The Most Crucial And Critical Skill Needed…to Make Money Online.

Today we have an honored guest at My good friend Chris Farrell has written a guest post about the #1 Skill needed to succeed online.


The Most Crucial And Critical Skill Needed….to Make Money Online

by Chris Farrell (Full time Internet Marketer and big fan of Kim Roach.)

I have a quick question for you here.

‘Can anyone make money online?’

What do you think?

We’ve all been bombarded by those ridiculous websites complete with speed boats and fast cars and money falling out of the sky… All with incredulous claims of untold riches by doing next to nothing.

They scream at us that ‘Yes! Anyone can make money online!’

What a load of baloney!

Ready for the truth.

Here it is. And forgive me for being blunt.

‘Can anyone make money online?’


They can’t.

Now I appreciate that I am probably in the minority saying this. The only reason that most say that anyone can make money online –is because they are trying to get you to buy their lame product. I do not mean to sound negative – just realistic.

Not everyone can make money online.

Not everyone is cut out for it.

Why is this?

Because Making Money Online is a business. And businesses can fail.

The problem that the majority of newcomers to this business have – is they are Opportunity Seekers.

The majority of newcomers will hop skip and stumble from one opportunity to another – never stopping long enough to see one thorough to completion.

These folk are doomed from the start.

Now – please – don’t berate yourself if this sounds like you. I was an opportunity seeker when I began.

But I very quickly learned – to succeed – I would have to change.

And so will you.

You need to stop being an Opportunity Seeker – and morph into a Strategic Thinker.

What does that mean? Let me tell you….

Let me tell you what the most crucial and critical skill you need is – to succeed online.

I must warn you – it is a bit of a cliché – but it is also 100% true.

It is having the correct MINDSET. What does that mean? It means realizing there will be some new skills that you will have to learn, understand, and implement – before you see any returns.

But here’s the kicker…

…a cruel irony of this business – is that EVERYONE thinks they have the correct mindset.


In reality – only 3% do.

Here is something that is NEVER spoken about.

For the majority wanting to create a web business – this will be the FIRST TIME they have EVER created a business.

Now – there is NOTHING wrong with this (in fact it is to be applauded) – but the issue is – most are not mentally prepared – or even think about – the new skills needed to learn.

For some strange reason – the web is viewed all misty-eyed and romantic — almost as a bit of fun from home.

But it is a BUSINESS first and foremost.

And in ANY business – there will be new skills to learn.

In ANY business.

Why should the web be different? IT ISN”T!!

The key to success – is to UNDERSTAND this – BEFORE you start.

Most do not (despite saying they may).

Making Money Online is a skill.

Just like carpentry – or pottery – or golf.

The definition of a skill – means it is LEARNABLE.

Would you expect to become a master carpenter – or potter -golfer – INSTANTLY?

Of course not.

You have to spend time – and work – to learn these skills.

And Making Money Online is no different.

But – it IS a skill – that can be learned – when one addresses this business with the correct mindset.

Once the correct mindset is established – then dividends can eventually be achieved.

So if you want success, it will require work.

Expect to make plenty of mistakes.

It’s far more important to get started now than to spend months perfecting something.

The people who succeed online. They’re not smarter or armed with super human powers. But they’re willing to work just a little bit more…

Get up a little bit earlier.

Stay up a little bit later.

Care about your subscribers a little bit more.

You see, success requires a price, and that price is PERSISTENCE.

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46 thoughts on “The Most Crucial And Critical Skill Needed…to Make Money Online.”

  1. This is ringing true for me. The FINANCIAL barrier to enter IM is low but what is daunting for me is the speed at which IM changes and evolves. This makes the correct mindset even more critical as you must adapt and learn new skills constantly.

    Case in point: I just got my adwords account vaporized by Google with no explanation. They even took away my gmail! Time to learn new traffic strategies. I need to reread Kim’s posts on this. :)

  2. Well written. No matter what kind of business, you have to work at it. Everyone is different, what works in one case may not work in another case. Some are better at sales and will see faster results than others.

