(LIVE Video) See Me on Camera :)

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  1. Its good to finally see the girl behind the blog. Now you’re ready for you’re next challenge in marketing, thats Video Marketing!

  2. Kim,

    The information you shared in this video is absolute GOLD!

    Just stuck the same post-it note to my own computer:)

    As a member of the Marketing Lab I can tell you that the “behind-the-scenes” stuff is unlike anything out there.

    You have help me so much in my own business and just want to say thanks!
    Up to 440 subscribers so far!

  3. Loved your Head Shot Video, I could tell you were a little nervous, you sure smiled a lot, Great  Value, but most of all I really liked seeing you in person. well sort of in person.

  4. Your training is terrific – never heard anything like it. Enjoyed very much seeing you on video.
    You have a great personality! Yes, do more videos! I may even pass them on to those on my email list. That’s how I got your link – from my sponsor! Give us all more business!!

  5. Great content Kim. Loved watching the video,and looking forward to more.

    Nice to see the face behind the voice, I keep hearing that video is king, and I must say I tend to agree.
    Looking forward to you throwing more golden nuggets my way!

  6. Great video, great content. Yes I would like more videos like this. However, I love your transcripts also. I have more available time to read than to watch videos because of my truck driving schedule. Thanks again. Keep up the great work!


  7. From one Kaintuck to another, great video. Just posted one today myself on my “NEW” YouTube channel. Am a firm believer in video marketing and will be using it a LOT this year. Any tips you could provide in that area I’m sure would be welcome by all. As for Kaintuck, I should say former, because I moved BACK to Florida and love it down here immensely. The Clearwater/St. Pete area here topped out at over 80 degrees today and 84 yesterday. Thanks again for the video and your wonderful tips. as always.

  8. Hi Kim

    You got me to open that email again. Excellent walking your talk. Olove to ‘see’ you excellent. More please.Thanks


  9. Hi Kim,

    I loved the video, even though it took me about 6 hours to watch it (I work at a convenience store).
    I have been struggling with your 2nd point – speed of implementation, and focusing on the things that will improve my business the most.
    I will use your tips to make better use of my time and assets

  10. Hi Kim –  really really like this video.  Regarding list building, if someone is only doing affiilate marketing, why a list?   Most of the time, marketers tell you use a list to send folks some free information or pdf or whatever.   If you are only doing affiliate marketing to sell different products, how can a list help?   For someone like you who teaches marketing, it makes sense to have a list.  But for others, why do it.


    • Hi, I think it’s equally important to build a list if you are doing only affiliate marketing. The marketing principal is the same, the only different here is you sell other people products instead of yours. If you follow what Kim has been teaching, she is emphasizing on having a good relationship with your customers, all the time. If your customers trust you, they buy your products. Same thing, if your subscribers trust you, they buy what you recommend, even the products are not from you. 

      • Thanks Hazel!  Great explanation.   Believe it or not, no one has ever explained this before now.  Sometimes folks neglect to give a simple definition and assume everyone knows the importance of a thing. In fact, it’s so simple one feels silly asking why!

        Thanks again.   Mary Chic 1 

  11. Great Video Kim. I like your consistency in your content. No matter what topic you’re on, you always seem to reiterate points you mentioned in other content !!

  12. Hey Kim, I love your stuff..  Alot of great information for a newbie Internet Marketers..

    But you need to get rid of that Fighting Irish shirt..  LOL..

    Thanks again for all the great info…

  13. Hi Kim,

    I was too late to see the LIVE video, so I had to make do with the recorded version. 

    But it was worth it to see the cutest Internet Marketer I know of. Love the way you flip your hair back. 

    You’ve come a long way from the shy girl you used to be. Nicely done, from beginning to end.

    Thanks for all you do,

    Claudius J West

  14. Fantastic Video, you’re amazing with your coaching style.  I really liked the process. thxs, for sharing your knowledge and expertise. 

  15. Great to see you on video, Kim.  Love the tip about infusing your personality into e-mails.  One of the major things you have taught me in my business is “provide outstanding value.”  Thanks so very much for your help in establishing my online business.

    p.s.  I really like this video of you being on camera.  I think it will help people see your personality more, and that is a very important part of online business!

  16. Hey Kim,

    Great video post!!  …and yeah, you should definitely do more videos like this. As amazing as your written content is I have to imagine that it’s nice to give your weary little fingers a break now and then. I know from this end it’s a nice break from reading to be able to just sit back and listen while still being blessed with great content and immediately implementable information.

    As you seem to say quite often, it’s super important to let the world have a good taste of your unique personality and who can argue that such videos do just that. As I’m sure as you can see from the many comments by others here that you need to do more video like this. 

    I like you blog a LOT but you keep doing these videos and I’m gonna flat fall in love with it!!

    Thanks so much for all the awesome content!!

    Be well and stay frosty,
    ~ Jeff


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