Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic in 2010

I’ve been building my subscriber list for about one year now and I’d like to share what I’ve learned during that time. I currently have close to 12,000 subscribers and I have 5 favorite ways for driving traffic to my squeeze page and building my list. Here they are…


1. Ad Swaps – Ad swaps are hands-down one of my favorite
list building techniques. Ad swaps allow you to add 200-500
subscribers in a single day. In fact, I just did an ad swap a
couple days ago that brought in just over 500 new subscribers.

This is definitely one of the most powerful strategies I use in
my business. Plus, they’re super simple to set up as well.

Before you begin doing ad swaps, you’ll first need to build up
an initial “seed list” of 500-1,000 subscribers. Once you’ve
done that, you can then start building your list exponentially
using the power of ad swaps.

Essentially, an ad swap occurs when two list owners each
agree to mail their list about the OTHER person’s free offer.
This is usually a free offer placed on a squeeze page in exchange
for someone’s name and email address. As a result, they are both
adding hundreds of subscribers to their lists.

Here are some places online where you can find other list
owners who are actively looking to do ad swaps:

Quick Note: Keep in mind that whenever you’re doing ad swaps, you should not base the ad swap on the number of subscribers someone has but rather on the average number of click-throughs they get in each email. Lots of marketers have big lists but that does not necessarily mean that they are responsive lists. So base your swaps on click-throughs rather than just the number of subscribers itself.

Also keep in mind that there are MANY different types of ad swaps.
Email ad swaps are the most common, but you can also exchange
banner ad space on your blog, ads on your thank-you page, log-in
page, log-out page, etc… Think outside the box. After you’ve done
an ad swap with someone look for additional ways that you both
can integrate your ads into the other person’s marketing and sales
funnel. This type of integration marketing can create a perpetual
list builder that lasts well beyond an initial ad swap.

2. Free WSO‘s – As many of you probably already know, the Warrior
Forum is definitely one of the best places to rapidly grow your list
(if you’re in the IM market).

You can add hundreds of subscribers to your list simply by posting
a free WSO in the Warrior Forum. Of cource, a lot of people list paid
products in the Warrior Special Offer forum, but I like to focus on list
building and so what I do is I actually create free WSO‘s that point
people to a squeeze page where they can get my free report, free
video, etc…

This allows me to quickly and easily add at least 100 subscribers to
my list every time I post a free WSO. Very powerful! And something
that people aren’t doing nearly enough.

Of course, I would also advise that you put some sort of one time
offer after your squeeze page so that you can monetize your signups.
There will always be people who want to go to a higher level with you,
so if you don’t offer them something directly after they sign up, you’re
simply leaving money on the table.

Most people have a blank thank-you page after the squeeze
page (which simply reminds people to confirm their subscription).
HUGE MISTAKE! Your thank-you page is one of the most valuable
pages of your entire website. If you don’t put some sort of offer
on the thank-you page (even if it’s an affiliate offer), you’re
leaving lots of money on the table.

3. High-Profile Content Syndication – Many of you may already
know that I’m a huge fan of content syndication, guest blogging, etc…
From my own testing I’ve found that high-profile content syndication
is MUCH more effective than traditional article marketing. Submitting
your articles to article directories use to be very effective a couple
years back. But in recent years, article directories have dramatically
lost their effectiveness.

That’s why I’ve switched over to high-profile content syndication and
creating exclusive articles for the top websites online. I’ve been published
on sites like, Rosalind Gardner’s,,,, and many others.

Getting your articles published on high-authority sites like this is
much more effective than traditional article marketing and submitting
your articles to article directories.

Plus, you’re also getting very high-quality backlinks and building
relationships with influential bloggers. Very Powerful.

So, for example, if you have a blog about sports, you could submit your
articles to , one of the most popular sports
websites online.

If you have a website about parenting, you could submit articles to

If you have a website about finance, you could submit articles to

If you have a blog about Internet Marketing, then you can submit your
articles to sites like,,,

No matter what market you’re in, there are very popular websites
that you could be submitting articles to for massive traffic.

I also like to submit content to Ning Communities, tutorial sites like, ebook directories, and document sharing sites like Scribd

4. Interviews / Webinars / & Teleseminars – Webinars & Teleseminars are one of
the very best ways to generate traffic and build your list of subscribers.

