Gotta quick story for ya…

Gotta quick story for ya..

All the way back in high school.

When I got started online – my first website was about an unusual topic.

Baby Names.

Kind of strange.


There were a TON of untapped keywords in this market.

In fact – that market is a LOT bigger than you might think.

Back then…

I was looking for a market that had a lot of potential SEO traffic but little competition.

And when I found “baby names” I thought I hit the jackpot.

And I did…

Once that site was built – it started generating thousands of visitors per day.

At it’s peak, it was generating over 100,000 visitors per month. Which brought me a nice Adsense check every single month.

I still remember what it felt like to open the mailbox. And hidden below all that junk mail I saw an envelope with Google’s address on the front.

I quickly ripped it open. Pulled out the crisp, blue Adsense check and smiled with satisfaction.

From then on… I was hooked :)

You can bet my parents were surprised too!

Not bad for a gal in high school.


The gravy train eventually ran out.

Google changed up their algorithm and my site was hit hard.

Slowly but surely – the revenue dried up.

That’s when I decided to “break up” with Google.

I would no longer depend on Google for all my traffic.

I decided right then and there that I needed to OWN the traffic source.

So from that day on – I focused exclusively on building a subscriber list.

Or what I call “traffic on tap”.

Because now – every time I hit the send button I can generate 1,000 – 2,000 visitors.

That’s the first key to creating consistent, monthly revenue in your business.


Don’t get me wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with Google.

Nothing wrong with SEO.

She’s an enticing suitor.

And a darn good traffic source.

You just have to make sure that you’re properly converting that traffic into subscribers.

Which I foolishly skipped over for years.

Instead of building a long-term, sustainable business – I was riding the gravy train.

Honest mistake for someone still in high school.

But now… you better believe all my sites are setup to convert traffic into subscribers and sales.

You see…

I started out playing the SEO game all wrong.

Looking for loopholes and creating “thin” content.

These days…

Google rewards high-quality content. High-quality backlinks. Engaging content. And just all-around valuable websites. Google is rewarding the good guys.

So I’ve decided to get BACK into the SEO game.

Playing by the rules this time :)

Creating an Authority website with high-quality content that Google loves.

And you can come along “behind-the-scenes” to see everything we do to build this new site from the ground up.

* How to pick a proven, profitable market. (We’ve chosen the finance and investing market.)

* How to spy on your competitors. (We’ve discovered some REALLY cool new traffic strategies by studying
a few of the big guys.)

* How to outsource your content affordably.

* How to find “built-in” traffic sources.

* And finally… How to turn that traffic into revenue.

Through our extensive testing we’ll find out what works best and report back to you.

Don’t guess.

Just follow our example.

Back to the Lab!



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  1. Hey Ms. Kim, Love your story and personal touch. Reading your story gives me the confidence and belief that…. “The sky is the limit” & “I can do anything that I put my mind to.” Thanks for all of the coaching you have given me. You have made a difference in not only my income… but my life!


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