My 10-Step Strategy for Getting 1,000+ Views on EVERY Blog Post

Creating great content alone will NOT bring traffic to your blog.

In fact, creating world-class content is just the first step.

Content is just the entry fee.

The next step is content promotion!

Without it, even world-class content will sit around like a lonely red-headed step-child.

If you want traffic – you’ve got to get in the trenches!!

Get a little dirty :)

Fortunately, I have a step-by-step strategy that we use here at for getting 1,000+ views on EVERY blog post…


Step 1: Submit your article to Twitter and Facebook.

This should be a no-brainer by now.

Social media is making it easier to share and spread your content than ever before. EVERYONE online now has a circle of influence that you can tap into IF you’re providing massive value.

By submitting your blog post within your own social networks you’ll be able to spark that initial momentum to get your first hundred visitors.

And if you dedicate yourself to creating truly epic content, sites like Facebook and Twitter can quickly become a traffic powerhouse for you.


Step 2: Share Your Content on Popular Blogging Community Sites.

There are a number of communities online where you can submit your content for instant exposure.

Some of my favorites include,,,,,, (Community News Section), and

Of course these sites will be different for each market.

But like any online community – the key is to provide VALUE to others FIRST.

So before you start blasting your own articles to the site – ENGAGE with the
community. Share OTHER people’s articles first. Comment and start building relationships.

Once you’ve done that, then you can start sharing some of your own stuff.

But get in the trenches first!

Provide value FIRST and you will reap MUCH greater rewards for your efforts
and from the community.


Step 3: Submit your article to blogs with a ‘Community News’ Section.

There are hundreds of blogs online that will allow you to share your latest blog post in their “Community News Section”.

Here’s a more complete list of popular sites where you can submit your tutorials for tons of extra exposure, traffic, and backlinks.

This will get you AT LEAST an additional 100+ visitors.


Step 4: Submit Your Post to

JustRetweet is a social sharing community. It’s kind of like a huge blogging alliance that works together to promote each others content.

You get credits for retweeting other people’s blog posts – which allows you to do the same.

It’s a great little service where you can get at least 20 retweets to get some additional momentum.


Step 5: Automate your social media posting via

Once you have published some new content on your blog – put your social media marketing on autopilot with something like

This allows you to automate tweets to go out throughout the day.

Now obviously, you’ll want to engage and interact on Twitter yourself.

But there’s nothing wrong with pre-loading 30 tweets to be released throughout the day. This way you can continue to promote your latest blog post along with other articles, older posts, quotes, golden nuggets, and interesting tid bits.

You can also automate your tweets inside WordPress with something like


Step 6: Contact related & pages.

These are content aggregators that pull together the very best content on thousands of different topics. As a content creator, you can search for your specific topic and submit your latest article to the creator of that particular or page.

But remember – it must be really good content. These pages are collecting the best of the best from around the web.


Step 7: Kickstart your promotion with a Facebook ad, StumbleUpon ad, or an affordable solo ad.

If you want to kickstart the momentum of your post you can purchase a small ad buy on Facebook or StumbleUpon. With StumbleUpon you can get clicks for just 10 cents per visitor. With Facebook you’re going to spend a little more but you also get a much more targeted visitor.

My last ad on Facebook cost 56 cents per click.

You could also just purchase a small solo ad of 100-200 clicks to start things off.

This gives you that initial momentum to get your blog post going viral. Once your blog post hits a tipping point – it spreads quickly via social media.


Step 8: Submit your blog post to popular Link Roundups.

Here’s a cool traffic trick for you…

This one is super simple and can bring you hundreds of extra visitors. What we’re going to be doing is getting your blog post published in Weekly Link Roundups.

Link roundups are basically where blogger’s post their favorite links and articles
each week in what’s called a Link Roundup. These are generally a collection of their favorite blog posts from around the blogosphere.

One of my favorite Link Roundups can be found at

I was actually listed in her most recent issue of Fetching Friday..

Here’s how it works…

You start by finding Link roundups within your market.

