I’ve Fallen in Love…

I’ve recently fallen in love…

You see, over the past few weeks I’ve been comparing a number of different shopping cart solutions… InfusionSoft, NanaCast, 1ShoppingCart, Clickbank, etc, etc, etc…

For anyone who has compared different shopping cart solutions, one of the first things you realize is that there are pros and cons to EVERY solution. For example, InfusionSoft (one of the premier shopping cart solutions available online) is EXTREMELY flexible and feature-packed but at the same time it’s VERY technically involved. You pretty much have to hire a programming team to get it up and running to fit your specific needs.

Others, like Clickbank, are very plug-and-play solutions but less flexible. I ran my first product entirely on Clickbank. And although it is a really great plug-and-play solution that you can get up and running very quickly – I’ve found that it also has it’s limitations. (Nearly 9% processing fee, lack of control over affiliate management, commission hijacking, etc… )

At one point I was even making pro-con lists. That’s when you really know you’ve gone crazy ;)

But then I stumbled upon a solution that made by heart skip a beat. My cheeks turned rosy. My eyes went all dreamy-like…

And that’s when I knew…

I’d fallen in love.

And it’s name…

Is Rapid Action Profits.

RAP (a.k.a. Rapid Action Profits) was like the knight in shining armor who came to deliver all the features I was looking for in one shiny package.

It’s used by some of the top names in the industry – including Jason Fladlien, Terry Dean, Willie Crawford, and Sean Donahoe.

Now – like I said. NONE of these platforms are perfect.

But Rapid Action Profits comes pretty darn close ;)

First off, RAP has many of the same plug-and-play features of Clickbank but with a TON more flexibility and features.

Here’s a quick overview…

Instant Commissions Paid through PayPal
– Affiliates get paid instantly through PayPal. This can be a HUGE incentive for affiliates because they don’t have to wait weeks to get paid.

Plus, because affiliates receive their commission directly from the customer you don’t have to cut affiliate checks, do mass pays, or even send out 1099’s at the end of the year. So you have an incredible amount of control over HOW you manage your affiliate program but at the same time you don’t have to worry about the hassles of paying affiliates, cutting checks, taxes, etc…

Easy Affiliate Management – Affiliates can get signed up quickly and easily using their PayPal email. Inside the affiliate area they have full access to their stats, tracking, and plug-and-play affiliate tools.

Custom Commission Rates – You can set custom commission rates for your affiliate and JV Partners. This allows you to give a higher percentage to your top JV’s and super affiliates.

Up to 100% Commissions – You can pay up to 100% commissions to
your JV’s and affiliates. Another HUGE incentive for attracting affiliates. You can use this to create a front-end lead machine that then funnels people into your backend.

2nd-Teir Commissions – Incentivize your affiliates even further with 2nd Teir Commissions – allowing them to earn a percentage of the profits from affiliates they refer into your program.

One-Time Offers, Upsells, & Downsells – Easily build out a complete
sales funnel with related offers while your customers are in the buying mood. (Quick Note: These aren’t one-click upsells because PayPal does not currently have true one-click upsells where the customer is automatically charged for the first sale and then moves on to customize their order. With RAP, they customize their order first and then complete the sale at the end of the process.)

Split-Testing – RAP has built-in split testing that allows you to test different versions of your sales page.

Integrates directly with your autoresponder. Plus, you also have the ability to broadcast email to “front-end” customers and OTO customers separately.

Affiliate Protection – All of the affiliates receive a cloaked link in order to protect their commissions. They’ve also made it impossible for customers to purchase through their own link – again protecting the affiliate’s commissions. You no longer have to worry about commission theft like you do on Clickbank.

1-Year Cookie. Once you’re affiliate refers a visitor to your website, they get credit on all sales made by that person for up to 1-year. Also, if you want to help ensure against the customer deleting their cookies, you can capture the affiliate nickname to your autoresponder list (from the squeeze page) so that the affiliate gets cookied again, every time you send out a mailing to that list.

