My Best Traffic Strategy

My #1 traffic strategy revealed!

Enjoy :)

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  1. Thanks Kim for creating an awesome video. 

    I remember 5-6 years back. Some one had asked on the warrior forum about whats the best way to promote a website online. And there were lots of answers – everything from SEO to writing articles to pay per click marketing. But one answer stood out. The answer was from Allen Says – the owner of warrior forum. And his answer was short but potent: I rely on my network of affiliates.Recently; I’ve been working on an affiliate management application for blogs. And will try to make it really easy for merchants to provide the various tools to the affiliates that you’ve talked about.  Thanks for sharing some great insights about how to go about personalizing the affiliate offer and getting the first few affiliates on board.  Really awesome stuff.

  2. Kim,

    Great post. This is the kind of training that really helps get people to the next level. 

    Couple of questions…

    On the personalized affiliate page that Chris created, is that just for big prospects or could it be done for everyone who clicks on your affiliates info link — by using some kind of script that pulls in the name and gravatar?

    You wouldn’t have the personalized video for everybody, but it’s something more than just a generic page, right?

    Second, would you be willing to share what you use in those 7-14 autoresponder emails that prospects get from you? Been looking for an affiliates link to click to get them the old fashioned way  :)   … I know it’s coming.

    Have some more iced mocha…it spurred a really good one today!

    Best to you,


  3. Hi Kim

    You just gave away the farm… That was killer content!
    Check out one of my affiliate programs at

    Once affiliates have opted in they get access to all the tools at

    I have follow up messages offering one-on-one help and providing inspiration. My affiliates love me for this and I love helping them out.

    I’ll certainly be implementing your idea of a monthly event… Great idea, thank-you :)

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  4. Thanks Kim for all the good info on starting and maintaining a Rock Star Affiliate Program.  You mentioned you needed a good product to keep the snow ball effect growing.  We are just starting out so can you give us some ideas for good products.  There are so many products out there it’s easy to get lost in all the choices.

  5. Kim, that was an amazing video. It wasn’t what I was expecting and I’m glad! 

    @google-aa6a7db6ea5d37dcc92aec0e0e34ea57:disqus You’re so right about Kim giving away the farm. You’ve done very well for yourself in your niche, from what I’ve seen. So you must certainly know your stuff.

  6. Wow Kim, I really hope to be able to be create my own affiliate program soon! Thanks for the awesome video!
    You are still the best Kim!

  7. Kim,

    Great video!  Thanks for putting that together.

    With 100% commissions and all of those expensive prizes does this method put a ton of pressure on converting those subscribers into paying customers?  For someone who doesn’t have a lot of products to promote do you recommend this strategy?  I think it’s brilliant, but I’m worried that I’ll be sending out expensive prizes and not being able to recoup the cost let alone turn a profit.



  8. Just signed up for your affiliate program! Made a blog post, and loaded up your emails in my autoresponder to your list since your information is so OUTSTANDING!!! Woo-hoo!

  9. HI Kim,

    Thanks for this video, looks like a great way to attract affiliates. Do you have a refund policy? What happens when people want a refund and you have already paid your affiliates? How long did you test this for yourself to really know your numbers before you offered this?

    Hope you can answer, thanks! Clare :-)

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