but
a business should serve the lifestyle you want to create.

It’s about living more, not just working less.

In our society – working hard seems to be a badge of honor.

We spend 30-40 years climbing the
corporate ladder only to retire
at an age where we’re too old to
truly enjoy it.

Why not live the life you want right now?

Sure, you’re going to have to hustle for the first
year – maybe even the first couple years. It ain’t
easy creating a business ;)

But once you’ve built a business online – once you’ve
built up those long-term assets and designed a business
that works FOR you – why not start living a lifestyle
of your own design?

Way too many people have resigned themselves
to a life of 9-5 drudgery in exchange (sometimes)
for a relaxing weekend.

We’re a society that lives for the weekend and our 2-week vacation.

How sad is that?

But hey – no one told us there was a better way right?

All of our friends are doing the same thing.


What do YOU really want your life to look like in 5 years?

Lots of people might would tell you a dollar amount or
the type of business they would like to create.

But in reality – it’s not the dollar amount or
a million dollars in the bank that they really
want – it’s the ‘lifestyle’ that it allows.

It’s the *freedom*.

But so often we get caught up in the ‘busyness’
of business that we forget to really live.

To LIVE today. To enjoy the journey.

Go to a nursing home and ask 10 people what
they wish they had done more of in life and
you’ll probably hear a lot of the same thing…

“I wish I’d spent more time with my family.”

“I wish I’d spent more time with my kids.”

“I wish I’d traveled more.”

“I wish I’d been more adventurous and daring.”

“I wish I would have asked that girl on a date.”

“I wish I would have slowed down to enjoy the moment.”

But not ONE of them will tell you that they wish
they had spent more time at the office or that they
wish they had made more money.

The internet has allowed us an incredible opportunity
to create a virtual business that has the potential to
create the lifestyle of our choice.

And once you reach a certain amount of scale, that’s
when it’s time to start creating systems and processes
in your business that you can hand off to someone

If you want to build a REAL business online, you
can’t play this game alone…

ONE is the loneliest number online.

And it’s not how REAL businesses are built.

Building a proper team is critical to creating
massive impact online without chaining yourself
to the computer.

As a member of the Marketing Lab, I’m going to
teach you how to build a successful online business.

But at the end of the day, I really want to do
so much more than that…

I want to teach you how to build a business that serves you.

One that allows you to live a life of your own design.

It’s about living more, not just working less.

So without further ado, here’s to living!!


Back to the Lab!

– Kim

P.S. I hope you enjoyed getting raw and real with me :)

I think the best way to learn about business is
through complete transparency.

So if you’d like to get an even deeper
look at my business, go to…



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  1. Great post Kim! I’m psyched to be a member of your marketing lab. I’ve already started putting some of your suggestions into place.

    What I really like about this post is how honest you are about how much time it takes to get going. I quit a very demanding job in order to have more time for things that are important to me. It seems to be taking me a long time to get my online business going because I simply don’t have the 12-14 hours/day that it takes to do this work.

    BUT, I’m still doing the work. Just at my own pace. And I’m so cool with that.

    And that’s a lot about what my business is about…helping people get comfortable with living the life that they want, even if it means NOT working 12-14 hours/day and NOT having the most successful online business in record breaking time!!!

    I am looking forward to learning more from you here, and in the lab!

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