Affiliate gets credit for ALL of the products within your affiliate center. So if a customer buys another product, the affiliate will get credit for that sale as well. This allows affiliates to get credit on the backend. (However, keep in mind that you can also set it up to where the affiliate only gets cookied for the particular product being promoted by the affiliate. The RAP Platform allows you to choose either option.)

However, you have full control over the commission level of each product – whether it be the main front-end product, upsell, downsell, etc…

Add-Ons. Plus, there are a TON of add-ons available for adding a number of different features – including a Kunaki Add On, PayPal Mass Payment (If you want to pay affiliates yourself.), Membership Plus, Cookie Jar Add On (Allows your affiliates to send traffic to any page on your website and still get credit for the sale.) Dime Sales, and many others.

Price: In comparison to other sales platforms, RAP is extremely affordable with just a one-time payment of $197. Can be installed on unlimited domains.

The downsides of Rapid Action Profits include:

Only accepts PayPal payments.

Affiliates are responsible for refunding customers.

Overall though, RAP is one of the most flexible and robust sales systems of it’s kind on the market.

Plus, we now have the added benefit of RapBank.com. A digital product marketplace similar to that of Clickbank (but exclusively created for products with instant commissions). Of course, RapBank is smaller than Clickbank but it’s growing extremely quickly.

RapBank.com allows you to track any and all of your RAP Bank listed products, all from one location. They also give you exposure to 7,000+ affiliates. Plus, with RapBank you get an extra layer of insightful tracking and statistics on all of your products and your affiliates.

In closing, the RAP platform has almost all of the advanced features of other popular platforms for a fraction of the price.

And I am officially…

In love.

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      • Keith’s reply was something more like a copy/paste. He just replaced the product name from this generic spammy looking comment. Good thing the link is nofollow.

        As a sidenote, the guy from RAP website looks like a a 85 years old bum.

        Maybe you should do a review of Kajabi, Kim!

      • Keith’s reply was something more like a copy/paste. He just replaced the product name from this generic spammy looking comment. Good thing the link is nofollow.

        As a sidenote, the guy from RAP website looks like a a 85 years old bum.

        Maybe you should do a review of Kajabi, Kim!

  1. I think relying on affiliates to make refunds is a major shortcoming and prevents me from using RAP. Other than that, I agree it looks good.

    • Hey Don,

      You make a good point. But at the same time it’s a VERY small shortcoming in comparison to some of the other platforms. ALL of them have their pros and cons. Plus, not having to worry about paying affiliates, cutting checks, and taxes is a HUGE benefit.

    • RAP does not REQUIRE you to pay commissions instantly. If you’re really so keen to collect 100% of the sales into your PayPal account, get taxpayer info from your resellers, disburse payments every month, and send out 1099’s to all of your resellers at the end of the year, RAP does not prevent you from all this wonderful administrative joy!

      Simply set the commission rates to 0% and process affiliate payments manually whenever you want. It tracks the sales made through individual affiliate links, so all you have to do is print out a list and issue payments. Easy peasy! RAP is incredibly flexible that way. (There is a “Bulk Pay” addon to simplify this task, but it’s not necessary. I mean, as long as you’re into wasting time with administrative overhead, why simplify anything?)

  2. Wow! Thanks Kim…I see why your one of the best marketers out there….I’m on track for my first product for the beginning of the year,2011,,,,Your research and top notch info will save me a lot of time…Hmmm,,,maybe that’s why I keep coming back here and that other cool site superaffiliateclub….


  3. Hey Kim,

    With plugins you can integrate with clickbank, wishlist member and do a whole load of funky stuff. Overall it’s a great product. Thanks for the write up as I was thinking how rap stood up to other shopping cart solutions out there.


    • Hey Dave,

      Great point!

      It really is amazing what you can do with the additional plugins.

      I really like how they’ve structured the add-ons. By keeping them seperate they’ve been able to keep the base cost very low. And then you can plug-in any extra features you want through the numerous add-ons.

  4. Hey Kim,

    With plugins you can integrate with clickbank, wishlist member and do a whole load of funky stuff. Overall it’s a great product. Thanks for the write up as I was thinking how rap stood up to other shopping cart solutions out there.


