Interview with Sean Donahoe

As you might already know, I LOVE talking to cool chaps about Internet Marketing. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

And I just finished up a call with one of my favorite marketers – Sean Donahoe.

Plus, we recorded the whole thing so you get to be a fly on the wall and listen in to what us crazy marketers talk about during our masterminds…

(Quick Note: You can check out Sean’s blog at

15 thoughts on “Interview with Sean Donahoe”

  1. Hi Kim and Sean,

    Really appreciate both of you coming up with a webinar packed with such great content! Actually this could be sold for a nice sum… I’m surprised that it’s going for Free!

    I’m keen to try out the front end offer that gives 100% commissions while having a strong back end structure, while segmenting my list for a more targeted approach to the right section of my list…

    Thanks again,
    Daniel Toh

  2. Thanks for the info. Truly valuable, but I must admit I don’t like monthly product launches as a basis for business. Where did affiliate marketing go? All the “gurus” are just launching products and it means that they are 100% not doing any affiliate marketing besides using the email lists that their AFFILIATES generated for them.

    And that, and that only should restrict a professional marketer from selling the next “quick fix” on a monthly basis. Simply because if you claim there is experience behind these monthly products then you are just lying.

    Thanks for the info though. I still follow Kim.

  3. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for the info… Quality… Thanks for all your research and sharing.. your saving me a (massive) amount of time.. for building my own online business…

    I really love the video end of marketing myself… so cheers to Sean… get up …get vertical..
    get video… :) love this stuff..

    I also found a really reliable resource.. I’m learning and implemeting the section on video marketing… worth it’s weight in Gold…( and we know what gold is going for :)…

    Anyway cool beans…here’s a place that Kim knows and recommends..
    could be worth checking out…

    thanks a bunch…

  4. The evolution of the “” guru “””internet marketer””” “”.

    – It begins when the new “entrepreneur” learns about the opportunity to make money online.
    – Then they learn about affiliate marketing and everything about the industry.
    – Then they try to apply all the BS methods they purchased for $17 in the warrior forum / Digital point hoping it will make them rich.
    – Then, after trying for a whole year with no results – They give in to psychology.
    – And then, without any success record in their portfolio; they learn they can fake statistics with a simple javascript and rehash all the crappy content that never works into products. And start selling them on a monthly basis.


    You see, you guys make me puke. Because in 99% in the internet marketing “industry”; people like you never applied what they teach. It’s no secret that those who teach never apply.

    Then maybe, just maybe; someday someone will stop all of you with your BS product launches. Because none of you had any results. EVER. All you do is preach to those who are wannabe’s like you.
    Sad story is – These people believe in this MCdonalds 99c psychology.

    Go ahead; Delete this comment. Maybe a few people will manage to catch it before you do.

  5. Sean has a lot of products on Rapbank aka (manic marketer) and I agree he knows his stuff and he is a good marketer. I promote a few of his products they are well put together, and sell well.

  6. Hey Kim,

    This was a phenomenal post. I learned so much from the interview. Awesome content, as usual. Thank you very very much for this. I look forward to more wonderful content.

    Loving Traffic Dashboard, and will be adding this to the arsenal of ninja traffic gen techniques you’ve put in TD. ;)


  7. I found you thanks to Sean Donahoe, he also is one of my favorite internet marketers. But now I will add you to my top five hit list of great internet marketers. And NO! i am not brown nosing here, your delivery and assertive teaching ability got my attention. Not to mention your (looks) :-) just though I’d throw that in.

    I bought your product Traffic Dashboard, and I must say that the modules are loaded with information that got me very excited all over again about internet marketing. Still a rookie and need HELP!

    Thanks a Million
    Alexander Herrera

  8. Hi Kim! Thanks so much for this great video! Sean, it was wonderful to learn these amazing techniques thank YOU for your time! I just wanted to say, the back-end funnel system that you use, Sean, is one that I have seen before, but you add something to it that I have never seen before and I think it is so powerful.

    Simply adding the progress bar on the top of the screen is a subtle yet persuasive way to encourage your buyers to go beyond the front end offer. Not only are you giving them a great OTO, but you are teasing them with other potentially juicy offers that they can only receive by accepting the first! Ingenious.

    Also, this video really shows the value of a buyer vs. a subscriber. Buyers are truly invaluable capitol that are worth investing in through your methods.

    Thanks Again,

  9. I’m just finding time to watch this video interview, Kim. Thanks for bringing on Sean and he completely bared it all about behind the scenes of his business. This is the first time I’m learning from Sean’s contents – this guy sure knows creative marketing.

  10. I’m just finding time to watch this video interview, Kim. Thanks for bringing on Sean and he completely bared it all about behind the scenes of his business. This is the first time I’m learning from Sean’s contents – this guy sure knows creative marketing.

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