Got an email list of at least 3,000 people? Let's add an extra 3K of predictable, recurring income to your business with a laid-back sales machine.


I’m putting together a small, cozy little group of fun-loving entrepreneurs who want to pick up some extra piles of money from assets they’ve already got.

If you have at least 3,000 email subscribers (or a large social media following) and an hour per day, let’s add an extra 3K (per month) in predictable, recurring income.

As entrepreneurs, we often over complicate things with affiliates, webinars, complex funnels, and long, booooring sales letters.


I find that all you really need is an irresistible offer, a 1-page funnel, and a PayPal button.

I realize that might sound a bit far-fetched, so let me share my own story of going from burnout and overwhelm to a SIMPLE, laid-back business model.

“There’s gotta be a better way!”

That’s what I thought after my first few years in business.

My to-do list was a mile long. And some tasks would be on there for weeks. Just rolling over from one day to the next.

I was on an endless hamster wheel. But my business was nowhere near where I wanted it to be.

Sure, I had some success. Even a few big wins. But things just weren’t consistent. One month I would hit all my income goals and be flying high. The next month everything dried up with just a few lonely PayPal notifications sitting in my inbox.

It was the curse of “Roller Coaster” income.

I felt like I was being pulled in a million directions. And everyone was touting the next “great thing”. Instagram. Facebook Ads. Pinterest. Funnels. Live Video. YouTube. SEO.

You and I both know this list could go on forever. The things we feel like we need to do grows everyday.

I tried webinars and yes, they were profitable. But they were also just straight up draining. They took up my entire day with prep work and then recovery afterwards. It was like running a big event. Profitable but not sustainable.

I even did a big ‘ol product launch. That was 6 looooong months of late nights, lots of coffee, and working myself to the bone.

It was one of those BIG launches with affiliates, a jv broker, graphic designer, copywriter, the whole nine yards.

Because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do right?


Half of that money goes to affiliates. Another big cut goes to the jv broker, copywriter, designer, etc.

So now – you’re big six-figure launch doesn’t look so big anymore.

Plus, your income comes to a dead stop once the launch is over. So now you have to scramble to do it all over again.

Even though what you really need is a good month-long vacation to recover from the insanity.

It’s the endless hamster wheel of “roller-coaster” income.

Not to mention… now you feel like you owe everyone who helped you promote your product.

I don’t know about you, but I hate owing people. Feels icky.


I shut the door on BIG launches and started to experiment with a new much SIMPLER, laid-back business model.

I was tired of the big PLF style launches with 4 pre-launch videos and all the hype and hooopla.

As much as I loved working on the computer, I knew it was just a matter of time before I hit a breaking point.

And I needed an actual life (away from the computer). Time to enjoy the family that I was working so hard to support. Time to go on a few vacations. Time to LIVE.

So I locked myself away for a while and started to experiment with just how SIMPLE I could make this business.

I started testing crazy things. Like sending people straight to a checkout page. With no sales letter. To my surprise, it actually worked.

I stopped doing a lot of the “extra stuff” I thought I had to do. Narrowing my day down to just the few KEY activities that were producing the majority of the income.

In fact, all you really need is an autoresponder service, a 1-page funnel, and a PayPal link.

Everything else is just extra fluff that adds friction to the sales process.

Or rather… it wasn’t worth all the extra work when I could get 80% (or more) of the results from a super SIMPLE sales funnel. In a fraction of the time.

WITHOUT getting all fancy pants.

NO affiliates
NO webinars
NO sales letter
NO complicated tech stuff
NO complex funnels

Nothing wrong with those things per se. It’s just not how I want to spend my days.

These days I have a laid-back business model. I’m able to finish all of my income-producing activities before lunch time. I launch new products in 7 days or less. And I’ve created an evergreen sales machine that generates predictable, recurring revenue month after month.

Yes. I tried to over complicate things for a long time. But I’ve found that your success is actually a lot more dependent on the things you DON’T do. The things you say NO to.

That’s when the snowball money starts rolling in.

By focusing on just a few KEY income-producing activities.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

John Doe

~ Warren Buffett

I find that I’m able to make more money (with a LOT less stress) using SIMPLE offers, a 1-page funnel, and a PayPal button.

I know it’s not fancy. But after MANY years of over complicating things, I like to keep things simple. Working with the people I enjoy most and staying inside my zone of genius.

Would you be interested in me teaching you this SIMPLE business model?

If so, I’m putting together a small, cozy little group of fun-loving entrepreneurs who want to unlock an extra 3K per month from assets you already have. Even if you think your list is “dead” or unresponsive.

The LIVE ONLINE TRAINING CLASS begins on January 31st…

You’ll learn how to create your own Laid-Back Sales Machine over 2 LIVE calls and 2 “Q & A” huddles. I find that most people don’t have time for 6 and 8-week classes. Everyone just loses momentum.

And personally, I’d rather get you the results faster.

That’s why were keeping this group small and cozy. Plus, since this is my first time revealing the laid-back sales machine, you’re going to get some extra love and attention.

We’re only taking 10 people for this class and I want every person to leave with an extra 3K of predictable, recurring revenue. That’s why I can only work with people who have at least 3,000 email subscribers. I know the types of business owners that I can truly help (and those that I can’t).