  5. Hi Kim, I’ve been using RAP for years, and must admit I’m in love too (still!). My affiliates LOVE the instant commissions directly to their PayPal account. I love not having to do the “paying” or keeping track of who gets paid what. It’s all done and automatic.

  6. Hey Kim,

    Don’t forget about “equity partners”, which is one of the coolest features. If you have a partner on a project, you can set the payments to automatically rotate to each of you as they come in (based on percentage that you can manually set for each partner). That way “co-owners”, (like affiliates) get paid instantly without having to wait for “one partner” to send the other money.

    I have used RAP for a few months now, and although I ran into a couple snags here and there with a custom set up I did (and it was difficult to reach RAP support a couple times), overall it is a great solution. It has humongous potential, and you’re right about the addons. We use Cookie Jar addon and others that work well (and easy to implement).

    I’m still just dating RAP, but I’m glad to hear you’re in love. ;)

    • LoL @ couple snags and difficult to reach support (biting my tongue HARD out of huge respect for Kim)

      RAP is a good product but I’ve had a bad experience using it. The specific needs I required made RAP a terrible experience for me. But there is NO perfect shopping cart. Always have to factor in your own specific needs.

  7. Hey Kim,

    Don’t forget about “equity partners”, which is one of the coolest features. If you have a partner on a project, you can set the payments to automatically rotate to each of you as they come in (based on percentage that you can manually set for each partner). That way “co-owners”, (like affiliates) get paid instantly without having to wait for “one partner” to send the other money.

    I have used RAP for a few months now, and although I ran into a couple snags here and there with a custom set up I did (and it was difficult to reach RAP support a couple times), overall it is a great solution. It has humongous potential, and you’re right about the addons. We use Cookie Jar addon and others that work well (and easy to implement).

    I’m still just dating RAP, but I’m glad to hear you’re in love. ;)

  8. As always your information and research is golden that’s why I am in love with you! (Just don’t tell my wife I said that she would not understand that it’s your information and marketing mind that I love)

  9. You’ve said it. I’ve been using this platform and it works like charm. Nice review of the platform. I recommend it also. Thanks

  10. Hi Kim, I had brought RAP up in conversation to you quite a while ago and I am thrilled that you (in your awesome laboratory scientist fashion) dug into it and really put it through it’s paces Good Job…
    I often search for affiliate products that are RAP based you know {RAP: affiliate}
    It’s great for noobies as it goes straight into paypal (every other purchase)
    Great stuff You are the best keep up the fantastic work!
    Talk to you soon
    Dave Castle

    • Hey David!

      I totally should have listened to you closer back when you mentioned it :)

      I think (because of the cost) I almost just took for granted that it wasn’t as powerful.

      But this thing is a hidden treasure!



    • PayPal doesn’t allow MLM specifically. They do allow 1st and 2nd tier affiliates. It’s MLM specifically that they don’t like. Sid Hale (the creator) has clarified this a number of times in the Warrior Forum. So you can also check his posts as well for more info.

      Hope that helps!

      • The most useful role of 2-tier compensation models is when you’ve got a JV Manager who earns an override sales of resellers that he recruits to help you generate sales.

        The danger in using 2-tier models with PayPal is not so much that they might think it’s a “multi-level scheme”, but because it’s virtually impossible to promote WITHOUT promoting the “opportunity” over the product!

        PayPal will shut down people who promote “opportunities” VERY QUICKLY!

        In most cases where I’ve seen vendors try to use 2-tier models to quickly amass a bunch of affiliates, it works, sort of. What happens is they end up with a bazillion affiliates — but everybody is busy recruiting affiliates, and nobody is selling the product.

  11. Hi Kim, I’m in love too not only your research ability but how you simplify what to me is technically overwhelming especially comparing pros and cons. Your wisdom, knowledge and solutions are priceless. Thank You …

  12. Hi Kim
    Some great information and detailed report on all the platforms.
    I know that Infusion is also quite expensive and monthly fees can be quite a sum.
    Kim – Can you tell me how easy is it to set up and install ?
    I am already familiar with installing scripts and databases but I found quite a few other scripts I have bought – that although they are easy to install – they are far from easy to use in terms of adding products and setting them up for sale .

