My Traffic Experiment

I recently did an interesting traffic experiment that has generated over 700 visitors and added an extra 100 subscribers to my list.

And today I’d like to share it with all of my fellow Buzz Bloggers.

The best part about this technique is that I was able to use existing content that  I had already created. So there was very little additional work involved. You simply use your existing content and then leverage it for additional traffic and exposure.

Here’s what you do…

First, you take one of your articles, or a collection of related articles and you turn it into a PDF. You can do this for free at or

You then submit your newly created ebook to and


Important Note: You MUST make sure that you have a promo at the end of your report that sends people to your squeeze page. That’s the key to building a list with the PDF report.

If you go to
you can see my own ebook listed (in the Internet Marketing category).


That’s all there is to it!

Simply turn your articles into a PDF report and then submit  your PDF to and

I’ve tried other ebook directories but I’ve found that those 2 send 99.9% of the traffic.


Here are the traffic stats from the past 3 months from just this one report. I really should do more!




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9 thoughts on “My Traffic Experiment”

  1. Kim,
    Another great way to generate traffic to add to my arsenal! Thank you!
    I learn so much from your posts — you have an amazing mind that puts all that the internet has to offer together. I read your posts and I think, “ah — another piece of the internet puzzle that I would have never thought of!” -Norene

  2. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the tips, I’m becoming a big fan of yours! I want to ask you something about those ebook sites?

    Will I be able to add EXE ebooks on those sites or only pdf’s?

    Thanks and keep up the good tips ;)

  3. Hello Kim,

    Thanks for the great information about another unheard of traffic technique.

    I have also listened to you on the Chris Farrell webinars as well and you really do go the extra mile.

    Many thanks,


  4. Nice way of getting some more traffic and increaseing your exposure Kim. An easy way to create a PDF is in Microsoft Word 2007 if you have that, then simple choose, save as .pdf… Not many knows this, but it will create a PDF file with clickable links etc, and it’s free.

    Doesn’t work in microsoft word 2003 I think, but in 2007 =)

    Then just upload it to the mentioned sites, or even more sites.. Too bad Scribd basically “DIED” on us, it was great too.

    – Chris

  5. Wow, Kim

    You really do provide great content and quality.
    I appreciate it and you pretty much inspire me to do more.

    Keep up the Amazing work!
    And i wish you success beyond what you dream of.

    Take Care

  6. Kim – A great traffic generation technique, thank you.

    I love it when authors take the time to test what they preach and provide the real statistics to back up their methods rather than just regurgitating the blanket quote “you’ll get thousands more visitors”.

    If you don’t have Word, or you’re a Mac user then open-office is what I use to generate PDF’s and it works great. Best of all, it’s my favourite price – free!


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