Podcast Launch Party!

STEP 1. Download and Install the free Apple iTunes software by CLICKING HERE.

STEP 2. Open iTunes.

STEP 3. Click on the ‘iTunes Store’ button in the top right-hand corner.


STEP 4. Search for “10-Minute Marketing” in the search box. (top-right)


Step 5. Subscribe, Give a 5-Star Rating, and write a review telling us what you love
about the 10-Minute Marketing Show!

a.) Click the button to subscribe to the ’10-Minute Marketing Show’.


b.) Click Subscribe on the pop up:


c.) Click on “Ratings and Reviews” and give a 5-Star rating:


Step 6. Email kim@buzzblogger.com and let us know you’ve done all of the above.
Your name will then be entered into the random drawing to win a Kindle Fire!

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