  3. Great guest post, Chris! You’re right, not everyone can make money online. You have to be business savvy and know how to build relationships with your core audience. Many people just don’t get it whether it’s because they might be more instant gratification oriented or they haven’t been truly honest with themselves.

    I find many say they want to make money online but their actions speak differently. For me, once I made my first sale, I was addicted. I chose to then seek out a mentor, someone who was where I wanted to be. It wasn’t easy and I made many mistakes initially. However, I knew it was possible so I looked at certain failures as opportunities to learn.

  4. Making money online is a hard skill to master without the proper support and guidance.

    Chris Farrells membership site offers all the support and guidance a newcomer needs.

    I have found it invaluable in developing an online business and understanding how to create my first website.

  5. I am a student of Mr. Chris Farrell, and I can tell you, there is as far as I’m concerned no better place to get started than with his program. Whether you are new to computer use or the internet, his program is so comprehensive and thorough. Virtually anyone can learn and develop the skills needed to join the information age.
    I’d highly recommend anyone to look at what Chris has to offer. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.
    Jim Bond

  6. I totally agreed with what you said. But you can add that by learning alone wont be enough. You must be able to sacrifice some of your hard earned. Building a business is not free.

  7. Hi

    The greatest problem is autopilot. 97% think that it is possible
    to earn without working. And working good comes after learning.
    IM is a profession like accountancy, chemistry, etc.
    There are no secrets, neither in accountancy nor in Internet
    Marketing. And also here learning is a daily process.
    It is a pity that only 3 % understand this axioma.


  8. Most “Gurus” always talk about the sexy part of running a business from home. Chris you are right! It is hard work. Actually harder than a 9 to 5. However the freedom you get and look on your face when you see your paypal sales every morning is priceless. Because of that I stay focused and on the grind. Thanks for giving us that dose of reality and mentioning the not so sexy part of running a business from home.

  9. I thoroughly endorse Sean’s comment above.

    Chris Farrell has already taught me a lot of valuable skills concerning website building, ways of promoting sites – and the free resources, ‘how-to’ articles and references to other useful Internet Marketing facilities are just amazing!

    In terms of Chris’s article – he’s absolutely right! Having the right MINDSET is crucial. But it’s easier to get it right, by following the motivational sections on Chris’s membership site. He’s the best video trainer I know – and I’m a trainer myself (in Copywriting and Webwriting).

  10. Yes Chris is right. I call it FOCUS. First you learn the ropes and then you must FOCUS on getting your business online without getting distracted by all those get rich schemes that are flying around.

  11. I totally agreed with what Chris said. Running a business online is harder than a 9 to 5 and building a business is not free.
    But the time freedom and financial freedom you get is priceless.

  12. Success In Anything Is 80% Psychology and 20% mechanics. You must have a clear plan and stick to it. If you are having trouble sticking to your plan, then you have a problem with your focus. I’m in the middle of what I call a 30 Day Mindset Detox Challenge. It is a great exercise that will change your business if you complete the challenge. Check it out on my FaceBook page

  13. Chris
    You have hit the nail right on the proverbial head. 97% of the people who join an opportunity be it in network marketing or online get caught up in the sales pitch. They tend to ignore the business part, and owning a business takes involves doing some up front work with little to no return.

    Few people grasp that the little up front return can and probably will turn into a huge reward over time. Only if they are strategic, consistent and determined to succeed. I liken it to paying off your mortgage. In the beginning its all interest and very little principal being paid off. After a while the balance changes and more principal then interest is paid. Now if you’re strategic and set up your payment to include more principal to come off immediately, the length of your mortgage is decreased.

    It is the same in business…Be strategic, research it, develop your plan, implement it, be flexible to change along the way but do not deviate from your ultimate goal.

