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My Plans for 2011…

As 2010 comes to a close, I’ve been spending more and more time planning for 2011.

This has been an amazing year. But like any marketing addict, I’m hungry for

Here’s a quick sneak peek behind the curtain at what I have planned for 2011…

In 2011 we’re going to be focusing more than ever on our 3 core competencies:

List Building
Relationship Building

As you probably already know – your subscriber list is the lifeblood of
your business. In our business we focus ALL of our marketing efforts on
building our list of subscribers, building a relationship with our subscribers,
and providing massive value.

And the same will be true in 2011 – but on a much higher level.

We’ve done a few things this year that have put our list building efforts into
overdrive and in 2011 we’re going to be diving head first into expanding those

The most important of these has been our 100% Instant Commission Affiliate Program.

We recently released a product called the Traffic Dashboard and so far we’ve sold over 1600+ copies of this product. I did an internal launch to my own list which generated 436 sales but the rest of the sales have been generated completely by our affiliates.

In fact, we’ve had 853 people sign up for the Traffic Dashboard affiliate program.

Of those -103 affiliates are actively making sales.

And I’ll be working hard to activate the rest of them :)

However, you might be wondering how we got so many affiliates on board.

Well, the surprising thing is that I’ve done VERY little active recruiting on my side.

Most of it has been incredibly organic – which surprised even me.


There are certainly a few key ingredients that factored into the equation.

First, my sales system (Rapid Action Profits) is setup to immediately turn customers into affiliates.

So as soon as someone purchases they are immediately invited to join the 100% commission affiliate program.

This alone turns many of our customers into affiliates.

Second, the product MASSIVELY over delivers.

My goal with the Traffic Dashboard was to create a ‘Wow! experience’ for every customer who purchased.

And because of that – many of our customers decided to start actively promoting the product. They saw how much value was packed into this product and decided that it would be of huge value to their list as well.

That’s how we got Maria Gudelis on board.

One day I woke up, checked my stats, and saw that Maria Gudelis was promoting our product. I just about fell out of my chair!

But she had purchased the product – saw the amazing value – and then recommended it to her subscribers.

Then her subscribers start signing up as affiliates and the snowball continues…

That’s the power of having a world-class product.

The Traffic Dashboard has now been promoted by Lee McIntyre, Maria Gudelis, Travis Sago, Nicole Dean, Sean Donahoe, Jason Parker, Shannon Herod, Ben Brooks, Gary McCaffrey, Jit Uppal, Richard Legg and many others.

Talk about social proof!

It’s not too hard to go out and start recruiting new affiliates when you’ve
got those kind of names on board.

Plus, our sales funnel converts like crazy…

Affiliates are getting conversions between 4-8%.

That’s the other big key to recruiting affiliates. You’ve got to have a high-converting sales process in place. And this video sales letter did amazingly well right out of the gate.

Affiliates don’t want to be your guinea pig. You MUST test your sales letter BEFORE you start bringing affiliates on board.

You can do this by promoting to your own internal list, solo ads, or some other form of paid advertising.

Now, you might be wondering why we’re giving away 100% commissions.

Lots of people get confused and they think you’re giving away the farm.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

As long as you’re building a proper sales funnel, 100% commissions is one
of the most powerful things you can do for your business.

I wish I’d done it a LOT sooner.

The front-end product (like Traffic Dashboard) acts as a lead generator.

So now you have affiliates sending you massive amounts of traffic and
building your list for you.

Since opening up our affiliate program we’ve been averaging 200 new subscribers per day.

Plus, we are funneling those customers into our membership site on the backend.

And that profit goes to us.

You create a ‘Wow! Experience’ on the front-end and then funnel those customers into higher levels of value and price.

Because it’s MUCH MUCH easier to sell someone a second, third, and fourth product than it is to sell them that first product.

So your front-end acts as a lead generator. And if you set it up correctly – affiliates will send you all the traffic you could ever want.

We’ve made it a massive win-win for our affiliates. They get 100% instant commissions sent straight to their PayPal account. That means no waiting around weeks on end to get paid. Our affiliates are paid instantly every time they make a sale.

Plus, we also have lots of cool prizes for our affiliates. So regardless of whether you sell 10 copies or 100, you qualify for a cool prize :)

Our goal is to provide as much value as humanly possible to our affiliates.