Simply type in the following search queries on Google:

“Daily Link Roundup”
“Weekly Link Roundup”
“Monday Link Roundup”
“Friday Link Roundup”
“Link Roundup”

If you want to find blogs that are specifically related to your market, then you
can add a modifier. Something like:

“Weekly Link Roundup” + marketing
“Weekly Link Roundup” + moms
“Weekly Link Roundup” + parenting

You can also use these same queries on sites like Google Plus or Twitter Search.

This will give you a list of related blogs that do weekly link roundups.

Best of all, there are thousands of blogs that do these link roundups on every imaginable topic.

Now here’s where you come in…

Once you’ve found a related blog that does link roundups you can then contact the blog owner and send them a link to your latest blog post.

If you’ve published truly great content, then there’s a very good chance that they
will link to you in their weekly link roundup.

This is an extremely powerful technique that I see VERY few people using online.
But it’s super simple and can send you lots of highly-targeted traffic.


Step 9: Email Your Blogging Alliance.

This is probably THE most important step for promoting your blog post.

Blogger Outreach.

Connecting with others is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

Plus, it’s just a lot more fun!

A blogging alliance works is a group of related bloggers that work together to grow their blogs faster. Plus, it’s a great group to talk to about all the geeky stuff that your family doesn’t understand :)

You’ll want to continuously look for ways to GIVE value to other’s FIRST.

Retweet their content. Share on Facebook. Comment on their blog.

Engage in their world and give value at every opportunity so that they start noticing your name.

Then once you have a top-notch blog post that you’d like to promote – simply
reach out to them with a short, personalized email.

Also… don’t just chase after the BIG fish. The smaller bloggers can also be VERY influential and they’re easier to contact.

When you have a REALLY good post that you’d like to go viral – I would encourage
you to email at least 100 other bloggers with a short, personalized email.

Don’t ask for a retweet. That’s not cool. Instead – focus on them first and a particular blog post that you like of THEIRS. And then mention your own and why it might be of interest to them.

We used this exact strategy on our last blog post to generate 100+ Retweets and 100+ Facebook likes.

By this point you should be well over 1,000+ views :)


Step 10: Retargeting via

Now that you have all of this traffic – you want to make sure you maximize EVERY visitor that you’ve worked so hard to get.

On our blog we convert an average of 13% of our traffic into subscribers.

But that means that 87% of our traffic is lost.

However, we can recapture that traffic through a form of advertising called retargeting (also known as remarketing).

If you’ve ever had a banner ad to ‘follow’ you around the web – then you’ve experience retargeting in action.

Retargeting allows you to capture those who don’t purchase or subscribe on your website.

Your banner will then point them back to your squeeze page where you can convert them into a subscriber and start establishing a deeper relationship.

Use this 10-step plan correctly and you will generate AT LEAST 1,000+ Visitors to EVERY blog post.

Click Here to Find Out How this Blog Generates 28,875 Visitors Every Single Month…


67 thoughts on “My 10-Step Strategy for Getting 1,000+ Views on EVERY Blog Post”

  1. I’ve had some good luck with Stumbleupon paid discovery but FB and Google ads are a little pricey for just an blog post, unless you have enough affiliate links in there to justify it :p Never had much luck with retargeting either. Super low CTR.

    Your link roundup trick looks pretty interesting, going to give that a shot.

    • Hey Tyler!

      Just because something doesn’t work for you the first time doesn’t mean you should give up :)

      With paid advertising especially, it’s important to optimize and tweak. Starting with your ad all the way through the end of your funnel.

      – Kim

  2. Great title but seems like a lot of work when you’ve got many other things on your plate. How long does it take you to do this and I’d like to see a video how you implement.

    • ALL things worthwhile take time :)

      I used the strategy above on my last blog post which has now had over 3,000+ views.

      So I’d say it’s definitely worth your time :)

      If you want traffic.



  3. I just found your site on WF,- been reading your content, I really like the tips you put together. I’m curious about the so called link roundup, its so fresh for me, will definitely try it.

    Facebook advertising – how much money would you spend each day? Do you prefer click or impression bid? Thanks looking forward to hear your response.

