(New Video!) – Instant Google Rankings


I haven’t done a video in quite a while so I wanted to put together something extra special for you.

So in the video below I reveal 3 simple strategies for ranking on the front-page of Google…


P.S. Be sure and leave me a comment so I know if you guys like this sort of format :) I’m really looking forward to your feedback and interacting with you in the comments section below.


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  1. Hi Kim,

    I don’t know why, but I cannot see any video. The area is just blank. I have tried running thru both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I’m on a 64 bit HP laptop using Vista home premium. As far as I know, I have the most recent versions of most software (Vista, Flash, Quicktime, etc.) Any ideas as why I can’t see anything?

    Thanks, Ed

  2. Great Tips as always Kim! I have a Site on Page 1 of Google that will bounce around from #7 to #4. But when I put out a Press Release via PrLog.org, my Site zooms right up to #1.

    So, I know first hand that what you are saying here is “right on the money”.

    Michael Suggs

  3. Great information Kim. Press releases are so underutilized yet they are so effective for driving massive amounts of traffic and ranking high with search terms on Google. We should be using them more.

  4. Hi! Kim,

    To the Good O’l Kentucky Girl…

    Thanks for the video, it is interesting to see how all these different platforms work together…I got away from SEO for awhile, to slow and frustrating..but I can see how some of these strategies could work..
    And I’m finding out in the long run that SEO is worth the effort..
    Nice to see some different ways to take advantage of the marketplace..

    Thanks for the info..I’ll be sure to put it to good use..
    Oh! and Chris is a good dude ..I’ve learned a lot from both of you..


    ucandonline .com
    larry maczura

  5. Hi Kim. I emailed you before but I don’t think you got it. In the email I was thanking you and also letting you know that I admire your style and approach to traffic building. This video only demonstrates why I like your style.
    Once my website start getting a lot of traffic I shall mention your name and let everyone know that you are the real deal. Thanks Kim- from Sherrod

  6. Kim, I love this, more please!! This format has great value to us noob’s.
    You stuff is always good though. I really enjoyed the webinar you did with Travis, are you planning more webinars?

  7. Thanks Bill!

    I always start my videos thinking that I’m going to do something short (like 10-15 minutes) and then I always end up doing more like 20-30 minutes.

    I think this one turned out pretty good though as far as length.

    Really glad you enjoyed it :)



  8. Once again Kim GREAT content. Would be nice to have a quick pdf of the links you posted at the end and a recap of the video. The google news one is a killer strategy. Glad it was later in the video so many will not see it :)
    Glad to be a member of your site.

  9. Thanks Jonathan!

    What a great idea :)

    I hadn’t thought of that.


    – Kim

    P.S. I’m still going to implement what we talked about on Skype a while back. It’s on my hundred-foot to-do list :) I really should have already whipped it out. But thanks again for sharing it. I can’t wait to try it out.

  10. Excellent content Kim and very well presented. This is the second time I watched your presentation and I am very impressed with your ability to expain the concept and illustrate it with excellent examples in a short space of time. Thank you and best regards. Joanna

  11. Some great ideas, especially the PR good links and addresses to help build traffic. You rapproach is good with the summary at the end. If I had known I would not have made such good notes.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Awesome video Kim, i picked up some nice platform tips here.

    I actually found Chris Farrell through Googling him after the first AffiliateDotCom video, so that strategy obviously worked on me!


  13. Hi Kim

    Many thanks – That was a great video with tons of great information and golden nuggets as they say.

    The Google news is one heck of a tactic that I came across a few weeks ago from E Brian Rose – He has a neat system that never fails to work with Google News sites.
    Thanks again


  14. Hi Kim,

    Great video and fantastic tips on content sites to help increase page position rapidly. You are also spot-on regarding how important exact domain names can be (imho & experience).



  15. Hi Kim,

    Great video and fantastic tips on content sites to help increase page position rapidly. You are also spot-on regarding how important exact domain names can be (imho & experience).



  16. Hi Kim

    Your videos or webinars are always of the highest Density of actionable information (measured against the time spent). And this video in particular has many great information which I never knew of, even though I’m a diligent learner of such things.


  17. Great stuff as usual Kim,

    Brought out a few high profile sites I hadn’t heard of, like articlesbase ranking above EZA and Johnston sunrise press releases, which I’ll now try



  18. Thanks, Kim!

    I wish I had implemented a 10th of your traffic strategies…

    Question about http://www.johnstonsunrise.net.

    1. It has disappeared from “Watch the Last Exorcism online”
    search result.

    And I found nothing in the Classified section so could you elaborate
    more on how we can use the site to get in the top 10 SERPs.

    Or could it be that I have to register to open their door. Normally
    ads are open to any site visitor…

    P.S.: Your comment feature is a bit unique. I don’t see the usual
    stuff but I hope you get this when I click Post!

  19. Thank you very much for yet another great content filled video Kim :)

    You give just enough information needed to get the job done. Less noise and fluff in always better

  20. You’ll need to register at JohnsonSunRise first.

    Also, keep in mind that the press releases that get listed on the top of Google are generally only going to stay there for about 24-48 hours. It’s not a permanent ranking.

  21. Do you do any work with e-commerce sites? I’m thinking of becoming a member of your program. Your free material has been really impressive. I’m currently a member of Jon Morrow’s (from CopyBlogger) guest blogging program and have been a part of other online marketing programs as well.

    Pound for pound, your content is the most valuable I’ve seen online. Glen Allsop and Neal Rodriguez are right up there too.

    As far as press releases, I pay a guy on the WarriorForum to submit 125 press releases for me, but I never saw JohnstonSunrise.net before. I’ve been looking for a good way to get listed in GoogleNews.

  22. Great information, Kim – as usual. I’m just in the process of marketing a new site/product so these ideas came at a special time for me. Thanks.

  23. Ok, I tried submitting a release on JohnstonSunrise and it didn’t appear yet… I didn’t get a confirmation email either. Does it usually take a minute?


  24. hi kim
    I am trying to start a live forex trading room and i need to get lots of traffic to my site and i cant find the address i had for your inner circle do you think that would be good for my site and can you give me the address again
    Many Thanks

  25. Wow, Kim, that was dynamite! So glad I’m on your list — it’s one I’m NOT unsubscribing from.

    I have a question about using JohnstonSunRise and PR sites to promote local businesses. Do you think it would work if you used a good KW term and a local modifier?

    Thanks for all your great information,

  26. Thanks Susan!

    Your feedback means soooo much to me.

    You made my day :)

    In regards to getting your press release in the news section – it will need to be based around a topic that is news worthy. So it would have to be a keyword phrase that has ‘news’ results blending into the natural search results.

    So for your situation it sounds like you might want to try using some of the other high-authority web platforms that we mentioned to get ranked in the natural results themselves – instead of the news section.

    Plus, that way you’ll have a more permanent ranking.

    Just be sure to build links to that page – whether it be ArticlesBase, PrLog.org, YouTube, WebWire, Scribd, etc…

  27. Hey Raza,

    Thank you so much for your kind words :)

    In regards to e-commerce with physical products, I haven’t done that myself, but all of the same SEO principles will apply.

    We’re currently doing a LIVE SEO Case Study inside the Super Affiliate Club. It’s been a ton of fun and our members our seeing some really nice results.



  28. Thanks Sherrod!

    I’m so sorry I missed your email.

    Sometimes they can get lost among the massive black hole known as my inbox :)

    Please shoot me another email.

    I’d love to chat.




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