Because when you treat your affiliates right – they’ll send you traffic month
end and month out.

Plus, we also have some other cool goodies lined up for our affiliates in 2011.
More on that to come :)

But first, let me tell you about the other traffic strategies I’m going to be
focusing on in 2011…

Solo Ads – I’ve been doing some solo ads in 2010 with great success and I plan on doing even more in 2011. As you probably know, I’m not a huge fan of paid traffic sources – but solo ads are an exception ;)

They’re one of the least risky paid advertising options available online – allowing you to advertise in someone else’s newsletter. You’re able to put your offer directly in front of your target audience.

There are hundreds of list owners online who will allow you to advertise in their newsletters and get your message in front of thousands of people.

Just to give you a quick example, I paid $600 for a solo ad a couple months back that went out to over 60,000 subscribers.

From that promotion, I received 890 laser-targeted visitors, 483 new subscribers and 23 new customers.

So for me, it was well worth the investment.

Not only did this create a cash windfall up front – but it will also lead to profits
on the backend as well because I now have 483 new subscribers that I can start building a relationship with.

Strategic Rocket Deals – I go into these in-depth in the Traffic Dashboard but it’s basically an exchange of virtual real estate. So, for example, I might put someone else’s offer in my autoresponder and within my membership site in exchange for them putting my offer on their thank-you page.

It’s that simple. You’re just exchanging untapped virtual real estate within your business. This could be thank-you pages, download pages, member’s area, bonus pages, the footer of your emails, follow-up emails, log-out pages, banner space, etc…

Put together 3-5 rocket deals together with the right strategic partners and
you can easily put your traffic on autopilot, sending 1,000-5,000 visitors
to your website every week.

So that’s one of the main strategies I’m going to be using in 2011… setting
up strategic rocket deals – and exchanging virtual real estate with like-minded
marketers who are focused on providing massive value to their community.

Webinars – Webinars are one of THE most underrated business tools online right now.

You could build your entire business using just webinars.

You simply approach people about doing a special LIVE webinar for their subscribers.

This is a completely different approach than what MOST people are doing online.

Most marketers are simply asking people to promote their product launch.

But with this strategy you’re actually offering to provide VALUE to their subscribers. You could approach them in the manner of “Hey, how about we do something special for your subscribers. I’ve been doing a lot of webinarswith other marketers lately and we’ve been getting a ton of really greatfeedback.I’d love to do a special call with your subscribers where I talk about my top 5 traffic sources – nothing held back. The call itself is packed with high-quality content. If you’d like we could even setup a webinar swap and I’ll introduce you to my subscribers as well. Let me know what you think! – Kim”

This sort of approach allows you to instantly stand out from the rest of the

On that webinar you offer a TON of exceptional content – nothing held back.
And then at the end – you just do a short 5-10 minute promo.

Basically saying you know if you’d like more content like this, you can
check out our membership site at

Add a few time-limited bonuses to your offer and you should be set to make a
really nice windfall of sales.

Plus, the cool thing about webinars is they have INSANE conversion rates.

It’s not unusual at all to get a conversion rate of 20-30% on a webinar.

It’s a huge win-win for both parties involved.

I think webinars are one of the most underused strategies online today.
And if you focused exclusively on just doing webinar swaps this year – I
guarantee it would be one of your biggest years ever.

And it’s certainly one that I’m going to be focusing on strongly in 2011.

Free WSO’s – As you guys probably already know I’m a huge fan of using free
WSO’s on the Warrior Forum to build my list. I’ll be doing this even more
in 2011. My goal is to do at least one WSO every 2 weeks.

The other main traffic strategies I’ll be focusing on in 2011 include
ad swaps (on a limited basis), integration marketing, content syndication,
and forum marketing (which mainly just means providing a TON of value on
my favorite forums ;)

But the main one’s I’ll be focusing on in 2010 include:

Our 100% Instant Commission Affiliate Program
Solo Ads
Strategic Rocket Deals
Integration Marketing
Free WSO’s & Warrior Forum Banner Ads

What I’m going to be doing DIFFERENTLY in 2011:

I learned a TON in 2010 and it’s been an amazing year but there are quite a
few things that I plan on doing differently in 2011.

