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  • Product Launch Emails - These templates have been tested and optimized from over 20+ product launches. Use these proven templates to create a windfall of sales during your next product launch. Simply modify with your name and product details.
  • Quick Cash Coaching - These emails are designed to create quick cash windfalls in your business. Simply choose your favorite template and customize them for your specific market. Perfect for selling out your coaching spots. Turn a day of coaching into a $1,000 payday.
  • Webinar Emails - Send these emails before and after your webinar to maximize revenue and create an amazing experience for your subscribers. These emails will fill up your seats, get people excited for the live call, maximize attendance, and double your post-webinar sales.
  • Content Promotion Emails - Use these templates to get more traffic to your latest blog post, podcast, or YouTube video. These emails are all about selling the "click". Choose a template. Customize with your details and watch your traffic go up with every email you send.
  • Welcome Emails - Surprise and delight your new subscribers with the perfect series of welcome emails. Just grab your favorite subject line. Choose a template and fill it in with your name and details. This 5-part email series is designed to engage with your readers. Add value. And turn your new readers into raving fans!
  • My Best Affiliate Promos - I'm also including a collection of my top-performing affiliate emails. Feel free to use these emails in your own business. Or modify to suit your needs. Copy-and-paste your way to bigger commissions.
  • Flash Sale - 4 Plug-n-Play emails that you can easily model for YOUR next Holiday Promo. Simply plug these into your autoresponder to create 5-figure paydays. Without slaving over emails or hiring a fancy copywriter.
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