One more disclaimer: Although this laid-back business model can be quite lucrative, this only works if you are willing to fall in love with your customer. Help solve their problems and serve them until they have achieved their desired end-result. I call this the “success proposition”.We’ll talk more about that during the class.

But if you enjoy teaching and helping people get results, this stuff gets really fun :)

Ok… enough chit-chat, let’s talk about what you can expect from this cozy, little class:

  • How to add an extra 3k (per month) of predictable, recurring revenue to your business with just 1 sale per day. (WITHOUT having to sell “high-ticket” stuff)

  • How to launch your product in less than 7 days. (And it’s WAY more valuable for your customers. Transformation over information.)

  • 1-Page Funnel. No need for complex funnels or long, boring sales letters. In fact, with the right offer, you can often send people directly to a checkout page. (Reduce the friction.)

  • Use the “Wallet Test” to create simple, irresistible offers that people eagerly pull out their wallets and BUY. You’ll know within 48 hours whether or not you have a proven, profitable product. Don’t guess. Use the test.

  • Evergreen Sales Machine. This is what makes the difference between roller coaster income and consistent, predictable daily sales.It’s a bit like continuity income but without having to constantly create new content.

  • How to write fun, personality-driven emails that rake in sales like a Hoover vacuum. Be one of the few emails that your subscribers actually look forward to. (Even if you hated English class :)

  • We’ll work side-by-side on your specific offer, emails and marketing materials. Don’t sit behind your computer trying to do this all by yourself. I’ve spent 13+ years in the trenches seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Plus, We Added Some "Icing" to the Cake :)


Growing up, the icing was always my favorite part of the cake. So here’s what I’m going to do to make this extra special for you :)

  •  I will review and help rewrite your emails.

    Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks to get those sales popping!

    I know "selling" can often feel icky and uncomfortable. But I'll be teaching you how to do it in a fun, laid-back way that your readers actually look forward to! In fact, by the time we finish, your emails might be the ONLY one's they open.
  •  How to License OTHER People's Products.

    Don't have your own product? No worries. Why not license OTHER people's content. We've done this over and over again in our business to create instant products on demand.

    This is the fastest way to create new products, fill up your membership, add upsell funnels, bundles, and more!

    You'd be surprised how affordable it can be to acquire the rights to OTHER people's products. No need to record hours of video content. No need to do any video editing. No need to write for hours on end.

    Simply send the "magic email" and create products on demand. (Plug-N-Play email templates included.)
  •  Don't have your own recurring product?

    I'm holding an extra special bonus session to teach you how to setup a SIMPLE membership site and create recurring income in a weekend.

    No sales letter needed!

    You'll learn how to choose the right topic for your membership site. One that's already proven and profitable. How to choose the perfect price point. How to effortlessly take payments online. And finally... how to get your first 100 members!

    There's nothing quite like beginning your day with PayPal notifications ALREADY in your inbox

Now, here are some of the things you WON’T be doing…

NO webinars.
NO complex funnels.
NO sales letter.
NO complicated tech stuff.
NO Facebook ads.

Our job is complete once you have run your first successful laid-back launch and generate more than enough to pay for your next vacation. Gotta make it fun :)

We’re doing 2 LIVE calls and 2 “Q & A” huddles, starting on January 31st. But you need to reserve your spot now as this is going to be a small, cozy little group.

I find that I’m able to help create rapid results when we stick to a small, more intimate group of 5 to 10 people.

Yes. There will be some work involved. But you’ll be doing the meaningful work that puts you in your zone of genius. Most importantly, you’ll have a Laid-Back Sales Machine that generates predictable, recurring income.

Without webinars. Without complex funnels. Without feeling like you “owe” affiliates. Without creating 4 pre-launch videos. Without the whole song and dance of a big product launch.

But in the end… you get paid a lot more (in less time, with a lot less stress).

If the laid-back lifestyle is more your speed, click the link below to lock in your spot…




PS – Have a question I didn’t answer? Hit the chat button or shoot me an email at kim [at] (remove [at] and replace with the @ symbol).

PPS – This is a rare opportunity for you to work with me one-on-one for a lot less than my normal rate. The next time we run this class LIVE, the price will be going up to $997. But I want to give my founders some extra love and attention.

In fact, I already got on a coaching call with one of our students to help fast track his results. Since he already has a good sized audience, we were able to very quickly brainstorm some ideas for doubling his leads and sales.

This is the stuff that gets me excited :) Working with motivated entrepreneurs who take action.

If you have an email list of at least 3,000 people, I can just about guarantee you’ve got some additional revenue locked up in your list.There are very few entrepreneurs getting even a fraction of the potential revenue from their email list.

That’s my superpower. Unlocking piles of money that are sitting dormant in your list. Just waiting to be picked up. But doing it in a fun, laid-back way that your readers actually enjoy.

I’m going to help a small group of action takers create a laid-back sales machine that generates an extra 3K in predictable, recurring income with just 1 sale per day.

I’m looking for a few qualified entrepreneurs that I can give some extra love and attention to during this first LIVE session. After we close this first group on January 29th, the price will go up to $997. 

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