Hidden Traffic Sources – Part 1


I have a confession to make…

I have been keeping some of my favorite secrets stashed away in my marketing toolbelt. Secrets that I’ve never revealed on my blog, to my subscribers, or even to my dog Mattie.

… and it’s not that I am tryin’ to be a scrooge or anything.

Well, mayble a little ;)

These little tricks, tactics, and secrets are some of the most powerful, underused strategies online.

And at first I really wanted to keep them to myself. And for good reason… because if these strategies were to leak out to too many people, they’d start losing their effectiveness.

But then I realized that only 3% of the people who read something actually take action on it. And I want to reward those action takers!

So I’ve decided to reveal all my juicy secrets…

1. How to Get Featured on Google News

News web sites like Yahoo News, Google News and MSNBC receive millions of visitors every day. You can tap into these massive traffic sources through the use of articles and press releases.

All you have to do is get published on one of the many sites that is syndicated by Google News.

Simply perform a search on Google News for relevant keywords and take note of the sites that are getting picked up. Then find out if any of them allow you to
submit articles or press releases. If so, you have found a direct pathway to getting your content in Google News.

One of these places can be found at www.AmericanChronicle.com. Simply visit the site and scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the link that says “Send Us Info. From there you can sign up to be a contributor.

If accepted as a contributor, you will then be able to submit articles along with your picture. Many of their articles are syndicated on Google News and are available to the millions of searchers who go to Google News each and every day.

Other sites that are regularly syndicated by Google News include:


In addition to press releases, you can also get your content into Google and Yahoo news directly. If you publish frequent news and articles, your site may very well qualify as a news source that can be syndicated by Google News, allowing you to tap into a massive new traffic stream.

You can submit your site for inclusion to Google News at
www.google.com/support/news/bin/request.py . However, keep in mind that Google is looking for sites with an editorial
review process and multiple contributors. Be sure to read all of the guidelines carefully before submitting your website as a potential news source.

You can also suggest your news site be added to the Yahoo News
index. Simply click here and fill out the form.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get your articles featured
in Google News, here are some additional resources:


2. Traffic Sniper

As you probably know, content syndication is one of the best ways to drive highly-targeted traffic to your website. However, when most people think about content distribution they think about submitting their articles to places like EzineArticles.com.

Unfortunately, simply submitting your content to the top article directories is becoming less and less effective.

Smart marketers are now focusing much more of their time on what I like to call High-Profile Content syndication.

There are a TON of websites online that will gladly put your content in
front of thousands of targeted readers. You simply have to know where to look…

The Bleacher Report – one of the most popular sports websites online. What’s truly unique about the Bleacher Report is that all of it’s content is created by the community, giving you a huge opportunity for massive exposure.

SeekingAlpha – A very popular finance blog that accepts article submissions. And if you have a blog, you can also join their blog network for increased exposure.

LifeHack.org – If your website is related to self growth, productivity, time management,
or technology, then LifeHack.org is an excellent place to start submitting articles to. Lifehack articles frequently featured on Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and other top social media websites.

Mercola.com – The #1 alternative health website online. Best of all, they allow you to submit your articles to their massive audience of readers. Submit your articles here http://articles.mercola.com/submit/

NaturalNews.com – Another very popular alternative health & fitness website that accepts article submissions.

Mashable.com – One of the top 100 blogs online according to Technorati and they are actively looking for article submissions.

No matter what market you’re in, there are very popular websites that you could be submitting articles to for massive traffic.

In addition, there are also more general content syndication points across the Web that will bring you thousands of extra visitors. Here are some of my favorites:

Zimbio – One of the most popular community websites online with over 15 million readers month. All content is created by the users. You can add content or automatically import content from your blog so that every time you post to your blog you get increased exposure and instant backlinks.

Tutorialized.com – Tutorial sites can send thousands of visitors your way. One of my favorites is Tutorialized.com (because it has a section for marketing
and SEO.) This site alone has sent me thousands of visitors.

However, if you have a site related to Web design, then you can a TON of extra traffic from all of the other popular tutorial sites. For a complete list, go to:

9Rules – Aggregates content from around the web. To get your blog included, simply click on the link at the top of the page that says “How do I Join”.

BuzzTracker – tracks news from around the blogosphere on over 2,000 topics. In order to submit your blog for possible inclusion you simply submit your blog using their online form at http://www.buzztracker.com/page/faq.

Instablogs.com – is a community of bloggers that allows you to contribute content with links pointing back to your website. Again, another excellent place to increase your exposure.

Boxxet – Boxxet aggregates the best news, blogs, videos, and photos on a wide variety of topics. However, within each category you can also submit your own content.

Nowpublic.com – Social media news site that allows you to publish content
with a link back to your website.

http://bx.businessweek.com – The Business Exchange is an excellent site for anyone who has a blog related to business, marketing, etc… The Business Exchange is a web site that allows users to contribute content on business topics.