  4. Hey Kim

    Some great tips here for sure on gaining blog exposure, I’m working hard all the time with content creation for articles and getting published on other people’s blogs too now. Defo going to spend some time now looking at these strategies to try and rally increase my blog hits!

    Thanks, as always,

  5. Hi Kim,

    When people optin to join my list, my redirect is for your Traffic Dashboard
    because it has SO MUCH VALUE!

    Thank you for sharing this list – some of these strategies are quite new
    to me and I will be digging in! Thanks for sharing!

    Kristie from Georgia

  6. This is a really awesome list. The retargeting and community news tips are new ones to mr. Going to be trying these out with my latest blog post! As usually you always know how to keep us in the loop on fresh techniques. Know that you are appreciated!!

  7. thank you for this kim…i got to see this in action with your webinar you did a few weekends ago…thank you for sharing your wealth of information…always top notch…

    • Hey Brad that’s a GREAT question!!

      You can get 1,000+ views without spending a dime.

      I would use the complete process listed above. But make sure you ZONE in especially on blogger outreach.

      Email 100 related bloggers who you think might also be interested in the post and that alone can get you 100+ retweets and a 100+ Facebook likes.

      That’s really the biggest golden nugget. If you have a killer post and you reach out with personalized emails to other bloggers – you can very quickly get to a 1,000 visitors.



  8. Hi Kim…. I’m amazed with all your traffic insights. As you say, everything
    will NOT work but it’s like multiple streams of income…. some work
    better than others, it’s all about the net benefit.

    God bless…


  9. Great post Kim! There are some tools on here that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for the valuable info!

    Are “Link Roundups” similar to “Blog Carnivals”?

    Thanks again for the great posts.


  10. Kim – Thanks for the reminders. I have tried to incorporate as many of your tactics as possible from the Traffic Dash, and it has really helped.

    Still have a long way to go, but getting some traction…

  11. Hi Kim,

    This is a great post! There are definitely some tricks in here that I’ll share with my subscribers. I’ll even send them over here to check it out for themselves;-).

    Thanks for sharing!


  12. Great and simple traffic tactics, KISS all the way!

    No need to re-write, spin, or create content to spam 2.0 sites or blast the web with thousands of versions of one article, or create slide videos… so simple, yet so effective!

    I didn’t know about retargeting, is something I will defenitely try.

    Thanks for the tips!

  13. Thanks for the great content Kim. I think I’m hooked on your blog now because traffic hasn’t been my strength. I can’t wait to see more of your traffic techniques in my email.

    Thanks again!

  14. Hi Kim!
    Although what you have prescribed for ailing blogs is “a lot of work” – it is absolutely true that “a lot of work” pays off – so make yourself comfy, settle down when you have a few hours to spare, and have at it!
    Blog On!

  15. Hi Kim, thanks for the post. You always come up with stuff I haven’t heard of before. Looking forward to testing some of it out.

  16. Thanks Kim for the great resources. Some of these I haven’t even heard of before. I am eager to try them with my own blog posts.

  17. Hi Kim, you’re a blogging wizard! I’m gaining tons of value from your posts. Thanks for these tips and it’s nice to see JustRetweet here on the list too.


  18. Hi Kim! This is my first time here. Referred from the roundup in from Kristi.

    Yes, these 10 steps are really useful to promote the content.

    By the way, I am wondering how effective it is for the JustRetweet tweet exchange service. I tried it before. Nothing much but increasing the tweet number. Can you please share your approach to use this service? I would like to learn about this. Thanks a lot!

  19. Thanks for such a valuable post – there are a few things here that I haven’t tried before and especially looking forward to the Blogging alliance and Popular Link Roundups. Great way to help each other with content sharing.

  20. Thanks for this awesome post Kim (and the killer headline that made me click through!). I love your BIG list of 600+ sources :) Really a cool list!

    Hearing about Socialoomph for the second time – time to try it out :)

    Thanks again!

  21. Hi Kim, Excellent post. I have been following for awhile and you continue to provide excellent ideas and resources for new ways to improve our social reach. Thanks and keep it up! One question: do you personally handle all the steps you outline here for every post or do you have help doing some of the legwork? Thanks!