Here’s a quick sneak peek at what’s coming…

More Community inside the Super Affiliate Club – Launching a membership site has been one of the best things I’ve done in our business. As said by David Frey, “If you don’t have continuity you don’t have a business.”

That’s how important continuity is.

It gives you a consistent, stable income month in and month out without having to worry about launching new products all the time.

And like everything we do, we provide a TON of value inside the Super Affiliate Club.

However, there are also a LOT of things that I think we could do better.

Creating an active community is at the top of that list.

If you look at membership sites like ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ or Earn1KaDay – one of the biggest draws is the active community they have there. You’re not just a member, but you belong to a much larger community of business friends.

And that’s what I want to create for the Super Affiliate Club.

I’m currently shifting the Super Affiliate Club over to a new platform and we have lots of exciting plans for 2011. In fact, that’s my biggest goal for 2011. To make the Super Affiliate Club the premier destination as one of the best marketing communities online.

We have lots of exciting plans for 2011 – contests, bootcamps, more one-on-one Skype calls, monthly prizes, and more…

More Products…

This is something I’ve really slacked on. In general, I’ve only released one or two products per year. Which is crazy!!

But… I’m getting much faster at product creation now so my goal for 2011 is to release 4-6 products during the year.

Most of these will be 100% instant commission products that I will release internally first to my own subscribers and then actively recruit affiliates to promote.

Each of these will act as a front-end lead generator – consistently putting people into our sales funnel on a daily basis.

And with 100% instant commissions, it’s not too hard to get affiliates excited about promoting :)

Especially when you have a top-notch product, killer conversions, and cool prizes to boot!

Systemize & Streamline – One of the main things we’re gearing up for in 2011 is systemizing the business.

In fact, in a recent video I talked about exactly how we’re creating systems and processes in our business.

We’ve brought a couple of amazing team members on board over the past month who are helping me to scale the business.

Creating systems in your business gives you more time to be creative and to
focus your efforts on the tasks that you are best at.

If you’d like to learn more about how to systemize your business, you’ll definitely want to watch this video:

As entrepreneurs, it’s hard to let tasks go where they are no longer under your control but once you’ve reached a certain scale in your business you simply cannot do everything yourself.

More Emails – One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made this year is not sending enough emails to our subscribers.

Yes, we do have a community of raving fans because whenever I do send out an email it’s ALWAYS packed with value.

But – because of lack of time – I simply haven’t emailed enough.

And we’ve left thousands of dollars on the table because of it.

So one of the main things I’m putting into place right now is a follow-up series for prospects, customers, and affiliates.

And my goal for 2011 is to email our subscribers at least 3-4 times per week.

As you might imagine, this will be a big chunk of my day ;)

But it should be a big chunk of your day as well because your list is literally the lifeblood of your business.

You can double, triple, and even quadruple your response rates simply by creating a follow-up series of emails that provides amazing value, entertains, and points people back to your sales letter.

At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships!

We’ve done a lot of interesting things in 2010 but one of the most important
things I’ve think we’ve done is to focus on over delivering, providing insane
value, and building relationships with our community.

I think we’re experiencing what Gary Vaynerchuk calls the “Humanization of business.”

So many people come online and try to build a business where they hide behind their computer. They forget that business is really all about the people, whether it be your subscribers, customers, affiliates, team members, or business partners.

Business – whether it’s online or offline is ALL about the people.

And even if you make some money in the short-term – if you’re not providing incredible VALUE to people – then you’ve lost in the long-term.

For me business is not about how many upsells can I add and how can I squeeze as much profit as humanly possible out of every subscriber.

For me it’s about how have we contributed to the lives of our customers and to the lives of our subscribers. What sort of impact are we making in the lives of our customers, subscribers, and affiliates?

Cause I DO NOT want a yacht, a mansion, or some crazy sports car.

That’s just not me.

For me, business is about providing the most value as humanly possible to your customers and to your affiliates.

Do that – and you’ve won the game.

True connections come from being real and authentic.

If you want to have your best year ever in 2011…

Shift your focus from:

How can I make more money?


How can I provide more value?

And as an industry as a whole – we haven’t even touched the surface on the kind of value and community that we can build and offer to our customers.

So here’s to 2011…

I hope you enjoyed this quick sneak peek behind the curtain and I’d LOVE to hear what you have planned for 2011 so please do comment below.

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