    Great post thanks

  13. Kim, a friend of mine who is quite good on the techie side installed it and it is not user-friendly. The script was written by a techie and is not very adaptable to specific situations. Mind you, they may have made improvements in the past year, but if not, exercise caution.
    All the best,

    • Hey Anthony,

      I’ve been working with it for about a week now and haven’t had any trouble. Like almost anything there’s definitely a learning curve, but I haven’t found it to be too difficult. They’re constantly improving it so I’m sure it’s changed a lot over the past year :)

      Also, there are lots of people available in the forum to help you get it up and running. In fact, you can get http://rapinstallpro.com/ to do the entire setup.

      Plus, they have AMAZING support.

      – Kim

    • The single most confusing thing people have when they first install RAP, and scripts like it (eg., WordPress) is, “Where’s the index.html page?”

      People think that going to the home page and seeing the sales page, means that the sales page should be found on the index.html page. That’s what you’d expect from someone who’s been building static websites with Dreamweaver, xSitePro, FrontPage, and similar tools.

      RAP is kind of “content management system” — a script that uses logic to determine what gets displayed, along with templates that are used to display the content.

      WordPress is the same kind of thing. They both have a file called index.php that’s used to drive the logic that displays the content. There is a template in RAP named ‘salespage.html’ that is used to display the sales page, but there’s other stuff involved.

      Also, that page is not displayed directly; this also confuses people who use Dreamweaver to edit it. It has snippets of php code in it. If they’re missing, the page won’t work properly.

      If you hear someone saying these kinds of things about RAP, WordPress, Joomla, and other types of content management systems, YOU should be cautious about their understanding of these kinds of scripts. They are not static websites. They are scripts — written in php — that display content that is generated on-demand using logic programmed by someone (a “techie”) who is probably a far better programmer than they are a web page designer.

  14. Hi Kim,
    Good review – But a major issue I see is the effect on the customer If they have to chase a refund from two sources – the supplier and the affiliate……???
    What happens to the suppliers business – if a affiliate racks up many (lets say suspect sales) gets instant payment via paypal split – but won’t or can’t refund any claims….??
    I am sure the buyer will not be pleased – and is the supplier to be left out of pocket to protect their product….???

    • You don’t “have to chase a refund from two sources”. You send a request to the product’s vendor. However, some vendors make it hard to find their contact info, and customers will end up contacting whomever received the payment instead. If this person is diligent, they’ll issue the refund from their PayPal account and that’s that.

      A question for every RAP vendor to ask themselves is, “How easy is it for my customers to reach me?” Some make it exceedingly difficult! That is not RAP’s fault. Yes, it can cause problems for customers. You know the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.”

      If every vendor was as diligent about accurately describing products, displaying their contact info in an easy-to-find location, responding to help-desk tickets quickly, and had great customer service skills, refunds would be virtually non-existent, right?

      None of these issues have anything to do with the platform being used, whether it’s RAP, e-Junkie, Clickbank, Butterfly Marketing, etc.

  15. Hi Kim

    Understand that affiliate is responsible for the refund. How does this works? Will it ended up that affiliate gets tied up with all these work instead of it being taken care of by the service provider the way clickbank does it?

    • Actually, the person who received the payment is responsible for refunding it.

      Unlike most platforms, RAP has a variety of ways people can get paid:

      * Affiliates (1- and 2-Tiers)
      * JV Partners (1- and 2-Tiers)
      * Equity Partners (unlimited!)
      * and of course, the Vendor

      If you have a 2-tier model with 10 Equity Partners, there are potentially a dozen people wwho can receive any given payment.

      In signing up, they ALL AGREE to issue refunds if/when required. If they don’t, you simply block them from getting any more payments.

      How many people are going to shut of a nice cashflow by being obstinate about one single refund request?

      When a refund is issued, the way RAP processes things is that the one who issued the refund is very likely (but not guaranteed) to get put at the head of the line and receive the next commission payment anyway. So for a product with lots of sales activity, this is really not much of an issue.

      This is really a non-issue most of the time. It’s like planning for rain on a cloudless day, but people make it sound like a hurricane is approaching.

