How to Become a Link Building Ninja

You’re about to begin your journey to becoming a link building ninja.

Oh?  You don’t know what a link building ninja is…

Hmmm. Let me grab my dictionary.

Here we are… A link building ninja is one who is skilled in the art of highly advanced link building; one who can find link building opportunities untapped by other marketers; a person trained to reverse engineer the link building strategies of others and destroys their Google rankings with ninja stealth. They rarely discover how their competitors stole all of their precious rankings.

So with that, let’s dig in…

1.Here’s One Link Building Tactic That Nobody Talks About…

As you probably know, syndicating your RSS feed to all the different RSS directories and aggregators can be a great way to get one-way backlinks.

Plus, they’re one of the best ways to get indexed fast in Google.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to put your RSS feed on steroids and grab 10 times as many backlinks.

The secret is in creating custom RSS feeds.

The idea is to create multiple, custom RSS feeds and submit those to several RSS feed aggregator sites. This spreads your links all over the Internet.

Talk about some link juice!

You can do this using a service called RSSMix.

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial to find out how to create your own customized RSS feeds.

This site allows you mix any number of RSS feeds into one new feed, which opens up lots of new link building opportunities. You can create your own customized RSS feeds from your articles, videos, podcasts, Squidoo lenses, Hubpages, and more. In fact, even EzineArticles has an RSS feed for each user.

Any of the content you have on the Internet can be put into your own customized RSS feeds. These can the be submitted to the top RSS directories, giving you hundreds of one-way backlinks.

Here’s another quick tip on how to use the power of RSS Mix…

If you use Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, blogspot, social bookmarking sites, and others to generate backlinks, you can create one big RSS feed from all of these sources using RSS Mix.

By creating one big RSS feed, you can then submit that feed to all the different RSS directories. This ensures that Google indexes all of the pages that contain your backlinks.

If Google doesn’t index the page you have a backlink from, then it doesn’t count. You can use RSS feeds to make sure that all of your backlinks get counted in Google. I hope you see the power in this technique!

You can also do this for all of the articles you submit around the net. If a particular page doesn’t have an RSS feed, don’t worry. You can turn any page into an RSS feed using Any time you add a new resource, add it’s RSS feed to your “One Big RSS feed”.

If you want to get a little more advanced, you can use a service called Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo Pipes allows you to apply filters to your main RSS feeds. So, for example, you could create a customized RSS feed for all of the content on your site related to “diets”. You could then create another customized RSS feed for all of the content on your site related to “workout plans”.

You’re basically breaking your main RSS feed down into more targeted feeds. This technique allows you to create unlimited RSS feeds!

You can then submit each of these to all the different RSS aggregator sites, multiplying your results and the number of backlinks you receive.

2. Widgets

Another unique way to build hundreds of inbound links is known as widget marketing. Widgets are mini internet applications that are offered via a 3rdparty. They can easily be integrated into web pages, Facebook profiles,iGoogle start pages, and more.

Because of this, a widget can spread your link to thousands of otherwebsites.

Some popular widgets include quizzes, games, weather reports, and Flickrslideshows. It seems that everyone is starting to create their own widgets. has their own widget to let customers show off their favoriteAmazon products. USA Today offers a widget that enables bloggers to displaythe latest new updates.

Why shouldn’t you have one also? If you don’t know how to program, don’tworry. You can instantly turn your blog into a widget at

Once you have created your widget, you can promote your widgets on the following websites…


Google Widget Directory

Yahoo Widgets



Widget Gallery

Snipperoo Widget Directory

RateitAll Widgets

Friendster Widget Directory

Netvibes Widget Diretory

Xanga Widget Directory

The popular online dating site JustSayHi used widgetbait to rank on the frontpage of Google for highly competitive terms like “Free Online Dating” and”Online Dating”.

They did this by creating popular quizzes and turning them into a widget.Some of their quizzes include titles like “How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?” and “The Geek Quiz”. You can check out an entire list of the quizzes they have created at

However, keep in mind that they have recently changed their name to, which is ranking #1 in Google for “free online dating” – largelydue to the links they’ve built using widgets.

You can read the full story at…

You can also turn your widget into a Facebook app with a free tool called App Accelerator. Popular Facebook applications can send thousands of visitors to your site per day. It’s just a matter of being creative and taking action.