  22. Kim:
    Great content! I have used somebut not al approaches. This will definitely increase my blog visitors and I appreciate that! I have to recommend that if you are on a tight advertising budget, try the free marketing first and then go to Facebook or Solo Ads or even a co-op. Paid advertising can be daunting if you don’t know how to navigate the waters research and partner with someone you trust before you pay too much money on advertising. Be blessed!

  23. Hey Kim

    Thanks so much for such a fantastic post! I’ve just started a blog, which is about my journey to discovering online marketing, and I will definitely be recommending your site to my readers (will use your ideas here to generate more traffic too!)!

    I was also going to ask the same question as Brandon above.

    Thanks again, Kim, for this very-helpful info.

  24. Thanks for these cool tips on getting 1000 visitors for every post. I am not sure if I can do all of them but its worth trying some of them. The least most people can do is submit the article to Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin.

  25. Kim

    I love the valuable info in this 10 step tip sheet. I only too well understand that the process from creating the product to getting people to it is so much more than just product development. I spend hundreds of hours in prod development and then fall down on the marketing. This has been a big eye opener for me. Got some work to do! Thanks for sharing. Kater

  26. Hi Kim,

    Helpful tips here!

    I am big on tribes. We started up a FB twitter syndie group. Up to about 70 members, which means 70 instant retweets on each post.

    Other than that, share, and keep sharing other people’s content. Some folks return the kind act, your presence expands.

    If you want views help other people receive views. FB Share, Retweet, LinkedIn Share and Plus 1, and Share, every valuable post you see.

    Gain the reputation of being a free giver. You become popular quickly. Other people share your content. Your page views increase steadily.



  27. I have some experience with Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts. They are good tools to bring traffic to your FB page.

    I would like to add Pinterest to the equation as well. It is quite effective for traffic redirection and brand management if you have content that contain interesting images.

  28. Thanks for the amazing post. I am definitely going to see how the strategy works for me. I wanted to know the optimum duration to run a stumble upon paid campaign and how often should it be done to bring in the best result.

  29. I like everything. I think all of those are essential, even retargeting. It’s hard to keep your crowd engaged especially when you are just setting out to begin being a blogger.

  30. Hi Kim

    I’m new to serious blog promotion so found your blog really useful, have had 500 visitors today through a Stumbleupon promotion but the bounce rate is really high so not too sure how good this will prove. However I intend to keep testing!

    I’m also loving tribes, and have joined a few in the last 24 hours already.
    Will be looking forward to staying up to date with your blog and will subscribe!

  31. Thanks for this post! I have read so many posts with the intent of giving advice about getting traffic, but they are all the same. This post actually gave me something different to try! Thanks!

  32. What a wonderful compilation of useful information, thanks a lot, especially for the list of community news section and justretweet. I hope it improves our traffic a lot, keep on helping others.

  33. Outstanding article Kim. I learned a lot from this post today. I liked the social communities section. I read a lot of blogs and I am part of quite a bit of blogging networks where I connect with other bloggers. Good to learn about the other traffic methods.

  34. There are so many people who stop after writing content… It makes me sad. As you’re saying, writing content is just the very first step of the journey and post promotion is an absolute need if you want your blog to get anywhere…

  35. Thank you for your great tips Kim. I like the mentioning of JustRetweet. I really enjoy using it and recently they added the feature that you can get more Facebook likes as well.

  36. Great information once again Kim. I just went on JustRetweet and found it to be an awesome tool. I appreciate your honesty and true desire to help others succeed in making money online. I truly see you as a mentor that not only is trustworthy but sincere in the effort to provide new strategies and techniques.

    Since the playing field is constantly changing on how to get traffic to whatever website, blog or offer being promoted, I know I can rely on the BuzzBlogger to keep me informed.

    Here’s to another cup of coffee for Kim :)

  37. Hi,

    This are very good strategies to get your 1000 views to your post. The content needs to very good to accomplish this. Thanks for sharing JustRetweet I had no idea about it until I have read here. I have joined the community to see how it will go.

    JustRetweet looks great and I will also promote it on my blog.



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