      Again, why would resellers earning a nice cashflow from a product risk shutting off that cashflow by refusing to issue a refund that they’ve already agreed they’ll make should one be requested?

  16. Hi Kim:

    You my dear are one of the few, and I mean few areas of my life were I can honestly have “expectations” Yes, I expect when I open and review your work I can expect your best because the subject (whatever it maybe) is normally your personal desire to learn and understand… It is for this reason I can always expect great stuff from you even though I may not need the specific information at that moment, I know it will still be value packed, and just as importantly honest !!!

    Thanks again Kim, and once again you ROCK !!!

    Peter Trapanese

  17. Kim,

    This is John from RAP Install Pro. Big fan of yours and thank you for the very generous plug.

    A couple of clarifications to the different concerns here.

    PayPal is no different from any payment processor. The ‘horror’ stories you here are usually from people that haven’t done due diligence when using PayPal. I have used them for years, as many others have, and have yet to have any problems. Most if not all, of the problems people run into is not following PayPal’s TOS and lack of communication.

    You would be surprised what a big difference a quick phone call will make when you have a question or a problem.

    The second concern about refunds where affiliates get paid for the sale. With any purchase through PayPal, the payee is responsible for the refund. If the affiliate gets paid, they are the one that has to make good, if a refund is requested. It would be simple if the person asking for the refund contacted the payee direct.

    A lot of times the buyer will contact the vendor to request a refund for a sale that the affiliate got paid for (and if the vendor wants to maintain a good customer relationship), then they can/will contact the affiliate and ask them to follow through. It’s not really the vendor’s responsibility where PayPal is concerned, but it’s good business. All PayPal will look at is who got paid.

    If push comes to shove, and the affiliate won’t follow through, then the vendor can make good on the refund request and BAN the affiliate from future sales. This is done internally with RAP and no notification is made to the affiliate. Worst that happens is affiliate continues to promote the product, but all sales end up going to the vendor.

    I have worked with a lot of sales processing and affiliate management scripts over the years, but to me, RAP is hands down the best set up ever. With the flexibility of use, some really great add ons (my favorite is the Members Plus/PayPal add on) and a great community of users, it’s the only way to go.

    Glad to see you on board.

    All the best.


    • Hey John, Thank you soooo much for your clarifications. I think this will help answer a LOT of people’s questions. Really kind of you to hop over here and provide some insights from someone who has been on the inside or RAP for many years :)Cheers,Kim

      • Kim,

        Always glad to do it. After 3 years of using and working with RAP, I can’t see me using anything else. While it’s not the be all/end all solution, I will match it up against anything else out there. You would be surprised at what RAP can really do with a little creative thinking.

        Feel free to call on me for any questions you have.



  18. Sounds OK, but you should consider PHPurhcase for WordPress. It integrates with Gravity Forms, and it’s freakin awesome. I was running Magento, Zencart, 3cart, and all sorts of others in testing and settled with that solution in the end. Just my two cents.

  19. That’s a good tip, RAP is one of the better systems – but isn’t PaySpree even better? I mean it’s so easy to use, you’ve got nothing to install and it’s got some great feautures as well.


    • Marian,

      PaySpree is similar, but is a hosted solution. I have heard some good things about it, but the flexibility of having RAP on my server is what makes the difference to me.

      Of course, I may be a bit biased. :)



    • I have looked at PaySpree.

      I haven’t signed up (obviously), but these questions come to mind…
      As a merchant,
      1) How do you know what sales have been made by affiiates?
      2) How do you know who is promoting your products?
      3) Can you contact them directly to inform them of special sales, or new products?
      4) How many affiliates are actually members and/or actively promote via Payspree?
      5) Can you get increased exposure, over other merchants on the site? Is there any type of “ranking”, or is your product just one of many for affiliates to choose from?
      5) Can I offer a different commission rate to JV partners.
      6) How do I offer ad creatives (affiliate tools) to the affiliates.
      7) Is there any way to “incentivize” affiliates, to recruit other affiliates?

