3 Unusual Ways to get Traffic with Fiverr

I just got my first shot of morning caffeine and I’m ready to roll out some more juicy traffic tidbits :)

Today I’d like to share with you 3 unusual ways to get MORE traffic with Fiverr.

As many of you know, Fiverr is that cool little site where you can get stuff outsourced for just five bucks.

But it can also be a traffic powerhouse when used properly…

1. Convert your articles to Powerpoint and PDF.

A couple days ago I showed you how you can get thousands of visitors by converting your articles into Powerpoint presentations and submitting those to SlideShare.net.

Well, now you can automate that process using Fiverr.

For just $5, John will transform your article to powerpoint slideshow and a PDF. He then submits those to the top 5 slide sharing websites and the top 5 document sharing websites.

For just $5, you’re going to save a TON of time and get some very high-quality traffic and backlinks.

Just be sure to use the super cool strategy we discussed the other day to drive even more traffic to your SlideShare presentation.

2. Transcribe Your Videos for Additional Traffic.

If you’ve created any videos, you can transcribe and repurpose those videos for a TON of extra traffic.

Simply transcribe the video (or audio) and then chop the content into articles.

You can then submit those articles to article directories or as guest posts. Post them as Facebook Notes. Share them in your favorite forums. Post to your blog. Submit to BloggersBase.com and BlogEngage.com.

Convert them to PDF and submit them to sites like Free-Ebooks.net, GetFreeEbooks.com, Scribd, and DocStoc.com.

You can get 10x more traffic simply by re-purposing your content.

3. How to Use Fiverr to Get Massive Blog Traffic.

Here’s another cool strategy for you…

I’m sure most of you have seen those top list posts around the web with titles like:

Top 30 Young Bloggers Under 21
17 Traffic Building Tips from Some of the World’s Most Popular Bloggers
12 Undercover Blogs You Should Read in 2011
7 Under-the-Radar Business Blogs I Read Every Day

A top list is basically a blog post that lists the top 10 – 25 bloggers in your market. Plus, they can be created in ANY market.

These are naturally viral in nature because other bloggers love to share posts where they’ve been put in the spotlight.

Because you’re honoring some of the most influential bloggers in your market, it’s in their best interest to spread the word about your post. Whether that be tweeting it, stumbling it, posting it on Facebook, or sharing it on their own blog.

However, I want to take things one step further…

In addition to featuring some of the best bloggers in your niche, let’s also add a caricature beside each one.

You can get these created for just $5 at Fiverr.com.

So, for example, if I was creating a Top List about some of the top affiliate
marketers, then I would go and find quotes by each person about tips on how to
be a successful affiliate. And I would include that in the post by their caricature.

This adds extra value (and an entertainment factor) for your readers. Plus, when
those people see the caricatures you’ve created of them – they’ll be pleasantly
surprised and more likely to share your new blog post on Twitter, Facebook, etc…

Once your post is published I would also recommend sending a short email to
each person, letting them know about the post and letting them know they
can use the caricature however they like in their business.

Not only will these top lists increase your traffic, but you’re
also building long term friendships, aligning yourself with
people of influence, and creating a ton of value for your

Quick Note: You can also use this same strategy to create unique JV Invitation

82 thoughts on “3 Unusual Ways to get Traffic with Fiverr”

  1. Great post! Fiverr is a fantastic way for marketers to outsource some of our day to day tasks. These strategies are outside the box  and I especially like the last one as it will not only get traffic to you site but also build relationships that will help anyone to sustain their business.

  2. i think submitting pdf and docs to document sharing sites like slideshare is a very useful method of generating traffic. Along with slideshare, i also use docstoc and scribd. All of them generate pretty good amount of traffic for my site, thanks for sharing this information with us. I will definitely look at Fiverr now.

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