Unfortunately, there are very few people doing them because
of fear. Public speaking is the #1 fear in the world. But, if you
want to take your business to an entirely new level, then this
is one fear that you need to overcome.

The growth of your business lies OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

Webinars & Teleseminars are one of the best ways to get ahead
of your competition. Simply because almost everyone else is
chicken and won’t do it.

Here’s how you can turn webinars and teleseminars into a lis building

First, you’ll need to find someone in your market to interview. You’ll
also want to make sure that this person has a list of subscribers.
Once you’ve found someone that you would like to interview who
also has a large list of subscribers, you’re next step is to start
building a relationship with them.

Start leaving comments on their blog. Not short little comments,
but in-depth, insightful comments that truly add value to the

Next, send them a personalized email to tell them how much
you enjoy their blog, citing specific posts and what you have
learned from them. Be as specific as possible here. You don’t
just want to send them an email telling them how great they
are. Be specific and find common interests that you can talk

One of the best places to find out about someone’s hobbies and
common interests is on Twitter. So be sure to read through all of
their Twitter posts before you send them an email.

This email must be highly personalized and sincere. You’re building
relationships here – just like your offline relationships.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can do a personalized video
instead of an email. In this case you would send them a personalized
video message to tell them how much you enjoy their blog, product, etc…

Personalized videos are really great because you simply can’t ignore them.
If someone sends you a personalized video, you have to open it. Not doing
so would just be rude.

So definitely a great way to get on someone’s attention radar.

After that you could offer to do a guest post for their blog. This will
deepen the relationship even further. Churning out content every day
is no easy task and almost any blogger online would welcome a guest article.

But make sure that you give them your very best work. Write them
an article full of tremendous value that their readers will read and

And finally, you’re now ready to ask for an interview. But best of all,
you’re almost guaranteed a yes because you’ve already developed a
relationship with them and written exclusive content for them.

At this point, they’ll probably be more than happy to do an interview
with you.

But the best way to get an interview with someone is if you highlight
the benefits for them. This works best if you have some leverage to
work with and you have your own subscriber list of at least 1,000
people that you can promote the call to. You would then allow your
guest to promote their product in the last 5-minutes. And now you’ve
created a win-win situation.

Once you’ve set up the interview, you’ll need to send them a list of
questions that you’ll be asking on the call. Each person should have
a list of the questions AND the answers so that the call goes as
smoothly as possible.

But, here’s where the list building part comes in.

If you’re doing the interview through a webinar, you’ll want to use
GoToWebinar. If you’re doing this in teleseminar format, then I would highly

You’re going to be promoting the webinar to your list as well as
your guest speakers list. Whenever you send out the invitation
page, you’ll need to use a program called so
that you can transfer all of your webinar attendees directly into
your Aweber autoresponder.

This way, whenever your guest promotes the call to their own
subscribers, all of the people from their list who sign up will also
be added to your subscriber list.

Very… Very Powerful.

But the tool that makes this all work is

So not only are you adding hundreds of people to your subscriber
list but you also now have the video or recording that you can
re-purpose into multiple formats, turn into products, etc…

5. Integration Marketing – Integration Marketing is the fastest
way to create an automated lead generation system that funnels
hundreds of subscribers into your sales funnel each and every day.

Essentially, integration Marketing is the process of integrating your
offer into someone else’s marketing funnel.

This is hands-down one of the most powerful, yet untapped traffic
strategies online today.

One of the best ways to use integration marketing is to look for people
who have products related to your market. You would then approach
them about including your content as a bonus for their product.

For example, if you have a product that you are currently selling, I
would allow them to include your product as a free bonus. The only
catch is that they have to sign up for your list before they are able
to download your product.

This is really a no-brainer (especially if you have a high-quality product)
because they are able to provide tremendous value to their customers,
offering them an extra bonus that they would normally have to pay for.
In return, you get a very powerful list of buyers!

By pairing your products with other products within your market
you are going to create an instant, perpetual flow of leads to
your website, allowing you to grow your list very quickly.