  14. Right on spot!. What we internet marketers have are very powerfull automation tools that leverage our business tactics (like autoresponders, online payments, instant downloads, etc.)
    But a person without a business mindset won’t even pay for the services fees (freelancers, hosting, graphic design, etc.).
    It seems to me strange that some people would be willing to pay more than $500/month for a physical space rent plus electricity, water, taxes, etc. for a physical business, but not willing to pay $70/month for the web services needed to make money online.
    Or… people that pay several thousands for a masters degree or college degree but are not willing to invest $97 for a decent IM course.
    Greetings to IM community!

  15. Yes Chris, you are absolutely right about treating this as a business and not getting caught up in seeking opportunity after opportunity.

    I think one of the biggest failures that people have is lack of discipline and time management skills. Since I’ve been following you I’ve managed to stay focused on my online business and get better results.

    Thanks for telling it like it is. I look forward to more good stuff from you!

    Michael Davies

  16. So true thats why 95% of all online businesses fail poor mindset. People give up way to easy when they do not see results in the beginning. A business online, or off, takes a lot of work to be successful just keep at it!

  17. Kudos Chris on a well-written post. Having been online since 1997, I totally agree with you. For anyone who is about to start their online venture needs to decide is this going to be a hobby or a real business with the intention of meeting your goals.

    I have found being online a wonderful experience that allows me the freedom from a job. I hope others will experience the same opportunity.

  18. I don’t say this often (maybe because of my hatred towards 99% of internet marketing gurus) but I say about this…

    man you nailed it. Great job.

  19. So true. Most of the time people give up before they get to that inevitable “break through” barrier. Giving up too soon then moving onto the next opportunity, only to repeat the cycle again – the only upside to this strategy is that with each new attempt you are learning, but perhaps you are learning and reinforcing the things you are doing wrong as well, you will never know until you stick at it long enough to see some positive results.

    Thanks for the great article!
    Peace and much love

  20. Excellent article Chris (and big thanks to Kim for continuing to provide excellent content on this blog!). And very true.

    If you frequent popular IM forums, it’s pretty evident that most new marketers are NOT going to make any money because their thinking – as you’ve pointed out – is all wrong. In order to be successful online or offline, there’s a certain amount of thinking that you have to do to get from point A to point B. You see a lot of people who want to make money, but are unwilling to think for themselves and want you to figure it out for them! Don’t get me wrong – we all need help from time to time. But come on … this is BUSINESS. Stop asking people: 1. if X is a good niche or not; 2. if method Y works or not; 3. is it realistic for you to (just fill in the blank).

    I wonder how many people will read this article and fail to act on your advice?

  21. Oh, the pain of TRUTH Chris!

    The exasperating thing for me is that for years I have slid from one side of the fence to the other. Carefully crafted business? Or opportunity chance? I slid from one mindset to the other.

    Bottom line is the only times I was successful was when (1) I did something I LIKED and (2) It was a properly constructed business.

    It did not work when (1) I didn’t like the subject and (2) went straight for the money. For example I tried some CPA marketing a couple of years back. Abject failure.

    By contrast the ‘Merlin Mystery’ book I published worked like crazy. It sold 350,000 copies! I liked doing that because it was in my nature, and it was also a properly constructed business.

    It had the right mindset

    Hurrah for your rich and wonderfully motivating article Chris :)

    May we have more?


  22. Great post. It is so true that you need to have the right mindset. There is so much to absorb. You can find yourself desperate to make any money that you spend so much time, effort and money chasing the latest and greatest product.

    Once you have learned the basics and the dust has settled it is all about focus and action. Chances are your not going to hit that home run the first time at bat or second, third, fourth…But you don’t give up?
    Sooner or later you will hit the ball…maybe a foul ball but your connecting with it.

    Eventually you will hit a single or a double or at least a walk.:)

    Just remember “Success is a direct result of action”!

