My Secret to Unlimited Website Traffic

If you give me two minutes of your time, I can show you how to get all the traffic you could ever want by using just one little secret…

This one little secret has the power to spread your name across the Internet like wildfire. It will quickly bring you massive exposure and an endless line of raving fans just waiting for your next email, article, podcast, or video.

And you know what, I’m going to give you the secret for free… But don’t let that devalue the information I’m about to share. This can be extremely powerful when put in the right hands.

So, let me whisper my surprising little secret into your ear…

Remarkable Content!

Yes…. Remarkable Content. Words that speak directly to your readers… Words that win the minds and hearts of your audience… Entertaining content that’s juicier than all the latest celebrity blogs.

I need to crave your content more than I do my daily Starbucks.

Do you get it?

It’s got to be that good.

So, how do you write Remarkable Content…

1. Emotional Engagement – Great content evokes some sort of emotional reaction, whether it be laughter, tears, or just the thought of “Wow, this is good stuff.” If you can get some sort of emotional engagement, you’ve hit a winner and people are much more likely to pass it around.

2. Personality – Good content, regardless of whether it’s an article, an
email, or a Twitter post, needs to be stamped with your personality.

Just a dash of personality can make a huge difference in how your readers
engage and respond to your content.

3. Changes Your Perspective. Truly great content will change the way you perceive a particular topic, idea, or thought process.

4. Deliver the Goods. People come online for information. It’s your job to
deliver the answers they’ve been looking for. All the better if you can
deliver this information in a creative, entertaining way.

In order to write truly great content, you must know your audience as well as you know yourself. When you do that, you can write directly to their fears, frustrations, aspirations, and desires.

5. Passion.
It’s the secret ingredient to all great content. Your readers will
instantly detect it and be drawn to your writing, your videos, your podcasts, and any other form of content you produce.

6. Connect. You have to remember that behind every piece of content is a person. It’s easy to slave away on the computer, pounding out articles and forget that you’re writing to real people.

So before you lay a single finger on the keyboard, grab some coffee, take a deep breath, and imagine that you’re sitting across from a friend. You know all of their quirks, their frustrations, theirs hopes and their dreams.

Once you’ve painted a perfect picture of who you’re writing to, you’re now ready to fire up your favorite text editor and settle in for a nice long chat.

Once I started using this technique, my writing soon became more engaging, insightful, and passionate. And you can bet your readers will take notice.

7. Leave them wanting more. The best content online leaves your reader wanting more.

You’ve given them a refreshing glass of water in the middle of the desert and now they’re eager to devour your next piece of content, open your next email, and spread your content to all their friends.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you start to build up a group of raving fans when you put out truly great content. In fact, this is one of THE fastest ways to become successful online. By creating remarkable content you will quickly establish yourself as a trusted authority in your market.

Remember, those who stand out get the attention.

Break through the clutter.

14 thoughts on “My Secret to Unlimited Website Traffic”

  1. Hi Kim, 25th September 2008

    I received your video on Google ranking in 30 minutes from one of your affiliates. That was great content. I really appreciate your divulging these kind of traffic secrets.

    I just paid about $150=00 for 3 Clickbank products, however, if I had received your video just a week earlier, I probably would not have bothered to spend my money. One of the products is Blogging to the bank and comes nowhere near your free video.

    i shall eagerly look forward to learning from you.

    Thanks for the great video.

    Waarm regards


  2. Kim

    You rock. Just watched Google ranking in 30 minutes. Brilliant Stuff, just wish I had known this earlier. I have bookmarked your site and I’ll be checking it daily from now on.


  3. There you go, you used that dreaded ‘C’ word – content. The one that needs thought, imagination and actual effort.

    No chance, it’ll never catch on.

  4. For one moment I thought you were going to reveal a ‘bombshell’; an unknown traffic busting secret.

    I should have known that the saying that ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ has held true and will always hold true.

    But after I found out that your SECRET was really the same (old) one I have been tutored upon since entering the blogosphere; that of writing Good Content; I nevertheless read on. And ths is why I continued reading.

    I continued reading because you are absolutely one hundred percent right; the SECRET to unlimited website traffic is indeed Great Content, and nothing else.

    You outline great pointers to achieve this objective so I will not belabor the issue here; but this is what I will add regarding point number 6: Connect.

    IMAGINING your audience or friend sitting across from you is a great technique to utilize to connect to people. I can think of no other way than to ‘paint a picture’ of whom it is I am writing for. It minimizes inefficiencies and gives you a ‘particular voice’ with which to address your audience.

    My final point is this; ‘how do you ‘stand out and get attention?” It is obvious that by employing all the techniques you list above, one will ‘stand out’.

    But the question remains, ‘How do you stand out?” And this is the answer; One ‘stands out’ by being prepared to ‘stand out’. By being ready and willing to work hard and consistently, even when there are no observable results.

    In the final analysis, your ‘Secret’ is ‘Good and True. Wonderful!

  5. Kim,

    I found your site in a completely roundabout way and couldn’t be happier! Thank you for putting some real meat on this internet marketing plate that keeps getting passed around.

    I’ve happily spent the last hour touring your blog and have gained a wealth of truly meaningful information. I’ve signed up, watched some videos and am now following you on Twitter.

    I can see that this will be the start of a bee-U-tee-ful friendship!



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