Another way you can use this strategy is to look for membership
sites within your market. People who own membership sites are
constantly looking for quality content that they can add to their
site. That’s really one of the biggest jobs for someone who owns
a membership site, adding new quality content every month.

So you can provide them with tremendous value by allowing them
to put your premium content in their membership site. And in return,
you will build a very powerful list of buyers. And as you know, a list
of buyers is 10x more powerful than a traditional subscriber.

Another powerful integration strategy you can use is to write a
killer report of about 30-40 pages of truly great content. This has
to be some truly juicy content. Not the same stuff you see rehashed
100’s of times over. For this strategy to work, you must create
content that stands above the crowd.

You would then offer this ebook to other marketers for them to
give away to their list (no opt-in required.) The key here is that
you MUST include links throughout the report that point back to
your squeeze page.

To add even more power to this strategy, I would recommend that
you personalize the report for each marketer. At the top I would
say something like, “An Exclusive Gift for MARKETERS NAME’s Friends
and Subscribers”.

I would send out 50-100 personalized emails offering your report
to them for free. You can email bloggers, product owners, and
related websites. You can find these people through Clickbank,
PayDotCom, and traditional Google Searches.

You can also some extra juice to this strategy by including a revenue
component by branding the report with their affiliate link peppered
throughout the report.

Some other extremely powerful integration points include thank-you
pages, log-out pages, autoresponder follow-ups, exit pops, and banner space.

There is a TON of virtual real estate online that goes untapped. It’s
your job to look for these priceless integration points and find ways
to integrate your content into other people’s marketing funnels.

The key to making integration marketing work really well is to make
sure that you have a high-converting sales process. If you want
people to integrate your offer into their marketing/sales funnel, you
must know your visitor value. How much (on average) will someone
make for each visitor they send to your website?

Now, you can instantly increase your visitor value by creating a full
sales process. An example would be a front-end product of a $1 trial
that led into a $39 per month membership site, followed by 2 upsells,
and a backend follow-up sequence of higher-priced products.

If you have a high visitor value, it’s going to be a 100 times easier
to get joint ventures and affiliates on board. It becomes a no-brainer
for your affilate because they make more money sending traffic to
your offer than they do anyone else’s.

That’s why it’s soooo important to focus on creating ONE sales funnel
and then continue testing and tweaking it for maximum conversion.

Unfortunately, most product creators rarely do any testing. And then
after the product launch the product dies and they move onto the
next product launch.

But if you want to create a real business online with affiliates who
are ready and eager to promote for you and integrate your offer on
their thank-you page, then you need to focus on ONE sales process
and maximizing the visitor value for that ONE sales process.

Hope you enjoyed my 5 favorite traffic strategies! If you have
any comments or questions, please post them below.



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  1. Excellent content as usual – all great ways to provide a push
    in traffic – but the problem I see is that most people
    don’t want to do all this work to make traffic –
    the ones who do succeed if they test and tweak . . . the
    first millionaire out of the gate is always the person
    who offers traffic generation that is almost automatic

  2. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for those Great Ideas,you call it 5 Traffic Generation ideas,but it actually struck me as 5 Great Listbuilding Tips as well.

    The One thing that REALLY Stands Out to me Above All is this one little sentence that is So True,and yet most of us either don’t realize it,or we just ignore it and that is the simple fact that

    “The growth of your business lies OUTSIDE your comfort zone”

    That one sentence alone (every word)should be capitalized

    All of us need to not only Remember that fact but we need to Take It To Heart!



  3. Hi Kim

    Great post! I especially appreciated the ad swap resources. I didn’t know about 2 of them. So I went to Firefox and opened each in separate tabs, then bookmarked the set of tabs for quick reference.

    The content syndication section was priceless. I just signed up to and going to visit the others today.

    With your permission.. I’d like to share 15 additional Traffic Methods with your readers:

    *Includes 5 ways to get blog traffic.

    Thanks again for taking time to provide the info and resources in this post!

    Dave Lovelace

  4. Awesome post, Kim! The high profile content syndication is way overlooked in my opinion. Thanks for the reminder about integration marketing as well. Continued success :)

  5. Hi Kim

    Great tips as usual, just wish you could ad some more great posts to this site of yours :)

    Maybe we can run some kind of partnership deal.

