This is kind of personal. (my story)

(Quick Note: this blog post gets kind of personal.
Just a quick warning for you ;)

Before I get into the personal stuff I’d like to say
a HUGE ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who has joined in
on the Birthday Bash.

We just hit 100 new members this morning!!

That’s a lot of party hats :)

But I won’t rest until we’ve built the biggest community
of passionate entrepreneurs online.

People who are committed to creating a business that
truly matters!

Now I’ve got something kind of personal to
share with you.

It’s the story of my first $1,000 day.

This was an incredibly significant day for
many personal reasons (which you’ll find
out in a bit).

But first I want you to realize that I
actually struggled for about 3 years!

Before I ever had my first $1,000 day.

It wasn’t until I had a personal coach who
whispered 2 little words into my ear
that really made ALL the difference.

Wondering what those 2 little words are?

‘List Building’


So it’s nothing tooooo revolutionary.


It completely changed the course of my business.

I knew what was good for me but I sure wasn’t doing it!

It wasn’t until someone kicked me in the butt and
really forced me to FOCUS.

Every Single Day…

On building my list of subscribers.

And once I got to a little over 2,000 subscribers –
that’s when I had my first $1,000 day.

My parents and I went out to eat that night
at Red Lobster to celebrate this milestone :)

Keep in mind these are the same parents who
cried when I dropped out of college.


They didn’t give up on me.

They saw all of the late nights I was putting in.

Getting up at 5am every morning.

Working longer hours than ANYBODY with a J-O-B.

I think they secretly knew that I wouldn’t give up.

I was going to do whatever it took.

And sure… I got some strange looks from friends AND
family along the way.

Let’s face it – most of the world simply doesn’t really
understand what we do.

But here I was sitting around a table with the most
important people in my life finally validating all
of the hard work I put in.

I looked across the table at my mom.

As heartbroken as she was when I dropped out of
college. She was really the glue in my life.

After seeing how hard I was willing to work
she quickly became my biggest fan.

Cheering me on and believing in me even more
than I believed in myself.

And as I looked closer at her I realized she
was tearing up. She looked back at me with
the proudest eyes I’d ever seen.

Because she KNEW how many late nights I had spent,
how many years I had worked towards getting to this
point, the obstacles I’d gone through, the hurdles
I’d conquered, the fears I’d overcome.

She knew I had finally made it.

And for me… there was really no greater moment
than that. To feel validated. To know that it
was all worth it.

Sometimes all you need is just ONE person to
believe in you.

That’s what got me to my first $1,000 day. My first
guest post. My first video. And my first product.

Since that time I’ve gone on to create 10+ additional
products and training suites. And for the next few
hours you have the opportunity to grab ALL of my
very best products for just $1.

We’ve worked hard to put together our best product
bundle for 2012!

Even my mom approves.

Although she is a little biased ;)

Back to the Lab!

– Kim

P.S. I know Internet marketing can be a lonely world.

Sitting behind your computer all day
doing things that no one else really

Sometimes it’s like being a lone ranger.

But if you ever want to chat feel free
to shoot me an email.

I’d love to chat marketing with you :)

If you haven’t noticed… I’m kind of an addict!

Speak to you Soon :)

2 thoughts on “This is kind of personal. (my story)”

  1. I totally get this. Here I am at 5a.m in the morning, researching, figuring out my next step. Nobody around me get’s what im doing lol.

    But deep down I know that im doing the right thing, im helping others out, my site is creeping ever closer to being on of the top wordpress sites in the world.


    Because I started this work with honesty in mind, having not been to college myself, I learned all of what I do myself and I am able to express it in a way that most techs can’t.

    It is often daunting sometimes, yes you feel lonely, tired, sometimes even lost. But when you hear the appreciation from those taking your advice, tips and ideas, putting them in to practice and gaining results from it.

    I tell you, there is nothing more worthwhile than that, that is when you know all the hard work is paying off, to me getting paid for it, is the bonus.

    But as you say, JOB, people still tell me to get a job, lol, it makes me laugh considering I work twice the hours they do, 7 days a week and have done so for the last 4 months.

    My membership program is launched now and that is the direction I am heading, to work with people who wanna work with me and help build there sites up. I have guest bloggers producing content now, I have people offering to whitelist some of my services, people offering service trade offs, such as one lady offering to do videos for me, ie add images to voiceovers which is really useful as I will be starting videos, webinars coming in the coming months.

    It’s all a busy schedule, so when you put so much time and effort in to something and the results are proving positive, it really does become an addiction.

    Your advice has further accelerated my progress so I thank you for that and all the hard work that you put in, because without that, I would certainly be a few steps back from where I am right now.

  2. Kim, After reading this post, I have to say, this is my most favourite post in your blog right now. It’s because it relates too much to what I’ve gone through.

    But Instead of dropping out, I was able to hold on to my college. But I am yet to find some validation for what I am doing online, in the real world. Can’t agree more, if there is someone to support you, the succes will happen much faster.

    If nobody around believes in you, it starts affecting your attitude as well, you yourself end up doubting what you are doing and it’s poisonous and can keep you out of success for many years. Been there…

    Dr.Spencer Jones

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