(New Video!) – Instant Google Rankings


I haven’t done a video in quite a while so I wanted to put together something extra special for you.

So in the video below I reveal 3 simple strategies for ranking on the front-page of Google…


P.S. Be sure and leave me a comment so I know if you guys like this sort of format :) I’m really looking forward to your feedback and interacting with you in the comments section below.


68 thoughts on “(New Video!) – Instant Google Rankings”

  1. Great stuff as always Kim! I got your free ebook awhile ago and it had some of these. I just need to go back and find it now :) You provide some of the best stuff free. Im sure your club is amazing

  2. Hey Kim:

    Your emails along with Chris’s, and Travis’s are always must open!!! Keep up your awesomness and have a great day all!!!

  3. kim your a legend, thanks for such great info. I would also love to see a PDF produced by you with links to all the sites you recommend. It seems on every video you recommend new sites (i seem to remember you recently mentioning the free library as a site which is ranking very well right now) i make txt files from each video you make to make a note of the sites you recommend and i have them scattered all over my hard drive lol. Would love to see a PDF with links to all of the best Press release sites, ebook sites, doc sharing sites, video sharing sites etc etc that you recommend. Id gladly pay for it. Oh and 1 more thing.. would you suggest posting the same content across all these sites or unique content on each site? thank you kim, you are an inspiration to me. much love

  4. I have read many of your articles and viewed videos of webinars.  Was not at all surprised by the wealth of valuable information in this video.  Thank you Kim.

    Chas Henry


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