    Have a nice day.

  6. Thanks for another informative post Kim. I have to say that free WSO is one of the best ways to grew your list, the only drawback is that its only good for internet marketing and related niches. And you are totally right about article marketing losing its value, now days its way better to have one good article in a well-known site than having 100s of articles on article directories. Thanks.

  7. Hi Kim,

    Once again, thank you very much for the great tips! I’ve personally found that guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic and gain subscribers.

    I started guest blogging at the beginning of Dec 09 and I’ve had pretty good results so far. From observing my own results for the past 1 1/2 months, I reckon if anyone were to post 3-4 guest posts per week consistently on some high traffic blogs, he can easily acquire 10,000 subscribers in 12 month’s time just from this one single strategy alone! So you can imagine the number of subscribers you can acquire if you use all of the 5 strategies listed in this post!

    But of course that requires a lot of work week in and week out. And it’ll be even more tough if you’re not a prolific writer. I’m not that fast a writer so I post only 1-2 guest posts a week.

    I do have one request though, Kim. Would you mind sharing with us whether there’s any way you can help people to find your content which you posted on or

    I have another eBook which I want to post on these document sharing sites but I’m not sure how people can find my eBook among the sea of documents posted on these sites. Please help share your insights on this. Thank you.



  8. Thanks Kim. You always come up with valuable tips.
    When you are a student it is sometimes difficult to come up with insightful comments to make when you are talking to the teacher except to say thank you.

  9. Well I get a chance to say hello again. First of all I want to wish you a Happy New Year and I am sorry I did not do it sooner. I was so swamped on New Years Day returning New Years greetings that I was bleary-eyed by the end of the day.
    This was a very nice post and very well written with lots of good information of which you know I will be using. Every little tid bit of advice when it comes to this area of Internet Marketing is worth its’ weight in gold and you have unselfishly made life a little easier.
    Thank you, Kim

  10. Another excellent post Kim. I love how detailed and informative your articles are.

    I have one question I hope you might either address here or in a future blog post. It relates to this part of your post:

    “… you’ll need to use a program called so
    that you can transfer all of your webinar attendees directly into
    your Aweber autoresponder.”

    Do you inform those attendees that they are opting in to not only the webinar information but also to your email list, e.g., do you use a double-optin process?



  11. Well I must say all that I have heard is true.
    I found you through Chris Ferrell’s site.
    I am just really getting involved with I.M. I have only but recently found some of your listings. But am on your list now and what great articles I’ve read. Will be following your lead. A lot of reading out here and most of it good. But must say you truly put a lot into what you write. Thanks as always for another great read.
    Take care.

  12. Hi Kim,

    Read some of your previous post and as usual this too is an awesome post, with great content and practical doable tips to build a list. I will start implementing some of these.

    Cheers and Warm Regards


  13. Wow, what great tips you have shared!

    Excellent advice. I have added adswaps to my marketers toolkit. I will have to seriously implement the other traffic/list building strategies you shared here…

    I’m glad you stayed in and wrote this, I hope you made it out before the snow melted ;)


  14. Thanks Kim :)

    One of the best IM articles I have read for a long time. This is not “the same old stuff” – loads of great tips and of course, this is added to my bookmarks.



  15. Holy cow! You weren’t kidding! You really did spill your guts, Kim. Not only did you describe five great strategies for getting traffic, but you divulged a host of new ways to generate revenue from your list. The sales funnel process is something that takes most people years to understand. But you have several detailed examples right in your post that will cut the learning curve substantially. Thanks again for giving and then giving some more :)


  16. Hi Kim,
    I just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ for this post. You’ve just delivered top quality content for free. All i have to do now is ACT on any of these strategies. I love the 5th one the most. Great job, Kim. You’re always making me feel good with your blog posts, i am sooooo glad i’m a subscriber.
    God bless you.

  17. Very good advice there – I will say that I have got to around 1000 initally through Safe Lists and Giveaway events, then through Ad Swaps.

    The only thing is that I have been Ad Swapping on a daily basis which might add 50 on each swap I probably lose 10 or 20. What is an acceptable number of swaps?

    I was thinking to keep on going until the list reaches 2000 then cut down to one swap a week and use the rest of the time to build relationships with the list and follow other methods.