      As an affiliate,
      1) Is your affiliate id cookied on the visitors site, or do you get credit only on the original visit?
      2) Why should I pay additional fees just for the ability to find instant commission products, when I can find many more of this type product (via RAPBank or RAPmall) at no additional cost for the service?

      They may have great reporting within their system, but their public pages don’t give you any specifics or examples.

      This is not a “slam” against Payspree. A marketplace is a GOOD thing. But…

      While listing your product on a marketplace with instant commissions is a good “extra” for those who don’t have any other way to do it, it is just another channel for advertising your products.

      Easy, yes. But essentially PaySpree is just one more affiliate (so is CB, or any other “marketplace”, for that matter), and like any affiliate, they have to promote many products to make enough money to survive.

      If you’re creating products for sale, you need to understand the power of having your own group of loyal affiliates, promoting YOUR products. Out of necessity, they’ll still find and promote the other merchants’ products as well, but if you have your own network of loyal affiliates, you’ll make MUCH more (collectively) from their sales, than you will from just one marketplace.

      • Hey Sid!

        Thanks so much for stopping by!

        It’s definitely an honor to have the creator of Rapid Action Profits stop by and make a comment. As I’m sure you already know, I’m a HUGE fan :)

        I’m very excited about listening to your webinar today with BusinessWebinars.TV. If anyone else wants to join the call, you can sign up for free at…


        Sid does VERY few calls so this should definitely be a treat!



  20. Hi Kim,

    I don’t want to sound cruel, but sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind :-)

    The big issue with RAP is refunding.
    The unique selling point of Clickbank is the instant payback.

    This peace of mind is very important for a buyer when he pays a lot of money for a product.

    With RAP there are so many issues with refunds, and that leaves it to be a tool only useful for selling cheap products, when the customer doesn’t care so much if he gets his money back or not.

    As a buyer you are completely at the mercy of the seller.

    Therefore…when more marketers use RAP, more problems will arise with refunds, and eventually more prospects will hesitate to buy higher priced products without a proper money back guarantee.

    So that’s a downside to take into consideration!

    I will personally never buy a high ticket item again without the Clickbank guarantee, because I have been fooled too many times.

    • Hey JanPaul,

      Thanks for your feedback. But have you actually used RAP yourself?

      There are a wide variety of ways to handle the refund issue. I’ve talked to a number of people who are using the RAP platform very successfully and it’s not nearly the problem people make it out to be – as long as you handle it correctly.



    • JanPaul,

      The thing you have to remember is RAP is a tool, a very effective tool. Like any tool, the abuse comes from the person using it. In 3 years of working with RAP, and the numerous big names that are using it, refunds have not been an issue. If the product is good, then refunds are a non-issue.

      The ability to ban an affiliate for not following through has always made a difference, as affiliates like getting paid right away and don’t want to run the risk of being banned from any future sales. Normally, if it becomes a problem, then the vendor will honor the refund, ban the affiliate and move on.

      Refunds are part of doing business online and not just a RAP problem.

      If it helps, I have a few clients that are doing high dollar coaching/training programs and use the mass pay add on, paying affiliates after the refund period expires that are very happy with the way RAP works

      Hope that helps.



    • Actually, refunds are a far smaller problem with RAP than they are with Clickbank. Clickbank refunds are often as high as 10%, even on accurately-described products. Most RAP vendors have refund rates under 2%. There’s a very subtle reason for that. On Clickbank, you simply send an email saying you want a refund, and they’ll issue it. You don’t have to really talk to anybody. With RAP-based sales, you have to contact the product owner directly. In other words, you have to let them “see your face”. It also gives them the chance to address the problem you’re having (if it’s something specific) and patch things up.

      In the end, RAP vendors need to have better customer service skills than Clickbank vendors, because Clickbank vendors never have to deal with refund requests directly. So it should come as no surprise that CB refund rates are much higher.

      Very few RAP vendors have had any trouble with affiliates issuing refunds. It’s part of the agreement resellers make when they choose to be a reseller for the vendor. So unless they’re just lying thieves, there shouldn’t be much of an issue. If there is, you just ban them from receiving further sales commissions.

