5 thoughts on “How I Got a Link from Guy Kawasaki”

  1. A great podcast as usual. I obviously sent you the tweet but I also wanted to come here and share my happiness on how much I have learned from you and I am implementing it almost everyday. Cheers Kim.

  2. You really want to know? I love to read. You said you spend more time writing your blog, less time promoting it. Then how about transcribing your podcasts? I don’t want to listen to anyone for 10 minutes telling me how they did something. I felt the info could be cover in less time and a few graphics or bulleted highlights would work waaay better. Otherwise, my mind wanders.

    With a transcript, I can read it in less time, or spend time re-reading parts I feel are valuable to me, plus remember it longer. I retain what I read much, much better. You don’t have to pay any attention to me. I won’t mind. You asked, I told.

    I won’t leave a rating because I don’t want to skew the numbers downward. I respect what you are doing. We don’t have to agree. Here’s to your continued success.

  3. Subject: I Love Kim Roach!

    Haha, my name’s Elvis, nice to virtually meet ya, Kim. Been reading your blog and listening to your podcasts for a few months now :)

    Question: When it comes to blogger outreach, are you emailing the same influencers over and over? I ask because I wonder if the email itself will start to feel awkward later down the road.

    For example, how would a blogger react after you have sent him the 3rd message essentially asking what he thinks of your latest blog post? Isn’t he bound to feel bothered by yet “another one of those emails” from you, eventually? So im just wondering about the whole repetitive aspect of it.

    Unless you try your best not to email the same person within a 6 month period or something….

    I hope the above makes sense…
    Thanks, Kim!

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