3. Instant Backlinks

Here’s a cool trick for getting instant backlinks…


At first glance, Zimbio might look like any other user generated conten tsite. However, when you look closely, you’ll find that it’s a link-generatingmachine.

You can use Zimbio to get new backlinks every time you post to your blog.

Once you’ve created an account, simply submit your blog URL or your feed URL, and Zimbio will instantly import your blog posts, providing you with instant backlinks every time you post to your blog.

Plus, your articles will also be promoted to related wikizines within Zimbio, driving even more traffic to your website.

Here’s another interesting technique for getting instant backlinks…

Want to build your reputation and create high quality backlinks at the same time? allows you to do just that.

You create a personal LookUpPage with information about you, your website, and contact info. Plus, you get to add links to all your different websites with anchor text included. These are the types of juicy links that Google loves. So go set up your unique profile page, build your brand, and get some authoritative backlinks at the same time.

Naymz is another free website that allows you to set up a profile centered around your name and reputation. All you have to do is sign up, create a profile, and add your website URL under the “links” category.

4. Here’s another interesting find. It’s called Cool Site of the Day. This site lists some of the most interesting sites from around the web. Best of all, you can submit your site as well if you think it’s up to snuff. Not only does this present an excellent link opportunity, but Cool Site of the Day is known for sending thousands of visitors to their featured sites.

If your site is chosen, it will be featured on the homepage and announced to their email list of over 150,000 subscribers.

Much like Digg, Cool Site of the Day also has a ripple effect. The featured sites are often picked up by journalists throughout the world. Some of the previously featured sites have been quoted on the BBC News website, featured in USA Today, picked up by radio stations and quoted in a number of other media outlets.

Sites similar to Cool Site of the Day that you can submit to include…





Yahoo Picks


Family First

Do you have a unique or entertaining website? If so, you can drop your links at the following websites…





College Humor



5. Blog Reviews

Another great way to build inbound links is through blog reviews. No, I’m not talking about paid reviews from sites like There are actually lots of sites that are willing to exchange reviews.

There’s a site called ReviewBackthat allows you to exchange reviews with other bloggers. Reviewback is an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to spend their money on ReviewMe.

You can also find a nice list of web sites that offer review exchanges at is just one of the popular online blogs that does mutual reviews.

This is an excellent opportunity to get a very high-quality, authoritative backlink.

6. Recoup Your Link Juice

Here’s an innovative way to increase your rankings. I call it recouping your link juice. Here’s the idea…

If you’ve been online for any time at all, then you probably already have incoming links from other websites.

However, are they using the anchor text for the keyword phrase you would liketo rank for? If not, you can email the website owner and ask them to changethe anchor text to your desired keyword phrase. This one simple step can helpshoot up your ranking for your desired keywords.

7. Coupon Sites

Here’s a tactic I see very few sites using – submitting your website to coupon directories. Besides building links, you can also generate new customers and build some buzz around your brand.

Some of the most popular places you can submit your coupons to are Coupon Cabin, Ultimate Coupons, Free Shipping, and Deal Taker.

For a complete list of coupon sites, go to…

There are lots of ways to create coupons for your site. For example, checkout the following web page to see a Link Building Service that is using coupon sites to advertise their service.

Coupon sites are an excellent option if you sell any kind of product or service.

You can offer discounts, promotional codes, or even rebates.

Be creative!

8. Underground Link Building Tool

Here’s one of my favorite tools for finding hidden link buildingopportunities. It can be found at…

This tools searches for websites of the theme you specify that contain keyphrases like “Add link”, “Add site”, “Add URL”, “Add URL”, “Submit URL”, “Add Article” etc.

I’ve found lots of great link building opportunities using this tool.

Try it Out!

9. CSS Galleries

CSS galleries are another untapped source of traffic and links. has received over 25,000 visitors from CSS Galleries . If you have a savvy CSS design,be sure to submit it to all of the major CSS galleries.











Each of these sites can also send you quick and easy traffic.

10. Internal Link Structure

One of the best linking strategies that people take for granted is the power of their own internal link structure.

Proper internal link structure will insure that your website gets properly spidered and all pages are found and indexed by the search engines. It will also increase the PageRank (Link Juice) that flows to your internal pages, thus raising your search engine rankings.

