Fun, Simplified, Recurring Revenue…

recurring revenue

There’s ONE business model online that is
more profitable (and a lot more fun)
than any other.

In fact – I think it should be the core revenue
driver in most businesses online.

What is this HOLY GRAIL you might ask?


It’s residual, recurring income of course!

Or more commonly known as membership sites.

And there are a couple reasons why this business
model beats out all the other wannabes…

* Membership sites create dependable, recurring
income month in and month out. (Quit your job
type of income.)

* You don’t have to do a big product launch or
beg affiliates to promote for you.

* And your revenue compounds month after month. (When you do it right :)

Bottom line…

Consistent Revenue.

More freedom.

Less Stress.

But – there is a dark side to membership sites.

Something that most “goooroos” fail to tell you.

But I’m going to lay down the cold, hard truth…

Membership sites are hard to sell.

Especially the way most people do it.

Selling a membership site on the front-end
is a bit like asking someone to eat plain
vanilla pudding every day of their lives.

At first that pudding tastes pretty good.

But after a few days it starts getting old.

And in just a week or two – the very thought
of vanilla pudding makes you wanna puke.

Most membership site owners online right now
are trying to sell their plain vanilla pudding.


(I can hear those sales screeching to a halt.)

But fortunately, there is a MUCH better way to do it.

A simple formula that brings new customers into
your membership site like a greased slide.

While creating thousands of dollars in recurring,
compounding revenue.

It’s a NEW sales funnel that is simpler than anything
I’ve seen online.

And you only need 3 simple ingredients.

A squeeze page.
A checkout page.
And infotaining emails.

You don’t even need a sales letter!

And you can get immediate access to this new
business model for just $1.

I’ll even take you behind-the-scenes to show
you how we’ve used this same exact model
to build our own six-figure business.

With just ONE core offer.

It’s all right here…


Most of the big “gooroos” are talking about 21-Step
sales funnels, complex retargeting campaigns,
evergreen webinars, and big, long follow-up sequences.

While my simple little business fits onto a
3 x 5 index card.

And spits out monthly, recurring revenue like clockwork.


It ain’t fancy.

It just works.


Kim Roach



2 thoughts on “Fun, Simplified, Recurring Revenue…”

  1. Ok Kim, On this recurring Revenue Model the cost to Buzzblogger Members is 39.00 Dollars a Month In Addition to the 39.00 a month that I am already paying for a Buzzblogger membership? Or is that 39.00 a month the fee for non-members? I don’t think I am paying 39.00 a month to have offers pitched to me for additional 39.00 a month, AM I?


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