[Halloween Video] – You, Me, & Some Ghostly Cookies!

Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Ritz Peanut Butter Cookies


Ritz Crackers
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Almond Bark


Spread 1 teaspoon of peanut butter between two Ritz crackers. Make as
many as you want and set aside.

Melt chocolate bark in a double broiler. (I used a large glass bowl and just
heated the chocolate in the microwave – mad cooking skills :)

Dip the sandwiched crackers in the chocolate with tongs (or just a spoon ;)

Place on wax paper until cool.

Enjoy :)

37 thoughts on “[Halloween Video] – You, Me, & Some Ghostly Cookies!”

  1. Hi Kim,

    I like to see you on video and it’s nice to go off topic sometimes (traffic and IM) it’s good to let your hair down. Hope your going out trick or treating tonight?

    Great video Kim but come on ‘the birdie song’ that’s bad :).


  2. Please shoot the video again and this time do the Chicken Dance while you make the cookies.
    Plus who do those mysterious hands belong to? 

  3. Hey Kim,

    You crack me up…: )  Look forward to your Video Sources Recipe…. I ‘m very impressed with your natural presence in your Videos…. Thanks for all your help…


  4. Cool video Kim and those little goodies look really delicious but ya, I don’t think I’d want to eat too many!

    Roland Leveille

  5. Hello Kim,
    I must agree with you. That would have been a video moment if you would have let your subscribers see you scream..no offense of coarse. That would have tickled me pink & made my day. Try to visualize this…One of my scary moments was when my own shadow scared me as I was walking to my car 2:30 am in the mourning. My knees locked on me. If it was a real person they would have gotten me…lol

  6. hey kim!

    nice video, those cookies looks yum yum , but i really don’t like the memories of my parents dancing to that song in the 80, i though i forgot all of that……………:) 

  7. I never expected you can cook such seemingly delicious cookies Kim. I thought you’re only specialising in getting leads. Keep it up!!

  8. man and i thought i had brain fry and man do i have the munchies yum yum i gotta get back to work though!  lol “NICE” Happy Halloween  be safe!

  9. Yummy, fun recipe to watch you make, but the last quarter of the vid was blanked out. Would have been cool to see someone take a bite of one of them. Thanks for letting us into your world a little. :-)

  10. got to practice my lip-reading skills at the end of the video portion; all I had was the “chicken dance” :)) happy halloween, kim one!

  11. Kim, this is your mom. I think my computer is back working. Great video. The recipe says melt chocolate bark in double boiler – should say microwave. Love Mom 

  12. Hi Kim,
    What really impressed me was the fact that you used your IM blog for something which is not IM at all!
    To see you on video making Chocolate Dipped Ritz Peanut Butter Cookies makes you even more of a real person – someone who is easier to connect with!
    What do you generally think about videos Kim, the type of “talking head” type of video where you discuss something?
    Take care,
    P.S. please could you make a video on how to use a ning community properly.

  13. Hey Kim,
    I”m not sure I am ready to be so engaged online. But I liked your video and the recipe is good also as I have made these before. You’ve shared some very good marketing ideas. Look forward to hearing from you more.

  14. Kim, you are one one the few marketers I still open every post, and that is not just for the great traffic tips. You are fun! Your recipe looks like those of my daughters. Not good for your waistline but delicious :)

  15. Hi Kim,

    I didn’t get to your email until the day after Halloween. So what I did was hide from all the trick and treaters. Actually we had only two small groups of kids that came through. I guess the sub-division was throwing a Halloween party down at the clubhouse. Much safer I suppose, but I think you have to let the kids out on their own sometime. After all it is a safe area.

    Love the Chicken Dance music. I hadn’t heard it for some time.

    I’m glad that you are expanding your culinary skills


  16. I really enjoyed the video Kim! My kids came running in when they heard the music. LOL! It sounded like you were having a spanish time! Look like something were going to have to try and make sometime.

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