AllTop.com – AllTop is the creation of Guy Kawaski. Alltop aggregates content from leading blogs around the Web, allowing you to get the hottest new information all in one place.

As a blogger, Alltop can also be a tremendous traffic source if you can get your blog listed. You can submit your site at:

3. Trellian – This underground tool is simply a goldmine for competitive intelligence.

This tool can uncover exactly where your competitors website traffic is coming from. You’ll know exactly whether they’re getting most of their traffic from affiliate programs, banners, forums, paid links, site sponsorships, articles, or advertising.

With this information, you can target the small percentage of sites that are sending them the bulk of their traffic. You can identify potential affiliates, hot advertising spots, content distribution points, and so much more.

Trellian also shows you which search terms are driving the most traffic to your competitors in the organic search. Find out the exact search terms your competitors are advertising on.

I hope you see how incredibly powerful this is! This type of competitive advantage will allow you to easily dominate your competition.

4. How to Get Free Press – Free press is one of the best ways to spread the word about your website, your product, and your brand. Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to start.

But what if you could get reporters and writers for major publications like the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal to actually come to you for their information for articles?

This is exactly what you’ll get with a service called PR Leads, which connects experts with reporters. At $99 per month, this is one of the best publicity bargains around without actually hiring a full time PR agency.

PR Leads connects you with journalists in your area of expertise. They put you in direct contact with reporters who are actively looking for quotes. In fact, you’ll get 3-5 emails per day sent directly to your inbox.

However, if $99 is a bit too high for you, there’s also a free service called Help a Reporter Out that offers a similar service. It’s run by a New York PR guy named Peter Shankman.

Much like PR leads, they connect you with PR people and journalists who are looking for sources.

Each day, they will send your up to 3 emails containing anywhere from 2-10 quiries per email. You can then respond to any queries that are targeted within your niche.

You can sign up now at http://www.helpareporter.com/

5. Buy Existing Websites – I’ve saved the best one for last. I’m always surprised how few people are buying existing websites online. You can easily buy an untapped website and quickly turn it into an automatic lead machine for pennies on the dollar.

There are lots of webmasters online who simply do not realize the full
potential of their website. With just a little bit of marketing knowledge,
you can maximize the site’s potential and start generating hundreds of
subscribers per day.

Here are some of my favorite places to buy websites:

http://marketplace.sitepoint.com/ – lots of good deals here
http://www.viperbusiness.com/listings/ – pricey but these are golden gems that are already generating large profits. (Many of them even come with an existing list of subscribers.)

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  1. I definitely like #3 & #5. Trellian is a bit pricey but seems worth it. That is a game changer. I just started looking into #5. I have been looking into sites with high PR and needing some TLC. The owners of these sites sometimes don’t know what they have. Good post Kim! Don’t see you on Twitter much. You must be in your top secret laboratory cooking something up.

  2. Now, this is a great list.

    There is another free site like PRLeads/AskAReporter I can’t think of. I think it has a common first name in it. Anybody know the one I’m trying to think of?

  3. Great post Kim, you pointed out something that is important. The thing is, they are unlimited possibilities to really drive traffic and create more exposure, and usually it’s the ones that are not talked about, the ones that other marketers are utilizing and actually not speaking about, so you really have to tap into different ones that’s not recommended by so much people, because those are the niche ones.

  4. I have been thinking that the work I do on writing articles for my sites has become less effective lately but haven’t quite known what to do about it. This is a wonderful article and thank you for sharing your secrets. Some of these things, like number 2. Traffic Sniper are really new ideas for me. Thanks Kim!

  5. Hi Kim,
    Great information. Being new to internet marketing, I had no idea that those resources are available. I read alot of stuff from other marketers, but was never even told that these places were there for us to submit to. Thanks a lot. I will check them out.

    To Your Success,
    Mark Couch

  6. Thanks for this great post! Getting into Google News not only gives you a lot of exposure, natural back links and targeted traffic, it also accelerate your own site PR… I love this post!

    While there are many ways to use article marketing, writing good content and leveraging some High Traffic authority sites can greatly boost the effort of article marketing, this is one of the best way to gain reputation, traffic and sales!

  7. hi kim

    another fantastic post full of great marketing information say how long has it taken you to learn all this just like your tapes brillant
    i have to get out of being in the 97% who do nothing but dream of esrning money on the web
    good luck
    peter mcgrath

  8. Kim, and I can say is you ROCK! I truly mean it, your information always has many option to choose from… We love you here in CT. And look forward to seeing your name in my emails!

  9. Thanks for your submission to The Work at Hoome Family Carnival. My readers will enjoy these great tips. I have also found American Chronicle to be a good source.

  10. One word ….”Awesome”

    (I am a member of PPCF -Gauher’s course & recognize professionalism & IM Truth & Expertise)

    So When does part 2 come out? :)

  11. wow. Very nice post. its really halpful for new bloggers. Thanks Kim For Publishing this post. Keep doing it..

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