      Remember, your resellers are getting paid for sending referrals to your sales page. Any mistakes on the sales page are on YOUR shoulders — not your resellers. If you’ve got high refund rates, you should examine what’s confusing or misleading on your sales page; don’t blame your resellers.

      I’ve written an eBook that many RAP customers find extremely helpful. Take a look at rapwiz.com.

  21. RAP sounds like a good product but it really depends on who your market is.

    If your customers are likely to all have Paypal accounts, great. If your affiliates are pros who don’t mind having to deal with refunds, great. Otherwise, this product might not be for you. Both of these are showstoppers in my case, although I do like some of the features listed.

    Are all the extra addons free? If not, how much do they cost?

  22. Hi Kim,
    It is also a breeze to use Rapid Action Profits as a customer. I bought a product called “Killer Banner Maker” through it and was so impressed with how easy it was, I read all about it and added it to my list of essential tools. And as far as refunding goes; anything bought through Paypal can be refunded almost as easily as Clickbank in my experience. And in niche markets, most people don’t regularly buy through Clickbank, so the guaranteed CB refund is not familiar to them anyway so it is not an issue.

  23. Hi Kim,

    I’m one of your fans.

    Have you also done your due diligence on “e-junkie”? I heard that it is also
    a good alternative, and it has been long in the industry,

    – Macky

    • Hey Macky,

      Great to hear from you!

      E-junkie definitely has a lot of great features. I think e-junkie could be a good fit for lots of people.

      But (for me), the RAP platform provides a lot more flexibility and more of the features I was looking for.



  24. I’d like to use RAPBank as an affiliate but the big problem for me is wading through all the products on there without having any idea if they convert. It seems like it’s so easy to add products to the marketplace that I have to wade through what looks like a bunch of PLR or very old stuff, who knows if the salespages convert, who knows if it just sits there dead or gets any volume..

    Also seems to be a majority of IM products.

    I do go back once in a while and look through it again though because I love the instant commissions idea.

    • Hey Bill,

      Great to hear from you!

      If you signup for an account at RapBank (which is free) – you can sort the products by popularity (which they call the RAP Index). This will give you a better idea of which products are converting because one of the main variables in the RAP index formula is the number of affiliates that are promoting that product.

      Also, once you’ve been in the IM world for a while, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what converts and what doesn’t.

      – Kim

    • Hey David,

      Great to hear from you!

      I actually bought your product the other day and it’s AWESOME. Really takes RAP to an entirely new level.

      Thanks so much for helping to answer people’s questions in the comments below. I think you definitely helped clarify a LOT of the common questions people have about RAP.

      Really kind of you to hop over here and provide some insights from someone who has EXTENSIVE experience with RAP.

      What I like about RAP is that it really does have the flexibility to do just about anything you want with it.

      I’m an official junkie!



  25. I agree about rapbank. I have started to use it because I have become a bit disenchanted with Clickbank. In the last 3 months I have started to get long periods without sales even no sale submissions without sales even though my hoplinks have shown no slide in numbers. Suddenly all comes good for a while. Prior to this I had usually picked up a sale every 1 – 2 days now suddenly I get these large gaps that I have never had before one lasted 10 days without a sale. The thing is things come right. It’s almost as if someone is setting a switch on and off. I us all the usual clocking techniques to no avail.

    I just hope that RapBank succeeds and gets more products in my line of business.

  26. Hi Kim,

    I have not really tried Rapid Action Profits yet but I read lots of good reviews about it (including yours). I also read that it is a great way to integrate affiliate links even in an autoresponder series. I think that will be really valuable for affiliates for they can also make sales from other products other than the main product being sold. Definitely going to integrate this with my products.

    Thanks Kim!


  27. Kim – it was nice to see your concise and clear recc’s here, for:

    * Rapid Action Press
    * Rapid Action Profits
    * Optimize Press

    as an all-in-one solution…

  28. Kim,

    Thanks for the review, it was very informative.  All those positives and only two negatives, I am impressed with the RAP platform.  You now have me considering the RAP / RAP Press combo to run my sites.  I was almost set to buy DAP till I saw your comments.  Back to the drawing board to compare the two.  Thanks again.

    Take Care,


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