I’ve Fallen in Love…

I’ve recently fallen in love…

You see, over the past few weeks I’ve been comparing a number of different shopping cart solutions… InfusionSoft, NanaCast, 1ShoppingCart, Clickbank, etc, etc, etc…

For anyone who has compared different shopping cart solutions, one of the first things you realize is that there are pros and cons to EVERY solution. For example, InfusionSoft (one of the premier shopping cart solutions available online) is EXTREMELY flexible and feature-packed but at the same time it’s VERY technically involved. You pretty much have to hire a programming team to get it up and running to fit your specific needs.

Others, like Clickbank, are very plug-and-play solutions but less flexible. I ran my first product entirely on Clickbank. And although it is a really great plug-and-play solution that you can get up and running very quickly – I’ve found that it also has it’s limitations. (Nearly 9% processing fee, lack of control over affiliate management, commission hijacking, etc… )

At one point I was even making pro-con lists. That’s when you really know you’ve gone crazy ;)

But then I stumbled upon a solution that made by heart skip a beat. My cheeks turned rosy. My eyes went all dreamy-like…

And that’s when I knew…

I’d fallen in love.

And it’s name…

Is Rapid Action Profits.

RAP (a.k.a. Rapid Action Profits) was like the knight in shining armor who came to deliver all the features I was looking for in one shiny package.

It’s used by some of the top names in the industry – including Jason Fladlien, Terry Dean, Willie Crawford, and Sean Donahoe.

Now – like I said. NONE of these platforms are perfect.

But Rapid Action Profits comes pretty darn close ;)

First off, RAP has many of the same plug-and-play features of Clickbank but with a TON more flexibility and features.

Here’s a quick overview…

Instant Commissions Paid through PayPal
– Affiliates get paid instantly through PayPal. This can be a HUGE incentive for affiliates because they don’t have to wait weeks to get paid.

Plus, because affiliates receive their commission directly from the customer you don’t have to cut affiliate checks, do mass pays, or even send out 1099’s at the end of the year. So you have an incredible amount of control over HOW you manage your affiliate program but at the same time you don’t have to worry about the hassles of paying affiliates, cutting checks, taxes, etc…

Easy Affiliate Management – Affiliates can get signed up quickly and easily using their PayPal email. Inside the affiliate area they have full access to their stats, tracking, and plug-and-play affiliate tools.

Custom Commission Rates – You can set custom commission rates for your affiliate and JV Partners. This allows you to give a higher percentage to your top JV’s and super affiliates.

Up to 100% Commissions – You can pay up to 100% commissions to
your JV’s and affiliates. Another HUGE incentive for attracting affiliates. You can use this to create a front-end lead machine that then funnels people into your backend.

2nd-Teir Commissions – Incentivize your affiliates even further with 2nd Teir Commissions – allowing them to earn a percentage of the profits from affiliates they refer into your program.

One-Time Offers, Upsells, & Downsells – Easily build out a complete
sales funnel with related offers while your customers are in the buying mood. (Quick Note: These aren’t one-click upsells because PayPal does not currently have true one-click upsells where the customer is automatically charged for the first sale and then moves on to customize their order. With RAP, they customize their order first and then complete the sale at the end of the process.)

Split-Testing – RAP has built-in split testing that allows you to test different versions of your sales page.

Integrates directly with your autoresponder. Plus, you also have the ability to broadcast email to “front-end” customers and OTO customers separately.

Affiliate Protection – All of the affiliates receive a cloaked link in order to protect their commissions. They’ve also made it impossible for customers to purchase through their own link – again protecting the affiliate’s commissions. You no longer have to worry about commission theft like you do on Clickbank.

1-Year Cookie. Once you’re affiliate refers a visitor to your website, they get credit on all sales made by that person for up to 1-year. Also, if you want to help ensure against the customer deleting their cookies, you can capture the affiliate nickname to your autoresponder list (from the squeeze page) so that the affiliate gets cookied again, every time you send out a mailing to that list.

Affiliate gets credit for ALL of the products within your affiliate center. So if a customer buys another product, the affiliate will get credit for that sale as well. This allows affiliates to get credit on the backend. (However, keep in mind that you can also set it up to where the affiliate only gets cookied for the particular product being promoted by the affiliate. The RAP Platform allows you to choose either option.)

However, you have full control over the commission level of each product – whether it be the main front-end product, upsell, downsell, etc…

Add-Ons. Plus, there are a TON of add-ons available for adding a number of different features – including a Kunaki Add On, PayPal Mass Payment (If you want to pay affiliates yourself.), Membership Plus, Cookie Jar Add On (Allows your affiliates to send traffic to any page on your website and still get credit for the sale.) Dime Sales, and many others.

Price: In comparison to other sales platforms, RAP is extremely affordable with just a one-time payment of $197. Can be installed on unlimited domains.

The downsides of Rapid Action Profits include:

Only accepts PayPal payments.

Affiliates are responsible for refunding customers.

Overall though, RAP is one of the most flexible and robust sales systems of it’s kind on the market.

Plus, we now have the added benefit of RapBank.com. A digital product marketplace similar to that of Clickbank (but exclusively created for products with instant commissions). Of course, RapBank is smaller than Clickbank but it’s growing extremely quickly.

RapBank.com allows you to track any and all of your RAP Bank listed products, all from one location. They also give you exposure to 7,000+ affiliates. Plus, with RapBank you get an extra layer of insightful tracking and statistics on all of your products and your affiliates.

In closing, the RAP platform has almost all of the advanced features of other popular platforms for a fraction of the price.

And I am officially…

In love.

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