Simply by optimizing your internal link structure, you can increase your search engine rankings. By adding the right links in strategic places, we can boost our own search engine rankings without having to get links from external websites. Most people simply do not realize the sheer power of their own internal linking structure.

You can essentially, direct the flow of Google juice within your website.

You can improve your internal link structure through 3 main methods:

1. Text link navigation

2. Footers

3. Inline Text links (Contextual Links)

For example, if there are certain keyword phrases you want to rank for, you can create internal links to the page you want to rank high on Google. These links can be placed in the navigation, footer, breadcrumb links, or within the content.

You can go to to see some good examples of internal linking using contextual links within the content. They also use breadcrumb navigation to improve their internal link structure.

You can go to to see an example of how they’re using footer links to rank for their desired keyword phrases.

Keep in mind that contextual links (those that are placed within the text of a page) are more powerful than navigation and footer links. If you’re using WordPress, you can use a plugin for related posts to increasethe internal linking to relatd content. This is good for both your seasrch engine rankings as well as increasing your pageviews.

In addition, you can also use a plugin for preventing the duplicate content that is caused by WordPress blogs. The plugin is called the Duplicate Content Cure.

If you’d like more information about how to optimize your internal link structure, check out the following resources:

A video tutorial on internal link structure by Aaron Wall

A Guide to Internal Linking by Rand Fishkin of SeoMoz

A Guide to Internal Linking by Jim Boykin

SEO Fast Start Guide by Dan Thies

11. Convert your Articles into Podcasts

Another great way to build one-way backlinks is to convert your blog posts into podcasts. You can use free online software to automatically convert your blog posts into podcasts without having to do any extra work. By turning your blog posts into podcasts, you open up a ton of new link building opportunities.

One of my favorite tools,, will instantly give your blog a voice. Odiogo will automatically convert your RSS feeds, text articles and blog posts to iPod-ready audio files. Once you’ve installed their free service, you can then submit your new podcast to all of the podcast directories, generating tons of new backlinks to your site.

If you don’t have an RSS feed or a blog for your website, then you can use a service called Read The Words.

Read The Words can convert any web page, text file, Word document, or PDF file into an audio file that’s ready to be submitted to all the different podcast directories.

12. Building Links with Tickers!

Here’s one of my favorite link building tactics that I see very few people using…

Have you ever been to a forum and seen those countdown tickers that countdown to a particular date or event?

Here’s an example:

Some common tickers include pregnancy countdowns, wedding countdowns, weight loss countdowns, etc…

People use these tickers when posting to forums and on their blogs. Most people include the tickers in their signature file.

But here’s the cool part…

Every time they post to the forum with their ticker, the creator of the countdown ticker gets a link back to their site.

Now imagine if you started creating your own countdown tickers and started distributing them to your users and promoting them in popular forums. You could get thousands of one-way backlinks coming into your site.

If you’re thinking this would require some complicated programming, think again! You can create an unlimited number of countdown tickers with a piece of software located at

This software allows you to create customized graphical countdown tickers.

They have over 12 Ticker types built in, including:

Pregnancy Due Date Countdown

Pregnancy Due Date (When am I due?)


Baby and Child Age

Birthday Countdown

Trying to Conceive

Angel Remembrance

Weight Loss

Wedding Countdown

Anniversary Countdown

Adoption Countdown

Vacation Countdown

However, you can also create custom tickers to countdown to any event you choose. This is a great technique for increasing your backlinks, traffic, revenue, and website exposure. Every ticker you create is branded with your websites name and links back to your website.

Think about it… If you had just one active forum member using your ticker, that could equate to thousands of backlinks.

13. Our final link building technique is quite “out-of-the-box”.

It’s buying websites!

Yes, you can buy low-cost websites to get high-quality one-way backlinks. You can use the SitePoint
to find some great deals on established websites.

Buying a low-cost website not only gives you lots of powerful link building opportunities, it can also bring you a lot of extra traffic and subscribers.

Lots of people simply don’t know how to monetize their websites properly. You can often find quality websites getting hundreds of visitors a day that aren’t even collecting opt-ins. Imagine if you bought the site with your marketing knowledge, started collecting subscribers, and built a relationship with your list.

Congratulations on finishing this VERY long article. You are now well on your way to becoming a link building ninja. The only thing left for you to do is implement the powerful strategies and tactics you’ve learned. Remember, it’s all about practice!

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