My Journey to Six-Figures (Story Inside…)

This morning I drove to get my morning coffee
like I do every morning.


Today I went a bit earlier.


And OMG!

I forgot how many people are out during the
morning rush. Everybody and their mother
making the daily commute to work.

Reminded me how lucky I am to work from home.

ZERO morning traffic as I make my way
upstairs to my office :)

But it wasn’t always this way of course.

Oh no!!

It’s been a LONG journey.

In fact, it took me 5 years to get to six-figures.

Needless to say I was in college for part of that
time so you’ll have to cut me some slack ;)

But I’d like to share some of the core lessons that
I learned along the way…

1. Consistent Lead Flow is Key.

Your subscriber list is the FOUNDATION of your business.

I wish someone would have kicked me in the butt, knocked me
in the head and forced me to start building my list from Day 1.

When it comes to building a business online, nothing generates
on-demand traffic and long-term revenue like a list of engaged
customers and subscribers.

If you’re not building this long-term asset in your business,
then you’re not really building a business – you’re playing
with a hobby.

* Your subscriber list is the money engine in your business.

If you want to have your best year
in 2012 – then focus ALL of your
marketing efforts on building your
subscriber list.

And if you’d like to see EXACTLY how we’re generating
5,000 subscribers this month, click on the link below:


2. Create Your Own Product.

I know. I know. Everyone’s telling you to
promote affiliate products.

And that’s all fine and dandy. Especially
when you’re just getting started.

That’s how I got started as well.

But the lion’s share of my revenue
comes from my OWN products.


The majority of my subscriber list
was BUILT from product launches.

When you create a top-notch product
and a lucrative partner program,
your affiliates will literally
build your list for you.

Adding thousands of subscribers
to your list.

Plus, you get paid faster :)

As soon as you make a sale, that
money hits your account immediately!

So yeah, I’m kind of a fan of
creating your own products.

That concept of taking an idea and
turning it into a full-blown product.

That gets me so stoked.

That’s the fun stuff for me.

Seeing your idea go from the initial seed
of thought into a real, tangible product…

THAT is at the HEART of every entrepreneur.

3. Speed of Implementation

Success comes to those who take massive action.

No one is going to give you a perfect business plan
or the exact steps that you need to take. This is not
like a job where someone tells you exactly what you
need to do each day.

You are in charge of your own success.

And that means doing things before you’re comfortable doing them.

I’ve talked to WAY too many entrepreneurs who have
been working on their product for YEARS!! And still
haven’t released it cause it’s not quite perfect yet.

Those are the kind of people who simply aren’t going to make
it in this business.

This game is NOT about perfection. It’s about taking MASSIVE
action, monitoring your results, and modifying from there.

That’s why it’s so important to TRACK all of your traffic
online. Using something like Hypertracker or Adtrackz
Gold so you know exactly which traffic sources are
converting to subscribers and sales.

* Otherwise, you’ll never learn from all the action
you’re taking.

When you track everything, you’ll know EXACTLY
what’s working and what’s not working so that you
can modify your action from there.

Way too many people are shooting blindly!!

Doing a whole bunch of stuff but they have no idea
what’s working or what’s not working.

And even worse – they keep doing the same thing!

Massive action is critical.

Failure is the key to progress.


You can only start scaling things when you actually KNOW
what’s working and what’s not working.

4. Recurring Income is My Favorite Business Model.

I’ve tested lots of different ways of making money online.

In high school I started doing adsense. Which wasn’t too bad
back then but today it’s about the worst business model you
could possibly follow.

I’ve also done affiliate marketing and product creation.

But my favorite business model by far is recurring revenue.

Membership sites are hands-down one of the best ways to
create consistent, recurring revenue each month.

Now, unlike others I’m certainly not going to tell you
that it’s easy.

Cause it’s not!

Membership sites take quite a bit of work.

Way too many people are looking for a shortcut when they
should be focused on how to provide people with massive value!

For my own membership site we add new content every week.

Plus, we also do a LIVE webinar each week. And we have a
forum where our members interact.

It definitely requires some work, but it’s totally worth it
because it brings in revenue EVERY day.

For example, today I woke up, checked my stats and I had
already brought in $780 from our membership site. Imagine
waking up to realize you had ALREADY made hundreds of dollars.

That’s the kind of business I like to run.

Now of course we have other things on top of that. But the
membership site is our core. It’s the foundation.

You can find out exactly how we run our
membership site at:


5. Testing & Tracking are the KEY to scaling your business.

We are constantly split-testing in our business.

Testing different squeeze pages, sales pages, email subject
lines, etc…

This is one of the biggest keys to scaling your business.

I just recently finished up a split-test on our sales letter
that resulted in a 60% increase in conversions.

Imagine the impact that would have on your sales.

Bringing in 60% more profits WITHOUT having to drive any
additional traffic.

Each increase in conversions also allows us to do
more paid advertising – bringing in consistent
lead flow.

However, one of the biggest mistakes people make
with split-testing is that they test the small

When you first start testing your squeeze page or
your sales letter – you want to test DRASTIC changes.

For example, on your sales letter you might test a video
sales letter vs. text.

You want to test the BIG things.

Those are the ones that are going to give you a big
jump in conversions. Then, once you find the control
piece – that’s when you can start testing the more
granular variables – the headline, the submit button,
background color, etc…

But test the big things first because that’s where
your biggest breakthroughs will come from.

Click on the link below to get a behind-the-scenes
look at all of our split-test results:


Back to the Lab!

– Kim

P.S. I hope you got a TON of value from today’s newsletter!

That was some of the best stuff I could share with you.

And I challenge you to put it into ACTION!

Because THAT’S when you’ll start seeing massive results…
when you start taking massive action.

If you’d like a bit of hand-holding along the way, I’d
be happy to help out.


7 thoughts on “My Journey to Six-Figures (Story Inside…)”

  1. Great write-up here Kim. Since the first day I came to your blog, its been freebies worth hundreds of dollars from you and I’ve learnt another great deal in this post again. Subs means alot

  2. Great post, Kim, and keeping me honest with my own content creation because yours is always sensational. And I really appreciate your transparency when you talk about your own business. You don’t see that from many people online, and it’s a refreshing change.

    As for the 5 areas you mention in your post, I’d agree with every single one of them. But 2 in particular are ones I’ve come to live by:

    * list-building like a maniac
    * creating my own products

    I got one of them right from the start, and that was creating my own products. But it took me 2 years to start building my first list and I dread to think how many subscribers I lost in that time. So like you, I now recommend to everyone starting out that they start building a list from the moment they enter a market, and to always keep it their number one priority.

  3. Epic post Kim… and I love the way you repeated HARD WORK throughout the article as none of this is easy and it does take time. Having great coaching and a positive, go-get-it attitude make things faster but it still needs a lot of dedicated hard work. 

    Great post, thanks for sharing

    Dave from

  4. You mention that people are trying to sell affiliate products. This is definitely a great way to build you business, initially. I think one of the problems people makes is that they send the people to the offers prematurely. Rather than sending people directly to the affiliate offer, find a way to get yourself in the middle. This way you can still interact with them. 

  5. Wow,  I truly love your blog.  I work a 9-5 job that I do not like and have no passion for.  Kim, I have been chasing the IM dream for quite some time now and have not seen success.  I refuse to give up.  You said that  “Failure is the key to progress.”  Well I have failed a lot and I am ready to learn the right way to a sucessful IM business.  I believe I found the  right person to learn from and that is you.  You will be hearing more  from me.  I feel like I found a friend.


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