The Fastest Way to Start Making Money Online…

Listen in as I detail one of my favorite business models online…

77 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Start Making Money Online…”

  1. Awesome advice and great topic affiliate money and how to get it quickly I enjoyed that video. Lovin the idea of the memberships on the backend. Ok where are ya everybody wants to know how you redirect the non optins to another offer including me lol.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Your video led me to a question…

    I’m having trouble getting traffic to my squeeze page. Most of the traffic I am getting is to my blog, since my articles are getting linked to, shared on social media, syndicated, etc. It keeps bringing traffic to my blog which converts at 2-5% depending on the source.

    My squeeze page converts at 10-20%, but I’m having trouble generating traffic to it since the content (my free report I wrote) is sort of a static thing…

    Do you have any articles or resources you can refer me to?

  3. Hi Kim Roach,

    What if before they sign up, i ask them if they wanted product updates? I mean what if i up 50% promotional mixed with a bonus video and pdf, the rest of 50% are free. I was thinking if i get 500 subscriber list, but i send personal emails to each 500 people?

    I could do a poll, survey, ask them for their needs, provide them personal advice.

    Got a plan to do opt in list for nearly 50 kinds of niches, each 500 people approxiamtely for each niche, 25,000 personal email conversations. Save their individual names, preferences, whether they bought from me. Get like 99% percent sales from them. I seriously think this cannot be outsourced. This must be done by myself alone. Believe in something called sincerity respect and love for others.

    Affiliate marketing,–> i believe i will treat all friends (subscribers) with love and respect and you know they will like promote my offer as affiliates.

    Build like 10,000 affilaite friends. I believe in long term friends. Boy i am going to get busy with 10,000 people.

    Any advice on this Kim. I am doing internet marketing full time though.

    Keep the videos coming they are top notch.

    Anthony Zheng Gao


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