  23. Hi all!

    I am a relatively new member of Chris’s Membership Site. I have been with him as one of his joined-up members since about November 2009: I first found out about him as the result of a chance visit to the Warrior Forum.

    Like so many of the other members at his membership site, I have always been profoundly impressed by the way he teaches everything, and by the way he really looks after and cares about his members. His site is very unique too. There is no other site anywhere out there online (that I am aware of) quite like his membership site, where he has ‘everything under the sun’ all in one place, for us all to be able to learn and benefit from when it comes to properly being able to understand how to make money online!

    I actually met Chris in person in January of this year at his members’ get-together in London and he really is a super-nice person who was able to make me feel instantly at ease, as if I was actually speaking to an old lifelong friend.

    He really hits the nail on the head I am sure all here will agree, when he says the price of success is PERSISTENCE! How true that is!

    I just got the link to this blog from watching one of his new Traffic videos, and I thought to come here and check it out and say “Hello” to you all at the same time.

    Gary Wynder

  24. Yes Yes… Hear Ye! Hear Ye!.. very good post..and its all true.. but didn’t we learn this when we got out of high school. Apparently many didn’t..If you want to make money on the NET, you have to re-learn new skills and re-learn new skills and re-learn new have to brand yourself as an expert, much like Kim has done..she has a great following because she is good at what she does. She’s the queen of traffic. I execute many of her tips..All INTERNET marketers need to get good a something..
    Internet programs are not easy to learn. Learning takes time..The Internet is our new workplace..Build on it..
    Much like that old commercial on TV.. When EF HUTTON speaks everyone listens..why is that.. because he is good at what he does..when you get good at something you don’t need to follow anyone, but at some point we all have to follow someone who is better than us so that we can learn too.

  25. Now your talking…
    You ain’t pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes there Mr Farrell. I am so one of those who have opened fa too many shiny emails promising me riches beyond my belief by simply buying the “next big thing”

    I must say that I’m a lot wiser now and all I am really interested in is providing value and being a buddy to those starting in the online world.

  26. Not everyone should have their own business on or off line. It takes work, training, self-commitment, and money. When you are successful the rewards are great, but failure can be painful. Also most people want instant success, and as most entrepreneurs know you have to experience failure before you experience success. I think you have to be a “special person” to even think of trying to start a business!

  27. What continues to amaze me is the primitive reflex that I continue to have when I get this sort of junk via (e)mail. I think many of you will recognize a quickening of the pulse and a curious, non-food-induced increase in salivation. Only difference now is that they’re ripped up/deleted within femto-seconds!

    On the subject at hand, Internet Marketing is work. And, you kind of have to become an addict.

  28. Making first sales online need a lof efforts and patient as chris outlined in his course.

    Taking care of your subscribers is a skills that need lot of hardwrok which i am practising now.


  29. How true this is. Anybody who is going to make money on line will have to become focussed and as Chris says develop in to a Strategic thinker. I have learned the hard way and my message to anybody is to think long and hard as to how exactly you want to make money on the web. having done that then do not let yourself become distracted.

  30. I have run my own business for the last 9 years and what a ride, what a rush! Worked days and days without sleep, my current is working all night and getting 4-5 hours of sleep if I can. Those times come and go but they can last months and months, so make sure you limit your mistakes because one of my goals is to make money and not have to work all the time.

    Now I have grossed hundreds of thousands of dollars on the net but that was in the PPC game, that I can rule easily but it takes major money to do. So now my work centers around organic traffic, build it and link it. You may try many things in business, especially trying to make money online but like Kim said, you have to buckle down and don’t come into it thinking everything is gold, you will find a lot of mud on your face if that is your mindset. Concentrate on success and if failure comes no matter how many times, keep concentrating on success. I have been in one of those modes for over the last 2 years and believe me I am always centred on successful thinking. If I told everyone what I was currently facing financially right now because of mistakes I have made in my business, you might think twice about getting into business for yourself, especially online but if you educate yourself, rely on the wisdom of others and make multiple streams of revenue, you can do well, if you’re a go getter.

