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The Most Crucial And Critical Skill Needed…to Make Money Online.

Today we have an honored guest at My good friend Chris Farrell has written a guest post about the #1 Skill needed to succeed online.


The Most Crucial And Critical Skill Needed….to Make Money Online

by Chris Farrell (Full time Internet Marketer and big fan of Kim Roach.)

I have a quick question for you here.

‘Can anyone make money online?’

What do you think?

We’ve all been bombarded by those ridiculous websites complete with speed boats and fast cars and money falling out of the sky… All with incredulous claims of untold riches by doing next to nothing.

They scream at us that ‘Yes! Anyone can make money online!’

What a load of baloney!

Ready for the truth.

Here it is. And forgive me for being blunt.

‘Can anyone make money online?’


They can’t.

Now I appreciate that I am probably in the minority saying this. The only reason that most say that anyone can make money online –is because they are trying to get you to buy their lame product. I do not mean to sound negative – just realistic.

Not everyone can make money online.

Not everyone is cut out for it.

Why is this?

Because Making Money Online is a business. And businesses can fail.

The problem that the majority of newcomers to this business have – is they are Opportunity Seekers.

The majority of newcomers will hop skip and stumble from one opportunity to another – never stopping long enough to see one thorough to completion.

These folk are doomed from the start.

Now – please – don’t berate yourself if this sounds like you. I was an opportunity seeker when I began.

But I very quickly learned – to succeed – I would have to change.

And so will you.

You need to stop being an Opportunity Seeker – and morph into a Strategic Thinker.

What does that mean? Let me tell you….

Let me tell you what the most crucial and critical skill you need is – to succeed online.

I must warn you – it is a bit of a cliché – but it is also 100% true.

It is having the correct MINDSET. What does that mean? It means realizing there will be some new skills that you will have to learn, understand, and implement – before you see any returns.

But here’s the kicker…

…a cruel irony of this business – is that EVERYONE thinks they have the correct mindset.


In reality – only 3% do.

Here is something that is NEVER spoken about.

For the majority wanting to create a web business – this will be the FIRST TIME they have EVER created a business.

Now – there is NOTHING wrong with this (in fact it is to be applauded) – but the issue is – most are not mentally prepared – or even think about – the new skills needed to learn.

For some strange reason – the web is viewed all misty-eyed and romantic — almost as a bit of fun from home.

But it is a BUSINESS first and foremost.

And in ANY business – there will be new skills to learn.

In ANY business.

Why should the web be different? IT ISN”T!!

The key to success – is to UNDERSTAND this – BEFORE you start.

Most do not (despite saying they may).

Making Money Online is a skill.

Just like carpentry – or pottery – or golf.

The definition of a skill – means it is LEARNABLE.

Would you expect to become a master carpenter – or potter -golfer – INSTANTLY?

Of course not.

You have to spend time – and work – to learn these skills.

And Making Money Online is no different.

But – it IS a skill – that can be learned – when one addresses this business with the correct mindset.

Once the correct mindset is established – then dividends can eventually be achieved.

So if you want success, it will require work.

Expect to make plenty of mistakes.

It’s far more important to get started now than to spend months perfecting something.

The people who succeed online. They’re not smarter or armed with super human powers. But they’re willing to work just a little bit more…

Get up a little bit earlier.

Stay up a little bit later.

Care about your subscribers a little bit more.

You see, success requires a price, and that price is PERSISTENCE.

Chris Farrell has been voted the No. 1 Internet Marketing Service by IMReportCard.

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