  18. Really awesome list!
    I especially like the idea of trying to get a few articles on high-profile sites instead of submitting tons of material to over-saturated article directories. Definitely going to try that out for myself.


  19. Hi Kim –

    Thanks as ever for the great value you offer.

    With regard to the add swaps caveat, what would you consider an acceptable click-through rate when considering someone’s (or one’s own) list?


  20. Hi Kim,

    What a great list of tips! Such detailed information on how to approach each tactic; very generous of you. This has definitely re-enforced my own goals for my site this year plus you gave me a few new things to consider that I hadn’t thought of yet. One area especially that I have been trying to conquer my own inner fear is with guest posting. Your suggestions have given me an extra boost to get over myself and go for it.

    Thanks for all you do your advice is right on the money again. I really appreciate all you do to encourage those of us struggling to learn methods of improving our IM skills.


  21. On the note of JVs / affiliate marketing, one thing I’ve done which also makes a big difference is that I offer lifetime commissions on referrals. I figure it’s only fair that if a partner sends me a new subscriber, one I wouldn’t have had any other way, that I reward that partner by giving them a commission on the sale whenever that subscriber purchases (whether it’s immediately or in 10 years).

    Partners love this, and it’s helped me do some massive list-building via JVs as well within my spirituality / self-empowerment niche.

    And the membership site content swap has been great too – since many of my partners have membership sites, we swap out content right from our products and encourage the members to check out the full product.


    P.S. On the note about ‘Twitter stalking’ to get to know potential partners better, I’d recommend also adding them as a friend on Facebook. Nothing builds relationships faster than commenting on each others’ cute kids and common hobbies.

  22. Very good traffic driving tips. I especially liked the one about the free WSO… I’ll have to try that idea!

    It’s also about building links from high value sites… I’ll point folks to your article.


  23. Hey Kim,

    Since I started my new blog I have been trying out your “High-Profile Content Syndication” method and let me just say I have never build subscribers this quickly before! After getting just one article published I had a good traffic boost and tripled my optin rate to over 30%!

  24. Great tips for list of traffic generation. Definitely, you are one of my inspirations in internet marketing. I am amazed how you succeed in a very short period of time considering that we both started somehow just last year.

    Truly an amazing and inspiring story.

  25. Wow, this is a fantastic list! And, you have listed many resources I’ve not heard of. It’s interesting to note that you’ve suggested article marketing is losing some of its upmph! I like that you have offered several alternatives, which seem doable for any level.

  26. Thank you Kim,

    Guess I need to bite the bullet and do a teleseminar or webinar.
    You have fantastic ideas here. I have been using the standard aweber thank you page with no offers. oh my leaving money on the table.
    I get most of my traffic from Twitter when people check out my profile so now I need to improve my free offer, add a pop over and a exit squeeze to maximize the opt in’s.

    I see a real need to start to measure my opt in vs the traffic to the site and then tweek and test some more.

    Thanks you for the great information,

  27. Hi Kim,

    These are fantastic ways to increase your subscribers' list. I read your “21 untapped sources” which I found very useful and easy to implement some of the ideas.

    Thank you for posting great content, and I am sure that many people get great value out of this. I took your advise on adswaps and just had a respond from a fellow Marketer that is very keen to do it. So thank you!

    I wish you all the best and keep up the great work.


  28. Hi Kim,

    These are really great tips you have here. I am also one of those people who have never done webinars or teleseminars in my who IM career. Simply put, I have no idea what softwares to use or how I will produce my seminar. I am a fan of adswaps. It is really one of the best ways to get a quick list of subscribers or JV Partners.



  29. No doubt about it Kim, #1 – using adswaps, that's one of my favorites, it's so simple to do, quick to setup and bring in right now results, sometimes I have add up to 1,000+ subscribers in a day, how can you go wrong with adswaps! And to take it even further, #3 is another one, content driven works well too, give value, get it infront of enough peope and make it viral, leading back to your opt-in list, simple. Great post ;)

  30. I appreciate I’m a little behind on the comments but this is another great video. I too think the same and I also implement these strategies myself, still excellent to read though and really helpful additions you have.


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