  31. Hi Chris,

    Nice article you got there.

    It’s sad but very true. Most people will never make any money online because they jump from one biz opp to the next without trying hard enough. They complain and give up at even the slightest mistake.

    One of the most important, if not the most important, traits is the ability to FOCUS on what you’re doing.

    Welly Mulia

  32. I had been involved running business with multi million turnovers for many years and on retirement decided to turn my hand to the internet, and particularly affiliate marketing.

    What a painful experience, however, I have overcome the mechanics (thanks mainly to Youtube tutorials), setting up a website etc but now the real business, traffic generation which after about one month amounts to the grand total of Nil.

    I have worked my butt off to get this far so am not about to give up but I would like to find a genuine source of practical help. I shy from all these glossy offers of instant wealth from 16 or so videos plus an ebook all for $47. I see Chris’ site is quite popular, are these genuine recommendations, it is so easy to become cynical.


  33. Hi!

    Totally love your tactics Kim!

    And btw, that “Untapped traffic sources”-headline, really did it for me.. Great headline.. It really was something who stood out from the crowd. Can you tell anything about how it worked for you? Like stats or something.. Just your experience..


  34. I’m new to this blog (came from Pat’s Smart Passive Income) & this guest post is a gem!

    I”m trying to morph into that strategic thinker rather than a greedy, oppurtunistic simpleton.

    Great post, Chris!

  35. Thank you for saying what needs to be said … and I love your term of opportunity seekers vs strategic thinkers.

    One thing I want to add re making a lot of mistakes and that is that at least online they won't cost you as much as they would with traditional bricks and mortar type of businesses and its much easier to correct midstream.

  36. Most people get into this biz because they hear about the gurus that make a fortune in their underwear. They think that there is a magic dust that they can sprinkle to make them successful. Instead of working hard at one concept at a time, they continue searching for the magic dust and never really accomplish anything.

    Keep up the good work, Chris. I'd like to see more posts from you!

  37. Thank you for saying it,
    I want to need understand that it is a business.
    Can you give me more information about this?

  38. You have said what needs to be said but you would never see that in a sales letter would you? The old cliche comes back and it couldn’t be truer – “online marketing is simple but its not easy”

    • I think you can make money online in your underwear (!) but like Chris says, you’ll have to get up earlier and stay up later…if you have a full time job. And you’ll need time out for your family, friends and hobbies: I would say most fail for two reasons – they don’t know how to run a small business with all the marketing and sales expertise needed, and no one has enough hours in a day to get everything done from writing content to posting on forums to creating ads to networking for JV’s. I am lucky to be able to blog full time, and I don’t have enough hours in a day to do all I want…so I learn to be very selective.

      I blog because I love writing and I love sharing info and meeting new people. Making money online isn’t a fad 30-minutes-a-day bizopp. It’s a long and winding road. If you have the passion for this and you can persist then you will succeed! In your underwear or a suit and tie – just stick at the daily routines of writing great content and getting traffic and networking.

  39. Kim, once again you have over delivered with the insight you put into this post. I have read a whole bunch of stuff written by many other marketers and so call gurus, but nothing even comes close to the truth you’ve given here. 

    I recently retired from the corporate rat race and have been trying to get my head around IM/or making money online.  No one other than you has ever help me understand the type of mindset I need to have in order to make it in this business. Your statement; ” You need to stop being an Opportunity Seeker – and morph into a Strategic Thinker.”  Did the trick for me, because I received my technical degree via independent study (sitting at my kitchen table). 

    So, its not about being too lazy to put in the effort toward learning whatever skill set needed. It’s just after all the reading/learning, I just was all that clear on where to focus my attention/actions.  Your program/post/insights have finally given direction this ole country boy.  Thank again, and again for all that you do and especially for showing me where the rudder to my ship should be pointed.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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